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Archive for the ‘Lost Secrets’ Category

My ABC Lost Theory Was Correct After All

Posted by LOTGK on January 19, 2011

Lost Chronicles Connecting Flights

I remember May 23rd, 2010, late evening, the waning moments of the six-year sojourn of what was the finale episode of ABC’s Lost series flickering away. Christian Sheppard gathered the castaways in the church, their special place to find each other, and guided them into the light right before a tearful and joyous reunion of the castaways that mattered most to Jack. Damn it all to Hell, they were all in Purgatory. My Lost theory of Virtual reality with a dash of alien intervention was shattered. Or was it?

Just what was the Grassy Knoll Institutes Lost theory…. For six years it was…..
Although it appeared the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 were on a tropical island, they were being deceived. There was no island. The survivors were in a virtual reality laboratory. All the castaways were interconnected to one another sharing each others thoughts, memories, and feelings. While in this virtual reality laboratory, a battery of physical and mental experiments were performed on them. Who was running these experiments? As Juliet stated, the Aliens of course.

That evening I fired off my Lost Series Finale Theory, begrudgingly accepting that my theory was not only flawed, but down right incorrect. Until some months later when a new wrinkle of my Lost theory would come to light.

You see, although I recorded the series finale, I had put off viewing it until just last night. (Anger can do that sometimes) And there it was, the Holy Grail, my missing link, looking me square in the face. After watching the entire show from beginning to end from my DVR, the very last scene before the screen went dark made me ask this question.

Why did ABC Lost show the wreckage of flight 815 during the credits? With no survivors! Nor a single shred of evidence that there ever were any survivors. Just wreckage. No foot prints. No makeshift huts. No clothing. No tools. No bodies. No people. Nothing. (The network claims that these scenes were placed to decompress the audience from such an emotional roller coaster that was the finale before the local news came on.) (However, the Grassy Knoll Institute has an alternate explanation)

That is when it occurred to me that my virtual reality theory was correct after all. Wait for it readers… Perhaps these fleeting images signified that no one survived the plane crash and the entire series never happened. Or… The reason there are no bodies or any sign of survivors is because the castaways are still in the VR chamber.

You see, in reality, the castaways were never on the island, never got on flight 815, never crashed. Instead, they were secretly ushered into a VR lab where unspeakable experiments were performed on them. The castaways were put through the paces time and time again until a favorable outcome was achieved. Perhaps Jack and his crew finally got it right this time, Jack giving in to the island mystique, creating the end game, the church scene.

Remember the season five finale, when Jacob and the Man in black were talking on the beach. It was the VR experiment they were discussing. How no matter what they did, no matter what obstacles placed in the castaways path, the result was always the same. They were both waiting for a unique outcome, the church scene.
MIB: You’re still trying to prove me wrong.
Jacob: You are wrong!
MIB: They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same.
Jacob: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that, it’s just progress.

If you can remember, I stated that the VR experiment would reset itself after an unfavorable outcome. Hence, Miles, Ben, and Desmond, remembered fragments of past scenario’s giving them the ability to predict the future. This also easily explains the time travel scenario of the castaways on the island living in the 50’s, 70’s, and present time. These were merely new variables and parameters of the experiment.

In essence my dear readers, the Lost castaways did not crash, did not get on the plane, did not die, nor went to heaven. Instead, they were reset to begin yet another battery of tests. Perhaps we will get lucky enough to see these new tests come to light, in say, a 2011-2012 Lost movie or mini series expanding on what happened right after the church scene in the finale.

I feel better now….


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ABC Lost Answers: It’s Time To Let Go Now

Posted by LOTGK on May 25, 2010

lost secrets google search results

Lost Secrets Google Search Results

Of all the 24,700,000 Lost joints in all the towns in all the world, she surfs into mine. Here’s lookin at you Lost.

