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House Series Finale Spoiler – Everyone Dies

Posted by LOTGK on May 2, 2012

House – Series Finale – Spoilers

Welcome you lucky bastards to those who regularly read my blog or have somehow stumbled upon this page by pure chance. It is your lucky day. For I am revealing three weeks in advance the ending of the FOX network series, House. As I have done so accurately previously with ABC Lost, NBC Persons Unknown, and NBC The Event, I offer this finale outline script detailing the end game of this popular series. Be warned, spoilers are ahead at the very first paragraph in this post. For those dying to know, read on and enjoy.

House series finale episode titled, Everyone Dies.

The episode opens with House attending a funeral. Doctor Wilson’s funeral. The radical procedure Wilson went through with House’s assistance to shrink the tumor failed. In fact, it accelerated the process and burst killing Wilson. House is alone at Wilson’s casket and stares at him lying in the coffin, and calls Wilson an idiot one last time. Doctor Taub is precariously absent from the funeral. The rest of the team returns to the hospital to take on a new case.

Meanwhile, across town, Doctor Taub wakes up in a hotel room next to a sexy 21-year-old blonde nurse. She speaks softly into Taub’s ear, “Good morning sleepy head.” Taub smiles up at her when the hotel room bursts open. A man with a gun comes toward both Taub and the blonde nurse. He is ranting something to the effect that he warned her what would happen if he ever caught her cheating on him again.

As House sends his team out to perform several tests on the new patient, Doctor Remy Hadley (13) visits House in his office. She does not look well. Her disease has progressed rapidly and 13 asks House for a favor. She reminds him of a conversation they both had several years back when House promised to take her life when the time came when she was to far gone in her disease. House sighs and calls 13 an idiot but complies.

That evening as the team is busy running more tests House leaves the hospital and goes to 13’s apartment. Hadley lets him in and House unpacks his medical bag and tells 13 to change into something she feels comfortable in. House than hooks 13 up to a morphine drip and turns his phone off so he and 13 will not be interrupted.

While House is assisting 13, the patient the team is working on goes berserk. He jumps from his bed and stabs Doctor Adams in the throat and she crumples to the floor. Doctor Chase attempts to subdue the patient and gets his throat cut and is spewing blood. He then unceremoniously throws Doctor Chi Park out the picture window. Doctor Foreman rushes in with a security team and moves toward Chase to tend his wounds. The crazed patient charges the guards and a security officer pulls his gun in panic and fires. His aim was not true. Foreman is hit and lies on the ground dying. Moments later, the patient is subdued but Adams, Chase, Foreman, and Park lay dead on the hospital floor.

Back at the hotel room, Taub attempts to reason with the crazed man but to no avail. Three shots are fired. Taub lay dead on the bed. The blonde nurse dead on the floor beside Taub. And the crazed husband, dead on the hotel room doorway.

As House and 13 wait for the morphine drip to take effect, small talk ensues as the medicine drips into 13’s veins. Remy, (13) admits to House that she always had a thing for him and would have “So done him” alone and with several of her girlfriends if only he would have asked. House smacks his head and calls himself an idiot. 13 smiles as House injects a syringe of medicine into her veins and she slowly loses consciousness.

House checks her pulse, unplugs her from the morphine drip, packs his equipment up, adjusts her blanket, kisses her forehead and softly says goodbye.

Final scene:
House returns home, clicks on the lights, goes to his secret stash of pain killers, downs three or four vicodin pills and swigs down some whiskey. He curls up in bed and closes his eyes. He is awoken by movement in his apartment. He opens his eyes to see Doctor Cutner standing at his bed side.

House realizes he is dreaming and engages Cutner in conversation. House asks him why he killed himself, and why is he here now. Cutner replies, “I’m here for you House. You were always curious of what was beyond death. I’m here to guide you to your biggest puzzle ever. Are you up to it?” House nods yes. Cutner replies, “Let the journey begin. Get out of bed and follow me through your front door.” House gets up and puts pressure on his bad leg. There is no pain at all. He rolls his pant leg up to see a perfectly healthy leg. He looks at Cutner in a funny sort of way, and follows him. The door opens and both walk through.

The door closes. Lights fade. Cue the House ending credit music.

But wait. Less than ten seconds into the ending credits, Dominika Petrova, House’s wife, unlocks the apartment door and walks in. She flicks on the lights and announces to House that she has returned. She has some wonderful good news. She announces that not only does she love House and wants to continue to be his wife, but she is pregnant with his child.

