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50 Psychic Predictions For 2013

Posted by LOTGK on January 6, 2013

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come spouting predictions, to last all year.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with Caesar. And year 2013.

Last year, 2012, I predicted accurately the passing of Joe Paterno, Dick Clark, Jonathan Frid. Also predicted Princess Kate being pregnant, finding the God Particle, the new Iphone specs, a magnitude of 7.0 earthquake in Japan, the Crimson Tide winning the BCS, Randy Moss returning to football, the Buckeyes going undefeated, gasoline prices dipping under three dollars, and many more shocking predictions. Below are my 2013 psychic predictions. Enjoy.

1) Miley Cyrus gets married. No more speculation that her engagement was a publicity stunt. Now about her haircut….

2) Lindsay Lohan declares bankruptcy. She hit rock bottom not only in life, but also at the bank.

3) Charlie Sheen goes to jail. Winning!

4) After a long run, Ghost Hunters gets canceled. Main problem, no hard photographic evidence after 10 years.

5) Tom Cruise gets outed on the Ellen show by accident.

6) President Jimmy Carter passes.

7) Denver Broncos win Superbowl. Just wait what Pappa John’s Pizza does next. Failed: Manning and the Bronco’s get ousted in the divisional playoffs. Side Note: Tim Tebow has won more playoff games in Denver than Manning.

8) The Boston Celtics win the NBA championship after running into a rough patch most of the season. Failed: The Celtics ran out of steam and were eliminated.

9) The Cincinnati Reds return to glory and wins The World Series.

10) The NHL cancels this season. Close to desertification. FAILED: The NHL has settled and are playing a shortened season.

11) Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson break up for good. (See prediction #12 for reason) Success: They are now toast.

12) A Kristen Stewart sex tape surfaces. And it is not with Robert Pattinson.

13) Microsoft corporation flexes its muscles and doubles its market share in the phone and tablet sector. Success: At the end of 2012, Microsoft only had 1.9% share and as of June 1st 2013, has nearly 5% of the market.

14) Courtney Stoddard is pregnant. Does anyone care anymore?

15) Rihanna gets beat up again. Welcome to relationships are us.

16) Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens, 40 years old, gets signed by an NFL team.

17) A rogue comet will pass so close to Earth it will appear larger than our own moon. Yes, it is planet killer size. Success: Asteroid 2012 DA14, the size of a city block travelling at over 28000 miles per hour  passed in-between Earth and and the moon.

18) Retailer K-Mart files for bankruptcy.

19) The Alabama Crimson tide keeps rolling and beats Notre Dame to capture the BCS championship. SUCCESS: The Crimson Tide dominated the Irish winning 42-14

20) Adrian Peterson wins NFL MVP of the year award. SUCCESS: Peterson did win MVP for the year. 

21) The popular streaming service Netflix will be bought and absorbed into a larger company.

22) A breakthrough in solar power doubles the electricity output of each cell. Success: Check the link. New patent extends solar power

23) Scientists discover the first “Earth twin” planet in a star system less than 20 light years from our planet.

24) Humankind will no longer be alone in the universe. Startling evidence that an alien race was once here and is coming back.

(For some odd reason, one of my past years predictions migrated to the 2013 year page. This was not predicted for 2013. 24) Jimmy Hoffa, famed union leader remains will be found.

25) American Idol has jumped the shark and will be canceled after this 2013 season.

26) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis become very cozy. SUCCESS: Both are seen constantly together and in intimate scenarios.

27) Reality TV finally wises up and cancels Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

28) Megan Fox gets divorced. Apparently fatherhood cramps hubbys style.

29) Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest get engaged.

30) Brett Favre Makes a comeback as the Cleveland Browns roll the dice on the aged veteran gunslinger. (Just kidding Browns fans)

31) Arnold Schwarzenegger announces a new Terminator movie, Terminator Retribution.

32) To keep pace, Sylvester Stallone announces Rocky 7 and Rambo 5 and Stop Or My Mother Will Shoot 2.

33) Selena Gomez topless pictures get leaked.

34) Milla Jovovich announces yet another Resident Evil movie. It will make millions like the others before it. Success: Resident Evil Six is slated yo open in early 2014. And yes, it will make millions like all the previous movies.

35) Tom Brady hangs up the cleats and retires after his playoff run. Giselle is ecstatic.

36) Kelly Preston files for divorce from John Travolta.

37) David Letterman retires. Perhaps Jimmy Kimmel was kicking his ass.

38) Britney Spears looses it again and goes on another bender.

39) Christina Aguilera loses a ton of weight. Debuts a new album, titled Genie In A Bottle Two. Success: Part one at least, she has lost a ton of weight. Waiting on part two.

40) Yellowstone National Park has a major seismic event.

41) An F-5 Tornado touches down in the heartlands. Success: Sadly, the tornadoes that touched down in Oklahoma City was ranked an F-5 and ravaged the area.

42) The next generation Stealth Bomber makes its debut. Of course it will be during a military excursion.

43) Kathy Griffin and Anderson Coopers New Years Eve 2013 program will be the highest watched New Years Eve program. Where have you gone Dick Clark.

44) Kate Upton’s star status begins to fade as competition pushes her aside.

45) Basketballer Kris Humphries throws a wrench in the Kanye Kim K baby nuptials. He lays claim under California law that since he is still technically married to Kim, the baby is his. Success: Kumphries did make it very difficult for the Kardashian clan. 

46) Jennifer Aniston finally, finally, gets married.

47) Taylor Swift scandal. Taylor lets it slip. Nippy.

48) NBC’s Matt Lauer gets fired.

