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Viking Thunder

viking thunder header

Viking Thunder is dedicated to the NFL Minnesota Vikings football team
The Grassy Knoll Institute operatives are die hard Viking fans but you won’t get any purple colored views of the ownership, management, coaches, or players here. Just cold hard facts (And hopefully humor) about off season moves, player signings, the draft, stadium issues, and finding an offense that has long been extinct. Each week we will critique the current game adding our own one sided opinions on the Vikings. As always, we will call them as we see them.
Viking Thunder 2012 Archives Below:
Game Five: Sitting Atop The Pile 10/07/2012
Game Four: Purple Colored Glasses On 10/01/2012
Game Three: Vikings Out-Muscle The 49ers 09/23/2012
Game Two: Kiss My Ass Replacement Refs 09/17/2012
Game One: In Your Face Jacksonville 09/09/12
Once More Unto The Breach 03/08/2012
Viking Thunder 2011 Archives Below:
A Viking Holiday Christmas Wish 01/02/2012
Game Whatever – Cause You Had A Bad Day 12/20/2011
Game #04 – Vikings Spanked By Chiefs 10/03/2011
Game #03 – Duty Now For The Future 09/25/2011
Game #02 – A Tale Of Two Halves 09/21/2011
Game #01 – Beat Like A Red-headed Stepchild 09/12/2011
Vikings Training Camp Cups Runneth Over 08/04/2011
Minnesota Viking Draft Critique 05/06/2011
If I Had A Rocket Launcher 04/27/2011