She calls out to House again. She walks toward the bedroom and spies House in bed, the sheets rumpled. She bends down and kisses house on the cheek and becomes startled. Dominika realizes House is dead. She clutches her belly and cries.

Ending credit music continues…..

The End!


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180 Responses to “House Series Finale Spoiler – Everyone Dies”

  1. Anti-christ said

    House finally gets to meet me. I have been waiting 8 long years for him.

  2. auramac said

    Not going to happen, SICKO.

    • LOTGK said

      And why would you not think it won’t happen.
      If you recall, or maybe you don’t, but I delivered the exact dialog for the entire Season Six premiere of ABC Lost. Exactly.
      I also delivered the secret of the NBC series, Persons Unknown as well as what was happening on NBC’s The Event. My track record is impeccable. We shall find out in three weeks.

      • musicnotes89 said

        yes, but you failed to realize Chase has already left, so why would he be working on a patient in the last episode? hmmm?

    • Valdunagan said

      Hey, I have been reading this blog for a while, the grassy one makes sense sometimes, and this is one of them.

  3. Richard said

    How do you know this is the finale show?

    • LOTGK said

      Perhaps, as in the past with such shows as ABC Lost, NBC Persons Unknown, NBC The Event, where I delivered precise dialog and revealed exactly what was going on in the series, House MD is yet just another show in my series where I happen to know what happens.

  4. Idiot said

    Your an idiot. No way house ends this way. what about cutty, cameron, amber, what happens to them?

    • LOTGK said

      Not to correct grammar but, I believe it is You’re or You are an idiot, Idiot. But, if you must know, Cuddy declined to appear in the finale, Amber is already dead, and Cameron is the last one left who perhaps becomes the new House….

  5. A Sensible Guy said

    Not funny at all in case you meant it that way. If you are actually serious then you need to see a doctor immediately.. do you see the irony here?

    • LOTGK said

      Sometimes favorite television series finale’s don’t end the way the viewers want, or anticipate. Take ABC Lost for instance. Hey, after six years, we fooled you, they were all dead. Or St. Elsewhere, the hospital was a snow globe and the imagination of a child. With that, House MD has only one way to go. Instead of House favorite saying, “Everyone lies,” in this finale, Everyone Dies.

      • Bobo said

        From what I’ve heard, the last few minutes are Wilson and House talking about how everything plays out. Wilson hands House a book given to him by a child he’s treating, and tells him to read it. House notes that it’s a choose your adventure book, and asks Wilson about it. Wilson tells him what happens from this point is up to him, but “in the end, everyone dies.”

    • Valdunagan said

      LOTGK is crazy. Certifiable. 🙂

  6. hash ahm said

    Dr Chase already left and is not part of the final 2 episodes yet you place him here. What a moron LOL

  7. I would believe this guy he knows what he is talking about…

    • Max Jackl said

      Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can vouch for the grassy knoll on his television posts and his uncanny predictions he posts every year. He predicted Michael Jacksons death, Dick Clark, and hubdreds more and he is uncanny. That said, I would bet his post on the House finale is damn close to be true.

    • LOTGK said

      Usually. Well, sometimes. 😀

  8. Gumby said

    He also revealed the real reason Grant Wilson left Ghost Hunters.

  9. Sleepy Seth said

    I love this finale you wrote. Do you work or know someone who works on the House set?

  10. newman said

    if this is true i will laugh!

    well played sir.

  11. BethTX said


  12. I am a long time House Fan. If this is the conslusion, it would be very exciting and dark…..My daughter and I (longtime fans of the show, my daughter picked up watching it with me when I was going thru cancer treatment) have our own theory, I’d love to know what you think. (excuse typos and spelling errors in advance) We believe that the final puzzle House will solve will be himself. Get this…House and Wilson are one in the same! House will treat a patient in the last episode that has a drug addiction and multiple personality disorder. He will figure out that he has this as well and the entire staff has played along so they can benefit from his mind. “everybody dies” actually means that all of Houses’s personalities die. If theory is correct then House is the one with Cancer. We are not sure if he will die or not. For our theory, we are not sure who is real and who is a personality, but I am certain that Foreman, Chase and Cameron are real. I think 13 may be a personality???? Anyway, I just wanted to share and see what you thought. I cant tell you this show helped me throught a lot of dark days and i will miss it very much.

    • LOTGK said

      That is an excellent theory. A sort of Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde.
      Because seriously, why in the world would Wilson continue to be associated let alone be friends with House if he were not one in the same?

      Keep fighting the cancer fight.