49) The Star Trek franchise has another hit as Into The Darkness is a major motion picture hit breaking all Star Trek box office records. Success: Into the Darkness is a top box office success.

50) Fifty Years of conspiracy frenzy concerning president Kennedy and the grassy knoll, and finally, hard evidence is revealed that a second shooter was involved as a recently passed secret service agents family member discovers a strong box in the attic with revealing information.

There you have it readers. 50 bold predictions for the new year.
Lets see how good my clairvoyant powers fare for the 2013 year. Check back weekly as each prediction comes into play.


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420 Responses to “50 Psychic Predictions For 2013”

  1. B said

    I knew the above was going to be posted.

  2. GaryVet said

    Looks like the Hockey strike was settled…. one down 49 to go….

  3. Lala said

    are you a real psychic? Or did you guess up some of these predictions in hopes they come true? Just curious. (like Rhianna getting beat up again, even though i hate Chris Brown I really believe he will not do it again after everything that happened)

  4. 50) Fifty Years of conspiracy frenzy concerning president Kennedy and the grassy knoll, and finally, hard evidence is revealed that a second shooter was involved as a recently passed secret service agents family member discovers a strong box in the attic with revealing information.
    3) Charlie Sheen goes to jail. Winning!
    18) Retailer K-Mart files for bankruptcy.
    24) Humankind will no longer be alone in the universe. Startling evidence that an alien race was once here and is coming back.

    Those I can accept now we will see about the rest although one already seems to have come true. Fun stuff for what its worth.

  5. LOTGK said

    19) The Alabama Crimson tide keeps rolling and beats Notre Dame to capture the BCS championship. SUCCESS: The Crimson Tide dominated the Irish winning 42-14

  6. Aditi said

    How can you predict the name of the album? Genie In A Bottle Two…. really?

  7. Tracy said

    *Sorry I don’t remember all of the numbers.

    28. The Megan thing. Isn’t he already a dad to an older child? A boy?
    Why would fatherhood cramp his style if he already is a dad? I don’t know.

    The Rihanna and Chris thing: I figured he would have learned his lesson the first time. I am not a big fan of the guy, but I sort of take him as a guy that wouldn’t mess up that “bad” again.

    Isn’t K Mart and Sears together? I remember once shopping at a K Mart while on a trip, and they tried to get me to sign up for a K Mart card. They told me that it would work at Sears too since they are both together. So, wouldn’t Sears be failing too? Either way too bad for them. They seemed like an okay store to buy from.

    The Kristen sex tape: I have actually seen another site have on psychic that have stated a few months ago there would be a sex tape. That it was made a while ago, but it was with Robert. There was even another psychic that confirmed it claiming that he had also seen it right before Christmas. (Not coming out before Christmas just predicted it.)

    Rocky 7? Rambo 5? Wow. Hmmmm that will be interesting. Making it all the way to 7….

    Have a good week!

    • Sam said

      where did you hear this thing about a kristen sex tape on another site? I never heard anything about this by other psychics? Do you have a site with this info on it? because honestly I dont think after everything that happened she would be that stupid

    • Michelle Milar said

      This site claims Rob and Kristen are breaking it off, and yet Celebrity Psychic which actually predicted there would be trouble late Summer of 2012 months before it actually happened ~Google Celebrity Psychic and read her stuff.~ predicted these two would be ok this year. In fact stronger than ever. Whatever happens I wish these two the best of luck. I hope that all the famous people on this list are ok and do alright.

      • Sam said

        I already saw that. She said they would breakup in another two months so I dunno how that would make the relationship okay. lol Im just curious about whether anything else would come out about her

      • LOTGK said

        Hello Tracy, (Michelle Milar) and my prediction comes true.
        And just a note: Forget-about-those-celebrity-psychics, believe in the Grassy Knoll Institute, powered by a really good tasting corned beef sandwich.

      • Aditi said

        Celeb psychic is far from accurate,just cause she got one SINGLE thing right about R/K some people think that she is legit.But if you go through her site you’ll see that 98% of her predictions turn out to be untrue like Leo and Blake Lively getting married (LOL),Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene lasting for a long time and etc

    • LOTGK said

      Have you been to Sears lately? No one has.
      And both Stallone and Arnold have action movies out this year. It is only a matter of time before they announce what an addition to what made them famous and rich.

      Now for one more prediction,
      I predict you comment under the screen name Michelle Milar.

  8. ANNY said

    The Robsten breakup will happen,not sure about sex tape

    • LOTGK said

      Anny, the sex tape will surface, and divorce proceedings will follow for someone.

      • Liv said

        are you sure about this or are you just guessing lol? Because I dont think she would…After everything all her sources said she made a huge mistake and would never do any such thing ever again so I do not believe the sex tape thing will happen….however there is a really accurate psychic on the web who predicted some pretty crazy things about her that came true like the cheating and getting back together and a bunch of other stuff…..she says they will get engaged late 2013.

        I hope your at least right about the break up because she s just skanky…..but the sex tape and divorce thing seem a bit too extreme….however if you right I will let everyone know your the worlds best psychic lol!

        Just curious how do you come up with these predictions anyway? Do you have visions or something? Are you clairvoyant?

        • LOTGK said

          Am I sure? Yes, I never lie.
          Am I clairvoyant? Yes.
          How do I see the events? I am a student of Nostradamus and use techniques similar to his. Night-time, alone, in study, go into a trance, see certain events as they unfold.

      • Aditi said

        Can you also predict the time period around which this sex tape will release?

        • LOTGK said

          I cannot. My methods only allow a time frame of roughly 12 months. If I could see an exact day I would zero in on the wining lottery numbers.