This is the area where I inserted a meaningful song title to tie in my Lost update to the episode that aired. Well, since there are no more episodes, I was going to skip this section until, as if by fate, as I was listening to some Motown hits this morning, I happened upon this song by Diana Ross and the Supremes. No, no, no, it wasn’t Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, or Someday We’ll Be Together, not even My World Is Empty Without You. This tune hit me square. It is titled,

Reflections by Diana Ross and the Supremes

Through the mirror of my mind
Time after time
I see reflections of you and me

Reflections of
The way life used to be
Reflections of
The love you took from me

Oh, I’m all alone now
No love to shield me
Trapped in a world
That’s a distorted reality

Happiness you took from me
And left me alone
With only memories

Through the mirror of my mind
Through these tears that I’m crying
Reflects a hurt I can’t control
Cause although you’re gone
I keep holding on
To the happy times
Oh, when you were mine

As I peer through the window
Of lost time
Looking over my yesterdays
And all the love I gave all in vain
(All the love) All the love
That I’ve waisted
(All the tears) All the tears
That I’ve tasted
All in vain

Through the hollow of my tears
I see a dream that’s lost
From the hurt
That you have caused

Everywhere I turn
Seems like everything I see
Reflects the love that used to be

In you I put
All my faith and trust
Right before my eyes
My world has turned to dust

After all the nights
I sat alone and wept
Just a handful of promises
Are all that’s left of loving you

Reflections of
The way life used to be
Reflections of
The love you took from me

In you I put
All my faith and trust
Right before my eyes
My world has turned to dust…

It was a hell of a run for the past six years as the Grassy Knoll Institute ranked consistently at the top of Google Search for key words pertaining to ABC Lost. If only one alien, one cryogenic pod, one scientist in a lab coat would have shown up in the church,… Ahh well, so shall it is.

This is the section where I would state my Lost theory, something like, No plane crash, no island, Juliets rack, Jacks a pussy, experiments, tests, aliens, government men, Rod Serling, cue the Lost music.

But anyway, as the Grassy Knoll Institute moves on and past the Lost Experience, we do have some closing remarks and questions. We understand that these questions will never be answered and just merely float around in cyber-space for all eternity but we’re asking them anyway.

Question #1: After the Lost pilot episode aired, Cuse and Lindelof stated that the castaways were not in Purgatory. Not dead. Not in Heaven or Hell.

For six years, we were exposed to multiple time travel. Pushing a silly button every 108 minutes to save the world. Alternate realities. Life. Death. Hauntings. Ghosts. People that talk to ghosts. People that don’t age. A smoke monster. Egyptian, Greek, and Roman markings and mysticism. An eternal life spring. People that are healed upon touching the island. People than are not healed upon touching the island. We saw the island disappear. We saw the island reappear. We saw flashes in the sky. We saw the hatch. Dr. Chang’s tutorial films. We were introduced to the Hanso corporation. The Dharma Institute. Juliet’s great rack. (Which we will never complain about) Space-time continuum theorems even Albert Einstein couldn’t comprehend.

And what do all these things mean? Bumphus? Absolutely nothing. Except to the advertising world that stretched Lost into six seasons. Cuse and Lindelof, for lack of a better word, lied to the viewers of Lost. In the end, the castaways were all dead. And they were in Purgatory. So we have that….

Question #2: If only what happened on the island mattered, why were we subjected to six season of flash backs, flash forwards, and finally side way flashes? For the almighty advertising dollar. It was all filler. Sort of what’s inside hot dogs. Hot dogs taste great, but you don’t want to know what they are made of. (What’s in the hatch? – What’s in the hot dog?)

Question #3: Claire Littleton was pregnant on the island. She gave birth to a healthy boy she named Aaron. If they were all dead, then Aaron was born in Purgatory, and since you have to be dead to get into Purgatory, that means Aaron was already dead when he was born and Claire already dead when giving birth. See the spin here?

However, if what happens on the island only matters, how could Aaron also be born off the island, and live with Kate off the island if he was already born on the island, and in fact, born in Purgatory? These are the kind of answers I was looking for Sunday night.

Question #4: Jack made Hurley the new protector of the island. Made him drink from the river of life or whatever and told Hurley, “Now you are like me!” As in what Jacob told Jack. If they are like Jacob, and Jacob has been around for at least 2000 years, wouldn’t that denote that Hurley would have the same type of life span? Especially with the smoke monster eliminated, and no natural enemies, Hurley should have lived for thousands of years just like Jacob. How did Hurley die? Did he eat himself into oblivion?

If Hurley was like Jacob, and did live for several thousand years, then all those people who were already dead had a very long time to wait in the church. I know, I know, time doesn’t matter where they are, (Thanks Christian for that cherub) but he certainly would have outlasted Jack. Right? Right? Why was everyone waiting for Jack and not Hurley?