      • Thank you so much, I have really enjoyed goofing off at work today and reading your blog, very entertaining and fun! I got choked up when I read your tribute to your dad. My cancer is in complete remission and My daughter graduates from high school this weekend. Life is good! Cant wait to see how House ends!

        • LOTGK said

          Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you are in complete remission. You are correct, life is good.

          • After watching on Monday, My theory could still work…If you will notice, no-one communicated with Wilson except for House, Foreman and 13. Both trying to convice him to have treatment, The fight regarding Chemo, if my theory is correct, could be House fighting with himself regarding living or dying. The jail thing confuses me….Maybe foreman trying to put him back in prison so he will have no choice but to accept treatment????? Either way..your theory or mine, I sure will miss this show! I have enjoyed reading all of the posts. Why are some people on here so mean??? If they don’t like what you have to say, then GO AWAY!. I will check back with you on Monday so we can compare notes on the finale. BTW, I read online that a House MD movie or spinoff involving Chase may be in the works, what do you think about it???

            • LOTGK said

              You may be on to something there. House is Wilson. I didn’t notice that Wilson only interacted with House.

              Why are some people mean on this blog? For some, it’s in their nature, some others, they are trolls, others merely attention whores. I replied to some that if they do not like my blog, or this topic, they have all the power and to simply choose not to return here.

              I also read about a possible movie in the future and a spin-off series. I would watch it if Cameron was back on.

            • SOOOOOOO EXCITED for tonight!!!!! Can’t wait to see what everyone says on your blog tomorrow. I guess I am going to have to find something else to do on Monday nights. I can’t express how much I will miss this show. 🙂

            • LOTGK said

              Yes, tonight is the big House Finale.
              What will people comment on tomorrow on my blog….
              *Haha, you were wrong,
              * LOL, knew you were wrong,
              * Fake, I knew he was wrong,
              * I told you so,


  13. William said

    I like the thought you’ve but in to this but I can’t take it serious seeing as you left out Cameron and she’s deffo in it! Also House never consummated his Marriage!!!

  14. Stephen said

    Why does Dr. Chase come back? He left last week.

    • LOTGK said

      Why did Cameron come back? And 13? And Taub? And Chase for a second time? Trust me, Chase will be there for the finale next Monday.

  15. Stephen said

    He’s got it right people.

  16. pokertrek said

    The second to last episode as basically screwed all of your theories. Also, the title of the last episode is obviously a play on the title of the pilot episode, and not to be taken literally.

    • LOTGK said


      And just how has the previous episode screwed my theory?
      Here is a for instance, something I left out to make keep the readers guessing.
      I said in the finale, House is attending a funeral. Wilsons funeral. The previous episode left off with House facing 6 months in jail and Wilson having only about 5 months to live. What was the name of the episode? Hanging on! As in Wilson was trying to hang on until House got released. Wilson almost made it. Just a couple days before House was released, Wilson dies.
      The finale picks up six months after the previous episode. Chase has returned, 13 has deteriorated to where she asks House to help end her life.
      And if you are wondering about house’s wife, she still returns to profess her love to House, and she is still pregnant, however, as I stated, House is dead. End of show.

      • Anonymous said

        So by that reply you have already admitted that part of your theory is wrong. The chemotherapy that House and Wilson tried did not “burst” the tumor. Wilson, by your own admission, lives another six months.

        It has also since been pointed out that House and his wife never had sex.

        • LOTGK said

          Again, perhaps Wilson’s tumor burst six months after the previous episode. And I already explained about the pregnancy scenario. Check the recent comments.
          Remember, television episodes time lines can and do move backward and forward. One episode can take place the very next day in TV land or 5 years later. Depending on the twist of the story arc.

    • Valdunagan said

      I don’t think so. The pilot show was everyone lies, and week after week, season after season, that proved to be true so why not now everybody dies.

  17. Anonymous said

    I’m going to laugh when you are wrong.

  18. Anonymous said

    Very creative, but i hope it doesnt end that way.

  19. Pardon me if I’m wrong, but the “Everybody Dies” promo has a few scenes of Wilson alive. So, how does the episode begin with him dead? Unless he comes back from the grave, I have to disagree with your theories.

    • LOTGK said

      Not all promo’s are exact. In fact, in the movie The Rundown, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the one promo scene had the Rock in a fight scene with a wily old man who was kicking his ass. The Rock had a funny scene and line in the promo where after getting smacked in the face, he looks over at his partner and states, “These guys fight hard!”

      That part was never in the actual movie.

      Just saying, don’t believe all the promo’s floating around.