          • Rashi said

            you are so full of shit. worst predictor you are. you want this couple to break up again huh? you’re pointless. if this comes true, I am seriously running away and never coming to your stupid predictions again.

  9. Michelle Milar said

    Forgot to ask. Are you able to tell the gender of Kim K’s baby?

  10. Gema said

    How can you be so precise on prediction 12? I mean a new cheating or a new relationship are predictable things, but precisely a sex tape? I will worship you if that comes true!

  11. Lead Scientist said

    Please number 28 come true. Please God let 28 come true.

  12. TC said

    one thing i have noticed is that since 2010 the psychic has predicted a breakup for Megan Fox and Brian and for Robert and kristen….So three years later it has not happened has me wondering is this a predictions thats made and repeated till it comes true by chance? Or is this actually predicted and seen by the psychic who made these predictions?

    • LOTGK said

      A certain scientist at our facility has a crush on Megan Fox, and to appease him, this is predicted every year.

      • TC said

        so some of these predictions are not real then? 😦 i thought some sounded a bit too much to be true…I dont think Rhianna will get beat up again It seems highly unlikely..same thing with the sex tap everyone is talking about… which predictions on here are actual predictions?

        Do you really see megan getting a divorce then? How bout the rob/kristen thing do you see them really breaking up like it was predicted the past two years? or is this a wild guess? The sex tape thing seems a bit out there ….

  13. Anonymous said

    I wanted very very much that prediction 11 happened, I wait it three years ago, so I was wondering if you could tell me some kind of provability of this happens, with or without the sex tape.

  14. daring said

    well denver broncos were eliminated in 2nd round of playoffs via baltimore so there goes #7.

    7) Denver Broncos win Superbowl. Just wait what Pappa John’s Pizza does next.

  15. LOTGK said

    7) Denver Broncos win Superbowl. Just wait what Pappa John’s Pizza does next. Failed: Manning and the Bronco’s get ousted in the divisional playoffs. Side Note: Tim Tebow has won more playoff games in Denver than Manning.

  16. Gema said

    LOTGK A porno video of Angelina Julie, filmed 20 years ago and having sex with 4 men has been leaked. I was wondering it this could be the sex videotape you predicted about Kristen Stewart, or it has nothing to do?

  17. LOTGK said

    20) Adrian Peterson wins NFL MVP of the year award. SUCCESS: Peterson did win MVP for the year.

  18. seeker said

    LOTGK do you have an approximate date for the comet? I had a dream that it tracked from the North over the US on April 10, 2013.

    • LOTGK said

      We had quite a wild weekend with the one impacting in Russia and the one that flew by us inside of our own Satellites. All I can pin point is that it will occur during the calendar year of 2013.

  19. WOW you need a new job

  20. Pet said

    I was wondering if Kristens sex tape will be another stunt like last year. Words out that their relationship contract isn’t actually over until August, but they could both agree to end the “relationship” before then. So I was curious if the sex tape could be a way for the crazy fandom to finally accept them apart or if it would be just a coincidence. Either way it explains why the tape wouldnt be with Robert.

    • LOTGK said

      Very excellent point.

    • Gema said

      Sorry to get in but I think that if the contract really exists and it’s been going on for years, what would be the matter in waiting a few months to ended it up properly? Kristen’s reputation is quite tarnished and I just don’t see why she, willingly would bring still more crap upon herself.

      • Pet said

        Its all about money! And this is Hollywood where there is no such thing as bad press. Pr stunts and pr relastionship or bearding are way more common than you think. Twilight is a billion dollar franchise and creating every teen girls fantasy couple made real was a brilliant move. Rob and Kristen were their bread and butter and kept interest in those crap movies. Last years cheating may not have been a stunt but it was definitely taken advantage of by her team. Everybody was losing interest in the last movie, so what better way to make sure everyone would be paying attention to Rob and Kristen during promos.

        • Gema said

          I’m not a fan of Kristen but I find it hard to believe that she can fall so low. Giving as a fact that her relationship with Rob is a PR stunt, it would be understandable her affair with Rupert, the girl fell in love… but giving up any serious chance of making a respectable career as an actress at her age, it seems a really bad move. Maybe you’re right and the girl just wants to stay relevant at any cost… then what a pathetic person she is! I feel curious to figure everything out! Sorry for mistakes, english is not my language.

      • LOTGK said

        Any publicity is good publicity.

  21. Recluse said

    So you predict the world ending anytime soon due to any nuclear attacks..from N.korea or iran maybe?

  22. M said

    Yeah, I don’t see a sex tape leaking of Kristen Stewart. Rupert is going through a divorce, so who else could it be? Maybe your vision was from a movie she will film this year? I believe she loves Robert and they will be engaged by the end of the year. She made a mistake and learned from it she will not do anything to hurt Robert again. They live HEA. I do find your predictions funny. Really funny but 99.9% inaccurate.

    • M said

      forgot to mention Ryan & Julianne broke-up, so no wedding. The Kristen sex tape isn’t happening, huh?

      • LOTGK said

        Isn’t happening!!! It has already been done, it just hasn’t been leaked yet.

        • M said

          if it does exist, prove it who’s in it with her, bet you can’t answer that. you can’t answer because it never happened. besides if something like that was leaked, her career would be over & she is the most famous, desired, & respected actress in the industry and that is a proven fact.

          • LOTGK said

            Kim Kardashian had a leaked sex tape and her career took off from a Paris Hilton hanger-on to a star on one of the top rated reality shows. Her career is certainly not over. So we have that.

    • LOTGK said

      I stand by my predictions, it is only March, and remember, the sex tape has already been filmed, it just hasn’t surfaced yet.