Question #5: Is Purgatory by invitation only? Not that anyone wants to be invited to that party, but where was Mr. Eko? Arguably the man with the most faith out of all the castaways. And school teacher Artz. All he wanted to do was protect and help. Where’s his happy ending? And what about Walt? Where’s his happy ending? Where’s his anything ending? Some would say Michael, since he murdered two people, wasn’t permitted to enter the church. If that were true, why was Sawyer there, who murdered a man on and off the island? And Kate, who murdered a man off the island? Niki and Paulo anyone?

Question #6: For years, all we heard was the love Desmond had for Penny. In the finale, he never even knew who Penny was. He was never with Penny o the island. If what happened on the island was the only thing that mattered, why was Desmond and Penny together in the church?

So, that’s six questions for six seasons. As a bonus, there’s always a bonus, perhaps one last Tidbit from tonight’s episode section: Will there be a post Lost spin-off movie or series? Exploring the lives of the purgatory they now live (Die) in. Fleshing out the years of Sawyer and Juliet and her magnificent rack. Jack and Kate? Sayid and Shannon. Hurley, king of the jungle. Charlie and Claire. And when Ben finally has the courage to step through the church doors. Perhaps then we will see a Twilight Zone twist of fate or even aliens experimenting on the castaways in a cryogenic chamber. Perhaps not!

Thank you to everyone who supported my humble Lost blog, visited my site on a regular basis, commented, and put up with my outlandish theory and updates the past six years. You have all made the Lost experience that much more entertaining. Without you, I probably would not have continued the updates. (Some may think that would have been a good thing) And with that,…

It's Time To Let Go Now

See You In Another Life Brother

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Lost Update – Series Finale – The Long And Winding Road

Posted by LOTGK on May 24, 2010

lost secrets revealed

ABC Lost Secrets – Virtual Reality – Alternate Reality

Lost Update – Series Finale – 05/23/2010

The long and winding road
That leads to your door
Will never disappear
I’ve seen that road before
It always leads me here
Lead me to you door

The wild and windy night
That the rain washed away
Has left a pool of tears
Crying for the day
Why leave me standing here
Let me know the way

Many times I’ve been alone
And many times I’ve cried
Any way you’ll never know
The many ways I’ve tried

And still they lead me back
To the long winding road
You left me standing here
A long long time ago
Don’t leave me waiting here
Lead me to your door

But still they lead me back
To the long winding road
You left me standing here
A long long time ago
Don’t keep me waiting here
Lead me to your door
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…

I chose the Beatles song The Long And Winding Road as the Lost series finale title for several reasons. In 1969 and 1970, the Beatles imploded, the band split up and their final two albums were in peril of not getting completed. (Some speculate that Yoko Ono was a main conduit in their demise much like MIB was to the Lost candidates) The original code name for the follow up to the White Album was “Get Back.” However, the project fizzled after several tracks were laid down and the Beatles were close to folding.

In the end, the Fab Four pulled it together, (Much like the Lost candidates) and released the Abbey Road album in 1969 and the Let it Be album in 1970. It was released in May of 1970, perhaps the same time the Dharma Institute first landed on the Lost island and set up camp. Let It Be was supposed to be released before Abbey road but as discussed above, it was part of the Get Back project and was shelved for a time. Almost as if the album time traveled to the future.

The lyrics itself of The Long And Winding Road speak of a love story with heartache always leading back to the beginning. And like my Lost theory, it began with the pilot episode and after a long and winding six seasons, we’re finally at the end of our journey.

Just what was the Grassy Knoll Institutes Lost theory….It’s finally time to reveal all…
Although it appears the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are on a tropical island, they are being deceived. There is no island. The survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory. All the castaways are interconnected to one another sharing each others thoughts, memories, and feelings. While in this virtual reality laboratory, a battery of physical and mental experiments are performed on them. And who is running these experiments? As Juliet stated at the season three finale, the Aliens of course.

Wow, what a finale. This is going to be a short and sweet update. I am only going to state a few things here and pretty much like the Lost writers did, let you decide what just happened. Maybe Kimmel live will be able to shed more light (Pun intended) on what really happened on Lost.