      • So, you’re saying this promo isn’t completely real, based off the fact that in a single promo of “The Rundown” there was a single scene that wasn’t in the actual movie. Here, see it for yourself: ( It seems pretty legitimate to me, or in other words, you’re wrong.

        • LOTGK said

          Ben, no it isn’t completely real. And the Rundown is merely just one of many promo’s that are not exactly accurate. If I must, here is another promo that I’m sure everyone has seen. In the new Star Wars movies, the promo showed a young Anikan Skywalker outside in the sun. The camera panned to him and a shadow of Darth Vadar appeared. That part was never in the movie. It was intended to generate interest in the movie.

          I cannot believe you think everything on TV you see is accurate. Here’s some advice, do not watch FOX news. Ever.

      • Valdunagan said

        benny, thats not what he said at all. He said just because you saw a promo with Wilson alive, you say his story is wrong. What if the promo was when House was having a flash back.

  20. You can't always get what you want said

    How is Dominika pregnant ?? I think it had been maken clear that they didn’t have sex and the only time that they were close too his phone rung and she got pissed because he didn’t tell her about the green card.

    • hirshnoc said

      ‘Holding On’ was referring to the patient they treated who was ‘holding on’ to his brother, the same was that ‘Post Mortem’ dealt with the guy who worked in the morgue at PPTH.

      How does ‘Post Mortem’ connect with House and Wilson’s road trip? It doesn’t.

      Also, the official episode summary states that Wilson is in a coma. There are also scenes in the promo of House and Wilson speaking with bricks in the background, I’d imagine prison.

      Whether you wrote this yourself, or your investigators did it, this is I believe complete fabrication.

      • LOTGK said

        Holding On also referred to Wilson holding on to his life.

        About writing this myself. Yes, I did. It’s what I do. Here is the Grassy Knoll Institute Mission Statement:
        Grassy Knoll Institute. Home of the 99 cent conspiracy theory. We keep overhead and expenses low to provide more affordable and better tasting conspiracy theories for our readers. Hurry, supplies are limited at these prices. And quit calling me Shirley.

      • Valdunagan said

        Ever hear of a double meaning hirsh?

        • hirshnoc said

          The show’s producers can’t be expected to create an episode title that reflects both storyline A and B. I’d ask you as I asked him to explain how ‘Post Mortem’ in anyway relates to the House and Wilson storyline in that episode. If you look at other episodes, they’re generally titled after the dominant storyline

          • LOTGK said

            hirshnoc writes: “The show’s producers can’t be expected to create an episode title that reflects both storyline A and B.”

            Why not?

        • LOTGK said

          By his comments, I don’t think he has.

      • Bill Edwards said

        An post mortem could mean the end of their friendship, adventures orrrr wilsons nice guy persona!?

    • LOTGK said

      You will see this coming Monday. A flashback, perhaps will explain everything.

      • hirshnoc said

        You know, furthermore, watching some of these interviews about the finale.

        Omar Epps teases Odette about a potential ‘Chase and Adams spin-off.’

        The show’s creator in a different interview tells us he is open to a potential movie after the show ends…if the fans demand it.

        I don’t know the last time a ‘series finale’ title would be taken so literally. Your Hamlet-esque bloodbath ending would just piss off fans. The cast even admits the series is ending ‘on a high note.’ Who the hell would be left at the end after this ridiculous slaughter feat you have planned…Masters?!

        Please stop making things up and confusing the fans.

        • LOTGK said

          Dear Hirshnoc,
          This is my blog. I write about what I want to. If you don’t like the writing you see here, don’t come here anymore. It is that simple. Do not attempt to dictate to me what I can and cannot write about. As House would tell you,
          “You’re an idiot!”

          • hirshnoc said

            Except your ‘blog’ is coming up in Google’s index when the ‘House series finale spoiler’ is a hot search item.

            Since you know this, you decided to generate more traffic by picking something that was ‘hot’ for the week, and defending it so that it appears ‘real.’

            You’re just an attention whore. Please leave your parents basement (unless they have you locked there) and get yourself laid.

            That is all.

            • LOTGK said

              Wait, so you are blaming me for being a top search on Google!!! (I had no idea it was a hot search topic) I am not a stats junkie nor do I collect money for advertising on this blog. I do it for my own entertainment.

              And the post is “real” you Ass Hat. What, do you think it is some virtual reality simulation? (Remember that one Lost fans)
              And take a look around the blog hirshnoc, you will see that there are many topics written about on the “Knoll.” House just happens to be one of my favorite shows.

              About attention whores, why do you keep returning to this page when clearly it has gotten under your skin? And my house doesn’t have a basement. It has a dungeon. I keep your Mom locked up down there. You should thank me.