  23. M said

    Robert and Kristen are back together you fail. She would never make a sex video/tape. She loves Robert to much to make another mistake.

  24. Annoymous said

    Wow I must say you were pretty on target with the predictions last year, and this year seems really interestung too. As for the whole Rob and Kristen thing, I can definetly can see that happening. She broke his heart and he chose to give her another chance. I came across this comment on another website it was posted June 6th, 2012 could you tell me what it means? “That was a good interview. Rob likes to joke around and kid. It’s nice to see that he doesn’t have the stuck-up personality like some other celebs have. Can’t wait to see what he has up his shelve next. (Congrats on the engagement to Kate) blessings to him and his family.

  25. Sally said

    That is some list. I see a lot of comments about Edward and Bella, oops I mean Robert and Kristen. My sister is a bit obsessed about this couple. If a sex tape comes out, will the fall out be a long publicity stunt? I am so tired of hearing about them together or apart. It’s time to see them disappear. There so much we can take from this over saturating pair. He is so stupid, dorky and ugly. She is so weird, awkward and butt ugly.

    • LOTGK said

      I don’t believe it will be a publicity stunt, the Twilight series has already ended. It will be a release to the wild, (Internet)

    • Annoymous said

      I’m tired of hearing out it too. He is completely stupid to keep staying with her, oh yeah that other psyhic said that she sees things going great and a ring soon.

      • Star said

        That psychic flip flops on all her predictions. I however like Christian Dion though he has been spot on about everything so far. And he also thinks something big is about to explode with Robert and Kristen. I like to compare different psychic predictions and so far I like this site and Christians the best, things seem to coincide with each other more.
        I also want to say that the Ryan and Julianne breaking up-well rumors were that they were going to get married though most people should realise that she was bearding for Ryan, but her brother or Ryan supposedly cheated so it caused all those plans to fail. Some people dont realise that just because something may be written in the stars so to speak that free will can still come into play and change things. It doesnt mean you were wrong originally just something unexpected happened that changed the course of the vision.

      • M said

        He loves her and will love her no matter what. She makes mistakes because she is honest and he forgives her. He is a honorable man who will learn to appreciate her and not take her for granted. This change in him will prevent her from straying again. They are the real thing. You see him as stupid, I see him as wise and mature. They will be engaged soon and married in a year. They are a couple we should all strive to be. They are pure love and devotion no one will break them apart. They are together right now and supporting each other. You don’t have to be a psychic to know that.

        • LOTGK said

          Hello, this is Hollywood we are talking about. Those two don’t have a chance together. Zero. They were put together for the sake of the franchise.

        • M said

          If you are so sure its fake prove it. Why are they together now? All legit reporting outlets state they are together, but you believe psychics? I am right and the psychics are wrong!!!!!

          • LOTGK said

            “All legit reporting outlets”
            Please, there is no such thing. The media tells you what you want to know and only what you need to know. That is all.
            EXAMPLE: Let’s say the government knew that a planet killer size asteroid was heading this way and would destroy the Earth in 30 days. Do you think the government would reveal this to the public? (Think long and hard on this)
            If they did alert the world, mass panic would happen almost instantly.

          • Gema said

            The whole world believed they were like Rome&Juliet before the end of last july. The media talked about commitment and an upcoming engagement but look what happen… 50 infamous pics of Kristen cheating on Rob with a married man, double her age. Do you still dare to say that you, the media or anyone know the truth about them?

            LOTGK I’m back to Gema.

            • LOTGK said

              You compare them to Romeo and Juliet?
              How did that union end?
              I stated in my 50 bold predictions January 2nd of 2013 that a sex tape would surface with Stewart. I am sticking to my prediction.

            • Gema said

              The way “M” talks about Rob/Kristen it’s like they are Romeo and Juliet for her and actually they’re for Robsten fans and Twihards, that’s why I made the comparison. Obviously Rob&Kristen are not Romeo&Juliet. I just tried to explain that they had and still have problems because their love is not pure and perfect like their fans believe. I hope I’ve made myself understandable…

            • LOTGK said

              I understand you.

            • M said

              Please. What do you know? Just because you can’t have Robert doesn’t mean he isn’t with Kristen. They love each other accept it. Why make up all these theories and these impossible predictions. We live in reality not fantasy. Your only making things worse for these people LOTGK.

            • LOTGK said

              I call them as I see them.

            • Annoymous said

              Sweetheart he knows they all know, it’s not fantasy it’s reality and destiny all in one. If she really loved him as she stated then she wouldn’t have cheated and broken up a marriage. He’s making things better and I know alot of things that you don’t.

            • M said

              Like what? Please enlighten me. I am sure you know nothing. You are no insider. Are you also a psychic? Your embarrassing yourself.

            • LOTGK said

              In Hollywood, the game is played with different rules. In real life, long term relationships have just under a 50% chance of survival. In Hollywood, it is far lower. It’s just business.

            • M said

              So their relationship was PR? I don’t believe that. 4-5 yrs with someone for a movie franchise, no it is real. Simple answer she made a mistake & he took her for granted. He forgave her. They love each other. They are rebuilding their relationship & it will be stronger than ever.

            • LOTGK said

              Here is a fact for you. The Twilight saga are one of the top grossing movies in the past several years. Not only did the movies generate box office sales, millions upon millions of dollars, but millions of dollars of DVD sales, HBO sales, On-Demand sales, plus merchandising again in the millions of dollars. To guarantee strong sales, the duo were kept together, hyped to the extreme to boost even more sales, and look, it worked. Hollywood is a business.

            • N said

              You’re embarassing yourself and everything happens for a reason so we’ll see.

