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JFK Collectors Cards

President John F. Kennedy Collector Cards

I found in my parents attic a unique set of playing cards. Not baseball, football, but president John F. Kennedy collector cards. The cards are a series of 77 depicting the president in various stages of his career by himself and with his family.

President Kennedy Collector Cards archives Of 2009:
President Kennedy #77 Out Of 77 12/30/2009
President Kennedy #76 12/12/2009
President Kennedy #75 12/04/2009
President Kennedy #74 11/28/2009
President Kennedy #73 11/22/2009
President Kennedy #72 11/18/2009
President Kennedy #71 11/07/2009
President Kennedy #70 09/29/2009
President Kennedy #69 09/18/2009
President Kennedy #68 09/08/2009
President Kennedy #67 08/23/2009
President Kennedy #66 08/08/2009
President Kennedy #65 07/27/2009
President Kennedy #64 07/15/2009
President Kennedy #63 06/27/2009
President Kennedy #62 06/16/2009
President Kennedy #61 06/09/2009
President Kennedy #60 06/02/2009
President Kennedy #59 05/25/2009
President Kennedy #58 05/17/2009
President Kennedy #57 05/10/2009
President Kennedy #56 05/03/2009
President Kennedy #55 04/13/2009
President Kennedy #54 04/06/2009
President Kennedy #53 03/22/2009
President Kennedy #52 03/10/2009
President Kennedy #51 03/02/2009
President Kennedy #49 02/22/2009
President Kennedy #48 02/11/2009
President Kennedy #47 01/31/2009
President Kennedy Collector Cards Archives Of 2008:
President Kennedy #46 12/17/2008
President Kennedy #45 11/22/2008
President Kennedy #44 11/22/2008
President Kennedy #43 11/21/2008
President Kennedy #42 11/20/2008
President Kennedy #41 11/19/2008
President Kennedy #40 11/18/2008
President Kennedy #39 11/17/2008
President Kennedy #38 11/08/2008
President Kennedy #37 09/18/2008
President Kennedy #36 09/11/2008
President Kennedy #35 09/04/2008
President Kennedy #34 08/22/2008
President Kennedy #33 08/13/2008
President Kennedy #32 08/06/2008
President Kennedy #31 07/28/2008
President Kennedy #30 07/21/2008
President Kennedy #29 07/10/2008
President Kennedy #28 06/29/2008
President Kennedy #27 06/20/2008
President Kennedy #26 06/06/2008
President Kennedy #25 05/21/2008
President Kennedy #24 05/05/2008
President Kennedy #23 04/08/2008
President Kennedy #22 03/30/2008
President Kennedy #21 03/19/2008
President Kennedy #20 03/11/2008
President Kennedy #19 03/01/2008
President Kennedy #18 02/23/2008
President Kennedy #17 02/13/2008
President Kennedy #16 02/02/2008
President Kennedy #15 01/24/2008
President Kennedy #14 01/15/2008
President Kennedy #13 01/05/2008
President Kennedy Collector Cards Archives Of 2007:
President Kennedy #12 12/28/2007
President Kennedy #11 12/18/2007
President Kennedy #10 12/08/2007
President Kennedy #09 12/06/2007
President Kennedy #08 12/04/2007
President Kennedy #07 12/02/2007
President Kennedy #06 12/01/2007
President Kennedy #05 11/30/2007
President Kennedy #04 11/29/2007
President Kennedy #03 11/28/2007
President Kennedy #02 11/27/2007
President Kennedy #01 11/26/2007


88 Responses to “JFK Collectors Cards”

  1. I too found a stack of these cards in my parents files. The set I found is missing 17 of the 77 set.

    I do not know the value of the cards but was wondering if you would either like to take the collection I have or would you be interested in selling the cards you have.

    Look forward to your response.

    Gary Caccia

  2. LOTGK said

    Gary, I do not know the value of these cards.
    I have all 77 cards in almost perfect condition.

    I would suggest a Google search for the value and then maybe you could put them on E-Bay and see what the actual price would fetch.

    Good luck.

  3. fred said

    I have card #2 out of 77 of the series.