            • hirshnoc said

              I keep returning because you keep responding.

              Yes, I understand the ‘Grassy Knoll’ is a reference to the JFK assassination and hence outlines the ‘conspiracy’ aspect of the site; however, there’s a difference between writing out ‘actual leaks,’ rather than just writing a plot yourself based on what you think is going to happen. For any of the holes you leave in the plot, you say ‘well I don’t want to spoil the WHOLE story for you!!!’ …Right.

              As more information from credible sources about the show begin to surface, the more wronger you are. Why not stick to aliens, unsolved mysteries, etc…I don’t think TV is this site’s niche.

            • LOTGK said

              Wait a minute, if you don’t like this blog, or my writing, then there is no reason for you to return. Unless you like the attention or you are a troll.

              About leaving information out to spoil the whole story, well, I learned my lesson. Several years ago I posted the entire script word for word of ABC Lost season six premiere episode. Exact word for word. This was posted three weeks before the episode aired. Some of my readers were upset that I posted every little detail, so with House, I posted the outline and will let the readers formulate their own theories.

              About more credible sources, what don’t you understand about my blog, “Powered by a really good tasting corned beef sandwich” as not being a reputable source.

              About aliens, you aren’t wearing a thought screen helmet are you? 😀

            • LOTGK said

              You state “That is all.”
              Yet you continue to return and comment. If you don’t like my blog, I understand but just because it ranks high in Google search, you do not have to click on the link to come back.

  21. Mr. God said

    LOTGK if you get this right I will come to your house and blow you…. However I say that with great certainty that your wrong… Therefore are you willing to make this bet, that if you are wrong you come to my house swallow my baby gravy? Put your money where your mouth is 😉

  22. said

    House takes 3 or 4 Vicodin and a swig of whiskey and dies? That’s when we realize he’s been dead since “Everybody Dies” (since he’s been taking way more Vicodin than that since the beginning of the series), and he wakes up next to Suzanne Pleshette (played by comedienne Charlyne Yi) shaking a snow globe.

  23. Henry Corte said

    Consider this excerpt from a recent interview with Jesse Spencer(Chase): ……Spencer says: “….Chase’s story ends on a rather open-ended note that may surprise people. “I can’t tell you what it is. It’s actually very short, but it’s so great. It’s this tiny little bit [that] opens up a whole new story, and we go ‘Oh my God.’ And [it leaves you] wondering,” he says. “You kind of know where it is going, but you’d like to see where it goes from there. Then the series ends. I like it. I can’t wait.”

    While LOTGK does give an interesting scenario for the series ending, Jesse Spencer’s statement doesn’t seem to square with the idea of Chase laying dead on the floor at the series end.

    • LOTGK said

      Consider that several people already stated that since Chase had left the show before the finale aired that my House ending was wrong. Until I offered evidence that Chase would return once again for the finale. And now you back up my theory with more info that indeed Chase does return.

      • Henry Corte said

        Since my point had nothing to do with Chase returning…..a well established fact by now, undisputed by me….I’m reconsidering the veracity of your scenario based on your rather obvious avoidance of my point.

      • Jenniverse said

        “Chase in Charge”, the new Fox sitcom starring Jesse Spencer as Robert Chase, a former doctor hired by single parent Rachel Taub (Jennifer Foley) to work as a live-in nanny after losing his medical license. Also starring Brad Garrett as Dr. Jeff, advice columnist for the Star-Ledger and Stephen Fry as the wacky neighbor.

        People who liked this also liked: AfterMASH, Who’s The Boss, The Two of Us, and Mr. Belvedere

  24. Henry Corte said

    Another reasonable doubt in your scenario: If you look in the 41 second promo at the 29 second point, we see the new unruly patient in the bed with Adams, Park, and TAUB at his bedside. According to you, wasn’t Taub in a hotel room (which he never makes it out alive from) being threatened by the nurse’s boyfriend?

    • LOTGK said

      Henry, everything written here, the post, the comments, the replies, are all reasonable doubt until the finale airs.
      But, in that promo, the viewer does not know when that sequence took place. Before or after the funeral. Before or after they all get stabbed.

  25. LOVEWILSON said

    This was hysterically funny until you added the magical vajayjay story at the end.

  26. Anonymous said

    Everyone here makes valid points and it is obvious LOTGK will be dead wrong. However, he will just continue to spin his words until the finale airs and we can all laugh at him. All we are really doing is giving him what he wants…. attention.

    I just went back and reread your “spoilers” and they are just ridiculous.