            • LOTGK said

              When this happens minds will be blown.

            • Anna said

              Oh yes they will.

            • M said

              What? Your mind will be blown because they will be together. They are together now and Twilight is over. Why? Because it is real.

            • LOTGK said

              I say that because when the sex tape surfaces, will Robbie still stick with his woman, or hit the road.

            • M said

              They will be together because there will be no sex tape. If anything you should see the new pictures of them together and see how much they are devoted to each other. She would never do a sex tape. Engagement before the end of the year. Robert will always forgive an d love.

            • Sally said

              You need help M. I now really believe Robert Pattinson is gay. Kristen was his beard. Can’t wait for this sex tape so their fraudulent relationship is exposed. Crossing my fingers you are correct LOTGK.

            • LOTGK said

              Why do you believe he is Gay?

            • Gema said

              Sometimes I’ve thought he was gay too. There’s something about his mannerism, his constant giggle even when he seems to talk seriously…

            • Pet said

              Hello people he’s British that is the way they are! She however pings my gaydar so hard it broke. Lets just say I wouldnt be surprised if the sex tape would be with Tamara, Katie Perry assistant and her best friend who is known to be gay.

            • Sally said

              LOTGK mention in a comment, the sex tape would cause a divorce & it was already filmed so, I think it’s Rupert or Chris Hensworth

            • LOTGK said

              8.5 months to find out.

            • Sally said

              Let’s hope it’s hilarious. tick tock.

            • M said

              Your crazy. He is all man just like Kristen likes. They are in Coachella right now celebrating their love & music. I now believe there will be a love/sex tape of Rob & Kristen, so LOTGK you are partially correct.

            • LOTGK said

              I’m going with 100% correct or zero percent, if the calendar turns 2014.

            • Pet said

              His body language speaks a thousand words and Love isn’t one of them. You are so delusional.

            • Pet said

              M give it up you arnt going to convince anyone here that they are Real and IN love. Go back to Gossip cop and E! news where they can continue to spoon feed you everything you want to hear. And btw make sure when pictures of their “pda” come out you take a look at the entire set of pictures not just the one picked out for the sites. Because they tell a different story, their walk down the street-Rob left her on the curb crying and jumped in another car, or the golfing pics where Kristen clearly sees the paps then runs over to embrace Rob for a good photo. And all their kissing or holding hands, ermm no their not really. In fact their is not one clear photo ever of them actually kissing that wasnt proved to be photoshopped.

            • LOTGK said

              Oh Snap!

            • Bored said

              You’re embarrassing yourself by not knowing when to use “you’re” instead of “your”. 🙂

            • Bored said

              My comment was for poster M, by the way. not sure that was clear…….

            • M said

              That’s your post. Really? That’s sad, no your sad. Get laid it will help

            • LOTGK said

              You’re kidding wright?

            • M said

              FYI……My response about getting laid was for “N” not you.

            • LOTGK said

              N, M, we’re all just a bunch of letters in the great big alphabet world.

            • Sally said

              Who is in the sex tape with Kristen? Is it a man or a woman? Please give me at least the gender. If that tape surfaces it will be bananas. I will torture my sister, payback for listening about Twilight for 4-5 years.

            • LOTGK said

              I only know that one will surface.

            • Anon said

              Looks like this sex tape will bring them closer or it does’nt surface. They are predicted to be engaged by years end. Lets see who’s right.

            • LOTGK said


          • Annoymous said

            I do believe psychic’s and let me tell you “M,” one told me that my Dad was coming back into my life.. “Someone named James is going to be very important in your life later on in the next few years” In June 2009 she told this, I never told her that and guess what? Five months later in November I got a message on Facebook from him and he’s been in my life for the last four and half years. After being out of it for 16 years of my life. She also told me that things were going to change completely and guess what? They have so she was right so PROVE that.

            • LOTGK said

              In June 2009 she told this, I never told her that and guess what? Five months later in November I got a message on Facebook from him and he’s been in my life for the last four and half years

              Got a question about the math here.
              November of 2009 to March of 2013 is less than three and a half years.

  26. M said

    They are together now getting ready for Kristen’s birthday. Why can’t people just leave them alone? What more do they have to deal with? They are in a permanent RELATIONSHIP. There is no proof to the contrary. LOTGK gave a prediction not a fact. It will not happen. People are just upset for not reason. She is building herself up again and she is winning awards. KCA & will also win MTV award soon. Robert wants her and she wants him. She made a mistake and he FORGAVE her. She LOVES Robert.

  27. Gema said

    “M” You can keep posting about your conviction over the engagement but truth is we’ll have to wait till the end of this year to know if the sex tape surfaces or if there’s an engagement so this discussion is rather useless. My gut tells me they will break up for good sometime along this year, mainly because Twilight is over and also because I’ve never seen them like a real couple, I think they have quite a lot of skeletons it their closets… but again, we have 9 months to go.

  28. Gema said

    Why did my comment, posted today, appear up there on number 27?

  29. Sally said

    Hi… In honor of Kurt Cobain’s 19th Anniversary of his passing (can’t believe it’s been 19 years), can you see anything about his daughter? Saw a picture of her not to long ago and she is the splitting image of her father.

  30. Sally said

    So there still a chance Ryan Seacrest & Julianna will get engaged? Scary. A gay guy marrying a famewhore, interesting couple.

  31. Lori said

    Will Miley marry the Australian actor or someone else? Also, since you are a psychic is Amanda Bynes going to be ok? She seems really unstable or is it a act for publicity.

  32. Lorna said

    I think that the tape won’t be rupert, cux liberty and rupert marriage already broke out so yeah

    • Sally said

      who then? I get feeling it will be with someone famous?