First and foremost, I want to thank all those who have followed my blog during the past six seasons. I hope you have enjoyed the past six years as much as I did. From the get go, I announced my theory, virtual reality, and proceeded to prove the theory week in and week out. In the same breath, I also stated that I had a one in a million chance of being correct. At least I was correct on that.😀

When I started writing this, I was going to point out what Christian said to his son, “This is a place you all made together so you could find one another.” I think I could make the argument that they all had the same shared experience, all experiencing the same scenario at the same time, and perhaps that would explain my virtual reality theory. However, I don’t think so. The way the show ended, all in the church, all reunited and happy, with the good Shepherd (Christian) leading them into the light, it was all about redemption and love.

Before I turn this over to the commenters just waiting to say, YOU’RE WRONG DUDE, I TOLD YOU SO. ETC. I’ll leave you all with a line from my favorite band, the Beatles, that sums up the entire Lost series in one simple line.

And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love, you make…


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Lost Update: This Is The End?

Posted by LOTGK on May 18, 2010

lost secrets revealed

Lost Update – Season Six – 05/18/2010


Tonight is the last update before the two and a half hour series finale airing Sunday night May 23rd. Before we delve into this last Lost update, I need to address several key elements of the entire Lost phenomenon spanning the past six years.

ABC Lost was the first television program to incorporate and utilize the World Wide Web to advertise and entice millions of viewers. The interaction between the online world and Lost was a huge success. Just type in Lost secrets in your web browser and look at the results. Million upon millions of web pages dedicated to the series.

And those tricky bastards at ABC actually created fake websites strictly to preach their propaganda to entice viewers to dig deeper into the Lost mystique. Everyone remembers the Oceanic Airlines site with clues hidden behind the passenger tickets. And the Hanso corporation help wanted web page. And the golden retriever obedience school plus many more blogs and websites created to distract and bewilder the viewer. After six years, the writers objective has been achieved. The finale airs in a few days and still millions of viewers are virtually in the dark.

Secondly, We do know several finite things about Lost for sure. Ben Linus always lies. It’s a constant. Keep that in mind as you watch the finale Sunday night. And of course, Juliet has an amazing rack. That’s it folks. That is all we really know for sure. Everything else up to this point is pure speculation and theory. No more, no less.

When I wrote my first Lost update six years ago, I used music lyrics as my constant. (Leaving On A Jet Plane by Peter, Paul, and Mary was my first title) Lyrics would be used to relate my update and theory to each said episode. I felt it would be my niche, my unique twist to separate me from other Lost blogs. As the season progressed, finding out how easy it was to attach music to the plot of the Lost series, I stumbled upon the revelation that music played a very important role in the telling of the Lost story. In a very subtle way.

This leads us to tonight’s update, title and lyrics. After you read them, you will not be able to deny that the lyrics are not connected to Lost.

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes…again

Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need…of some…stranger’s hand
In a…desperate land

Lost in a Roman…wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
All the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain, yeah

There’s danger on the edge of town
Ride the King’s highway, baby
Weird scenes inside the gold mine
Ride the highway west, baby

Ride the snake, ride the snake
To the lake, the ancient lake, baby
The snake is long, seven miles
Ride the snake…he’s old, and his skin is cold

The west is the best
The west is the best
Get here, and we’ll do the rest

The blue bus is callin’ us
The blue bus is callin’ us
Driver, where you taken’ us

The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on
He took a face from the ancient gallery
And he walked on down the hall
He went into the room where his sister lived, and…then he
Paid a visit to his brother, and then he
He walked on down the hall, and
And he came to a door…and he looked inside
Father, yes son, I want to kill you
Mother…I want to…fuck you

C’mon baby, take a chance with us
C’mon baby, take a chance with us
C’mon baby, take a chance with us
And meet me at the back of the blue bus
Doin’ a blue rock
On a blue bus
Doin’ a blue rock
C’mon, yeah

Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

It hurts to set you free
But you’ll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die

This is the end

The above lyrics were penned by Jim Morrison, the legendary rocker and lead man of the Doors. His life and death was shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories are still circulating today concerning his demise. I chose This Is The End not just because of its title, but because of its significance to Lost and the castaways.