    • LOTGK said

      Hey Anonymous, or should I say pokertrek, because that is who you are. You are now hiding under an anonymous screen name to apparently stir up trouble. Talk about an attention whore, pokertrek now has two screen names to comment on. That puts you in the category of Troll.

      • Johnny 21 said

        This pokertrek guy is posting as anonymous to cover up his other identity and he says LOTGK is the one wanting the attention. Pokertrek or Anonymous, why not just leave? As people on here said if you don’t like what is written, leave.

        • LOTGK said

          Well, he was entertaining, made me laugh how this blog irritated him. Most trolls like him are fun for awhile and then they return to under the bridge until the next post.

  27. John said

    I don’t think everyone will die, but it seems clear that Wilson will die and probably house. I like 13 and would hate to see her die, but house could honor his promise and help her die. If that happens, I hope that the scene where you say she tells him that she would have slept with him and another woman is true LOL

  28. Brian said

    well considering the synopsis for the episode and the sneek peaks we’ve seen that clearly shows Wilson alive in this episode, I believe that this is 100% false

    • LOTGK said

      100% false. No wiggle room at all?
      What if in the sneak peaks showing Wilson alive, it is a flash back of House after attending his funeral.
      Example: House attends Wilson’s funeral at the beginning, as the episode continues, House has several flash backs of his life with Wilson, the good and the bad times. Perhaps that is what the network is showing.

  29. LOTGK said

    Ok, for those who do not like my “Everyone Dies” scenario, where everyone dies, I have formulated a kinder, gentler, machine gun hand House Finale.

    Cameron comes back and rekindles her love affair with Chase and they become the new diagnostics team for the hospital. Remy returns as her illness is in remission and she joins the new team with Chase and Cameron.
    Dr. Wilson survives the treatment and he know realizes on a first hand basis what his cancer patients are put through. He becomes an even better doctor for it.
    Cuddy calls House, she claims she isn’t wearing any clothes and for him to come over right away. House obliges and quickly limps out of the hospital. Foreman and 13 reunite. Park leaves the team for a promotion.
    Taub returns to his own practice but is still a consultant for the team.

    The next day Foreman gets a new patient case, a man in his middle 40’s addicted to painkillers from the phantom pain he has from his amputated right leg.

    There’s a warm and fuzzy ending where everyone doesn’t die.

    • Erica said

      Haha! That’s very funny LOTGK. You know very well that the House writers would never write such a warm and fuzzy ending. Plus, this kind ending probably gets cancelled out by the fact that a recent article, regarding a possible House movie in the future, says that Shore said it would be very difficult to put a House movie together due to the circumstances of the finale. I like your first scenario better…

  30. Ivan said

    I believe you!
    But how do you explain the fire and the destruction of buildings and House who is in it?

  31. Rodrigo said

    Well, i like this dramatic end you wrote. May be, the part i didn’t like was the ending with dominika, it seems to me very superficial. BTW i would imagine another series finale: that House is a lier, and a professional lier all his life. His is never been a doctor, he’s just so good doing anything.

    Don’t know what to think. And i wish to ask u something: i imagine you get the ABC’s lost opening season screenplay and you gave that to people, and i did it too. But in this case there isn’t any screenplay arround here, so i assume this what you wrote it’s just a theory, may be right, may be wrong, but in the end it’s a theory, so: what’s your tecnic to write all of this facts? and how certainly you know this is going to happen.

    Thank u! and we will see what will happen. Well should see house on may 22nd ‘couse i’m from Chile and need the subtitles.

    • LOTGK said

      Thank you Rod.
      And we will all find out tonight if my post is a theory or not.

      • Anonymous said

        I dont know why people waste time even reading this crap. The promo’s and video clips all show very different incidents than you describe. Not a single frame points in any direction that you have described, and the thought of all the characters dying in different incidents in the time frame of an hour episode is beyond rediculous. I cant wait to here the responses after tonights episode.

        • LOTGK said

          You write that you don’t know why people waste time reading this blog,
          And yet, here you are, not only reading it, but commenting on the blog, more than once.

          And I cannot wait either for the comments after the show. I will very much enjoy them, both positive and negative.

  32. Ron said

    I would feel better if Everybody didn’t die..the title “Everybody Dies” refers to Houses famous line “Everybody Lies” and I don’t think it will be literal, but I like the picture you painted of Thirteens death and Houses death, however I think it would be better if the scene you predict happens during the credits didn’t happen at all I think if it ended with just Kutner guiding House through the front door of his House it would sort of leave Houses death open ended…like is he dead? is he hallucinating? and I think that would be a perfect way to end House.