      • LOTGK said

        That is a good bet.

        • Sally said

          Ben Affleck?

          • M said

            It’s not a break-up, it’s a break. They are both very busy in their amazing careers. It’s already being reported that they are communicating daily and are still very much in love. Your prediction of the break-up was premature LOTGK. They will get back together publicly very soon. NO sex tape exists.

            • Stephie said

              No way! They were miserable together. I don’t see Ben Affleck hooking up with Kristen Stewart either. Give us a hint LOTGK. I do think Robert dumped her because he found out she was hooking up with Rupert Sanders again. That Kristen Stewart is no wallflower. She most definitely has done a sex tape.

            • LOTGK said

              Hell, if teen mom Farah has a sex tape, why not K. Stewart.

  33. Sally said

    Looks as thought KStew was spotted/photographed entering Rupert’s car while Rob was off preparing to start filiming internationally. Now I am hoping Rupert will be the guy in the video. If not the KStew image will be out the door.

  34. Enigmato said

    Listen, I need help. I don’t expect Anything. But can you please offer a personal prediction? I need to know the answers to three questions…. Who? Why? And how? You (should) know what I’m talking about. The question you’re asking yourself as you read this? The answer is yes. No, not that. The other thing. Yes. You know. The who is a seperate issue than the why and how. But the why and how are very closely related. My bday Jan 30th 1971, 81, or 91. I’m leaving that open so that only psychic people will be able to narrow down my identity. I leave false trails all over the net. So doing research will tell you very little about me, unless you can access telecommunications encrypted data…

    I only stick my neck out of the gutter like this once every great while…I’m to afraid I’ll stick it out there one of these times and get sh shoveled in my face. If you have nothing for me, that’s fine. ill wait another 1 year or.until I “feel” it is the right time.

    Maybe I don’t need a psychic. Maybe I just need to wait and see what happens and just have faith. But when I get a certain feeling I act on it. Sorry if I’ve wasted your time, I’m just not very familiar with the “psychic” process and I am not aware of the scope of your particular abilities, but it appears that you do have the ability to narrow your focus onto individuals, so maybe it will help me.

    I’ve been visited by at least 3 psychics during my life. And they all say the same thing. I don’t expect you to say the same thing. But I will examine your words if you were to offer them to me, and, like anyone else, I will have to see if that information correlates with what I already bekieve to be true. I am aware of how timelines work so you don’t need to explain about “possible futures”… Just give me what you shall and I shall do with it what I shall. If you are just too busy, I understand. But you may find my case intriguing. Or not.

    Best of wishes

    • LOTGK said

      You are not wasting my time. However, I do not do requests anymore.
      At one point several years ago, people were asking me to “read their futures” and they would ask questions only a psychic would know.
      One particular person asked me 10 questions, yes ten questions, like what color of car they own, how old they are, their sex, etc. I hit 8 out 10 exactly and yet this person was still stating that since I missed two questions, it was all a scam.
      At that point, I stopped doing requests.

      • LOTGK said

        Click the link above, then read comment #34 and #36.
        I was damn spot on and yet, non believers.

      • Anonymous said

        Thank you for your reply. Apparently that person should study up on things like temporal distortions, electromagnetic frequencies, and..and… damn, I can’t think of anything else that sounds like I know what I’m talking about.

        Time to plan a trip to splitsville, located south of the uh, skadadel valley off exit 22, in the state of…of… Come on… I need a state that conveys a notion of some concept relating to the action of exiting ones present locale… Crap I got nothin.

        Surely you could help me out? Sorry couldnt help it. No, but seriously, I probably won’t be able to sleep until I figure out a way to make this schtick work… And it has to be plausible, Dammit. Last time this happened I was up for weeks drinking redbull staring at the wall, rocking back and forth while sucking my thumb raw…

        • Enigmato said

          Sorry that was actually me, my android phone caused me to press a button unintentionally before I had a chance to complete the informations. I guess it must’ve been the uh, Post Comment button…

  35. Isabelle said

    Hello LOTGK, I just read about prediction # 39, Christina Aguilera loosing a bunch of weight
    Good call! tag that prediction as accurate.
    I will like to ask you about prediction # 13, does Microsoft muscle flexing in the windows phone market share includes the Nokia windows phone? I ask this because Nokia and Microsoft have a close windows phone partnership.
    Keep up the good work LOTGK!,

  36. Isabelle said

    One more hit, it looks like Robert Pattison is done with Kristen S.

  37. james said

    So do you see any major war and or a economic issue in 2013?

  38. vangie said

    hi, straight to the point, can you answer two questions, is it male or female,geez! some how i feel it is females! knowing quite well how her female friends two look like males already and her friends love a screen, so i’m not saying kristen is gay, just confuse at this point in her life, she always with those two females, that sure look especially one of them look like guys,i am happy rob i not around even thought she did it when he was maybe in OZ? just guessing, ha! ha! another scandal for kristen! Thank you, and terril owen sign? great!

    • LOTGK said

      I will answer three questions if you ask them.

      • vangie said

        hi princess, you seem to be for real, i just wonder what’s up with miss stewart, but she planted her own seed with her words, of wanted to be ‘F’ over, it’s sad, i felt hurt when she hurt rob, like if i know him, but he are always in my prayers!

  39. Eric J. DUHAN said

    could you predict that so many people would be only interested in sex and that couple whom I have never heard of, being in Europe…I hear you saying YES….. but there is so much more in your 50 predictions….

    • LOTGK said

      I make 50 predictions every early January for the year, some do involve sexual situations, some political, sports based, funny, sad, and quirky. Something for everyone.