Viking Thunder 2010 Archives Below:
Turn Out The Lights 2010 Season 12/19/2010
The Prodigal Son (Randy Moss) Returns Home 10/06/2010
Take A Load Off Brett – Bye Week News 09/29/2010
Zygi Wilf – Whatever It Takes 08/20/2010
A Frantic 911 Emergency Call 08/04/2010
NFL 2010 Viking Draft Picks – Submitted For Your Approval 04/26/2010
Viking Thunder 2009 Archives Below:
Championship Playoff Game: I Did It My Way 01/25/2010
Divisional Playoff Weekend: How Bout Them Cowboys 01/19/2010
Wild Card Weekend: A Mullet In Your Future 01/10/2010
Game Sixteen: Vikings Special Delivery (New York Giants) 01/05/2010
Game Fifteen: Flying Fickle Finger Of Fate (Chicago) 12/29/2009
On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas (Christmas) 12/24/2009
Game Fourteen: (Carolina) The return Of Schism 12/23/2009
Game Thirteen: (Cincinnati) Fractured Fairy Tales 12/14/2009
Game Twelve: (Arizona) Tiger Woods Tee’s Off 12/11/2009
Game Eleven: (Chicago) Rumblin, Bumblin, Fumblin 12/02/2009
Game Ten: (Seattle) Seahawks Gunned Down 11/22/2009
Game Nine: (Detroit) Three Men And A Mullet 11/19/2009
Bye Week: Vikings Win Bye Week 11/09/2009
Game Eight: (Green Bay) Favre – The Homecoming 11/03/2009
Game Seven: (Pittsburgh) And Miles To Go 10/27/2009
Game Six: (Ravens) Missed It By This Much 10/19/2009
Game Five: (Rams) Resistance Is Futile 10/12/2009
Game Four: (Green Bay) Favre- Redemption 10/06/2009
Game Three: (San Francisco) Who’s Greg Lewis? 09/27/2009
Game Two: (Detroit) I Am Iron Man 09/21/2009
Game One: (Cleveland) Sunday Bloody Sunday 09/14/2009
Nostradamus Predicts Vikings To Win Superbowl 09/09/2009
Preseason Game 4: (Dallas) A Jessica Sighting 09/05/2009
Preseason Game 3: (Texans) A Schism 09/01/2009
Preseason Game 2: (Kansas City) Liar, Liar, Liar 08/24/2009
Favre And Childress – Bad Boys For Life 08/18/2009
Preseason Game 1: (Indianapolis) Sage Has A Leg Up 08/15/2009
Viking Man – Training Camp 2009 07/31/2009
The Circus Is Back In Town 07/08/2009
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, And Thyme (The draft) 04/26/2009
Hammer Of The Gods 02/14/2009
Viking Thunder 2008 Archives Below:
Wild Card Game: Vikings Lose To Eagles 26-14 01/07/2009
Game 16: Vikings Defeat NY Giants 20-19 12/28/2008 (Postdated)
Game 15: Vikings Lose To Falcons 24-17 12/22/2008 (Postdated)
Game 14: Vikings Defeat Cardinals 35-14 12/14/2008
Tarvaris Jackson’s Theme Song 12/12/2008
Game 13: Vikings Defeat Lions 20-16 12/07/2008
Game 12: Vikings Defeat Bears 34-14 12/02/2008
Game 11: Vikings Defeat Jaguars 30-12 11/23/2008
Game 10: Vikings Lose To Bucs 19-13 11/16/2008
Game 09: Vikings Defeat Packer 28-27 11/10/2008
Game 08: Vikings Defeat Texans 28-21 11/02/2008
Game 07: Vikings Lose To Bears 48-41 10/19/2008
Week 07 Preview: Vikings – Bears 10/18/2008
Game 06: Vikings Defeat Lions 12-10 10/12/2008
Week 06 Preview: Vikings – Lions 10/11/2008
Game 05: Vikings Defeat Saints 30-27 10/09/2008
Week 05 Preview: Vikings – Saints 10/04/2008
Game 04: Vikings Lose To Titans 30-17 09/28/2008
Week 04 Preview: Vikings – Titans 09/26/2008
Game 03: Vikings Defeat Panthers 20-10 09/21/2008
Week 03 Preview: Vikings – Panthers 09/21/2008
Game 02: Vikings Lose To Colts 18-15 09/14/2008
Week 02 Preview: Vikings – Colts 09/13/2008
Game 01: Vikings Lose To Packers 24-19 09/09/2008
Week 01 Preview: Vikings – Packers 09/06/2008
Preseason Game 4: Vikings Lose To Cowboys 16-10 08/30/2008
Preseason Game 3: Vikings Lose To Steelers 12-10 08/25/2008
Preseason Game 2: Vikings Defeat Ravens 23-15 08/17/2008
Preseason Game 1: Vikings Lose To Seahawks 34-17 08/09/2008
Vikings Coach Brad Childress And His Goatee 08/08/2008
Brett Favre – Media Whore 08/04/2008
Cris Carter Snubbed For H.O.F. 08/03/2008
Vikings Stadium Deal / Or Not 07/22/2008
Vikings Sign Kim Kardashian 05/01/2008
2007 Vikings Report Card 02/10/2008
Viking Thunder 2007 Archives Below:
Minnesota Vikings New Years Resolutions 2008 01/05/2008
