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Archive for the ‘Random Shots’ Category

NCIS Ziva David Replacement Revealed

Posted by LOTGK on July 30, 2013

NCIS Ziva Replacement

NCIS Ziva Replacement

NCIS Ziva David Replacement:
The Grassy Knoll Institute reveals credible information and scene stills of Caitlin O’Connor as the new replacement of Cote de Pablo who played Ziva David.

As the season unfolds, Gibbs searches for a replacement for the deceased Ziva and finds agent Bishop, (O’Connor) an undercover Virginia FBI operative working at a carnival. Gibbs likes what he sees and offers the job to Bishop (O’Connor) on the spot. Much like he did with agent Todd.

Gibbs tells Bishop (O’Connor) it won’t be a cake walk and that she will have to jump through some hoops now and again to get the job done. Bishop (O’Connor) replies that she is an expert with hoops.

Spoiler alert! Agent Bishop (O’Connor) will also be McGee’s love interest.

Season 11 premieres September 24th


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Best Jeep Wrangler Tire Pricing

Posted by LOTGK on May 8, 2013

My Jeep Wrangler needed new tires and I visited the usual suspects (Tire Dealers) in the area. My first stop was at Sears Automotive. I was looking for the standard Jeep tire, 15 inch, 235 size. The salesman started to show me the new wheels he just got in. I let him go on for a few minutes and finally asked about the tires, (Those little round black things that look like donuts)

He went to his computer, pecked a few keys, swooshed the mouse a few times and stated, “We have a special today, all four tires mounted and balanced for only $890.00. I asked if the wheels came with that quote! He replied, no, just the tires. I said thank you but I will continue my search. As I was walking toward the door he actually said, you are wasting your time, the best price is right here. I continued walking to the exit door.

My next stop was Pep Boys on Southern Blvd and Route 224. They were busy so I kindly waited my turn. The salesman at the counter yelled next (which was me) and I proceeded to tell him the tires I needed. He said I was in luck for they were having a sale today, (Heard that one before) and if I bought three tires I would get one free. I asked for a total out the door price. It was $776.00 and a three hour wait. I thanked him and said I will look elsewhere. again, I heard the same boast, You won’t find a better price anywhere better than here. I continued to walk to the exit.

Finally I made my way to B&R Wholesale tire on Meridian Road in Youngstown. I walked in and the counter salesman asked what he could do for me today. I told him I needed 4 Jeep wrangler tires. He said he would be right back. He went to the back room and a minute later had a Wrangler tire for me to look at. He said the price was $448.00 out the door for set. He also said he was an hour behind but would get to me as soon as he could. I accepted.

In less than an hour my Jeep was pulled in to the service bay and my tires mounted and balanced. Th salesman took my charge card and thanked me for letting B&R be my tire company.

And yes, I went back to Sears later than day to show him a copy of my receipt for tires that were half the cost he wanted to gouge me with. He didn’t want to talk tires, or wheels, or even the weather with me. Imagine that.


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William Shatner Vindicated

Posted by LOTGK on March 29, 2013


There Is Somebody Out On The Wing

There’s Someone On The Wing…
50 years ago this evening Bob Wilson, (Played by William Shatner) saved the life of the crew and passengers from a gremlin that was tinkering with the plane’s engine and wiring electronics. Wilson grabbed a gun from a sleeping policeman and opened the hatch door of the plane and fired at the gremlin scaring it off the wing.

However, his wife, the crew, the captain, and passengers all believed he was insane. (He had just been released from a sanitarium recovering from a nervous breakdown)

The Nightmare at 20,000 Feet from 1963 is now over as Bob Wilson, after booking a flight from Priceline dot com, seated just over the wing snapped a photo of a gremlin sitting out on the wing.

Finally, vindication.


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Fringe Series Finale Episode Spoilers

Posted by LOTGK on January 14, 2013


Fringe Finale Spoilers

Attention all Fringe Series fans. Prepared for the Fringe Series Finale? Want the Fringe Series Spoilers? Today, depending on your own time line, is your lucky day because you have stumbled upon the very guarded Fringe finale ending including all the spoilers and secrets not yet revealed. I know you may be skeptical after looking around this blog page with all the incredibly good-looking women in the side links but let me just say this.

I have accurately predicted the ending to television series ABC Lost, NBC Persons Unknown, and NBC The Event, and even the most recent FOX House series. Below you will read the finale outline detailing the end game of this popular series. Be warned, spoilers are ahead at the very first paragraph in this post. For those dying to know, read on and enjoy. For those wishing to see the end unfold on TV Friday, leave now and come back Friday evening after it has aired.

Where we last left off, September (Donald) informed Walter that he (Walter) must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world from the invading Observers. All the components for the plan has been gathered but Peter and Olivia are unaware of what Walter must sacrifice. (Remember when September told Walter that the child must live, and that he meant the child Observer and not Peter Bishop)

Walter reveals certain details to the team:
Walter gathers the team and informs Olivia that she must return to the alternate universe and elicit the help of red-headed Olivia. Walter reiterates once again to Olivia that it will be a dangerous mission. Olivia must retrieve one last piece of the device so Walter can journey through time. Olivia is successful. As soon as Olivia comes out of the tank, she relays a set of coordinates to Walter that only Donald understands.

Donald informs Walter that he is ready and for Walter to prepare. Walter explains that Astrid, Peter, and Donald must create a diversion when the time travel machine is powered on to keep the Observers from arriving to quickly to the scene. Walter and the child Observer will then enter the time travel device.

Hopefully, when Walter reaches the future, he will then introduce the child Observer to the team of Harvard scientists that are artificially creating human intelligence slowly turning themselves into pre-Observers. Walter will explain that what they are doing is the beginning of the end of humanity.