  40. LOTGK said

    You can add predictions # 11 – 13 – 17 – 22 – 34 – 39 – 41 – 45 – and 49 to the success table.

  41. Sally said

    Still worried about Amabda Bynes. I hope she gets help. Also is Justin Bieber going 2 be ok?

  42. Sally said

    You are right Arnold is doing T5 next yr. Here is the link. You are good.

  43. vangie said

    And the plot thickens, i’m smiling! just read a comment,abt rob was hooking up/cheating with katy p, before kristen cheated with rupert! she found out and that drove her, to rupert’s arms!i’m a rob’s fan big time! it hurts meto see these story, like if humans are so perfect!we’re not, just awaiting patently for the sex tape that, is out there, only because she is not perfect, sorry for ranting,princess!

  44. james said

    Holy moly you were right. They are making another Termintor movie! Do you happen to do personal readings?

  45. Claire Voyance said

    Just happened to read your site yesterday, and today I read that a search for Jimmy Hoffa’s body is being searchrd for in a Detriot field. I hope your right about his body being found this year.

    • Bored said

      Jimmy Hoffa’s body has been “found” more times than Bayer has aspirin. 🙂

      • LOTGK said

        Something went amiss on my site, the Hoffa prediction was not there in January when I posted it. It appeared sometime after April, but I have reinstated the original prediction.

        Must be those damn Thought screen Helmet aliens trying to hack my blog again.

    • LOTGK said

      (For some odd reason, one of my past years predictions migrated to the 2013 year page. This was not predicted for 2013.
      24) Jimmy Hoffa, famed union leader remains will be found.

      This is the actual original prediction for 2013:
      24) Humankind will no longer be alone in the universe. Startling evidence that an alien race was once here and is coming back.

  46. vangie said

    Hello princess, i have been wreaking my brain abt the sex tape and a divorce,well rupert’s out, that leaves CH! i don’t think it’s him could be wrong, i doubt it’s the director from OTR, but i believe it’s sam riley, he made out with kristen for OTR and her boobs were all in it’s glory, tick, tock it’s now june! so we wait patiently, thank god rob is gone, tick, tock!!!

    • Gema said

      There have been lots of pics of K with her lesbian gang, it could also be a sex tape with a lesbian girl… I think it could be with Rupert too, it wouldn’t be an actual tape but part of the stuff the papz might have recorded on last july. Anyway Kristen’s career seems to go downhill, she would only need another scandal to become the next lindsay lohan!

  47. vangie said

    ps tell us about ks tattoo with her friends, what i the meaning ps L!

  48. M said

    New pics are coming. Robsten is back together.NO SEX TAPE

    • Gema said

      Oh M I missed your delusional posts. Could it be “Robsten is back together” statement comes from the fact that both of them appear to be happy and smiling in their current pics? Yeah I’ve notice it and probably they feel like this because they’re done, the PR is over and they can really hang out with whoever they want to, but it’s just my opinion. Time will tell.

      • LOTGK said

        We have less than six months before the sex tape is revealed.

      • M said

        I know we are all in for a wonderful surprise. They will get back together within a year publicly. They are hiding there beautiful love from the evil tabloids and the haters.Mark my words there are lost without each other. Rob needs her to breathe. Kristen needs him to live.

        • LOTGK said

          So did Romeo and Juliet and how did that end?

          • M said

            So you agree that their love is everlasting and will exist even after their death. LOTGK I know you can see into the future and you know they will get back together (if they have not already) in a year publicly. No matter what these closed minded women think. ROBERT LOVES KRISTEN!!!!!!! KRISTEN LOVES ROBERT!!!!!! She regrets her mistakes and he forgives her mistakes because he loves her more than his own life. He has proven that numerous times. Also, LOTGK did post something about them possibly getting back together even if a sex tape surfaces. That just proves they will be together forever move on. Robert will forgive Kristen for anything even another indistrection because he LOVES HER beyond reality.

            • Anonymous said

              M and everyone, who cares what these 2 people do? I had to laugh about the last post. M, for the love of God,…move on!!! Live your own life, stop living someone else’s love affair fake or real. Go outside, enjoy the weather, take a walk, save an animal, do something to get involved with your own life and so you know , I say this for your own good.

        • Gema said

          Twilight at its most delusional point…

        • Nya said

          In your dreams M.

        • N said

          M you wish, even I was skeptical thinking that it never going to happen, and when it finally did, LOTGK was right and so was Christian Dion about the split. And about the future girl friend:

          CD hi! I know it’s probably annoying for you to receive so many questions about Rob’s future girlfriend, but could you tell if she’s wealthy/rich like Rob or not? Just curious if Rob will choose the one from his circle or not.

          Christian DionJune 13, 2013 at 6:12 PM
          Ermm not from his circle, to start with so not famous. More behind the scenes…

          • M said

            There is a psychic on twitter and she/he said that they were destined to be together and that they are only taking a break from the attention but are communicating daily and meeting in secret places. Why would the psychic lie? The psychic knows that they love each other MADLY, DEARLY, and ENDLESSLY. Why does everyone here hate Kristen? She is a remarkable woman and I believe all of you are just jealous of her beauty, intelligence, success, talent, personal life, and sex appeal. Hollywood has not had a beautiful and elegant actress like Kristen since Vivien Leigh. I am sure LOTGK will agree. REMEMBER Rob and Kristen are true love. Rob would die for her (his words not mine).

            • Gema said

              M you’re just a pot stirrer, aren’t you? You enjoy coming here with your theories and conspiracies to provoke reactions. OK there I go.