  33. Bill Edwards said

    The title of the final episode is not meant literally as EVERYBODY dies but more as the philosophical saying the we all day…’everybody dies’. So I think Wilson will pass while house rots in his cell and for once in his life House can’t control the situation and he kills himself in his cell!

    • LOTGK said

      Why not Bill. The title Everybody Lies was true. Why not Everybody Dies.

      • Bill Edwards said

        Because its philosophical! The justification that as the saying goes the only things in this life that are certain are death and taxes. “‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” I just think it’ll be more about the acceptance of death and that House can’t control everything…everybody dies. I’d bet my life on it

  34. Eddy said

    my 2 cents, the finale ends with house getting another case, business as usual, the group goes along there merry way like nothing is ending.

  35. Anonymous said

    I think the drug adicted patient is actually going to turn out to be house.

  36. Gumby said

    There’s a lot of wankers on this post who don’t realize that this blog is a humorous one, at least thats what the great grassy knoll is aiming at. Get a grip people, its the home of the 99 cent conspiracy theory and its powered by a corn beef sandwich. Does this sound like a legit news media outlet?

  37. John said

    Maybe the whole series will be a dream…he will wake up next to his wife (Cameron, Cuddy, or Stacy) and starts telling her about this crazy dream. I know this won’t happen, but every time, a show ends, I can’t help to think it is a dream.

    • John Mayfield said

      I think it will be a dream, but my 95 cent theory (sorry Lotgk, I work at a hardware store; times are tough) stems back to House’s leg problems as if he were under anesthesia the whole time. I’d like to think the whole series has been about him going through this “life” interacting with the different parts of himself, ie, Cuddy, 13, Cameron, Kutner, Wilson, Amber, heck, even the black psychiatrist from Season 7.) At the end, Chase (leaving room for a spinoff,) along with whatever individuals House knew before the leg trouble are shown trying to revive him at series’ end while in House’s head, everyone has either passed away or left his life. Maybe the “muscle of death” in House’s leg was actually cancer, which would tie in to the exchanges with Wilson. Maybe House waited too long for chemo or something. Perhaps the exchanges with 13 and killing her had to do with his own hypothetical thoughts of suicide if things got too bad. Maybe Kutner’s exchanges were about not understanding why everything was happening to House and why he was dying. This whole theory can coexist with Lotgk’s or I wouldn’t be trolling. I just think it’d be an interesting spin on the awesome story that has been woven for us on this blog. I personally like the ending written here; I think that, tied in with mine, it’d be epic. However, he’s the home of the 99 cent theory, and I’m 4 cents less. Take it for what it’s worth, but if you have a dollar, I don’t have a nickel to give you as change. We’ll see in just over 2 hours now!

      • John Mayfield said

        I should mention that those “other doctors” at the leg surgery part are in House’s dream, but not part of him. Hopefully that is understood…Chase being one of those doctors of course.

      • LOTGK said

        Very good insight John. I like that ending.

    • LOTGK said

      Cameron, Cuddy, or stacy, decisions, decisions……

  38. According to my watch, you’re already wrong. Congratulations.

  39. LOTGK said

    Wow, what an ending. Thank you everyone for reading and commenting. Did anyone really think my theory would be correct.
    Me either.

    • Anonymous said

      Your ending did seen far fetched

    • Anonymous said

      Yet you defended it and insisted that your ending was correct. Hack.

    • Cant believe people on here still dont understand you???!!! you idiots its meant to be funny, don’t any of you have a sense of humor anymore?? Anyway LOTGK, How did you like then ending? I could not be happier! Wilson and House riding off into the sunset……Did you think he was really dead when they had the funeral?? I was pretty sure he wasn’t. They went the Sherlock Holmes route the whole way. (Sherlock faked his own death as well.) Anyway, your going to have to find something else interesting to talk about now so I can keep coming back. I know! How about a funny theory about the world ending on 12/21/12?? that whould get the trolls stirred up. lol

      • LOTGK said

        I try. I spell out my mission statement right on the front page and offer a complete bio in the About Me link at the top and have stories on Natalie Wood, Elvis, Morrison, and Michael Jackson being alive, but still some people take this site as real. Oh well. perhaps I should place an ad here selling the Brooklyn Bridge.

        Anyway, I liked the ending. House and Wilson riding off into the sunset to some yet unknown stripper bar.

        I did not think House was dead, I thought it would be the dead body already there. However, I didn’t see House switching the dental records. Nor can I see how House was able to escape the explosion two feet away from him.