  4. Jim said

    I just picked up most of this set at an antique shop. I’m missing the following cards: 3, 48, 67, 68, 70, 74, 76, 77. Can anyone help me with the ones I’m missing. Also, Gary, I have multiple copies of #17.

    • teresa said

      Jim, I have 67 President john Kennedy and Vice Presidentt Johnson watch tthe Inagural Parade under the Seal of the United States, 48 The kennedy’s ttwo children have retturned from a trip to Florida and President kennedy and his wife are on hand tto meet them.,70 JFK enjoys an anecdote from one of his admires during an afternoon at the ballpark., 74 Senator and Mrs. Kennedy ride in motorcade in NYC during tthe campaign montths of 1960., 3 Senator takes kennedy stroll witth daughtter Caroline. The pair are wallking down a street in georgettown. Frontt greatt, back has tape,77 president elect kennedy and his wife greet after attending a Sunday morning mass, frontt greatt, back has tape. Six out of the eight you are looking for/

  5. marie mccartney said

    Ihave number 77 of the set

  6. Raul Marquez said

    Helo guys I have the original No.45 wich shows the President as the Presidential nominee with his brothers Robert and Edward. Can anyone knows the value sof this card?

  7. Donna Sodano said

    Hey everyone,
    we too have an incomplete set of these cards, they are in perfect condition, has anyone been able to find out the value of these cards??? Is anyone interested in trading or buying these cards?

  8. Gene said


    I have recently unearthed a collection of 28 of the cards from a relatives home. They range from #1 to 77 but is not the whole set.
    They are in excellent condition.
    Anyone interested?

  9. I have cards #9 & #48.

    Number 9 is the The entire Kennedy clan as they pose for this photo in 1934. (John is the first young boy in the rear row.

    Number 48 is the Kennedy’s two children as they returned from a trip to Florida and President Kennedy and his wife are on hand to meet them.

    Let me know if anyone is interested in purchasing.

  10. Ron Aronsohn said

    I have a different set, or type of JFK cards. These were printed by the Rosan Printing Corp out of Brooklyn, NY. Does anyone have any information about these cards?

  11. mark jahnke said

    Where can I see the rest of the cards (38 through 77). BTW, I found both sets of theses cards at a flea market in Woodstock, New York in the Catskills mountains this past weekend, but some are missing so I want to see what I’m missing!

  12. LOTGK said

    Mark, be patient, I have all 77 and will speed up the delivery of the cards on this blog. Thanks for viewing and commenting.

  13. Geine IV said

    I have # 77, 54, and 63


    i have the no. 6 in good condition .. does anyone interested?

  15. Michael Keller said

    I have twelve post cards depicting the events of JFK visit to Dallas. Seven are of the arrival at Love Airfield. Three are shots at Parkland Hospital. One is of the aircraft used for the return flight to Washington,DC. The last one is of the Texas School Book Depository building. I am interested to know if anyone has copies of what I think was a limited issue by a Dallas photographer. Micahel

  16. Max Jackl said

    I have a lovely bunch of coconuts. What are they worth….

  17. Michael Keller said

    I thought that this was a site for serious inquiries.

  18. LOTGK said

    What gave you that impression?

  19. mike wells said

    i have number 25…..if anyone is interested…

  20. CEE said


  21. david said

    Is anyone looking for card number 31 of any setlet me know A.S.A.P.

  22. David said

    Is anyone looking for card number 31 of any set let me know A.S.A.P.

  23. Evil-Lep said

    I’m looking for a 69 also.

  24. Pam Shepodd said

    I have a 5X7 print of No. 46. I am not sure whether this is the same a the “crds” that are discussed on this website. This photo looks like it was part of the original set (or a copy fromnthe original set). Can anyone let me know the size of the cards that are listed on this site?

  25. JAY JACKSON said

    i have card #14 , are these cards worth anything

  26. baldo valenzuela said

    I have # 60 of jfk collectors cards. you could call me at 1773 319 98xx

    Edited: Deleted the last two digits of the telephone number.