              I get that you’d be jealous of an actress who put herself in the target of paparazzo by playing the “Keep ’em guessing” game with her alleged relationship with her co-star. I would not.

              I get that you’d be jealous of an actress who cheated publicy on her boyfriend with a married man double her age and got called all sort of nasty names for home wrecking a family. I would not.

              You’ve gone too far by comparing Vivien Leigh with a scumbag like Kristen Stewart.

              I truly hope you won’t need 10 years to wake up from your sweaty Robsten dream and if you do, well… enjoy your delusional ride because I bet you will never see RK together again.

              By the way, yesterday it was the first Rupetr/Kristen cheating anniversary, that was a passional and torrid affair as shown by 50 pics. Your Robsten obsession? A great deal more a PR stunt than a real relationship.

            • LOTGK said

              You’ve gone too far by comparing Vivien Leigh with a scumbag like Kristen Stewart.

              Frankly, I don’t give a damn.:D

            • LOTGK said

              *Who are you going to believe, a psychic on Twitter or the Grassy Knoll Institute?
              *Psychics do not lie, they are just wrong sometimes.
              *I don’t think everyone here hates Stewart.
              *Elegant actress! Are we talking about Kristen here? Seriously!
              *“Rob would die for her (his words not mine)” Robin Hood’s words actually.

    • LOTGK said

      More newer pics coming after these ones. YES, SEX TAPE.

  49. M said

    I do not do personal acts. I am trying to point everyone to the obvious answer, Rob & Kristen are together. They are in love. No one believed he would forgive her and he did OBVIOUSLY. There will be no sex tape. They will be seen publicly again in 1 year or less. LOTGK has not denied my statements, except for the sex tape. Kindness & forgiveness are wonderful traits people should practice them.

    • LOTGK said

      Oh, but I think I did. I said they would break up, and they did, I also said a sex tape would surface this year with her but not Rob.

    • N said

      They are sooo not together anymore “M’ or whatever your name is. I think LOTGK has denied your statements over and over, and no one cares. We all knew it was going to happen, they won’t be seen publicly anymore because he ended things with her it’s over the end. Why would anyone be jealous of her? I think you’re the only one who is.

      • M said

        About 5 months to find out “N”.

        • Gema said

          Changing a little the subject from predictions to the past… “M” if RK love is so pure and perfect, why did she cheat on him? Don’t tell me it was a mistake, cheating is a choice.

          • M said

            It happens you can love someone enitrely and still hurt them and take them for granted. Relationships are complicated and not perfect all the time. He took her back for all the right things she did and forgave her for 1 wrong thing she did. He is not perfect either, but they worked it out. Why is that so hard to believe. They love each other. They are together and will reveal it to the whole world publicly in a 1 yr or less. Mark my words there will be no sex tape.

            • Gema said

              On what are you basing your reasoning “M”?

              Elle mag published a Kristen’s interview on 2012 may. She said her life was fucking boring and wanted someone to fuck her over! 3 months later her affair with Rupert was exposed…

              You have to be pretty unsatisfied with your life to speak like this for a mag that is gonna be read all over the world and then cheat on your sparkly boyfriend with a married man, don’t you? It’s easy to figure out that RK relationship, more than complicated it was boring! at least for her.

              And it’s even easier to figure out that they got back together because BD2 promotion was round the corner…. Twilight is over, the DVD is out to be sold and OMG… People mag publishes in exclusive Robsten break up 😦 ….. Perfect timetable.

            • Sunny said

              I totally remember that Gema, she wanted something crazy and messed up to happen and guess what? You know what they say, what goes around comes back around. And M, I have been reading your posts and honestly get a life because it obviously seems like you don’t have one. And you obviously can’t accept the fact that they’ve broken up and it’s over.

            • LOTGK said

              I think he took her back because of the movie press he and her needed to do. Nothing more.

          • LOTGK said

            Valid point.

          • M said

            She was young, immature, & insecure. A terrible combination. Someone made her feel special & beautiful. Rob has always be the more attractive, famous, & popular. That is no secret. Her insecurities influenced her bad judgment and terrible mistake. She loves Rob, she just doesn’t love herself. Rob loves her.

            • Gema said

              I recall the happy Robsten days when everybody defined Kristen like a girl head over shoulders, very down to earth and mature beyond her age!! but it turned out that she cheated on her boyfriend last year and so she’s no longer mature, head over shoulders and down to earth. She’s now insecure, inmature and young… I wonder how will you define her when she steps out with a new bf or gf. You can begin to think over it because I’m afraid it won’t be long…

              BTW “M” what you’re telling us is “insider info” or you’ve figure it out on your own? Just curious.

  50. M said

    I am not a insider and neither is anyone else. I believe what I believe and you “Gema” believe what you believe. Simple as that. I really have nothing negative to say about anyone’s opinion or assumptions. I believe Rob & Kristen love each other and are together. I believe they will come out publicly again when the papz have moved on to the new “it” couple (1 yr). Just because some of you hate or really dislike her doesn’t mean Robsten doesn’t exist. Rob loves her.

    • Gema said

      You repeat your beliefs over and over like a parrot, with no reasoning at all, as if you even needed to convince yourself.

      I’ve commented on some Robsten facts or Kristen’s statements but you don’t seem to read them as you don’t argue to either debunk or confirm them. No offense M, but you’re like a robot, with fans like you Robsten will never die down, even when they get other girfriends or boyfriends or worse, when they marry other persons. I bet you’ll keep patiently waiting for the divorce or something LOL!

      I’ve never believed stubbornly in something. I believe in facts, in logic, in evidence and I’m ready to change my mind when someone proves me wrong.

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