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Growing Up Catholic In The 1960’s


Going to Catholic grade school in the 1960’s was difficult enough. Adding angry nuns was a recipe of pure Hell. The nuns were vicious, without mercy. I knew my mission in life the day I pulled Sister Ann Teresa’s habit off her head. I had to know what secret treasures lay hidden beneath. The Grassy Knoll Institute conspiracy began.
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13 Responses to “Nuns”

  1. Quinn said

    Holly sheep sh_t, Your descriptionof the terrorists with bad habits in Habits had me roaring. I survived Catholic School (Barely) as well. Actually my crowing achievement was being expelled after severly injuring a Nun’s knuckles with my face as she was correcting my understanding of mathematics homework. I wouldn’t say she was one of Torquemada’s favored inquisitors so much as she instructed the inquisitors directly. Yeah Sister Bloody Knuckles was viscous, but still public school proved safer to my physical well being; Don’t know about my soul’s but thats another subject. Bwahahahaha

  2. Netsafire said

    I didn’t know nuns were that brutal, islamic madrassas sound better.

  3. Howlin' Harry Besharet said

    Sr. Ellen Marie, I guess, was the psychotic bitch who ensured I would never have anything to do with Papacy Voodoo. I have heard she works at the Diocese offices these days, but don’t know. Here’s what I do know: After the fuckin’ whore is planted, I’m going to fill a Mason jar with my piss and pour it over her face. HHB

  4. Were the 60s Nuns tough on the rich kids, like the Kennedys, or was their cruelty more of a class-conscious attitude?

  5. Tracy Ramos said

    I can tell you categorically that the nuns were “respecters of persons”; if your family had money (but no breeding), you were carried around on their shoulders like the Pope; if you were
    middle class (but from educated, respectable stock) – you were
    targeted, especially if your father worked for the Federal Government. (Federal Government employees were “parasites,” but
    at least THEY worked and paid taxes. What the Hell did that make the nuns, then?)

    At the private Catholic schools (just as lousy as the parish schools, but more expensive), the rich girls wore little yellow
    ribbons, or green sashes, or whatever, and constituted the
    “Disciplinary Committee.” They were given an imprimatur to abuse
    those of us who weren’t on the Roman Catholic “A list,” and many of them made out like bandits – literally – by extorting the
    other girls for their lunches (or even money) to buy their silence. (“I won’t tell Sister, or Mother, thus-and-so if you pay
    me. Who’d believe you didn’t do thus-and-so? Sister, or Mother
    gave me power, and I can use it any way I want!”)

    I was exempt from their bullying on two counts: (1) my parents kept me on a short leash financially (so I didn’t have the money
    to extort), and (2) I told these “good Catholic girls” to “Go to Hell!” (Horrors! No wonder I was considered evil! Also, I’m half-Irish and have a punch that could send another girl across the room, so they never tried to escalate by strong-arming me. (They
    did, however, harass me unmercifully.)

    As for the Kennedys? I attended a school where there were Kennedy
    children (although I was older than they were) and as expected,
    it was “Slobber, slobber, slobber!” all the way. To the nuns, the
    Kennedys were SACROSANCT. (So was the daughter of a Cuban “industrialist” who had a bad habit of fleecing the natives, and had to flee when Castro took office, as well as a Puetro Rican nun whose Irish father owned a plantation on the island. (Iterestingly, SHE was always screaming about the “brutal, vicious, ignorant Southerners.”)

    In the Catholic school system, money is GOD, and if your father made his as a bandit-turned-strongman, a wardheeler, or an embezzling lawyer (I knew three different girls who came from such backgrounds), you’ll do fine. If, on the other hand, your father works at a mundane, 9-to-5 job and you live in a respectable, average part of town – keep your head below the firing range; to the “dear sisters,” you’re a useless eater…

    • LOTGK said

      Yes, we were off the non wealthy clan, 7 kids at Catholic grade school. The Nuns were all about collecting money for any bad behaviour. Apparently being a Nun doesn’t pay to well.

  6. Steve said

    Hey LOTGK,
    Please contact me. Thanks.

  7. Ron Beshaw said

    In Rutland Vt, in the early 70’s I met Bob and Maryann, both raised Catholic in the late 50’s, early 60’s. His wife , Maryann was placed in a Catholic orphanage with her brothers and sisters by the church. Her father had skipped, leaving their mom to raise, and feed 4 or 5 children. The church said this was not right, she could not do this, so they took all the children and placed them in their orphanage, run by nuns.

    Maryann told me how the nuns use to beat the children for anything, big or small, everything was a sin, that they were all going to hell.

    How the children use to play, run and hide in the “cells, ” the rooms each of the nuns lived in. That she remembered the cases and cases of beer under the nuns beds.

    Their was this one little girl, I think between 4 and 6, that wet her bed every night. She was a small frame little girl, and very nervous all the time. One day the nuns had had it, they had to hand wash her bedding each morning. So they beat this little girl, badly, very badly, she was covered from head to toe with black and blues. The next morning this little girl was found dead in her bed, she had died in the night.

    Maryann remembering that morning, said that when the police came to pick up the little girl, she remembered the police asking questions. The nuns told them that they kept telling the little girl to stay off a bike, she couldn’t stop the bike and rode it down the stairs, later dieing from the fall.

    No one questioned the nun, their word was from GOD, who questions GOD!!!!!!

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