Game 16: Vikings Lose To Broncos 22-19 In Overtime
NFL Winners And Losers Week 17
Game 15: Vikings Lose To Redskins 32-21
NFL Winners And Losers Week 16
Seven Vikings Selected To Pro Bowl 2008
Game 14: Vikings Defeat Bears 20-13
NFL Winners And Losers Week 15
Game 13: Vikings Defeat 49ers 27-7
NFL Winners And Losers Week 14
Game 12: Vikings Defeat Lions 42-10
NFL Winners And Losers Week 13
Game 11: Vikings Defeat NY Giants 41-17
NFL Winners And Losers Week 12
Game 10: Vikings Spoil Culpeppers Homecoming 29-22
NFL Winners And Losers Week 11
Game 09: Vikings Lose To Packers 34-0
NFL Winners And Losers Week 10
Game 08: Vikings Defeats The Chargers 35-17
NFL Winners And Losers Week 09
Game 07: Vikings Lose To Eagles 23-16
NFL Winners And Losers Week #08
Game 06: Vikings Lose To Cowboys 24-14
NFL Winners And Losers Week 07
Game 05: Vikings Defeat Chicago 34-31
NFL Winners And Losers Week 06
ByeWeek: Childress Installs Tiger Claw Offense
NFL Winners And Losers Week 05
Game 04: Vikings Lose To Packers 23-16
NFL Winners And Losers Week 04
Game 03: Vikings Lose To Chiefs 13-10
NFL Winners And Losers Week 03
Game 02: Vikings Lose To Lions 20-17
NFL Winners And Losers Week 02
Game 01: Vikings Defeat Falcons 24-3
NFL Winners And Losers Week 01
Preseason Game 04, Vikings Defeat Cowboys 23-14
Preseason Game 03, Vikings Lose To Seattle 30-13
Preseason Game 02, Vikings Defeat NY Jets 37-20
Preseason Game 01, Vikings Lose To Rams 13-10
2007 NFL Draft Critique
Vikings Are 50-1 Vegas Odds To Win Superbowl
Viking Thunder 2006 Archives Below:
Randall McDaniel Hall Of Fame Candidate 01/21/2007
Game 16: Vikings Lose To Rams 41-21 12/31/2006
Game 15: Vikings Lose To Packers 9-7 12/21/2006
Game 14: Vikings Lose To Jets 26-13 12/17/2006
Game 13: Vikings Defeat Lions 30-20 12/10/2006
Game12: Vikings Lose To Bears 23-13 12/03/2006
Game 11: Vikings Defeat Cardinals 31-26 11/26/2006
Game 10: Vikings Lose To Miami 24-10 11/19/2006
Game 09: Vikings Lose To Green Bay 23-17 11/12/2006
Game 08: Vikings Lose To 49ers 9-3 11/05/2006
Game 07: Vikings Lose To Patriots 31-7 10/30/2006
Matt Hasselbeck Is A Crybaby 10/25/2006
Game 06: Vikings Defeat Seattle 31-13 10/22/2006
Game 05: Vikings Defeat Detroit 26-17 10/08/2006
Game 04: Vikings Lose To Buffalo 17-12 10/01/2006
Game 03: Vikings Lose To Chicago 19-16 09/24/2006
Game 02: Vikings Defeat Carolina 16-13 09/17/2006
Game 01: Vikings Defeat Washington 19-16 09/11/2006
Preseason Game 04: Dream On 09/01/2006
Preseason Game 03: Here’s To You Mr. Robinson 08/27/2006
Preseason game 02: Taking Care of Business 08/20/2006
Preseason Game 01: It’s My Life 08/14/2006
Changes In Latitudes – Changes In Attitudes 08/03/2006


4 Responses to “Viking Thunder”

  1. Eggberty said

    You had a good run but the fumbles killed you. Peterson needs a lesson in ball handling. Strike that, he needs a whole course in ball handling. He is the goat for the season.

  2. U-Know said

    Favre is done, Jackson is done, Childress is done, P. Williams is done, M. Williams is done, Edwards is done, Berrian is done, Greenway is done, Leber is done, the Vikings are done. Complete rebuild for next 3-5 years. Peterson is wasted just like Barry Sanders was on Detroit. With all the quarterbacks in the draft, watch the Vikings pass on them and sign an old washed up spaghetti arm for their future.

    • LOTGK said

      Favre is done = A Good thing.
      Jackson is done = A Good thing.
      Childress is done = A Good thing.
      Pat Williams done = Retired.
      M. Williams done = A Good thing.
      Ray Edwards is done = Single digit sacks, thats OK.
      Berrian is done = A good thing.
      Green way and Leber are not done, and more than likely be resigned.
      A complete rebuild, no, not really, with a strong draft and a free agent or three, the Vikings will be in the playoffs next year.

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