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  • 1960's Catholic grade school with mean Nuns as teachers was a recipe of pure Hell. I knew my mission in life the day I pulled Sister Ann Teresa’s habit off her head. I had to know what secret treasures lay hidden beneath.

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  • Sexy Giant Aliens are roaming the Earth plotting to enslave humanity. View photographic proof Giant Aliens have already infiltrated the population.

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  • Once a thriving vacation resort and young adult get-a-way spot, has succumbed to erosion. From the once beautiful beach to the town and businesses that dot the once vibrant strip.

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Random Shots

random shots from the grassy knoll

Random tidbits of worthy news and photographs that don’t quite fit into any of the Grassy Knoll Institutes categories.
2013 Random Shots Archives Below:
NCIS Reveals Ziva David Replacement 07/30/2013
Best Jeep Wrangler Tire Prices 05/08/2013
William Shatner Vindicated 03/29/2013
Random Shots Archives Of 2012 Below:
Superman 34 Years Later 11/27/2012
It’s Shark Week 08/12/2012
House Series Finale Spoiler Revealed 05/02/2012
My RMS Titanic Boarding Pass 04/12/2012
What’s Up Your Ass Today 04/09/2012
WTF Is Going On Here 03/07/2012
Alcatraz Secrets – Kit Nelson – Episode Three 01/25/2012
Did Continental Flight 1417 Violate Safety Protocol 01/22/2012
Alcatraz Secrets – The Pilot Episode 01/18/2012
Random Shots Archives Of 2011 Below:
Barney Bean Show – Youngstown Ohio 1960 08/17/2011
Kim Kardashian One Minute After Honeymoon 08/09/2011
Dances With Wolves Tragedy 08/07/2011
Dance For Me You Robot Fool 07/12/2011
Worst Fireworks Prank Ever 07/04/2011
Bohemian Rhapsody Code 06/08/2011
Hot Link Whores 05/02/2011
Worst Blog Ever Published On The Internet 04/13/2011
Anti Christ Cause Of Arkansas Mass Deaths 01/08/2011
50 Shocking Predictions For 2011 01/02/2011
Random Shots Archives Of 2010 Below:
Baywatch cast – Where Are They Now 11/06/2010
NBC Television Series The Event Secret Revealed 09/20/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Series Finale 08/29/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Episode Eleven 08/24/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Episode Ten Theory 08/23/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Episode Nine Theory 08/07/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Episode Eight Theory 08/01/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Episode Seven Theory 07/25/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Episode Six Theory 07/19/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Episode Five Theory 07/06/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Episode Four Theory 07/01/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Episode Three Theory 06/22/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Episode Two Theory 06/17/2010
NBC Persons Unknown – Pilot Episode Theory 06/16/2010
When The Shark Bites 06/02/2010
Jesse James Neighbor 04/05/2010
50 Shocking Predictions For 2010 01/02/2010
Random Shots Of 2009 Below:
A Ticket To Ride (Humor) 12/24/2009
On The 7th Day Of Christmas 12/20/2009
Lou Ferrigno – Dancing With The Stars 08/17/2009
French Fry Economic Meter 07/30/2009
Duck Into A Near By Phone Booth 06/23/2009
Christmas In July – Leg Lamp 06/21/2009
President Obama Reads The Grassy Knoll Institute 04/16/2009
Sexy Easter Bunny Cometh 04/12/2009
Sam Ronson – On the Clock 04/08/2009
Paris Hilton – Cylon Slut 04/07/2009