  27. Hi all. I see there is a near mint set of 77 on E-Bay for 175$, now if that is going to sell or not- or sell for more- remains to be seen.

    I have extras of 75, 64, 62, 59, 55, 52, 43, 26, 24, 18, 15, 6, all cards are lightly bowed but the corners are good-varying conditions. I am missing 3. 27, 22, 21, 35, 36, and 41.

    Thanks for posting the pics of the cards so I could find what cards I am missing. I am going to do more research, thanks for all the info.

  28. LOTGK

    I have 54 of these cards out of the 77 series. I am missing cards No. 28, 29, 30-50.

    I am willing to sell them all, for a reasonable price. Anyone may contact me at the associated email.


  29. Constant Threat said

    He’s dead you know!

  30. John p said

    I have a ton of these cards are they worth anything?

  31. Anonymous said

    I have # 50 just found it in my great aunts belongings. Is it worth bathing?

  32. Anonymous said

    If you are looking for:
    # 5, 15,16 23, 30, 31, 39, 46, 72, and 73.
    Please give me a call at (702) 671-0235.
    Or my e-mail is raven1221@

  33. jenny said

    i have a couple of Kennedy’s items please give me a a 619-804-4117

  34. kerry said

    Poor Peter….anyway..Hi I have the postcards, and an inaugural invitation. I also have photos of Kennedy and Johnson, at a meeting with the O.C.A.W. It is signed by both. Anyone interested?

  35. Sherry White said

    I have a collection of John F. Kennedy and his family cards. Its is a biographical card collection from boyhood to presidency. Was woundeing if you were interested in purching them.Thank you.

  36. Anonymous said

    I have in my possition several boxes of jfk topps hobby cards for vending machines. They cover his entire famlily; naval & predicency years. These items are very old & most are in very good condition. I have no idea what they are worth; obtained from way back when i was in the vending machine business. in addition to these i also have several cards of the Beatles (monkeys). does anyone know what if there is any value to the mentioned vzlues for these cards. reply would be appreciated.

  37. Kad said

    I do hqve No 21 of 77 and 23 35 45 qnd 54 in q series of 77 john F. Kennedy cards,

  38. Rosalie said

    Did u ever find out how
    Much this set is worth? I just found the same set in my grandmother’s photo box.

  39. roxanne said

    i have the no. 49 of john f kennedy taking his oath of office card in a series of 77 i dont know its value it shows oswald in the background of his inauguration if anyone is interested please e mail me and let me know

  40. roxanne said

    it sure looks like him too me but i could be wrong i was born eight years after jfk died my husbands grandmother died and he went too puerto rico for the funeral and to clean out the house where he came acrss the card we just want too know if it is worth anything

  41. joe said

    I have a thsnk you card issued to new Hampshire after he won….and it says something about a shot heard around the world….you know anything about???? Its about. 4/5 in. Long and made with blue print…i have been lookin an asking for years…it has a pic of him and his thanks to that state printed in blue with a diamond shaped logo at center on bottom the back is blank..?? Thx

  42. Anonymous said

    Yes I still have the cards. Let me know if your intrested in them.

  43. nancy holliday said

    How much are they?

  44. orville perez said

    I have a deck of 52 playing cards showing all the family major clan as face cards. I have never played with thecards. they are new as the day I got them. is there any value in them.

  45. TOPPS JFK cards. Here are the extra cards we have. No. 8, 10, 15, 21, 23,39, 55 and 69. Set of 77. We are looking for No. 36, 37, 40, 41, and 49. This would complete our set.

  46. Anonymous said

    Hi, I have postcards. They are not numbered, but appear to be a full set. I also have a signed Christmas card from then Senator Jack Kennedy. Signed, Best-Jack. Have an invitation to the Kennedy-Johnson innagual.. Three photos of President Kennedy, and Vice President Johnson, one of which is signed by both. They were meeting with union members. Have some books too. Anyone interested in purchasing, email : )

  47. Samuel Kaufman said

    I have #27 and #28, I was wondering what they could be worth.

  48. latanyaking said

    What are rge values of these cards

  49. ORVILLE PEREZ said


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