Before I explain my theory for the last time, I want you to be patient and go back to the top of this page and slowly re-read the lyrics again. Twice more if need be. When reading them, think back on the series pilot, and the sojourn each individual began that fateful day. You will notice intertwined in the lyrics lost loves, lost lives, lost souls, lost opportunities. You will also notice the reference to the Roman empire, the blue bus Hurley drove, the magical waterfall, the crazy mother, Jacob, MIB and his rage, the Smoke monster, and all the unexplained almost psychedelic trip the castaways have been on.

Onward To the Lost Update:

Just what is the Grassy Knoll Institutes Lost theory….I am only going to tell you one more time…
Although it appears the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are on a tropical island, they are being deceived. There is no island. The survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory. All the castaways are interconnected to one another sharing each others thoughts, memories, and feelings. While in this virtual reality laboratory, a battery of physical and mental experiments are performed on them. And who is running these experiments? As Juliet stated, the Aliens of course.

The Lost pilot opened with a close up of an eye, Jack Shepherds eye, lying in a field in the jungle. Tonight’s episode opened the same way. A close up of Jacks eye, only this time, he was on the mainland, in his own bed. Throughout the six-year series, the eye closeup signaled a course correction, or perhaps a change in direction, either from the plot, or the character himself/herself. Everything is coming full circle.

When we first met Jack, he was analytical, did not believe he was brought to the island for a purpose. He did everything in his power to get himself and everyone else off the island. Tonight, he steps up, accepts the candidacy from Jacob as protector of the island. A complete 180 of who he was at the beginning. Jack was given a choice, to accept the job, or to refrain. Something that Jacob wasn’t afforded.

This my friends, and enemies, is the crux of my Lost theory, and the series itself. It comes down to choice. When confronted with a scenario with an infinite amount of outcomes, what choice will each candidate select? Remember what my theory is all about. Subjects, (Humans) under the guise of virtual reality, placed in formidable scenario’s with select variables to sway the outcome, and then study the results to determine the best case scenario for mankind.

Tonight, Jack made everyone happy when he accepted the challenge of the protector of the island. Hurley didn’t want it, Sawyer was pissed for even being there, let alone voluntarily staying for infinity to protect the island, and Kate, well, she was happy not to be considered. He even made Smoky happy because now he has the opportunity or do what he always wanted. To blow up the island and finally get off it.

In a nut shell. For Jack, his entire Lost journey, all his pitfalls, all the heartache, the fear, the pain, even the love, molded and guided him to that very moment when he accepted the candidacy. All his actions, or lack there of, were recorded and studied. Perhaps he performed the same scenario countless times until the exact correct conditions were achieved for him to succeed. As Jacob MIB discussed in the season five finale,
Unknown Man: You’re still trying to prove me wrong.
Jacob: You are wrong!
Unknown Man: They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same.
Jacob: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that, it’s just progress.

Tonight, it ends. Jack finally got around to accepting by choice, his own fate.

To be clear, Lost was not all about Jack. Every castaway, every candidate was given a choice in their very own personal scenario. Each castaway was put through the same scenario’s, tests, experiments. Multiple variables were set to hopefully achieve favorable results.

Even Desmond, who I believe became aware of the virtual reality loop he and everyone was reliving, attempted to correct events to a favorable outcome. However, his intentions were driven by personal gains, needs. He wanted Penny. The love of his life. Ask yourself if Desmond would have done all those things without the proper motivation.

The same goes for Sawyer. Time and time again, his scenario always ended badly. Hurley, he didn’t want the job, he was glad he wasn’t chosen. All the other candidates in very similar situations. All with less than favorable results.

Up until Jack accepted, all results were sub-par. There was always an ulterior motive. Until Jack. He felt he was destined to be the protector.