Sansa E280 MP3 Player Critique 02/09/2009
Six More Weeks Of Winter 02/06/2009
Stevie Wright – American Idol Winner 2009 01/16/2009
50 Shocking Psychic Predictions For 2009 01/02/2009
Random Shots Of 2008 Below:
UFO Tracer Hellfire Attack 12/10/2008
Kennedy Warning Left Unchecked 12/05/2008
Gotcha Patrick 11/05/2008
Kick Ass Blogger Award 09/23/2008
Used Condom 09/17/2008
Donkey Punch 09/12/2008
Independent Vice Presidential Candidate 09/08/2008
Fantasy Football Tips From The Experts 09/04/2008
Amanda Beard Teams Up With P.E.T.A 08/07/2008
Exact Moment In Time 08/06/2008
X-Files – I Wanted To Believe 08/04/2008
Youngstown Chicken Shacks 07/23/2008
EFX2 Debacle Redux 07/22/2008
The Meaning Of Life 07/16/2008
The Oil Crisis 07/09/2008
George Carlin R.I.P. 06/23/2008
Handy Pirate (Sexy) 06/11/2008
Youngstown Chevy Centre (I Told You So) 06/08/2008
Phoenix Mars Lander Finds Life On Mars 05/28/2008
Papa John’s Pizza LaBron James Debacle 05/09/2008
Bring It On In To Omeletteville 05/07/2008
Signs Of Spring 04/21/2008
Favorite Sexy Super Hero 03/25/2008
Triple Dog Dare 02/26/2008
Help Wanted: Secretary 02/05/2008
When Worlds Collide 01/09/2008
50 Psychic Predictions For 2008 01/04/2008
Random Shots Of 2007 Below:
Hottest Jessica 12/22/2007
Testimonials To The Grassy Knoll Institute 12/13/2007
The Sexy Women Of Star Trek 12/12/2007
Charlie’s Original Angels 2007
Paris Hilton And Tara Reid Show Off Their IQ’s
Creative Zen 30 Gig MP3 Player Critique
A Leg Up Or A Major Award
Mitt Romney For President 2008
Windows Vista Premium Critique
I Won A Major Award
The Ugly American
McDonalds Three Alarm Chili
New Jeep Wrangler Tires
A Little Head
Madonna Music icon Gone Bad
Jeep Daddy VS Mega Moth
Vernor’s Original Ginger Soda
Paris Hilton Is Pregnant
A Presidential Debate I’d Like To See
Questions About Superman
Porno Burger King Mascot
The Real Life Beavis
Trash Bag Alien
Diet Coke and Mentos Phenomenon
Survivalist List
How Many F’s Puzzle
The Elevator
Body Armour Sharks
Bizarre Restaurant Names
Coke VS Pepsi
R.E.M. – Not Those Guys
Gilligan’s Island Reloaded
You Know It’s Christmas Time When
Worst Movies Ever Made
Junk Mail Elimination
Eva Longoria Or High Tech Fakes
The Impactor
Jonah And The Whale
Dinosaur Bones Discovered In Antarctica
Internet Ownership
Circuit City 24 Minute Pledge
11th Planet In Solar System Found
Paris Hilton Misses Deadline
Defining Moments Of A First Date
Sofa King Prices
Old School X Games
Meet The New Pope
Scrubbing Bubbles
Unexpected Lunar Eclipse
Ronald McDonald Gets Married
Lure Of The Red Planet
Curator Command Desk
Deleted Scenes From Doctor 90210
Moses And The 10 Commandments
Deal Or No Deal Drop Out Model
What Am I Saying
UFO Caught On Film
Former President Clinton Found Dead
Super Volcano Under Yellowstone National Park
Great White Shark Attack
Anatomy Of An Alien Abduction
Asteroid In Near Miss With Earth
Asteroid Altering Technology
10th Planet Located
Worst Songs Ever Recorded
I Want My MTV
Figi Villagers Getting Hungry
King Of Pop
Rare Breed Of Leopard Seat Covers
Famous Last Words
Shark Attack On City Street
Toddlers Getting Vaccinated
Youngstown, Ohio Convocation Center
NASA Scramjet Ready For Flight
Restroom Shark Attack
Lombardi House Of Cheese Shrine
Face Of Jesus
Dear Grassy Knoll Institute
Replacing Jeep Liberty Tires
The Price For A Hummer Is A Sham
Jimmy Carter VS George W. Bush
The Great Escape
Thunder Cat Newman
Open 24 Hours
Our Nations Railroad System
VCR Trouble
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Ending
Magician David Blaine Fails Yet Again


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