Walter then explains to the team that if he is successful, a paradox will be created as he will have altered the future thus restoring time as it was before the Observers arrived. However, he tells Peter that it is a one way trip. He will not be able to come back. He will be trapped in the future and will not be able to return. September tells Walter the device will be fully powered in two hours. Walter goes to the lab and plays his records one last time. Walter falls asleep.

Peter confronts September and informs him that he is going instead of Walter. September warns Peter that the device was calibrated for Walter, not Peter, and from this universe, not the one Peter is from. peter is concerned that Walter will not follow through knowing the outcome.

Peter steps into the time machine with the child Observer just as Walter and Olivia enter. Walter cries out to Peter to stop and that’s it’s not meant for him. Olivia stares him down and tells him she loves him and to at last bring Etta home. Astrid breaks the silence and reminds the team a diversion must be implemented to keep the Observers from arriving to soon.

Peter arrives in the future, just outside the doors of Harvard University. Outside the science hall is a bigger than life bronze statue of Dr. Walter Bishop. Walter is a hero to the science team working in the lab. History sees Walter as the father of the technology being used to advance humankind’s intelligence.

As Peter introduces himself, a DNA test is performed on him to verify his story. They are intrigued with the child Observer. The child approaches the scientists and touches each of them. In an instant, the child allows the scientists not just to see the future, but experience as if they were living it. Hundreds of years in a single moment.

The Harvard team agree to halt the experiments and since they are the only group working on the artificial intelligence enhancements, the work will stop now avoiding the future they have just experienced.

Peter is relieved and jokingly asks since his father has a statue out front, perhaps there is a job for him in this time line. The scientists laugh and welcome Peter. The child observer walks up to Peter, smiles up at him, and touches him and mouths the words, “Thank you!”

In an instant, the child Observer sends Peter back in time using his own ability to manipulate time. It will be his last act for as Peter disappears into the past, the time line is halted, thus the child Observer is no more.

Final Scene:
Walter is in his Harvard lab, the calendar on the wall shows September 9th, 2008, a sign holder below the calendar says 21 Years, 9 Months, 8 Days without a psychotic episode. Astrid walks in wearing a lab coat, flips the sign holder to 9 days and smiles at Walter and tells him to keep up the good work.

Phillip Broyles walks in the lab and tells Walter he needs a favor. A moment later Olivia and John Scott enter the lab behind Broyles. Astrid is beside Walter, not as his handler, but as his assistant. The only person missing is Peter.

Broyles explains to Walter about a peculiar plane crash and what they found at the crash site. (Remember the Fringe Pilot episode) Olivia is listening intently and looks puzzled as if she is aware that something is amiss.

A moment later a smiling Peter enters the lab carrying donuts. Walter says “Hello son” and continues his discussion with Broyles. Astrid walks by and gently squeezes Walters behind. Astrid smiles at him and Walter gets one of his silly grins on his face and exclaims, “Ohhh, you are far better than red licorice.”

Olivia engages Peter in conversation, introduces herself, and small talk questions ensues. Peter seems uninterested, and is overheard telling Olivia that he is only interested in red heads.

The phone rings with Nina Sharp on the other end. She reminds Walter of his dinner date with her to Celebrate William Bell finding the cure to Peter’s childhood illness. Walter says he has not forgotten and will be there.

John Scott’s cell phone rings. He is talking to the men in the episode that revealed he is one of the bad guys. Olivia looks on at John suspiciously.

Peter stops, looks back at Olivia, studies her form, her blonde hair, her face. Olivia notices Peter staring at her. She allows him to do so for several more seconds before she makes eye contact with him. Peter smiles slyly at her and Olivia reciprocates back the smile.

The time line has been reset with no one remembering any of the past 5 years. Peter changed the future thus eliminating Walter from being committed to St. Claires. Events are now in motion for them to unfold as they did before, sans the invading Observers nor the alternate Peter. (Alternate Peter is now in his own universe)

Astrid takes an old record album from its jacket and places it on the record player, cues it up and places the needle on the vinyl. The sound begins to fill the Harvard lab. The song is At Last by Etta James.

Peter and Olivia immediately look intensely at each other as the music laps at their ears. Both smile at each other seemingly knowing that they are destined to be together.

At last….
My love has come along,
My lonely days are over,
And life is like a song.

Oh yeah yeah,
At last,

The skies above are blue,
My heart was wrapped up in clover,
The night I looked at you.

I found a dream, that I could speak to,
A dream that I can call my own.
I found a thrill to press my cheek to,
A thrill that I have never known,

Oh yeah yeah,
You smiled, you smiled,
Oh and then the spell was cast,
And here we are in heaven,
for you are mine…

At Last….

Cue the Fringe ending music….

The Beginning….


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Superman 34 Years Later

Posted by LOTGK on November 26, 2012

superman 34 years later

Will You Still Love Me When I’m 64


In 1978, an alien from the planet Krypton known as Superman burst onto the scene rescuing cats from tree’s, stopping cat burglars in their tracks, using his x-ray vision to check out Lois Lane’s naked body, (Come on, who wouldn’t do that if you had the power) and of course battling crime and evil especially with his arch enemy Lex Luthor, the worlds greatest criminal mind.

Since then, Superman (Clark Kent when wearing glasses) has retired to Smallvile leaving behind the big city life of Metropolis. However, thanks to President Obama’s health care program, (Obama Care) he had to come out of retirement. In this picture taken by Daily Planet journalist “Old” Jimmy Olson, we see Superman saving Lana Lane from certain death by swooping in and plucking her from a toxic mud pit Luthor created to melt away California and slip into the sea.

The crowd still loves him.


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