Tidbits From Tonight’s Episode:

* Eye opening, change of scenario, course correction. This time for Jack.
* Desmond calls Jack, lies saying he is with Oceanic airlines and tells him they found his father.
* Kate says, we have to kill Locke. Jack says, I know.
* Desmond on the side flash beats Ben Linus. As he’s doing so, Ben sees a flash and realizes that he knows Desmond.
* As Richard, Miles, and Ben are in the old cabin where Ben used to live, he tells them of the secret room behind the book-case. He says it’s where he used to go to summon the monster. Until he realized that it was the monster who was summoning him.
* Desmond turns himself in to interact with Kate and Sayid.
* Hugo sees young Jacob, he grabs the ashes and runs. He later meets up with adult Jacob. Jacob tells him we’re close to the end now.
* Smoky attacks Richard.
* Ben awaits his fate with Smoky, sits on his porch. Smoky asks where Widmore is hiding and that he wants Ben to kill a few people for him. Ben says sure.
* In the side flash, it would appear that Ben is getting what he wanted on the island. Happiness.
* Smoky kills Zoe. Smoky then asks why Widmore came back. (To stop Smoky from leaving)
* Ben shoots and kills Widmore.
* Ben asks who else Smoky wants him to kill.
* Jacob talks to Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, explains that one of them will be the protector of the island.
* Widmore dies by the hand of Ben Linus.
* Zoe dies by the hand of Smoky.
* Locke visits Jack, tells him of the strange events occurring in the alternate reality, and says he is finally ready to be fixed.
* Jacob states he made a mistake, made Smoky the way he is. And ever since, Smoky has been trying to kill him.
* Jacob states all the castaways were flawed, all alone, broken. That’s why he brought them to the island.
* Jacob infers that he wants the candidates to kill Smoky.
* Jacob blesses water in a stream, makes Jack drink it, tells him now you’re like me.
* Desmond makes Sayid and Kate promise him to do something for their freedom. Sort of like Jacob’s visits to the mainland.
* Ana Lucia returns, takes bribe money, it’s not her time yet.
* Desmond was the fail-safe. The ace in the hole. The second candidate if Jack didn’t step up to the plate.

Sunday night is the series finale. I cannot believe it. I’ve been updating this blog for six years and there’s only one more left. Come Sunday night, my update may be very short, as in, Scenario A, Hell yea, I was right, it is a virtual reality laboratory. Or, Scenario B, Hell no, I was completely dead wrong. They’re all stuck in a snow globe. Or worse, Scenario C, unanswered questions that leave an avenue for a Lost movie coming to a theater near year you in 2011. Let’s hope it’s either A or B. I only want one more update. Until Sunday, Get Lost.


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Lost Update: Mother

Posted by LOTGK on May 11, 2010

lost secrets revealed

Lost Update – Season Six – 05/11/2010

Mother, do you think they’ll drop the bomb?
Mother, do you think they’ll like this song?
Mother, do you think they’ll try to break my balls?
Ooh ah, Mother, should I build the wall?

Mother, should I run for president?
Mother, should I trust the government?
Mother, will they put me in the firing line?
Ooh ah, Is it just a waste of time.

Hush now baby, baby, don’t you cry.
Mama’s gonna make all of your nightmares come true,
Mama’s gonna put all of her fears into you,
Mama’s gonna keep you right here, under her wing.
She won’t let you fly, but she might let you sing,
Mama’s gonna keep baby cozy and warm.
Oooh babe, Oooh babe, Oooh babe,
Of course Mama’s gonna help build the wall.

Mother, do you think she’s good enough, for me?
Mother, do you think she’s dangerous, to me?
Mother, will she tear your little boy apart?
Ooh ah, Mother, will she break my heart?

Hush now baby, baby, don’t you cry.
Mama’s going to check out all your girlfriends for you,
Mama won’t let anyone dirty get through,
Mama’s gonna wait up until you get in.
Mama will always find out where you’ve been,
Mama’s gonna keep baby healthy and clean.
Oooh babe, Oooh babe, Oooh babe,
You’ll always be baby to me.

Mother, did it need to be so high?

Pink Floyd’s song Mother, is tonight’s Lost Update Title. How very odd that just today in my office I was listening to this very song and to my amazement, tonight’s episode fits this song and my Lost theory just like another brick in the wall.

Just what is the Grassy Knoll Institutes Lost theory….I’ve been waiting six years to tell you…..
Although it appears the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are on a tropical island, they are being deceived. There is no island. The survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory. All the castaways are interconnected to one another sharing each others thoughts, memories, and feelings. While in this virtual reality laboratory, a battery of physical and mental experiments are performed on them. And who is running these experiments? As Juliet stated, the Aliens of course.

As promised, ABC Lost delivered tonight’s episode with no regular cast members on film. Only Jacob and the Man In Black were familiar characters. We were all witness to not only the birth of Jacob and MIB, but to the island mystique and to the successor process of the island protector.