        And yes, I will find some other newsworthy story to post about in the future.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.

  40. Max Jackl said

    Bravo LOTGK, you must have had thousands of people coming to this site as you did with ABC Lost. Great house ending, not your ending, but a great ending all the same. Any time now the trolls will set upon this site with the standard trollisms, “I own you” you were dead wrong, you suck, liar, etc” and they will believe they got you. As a long time reader and friend, I know better.

    • LOTGK said

      Thank you Max, one of these days I will get one of these things right. Perhaps my Kris Williams Ghost Hunters secret is true, or that Princess Diana is still alive, or that Big Foot is real. And I live for the trolls, them not knowing they were hoodwinked, somehow them believing this is a real news source.
      NEW FLASH NEW READERS: This is a humorous site. I make fun of conspiracies and media events. Like House, or Lost, or Ghost Hunters, or etc.

  41. Max Jackl said

    I will say when Cutner appeared and began talking to House I thought he was going to walk House through the door like you said.

  42. Not Anonymous said

    Good try, but totally wrong on your outcome. My question is what will House do after Wilson dies, he’s on the lamb, faking his own death, and what money will he use once Wilson dies. Sorta dumb ending scene.

    • LOTGK said

      Good question. House is a fugitive on the run. I suspect if FOX picks up the spin-off, House will get in contact with Chase some how.

  43. House Fan said

    Fantastic finale. I’m glad it wasn’t what you wrote where everybody died. House and Wilson riding off into the sunset like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I was hoping for Cuddy to make a surprise appearance but no. Will Chase pick up the practice and will Fox pick up the new spinoff?

    • Anonymous said

      Chase is the new head of the team – his name was on the door

    • LOTGK said

      My ending wasn’t even close. Creative writing at it’s finest. It took me 7-8 minutes to pen that ending and brought me and hopefully the readers several weeks of entertainment.

  44. Ron said

    Can somebody explained to me Wth happened? How did House switch Dental Records…..?

    • LOTGK said

      Good question. And how did House escape that explosion so quickly?

    • Jenniverse said

      Real doctor trumps dentist every time. Every doctor who’s dreamed about faking his own death and swapping his records with a dead man knows this.

      Also, Plainsboro Hospital was purgatory, Amber was the devil, House is a Timelord, and Ben Elton is an uncredited writer for this episode. There can be no other explanation, and is how the finale should be interpreted.

  45. Ed said

    Complete junk. I don’t know who is the bigger fool you for writing it or me for reading it. House lives at the end and he and his sham wife never slept together.

  46. Anonymous said

    Way off.

  47. wrong said

    What happened thought you knew for a fact the ending

  48. Robin said

    Must be handy to be able to crow over the stuff you get right and pretend that you were just kidding with the rest. Of course, it also means constantly having to replace old readers with new as they get bored of your schtick and move on, but I guess that’s the price you pay.

    • LOTGK said

      It would be handy to crow over the stuff I got right, but alas, I’m still waiting for that to happen.
      But seriously, this is a humor blog, the regular readers that frequent here understand that. For the new “Fresh Meat” like yourself, I believe my mission statement and the link “About Myself” sums up quite nicely what this blog is all about. Fun and entertainment.

      And yes, I imagine this blog is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it does OK. It is an acquired taste. (You made me go to the stats page which I rarely go to) Over the past several days leading up to the House finale, my blog post on that subject was viewed thousands of times. Over 50 thousand times. But it is not the top post, nor is it in the top ten, However, it is in the top 25, sitting at #23 as I type. My Harry Potter finale was the top post, several hundred thousand viewers landed on that. My ABC Lost finale was also highly rated, sitting at #2 over all here. Almost two hundred thousand viewers.

      I write for my own entertainment and a small group of friends. I have fun critiquing the restaurants I visit, giant aliens, thought screen helmets, and yes, even the JFK assassination conspiracy. (Nixon killed him BTW if you want to know) If you, or anyone else here never return, it is your loss as you will miss the infinite wealth of useless knowledge spewed out on this blog.

      So, goodbye to you.

  49. Homeward Bound said

    Just my opinion, but i thought the House trapped in a burning building was lame. I was hoping for more interaction between the actors on the last show. Instead it was all House talking to dead people in a burning building.

    • LOTGK said

      Good point. I can understand the show is centered around House but there were other cast members I wanted to see more face time with. Oh well, at least the finale didn’t involve time travel and a virtual reality chamber where experiments were being conducted on the hospital characters.

  50. Wally said

    House is over. everyone was wrong. Move on now. Next.

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