A story has to begin somewhere, even Lost. It didn’t start with a horrific plane crash on a deserted island. It started almost 2000 years ago. With a very pregnant Claudia washing up onshore. She struggles to a fresh water stream where “Conch Cone” woman, (Did you see the conch shells in here hair) helps Claudia give birth to twin boys, Jacob and MIB. Claudia only had one name picked out, Jacob. Jacob wrapped in white cloth, and MIB wrapped in black. Conch woman kills Claudia and assumes the role of mother and protector to Jacob and MIB. (Perhaps significant, only two children born on the island, until Aaron.)

Tonight’s episode continues with the mythology of the island, it’s secret powers, who the “Others” are, who Jacob and MIB are, how the Smoke Monster came to be, Who Adam and Eve are, what the wheel at the bottom of the well is for, the significance of the wine bottle and the cork, dead people coming to people in wide awake dreams, and everything that happened to our current castaways some 2000 years later. And most importantly, how it always ends. As MIB stated in the season five finale, “They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same.”

The cycle repeats itself. As if an experiment is being conducted over and over and over again. Hoping for a different outcome, a new set of results. A redeeming quality that may spare the lives of the human race. Using countless thousands of test subjects, from all walks of life, put into bizarre circumstances, using a disaster such as a plane crash as a catalyst to bring humanity together, to work as one, toward a common goal. And when the experiment fails, the test subjects turn on one another, they are all replaced, with a fresh set to start once again. Or as Jacob replied to MIB, “It only ends once. Anything that happens before that, it’s just progress.”

Wait a dog gone minute mister Grassy Knoll Institute. Do you mean to tell me that the experiment has been going on for 2000 years? How in the world can that be possible?

Good question. To answer, we need to look at the Holy Bible, in particular to Genesis, to the creation of the universe, the Earth, and humankind. The bible states that God created everything in six days, and on the seventh day, he rested. But we as educated people, realize that the universe is billions of years old, and it took a lot longer than six days for God to create it. Or did it?

The first question you need to ask is, how long exactly is one day to God? Since God always was and always will be, time is irrelevant. Perhaps to God, a day is a billion years. And so it took 6 billion years to create the universe in humankind perspective.

To an alien, perhaps 2000 years is a mere few years time. Just by observing our own solar system and noticing that each planet has it’s own length of time for day, some far longer than that on Earth, and some far shorter, months measured in years is in the realm of reality.

To sum up, for 2000 years, countless ships have run aground stranding the survivors on the Lost island. They became test subjects, unwilling participants in an elaborate experiment testing human nature and whether we, (Humanity) are worthy of survival. Candidates were selected and steered toward the path of righteousness. Roadblocks were put in their paths. However, as MIB stated, it always ended the same. Until perhaps this bunch of candidates on the Lost island at present. Does Desmond, Hurley, and Jack have it in them to overcome the roadblocks, or will Lost end with a new set of test subjects, crashing on the island resetting the experiment once again? We’ll find out in a few weeks.

Tidbits From Tonight’s Episode:

* Jacob and MIB were the first known candidates.
* Jacon and MIB are twins.
* You learn from your parents. Jacob and MIB learned that people were inherently bad, and not to be trusted.
* When Jacob was offered the cup of wine from the bottle and told to drink it, it reminded me of Jesus and the last supper.
* Claudia asked how did you get here. Answered, by accident, just like everyone else.
* MIB’s mother comes to him in a dream, jacob cannot see her, tells MIB everything.
* Smoke monster is not MIB. Just took on his appearance.
* If the light goes out in the stream, it goes out everywhere.
* How does putting a wooden wheel in the light guarantee that you can go home.
* Speaking of home, MIB has been wanting to do that for a long time.
* Speaking of MIB staring out at the ocean, John Locke had the same habit. Just saying.
* I miss Juliet and her amazing rack.
* The light in the stream is the life, death, rebirth, and the source of all the power of the island.
* Adam and Eve is MIB and Conch Cone woman.

Sorry to get all medieval on religion and the bible on you there, but an explanation on the perception was necessary to support and explain tonight’s episode. Only two more episodes left Lost fans. What do you think?

How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.,,


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