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Posts Tagged ‘rod serling’

William Shatner Vindicated

Posted by LOTGK on March 29, 2013


There Is Somebody Out On The Wing

There’s Someone On The Wing…
50 years ago this evening Bob Wilson, (Played by William Shatner) saved the life of the crew and passengers from a gremlin that was tinkering with the plane’s engine and wiring electronics. Wilson grabbed a gun from a sleeping policeman and opened the hatch door of the plane and fired at the gremlin scaring it off the wing.

However, his wife, the crew, the captain, and passengers all believed he was insane. (He had just been released from a sanitarium recovering from a nervous breakdown)

The Nightmare at 20,000 Feet from 1963 is now over as Bob Wilson, after booking a flight from Priceline dot com, seated just over the wing snapped a photo of a gremlin sitting out on the wing.

Finally, vindication.


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NBC Persons Unknown – Series Finale Reveal

Posted by LOTGK on August 29, 2010

Tonight was the series finale for NBC’s Summer drama series, Persons Unknown. As I was watching the pilot episode in early June, I formulated my theory on what I thought was happening to the 7 unknown persons. I immediately thought of the title of the series and how close it was to one of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone episodes titled Person Or Persons Unknown.

But there was much more in this pilot episode to look at. As the story unfolded, several Twilight Zone episodes came to mind. At the end of the pilot, I came up with this. Persons Unknown was a direct rip-off of the Twilight Zone created by Rod Serling that aired in the late 1950′s through the early 1960′s.

Three Twilight Zone episodes quickly came to mind. Person Or Persons Unknown just because of the similarity of title names plus Five Characters In Search Of An Exit and Shadow Play. Click the two links below to read the original updates for said episode.

Five Characters In Search Of An Exit
Clown. Hobo. Ballet Dancer. Bagpiper. And an Army Major. A collection of question marks. Five improbable entities stuck together into a pit of darkness. No logic, no reason, no explanation. Just a prolonged nightmare in which fear, loneliness, and the unexplainable walk hand in hand through the shadows. In a moment, we’ll start collecting clues as to the whys, the whats, and the wheres. We will not end the nightmare, we’ll only explain it, because this is the Twilight Zone.

Shadow Play
Adam Grant, a nondescript kind of man found guilty of murder and sentenced to the electric chair. Like every other criminal caught in the wheels of justice he’s scared, right down to the marrow of his bones. But it isn’t prison that scares him, the long, silent nights of waiting, the slow walk to the little room, or even death itself. It’s something else that holds Adam Grant in the hot, sweaty grip of fear, something worse than any punishment this world has to offer, something found only in the Twilight Zone.

Unlike my ABC Lost theory, this time with Persons Unknown, I was correct. I stated that Joe knew more than he led on. I said Tori would be back, just as someone else. I said that no matter what they did, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

And guess what, if you combine the two Twilight Zone Episodes above, you have the exact series of Persons Unknown. The icing on the cake, Tori becoming the new night watchman, and everyone waking up back in the hotel room and beginning the nightmare all over again.

There you have it folks.

When does NBC’s THE EVENT begin?


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NBC Persons Unknown Theory – Episode Eight

Posted by LOTGK on August 1, 2010

Persons Unknown, Episode 8

When I watched the pilot episode of Persons Unknown, I came to the conclusion that it was a rip off of the Twilight Zone and a cheap version of ABC’s Lost. I would like to modify that theory just a tad.

After watching last night’s episode, I am for certain what the show is about. (This is the part where my giant Ego can’t fit on this page) For six years on my Lost page I updated my theory after each episode. From the pilot episode to the finale episode. I stayed true to my theory. I thought it was a fairly believable one. Alas, Lost had a different scenario and we all know how the show ended.

Now, watching last night’s show, I am amending my theory. Here it is. And the Lost fans that have followed this blog for six years will know it straight away.

The 7 eclectic unknown persons are in a virtual reality laboratory. All the participants are interconnected to one another sharing each others thoughts, memories, and feelings. While in this virtual reality laboratory, a battery of physical and mental experiments are performed on them. And who is running these experiments? A New World Order government consortium in partner with a superior race of aliens.

Perhaps the boys of NBC were readers of my Lost blog. Perhaps they took my premise and ran with it. Keep in mind, my theory had elements of the Twilight Zone embedded and you can clearly see the similarities in Persons unknown as well.

To prove my theory, let’s look at last nights episode. Joe is hooked up with multiple electrodes inside a sterile hospital room. A mechanical voice is piped in reprogramming Joe to become part of the program again. Joe refuses to cooperate.

We also learn that once in the program, you can never leave the program.

There are always seven candidates, err, persons for the experiment, err, program.

Joe has been through the program before, he is someone different every time. This time he has a love interest. (Janet)

Seriously, doesn’t the town remind you of a rat maze, where the rats are let loose to follow their every movement. Various stimuli in inserted to determine how the rats will react to each stimuli. For this episode, Bill was a perfect example. Bill breaks down, realizing he has no one back home and has completely alienated himself from the other persons in the town. He pleads to the watching eye for help, he wants to leave, to go home. He also makes the statement when he found the cigarettes at the bar, that you guys must be reading his mind.

Anyway, Bill is outside and chases a book of matches outside the deadly fence line. He does not get electrocuted. He runs up the hill, looks back at the town, and after a minute states, where am I going, I have nowhere to go. Bill returns to the town, kneels down to the watching eye and states he’s back. This is a classic experiment in human conditioning.

Now about Joe and his repeat performance and Tori’s reappearance on the show which I called by the way. This episode is a remake of the Twilight Zone episode titled, Shadow Play. Here is the synopsis of the Twilight Zone episode.

Shadow Play – Original Airdate – 05/05/1961

Adam Grant, a nondescript kind of man found guilty of murder and sentenced to the electric chair. Like every other criminal caught in the wheels of justice he’s scared, right down to the marrow of his bones. But it isn’t prison that scares him, the long, silent nights of waiting, the slow walk to the little room, or even death itself. It’s something else that holds Adam Grant in the hot, sweaty grip of fear, something worse than any punishment this world has to offer, something found only in the Twilight Zone.

Adam Grant was a man convicted of murder who tries to convince the judge and jury that he is living a nightmare, that everything around him is just an illusion that keeps repeating over and over. He states that the judge, attorneys, and jury are merely players in his dream. The judge asks why he is so concerned of dying if its only a dream and Grant says because since having this nightmare, he hasn’t been able to get any sleep because he always wakes up screaming. He tells his attorney to go home and what he originally thought was for dinner will be something else. What Grant said is true, and the attorneys friends discuss the matter and perhaps get a stay of execution on the lines of insanity. Alas, the call to the governor arrives to late and Adam Grant is electrocuted. The next day, the same events occur once again, Grant in court going through the same motions, except the characters have assumed different roles.

We know that a dream can be real, but whoever thought that reality could be a dream? We exist, of course, but how, in what way? As we believe, as flesh-and-blood human beings, or are we simply parts of someone’s feverish, complicated nightmare? Think about it, and then ask yourself, do you live here, in this country, in this world, or do you live instead in the Twilight Zone?

Persons Unknown Tie-In:
Men and women in captivity. Going through the motions, each not realizing that they are in an illusion. Except one man, (Joe) who has the knowledge that an experiment is being conducted. He informs everyone that he is part of the program yet he cannot change the outcome as the scenario continues to play out.

When he wakes up, and trust me, Joe will be back on the show next week, but he will be somewhat different, the program will continue. To bolster my theory even more, Tori is now a nurse instead of the wild child she portrayed earlier.

There you have it.


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Persons Unknown Theory – Episode 6

Posted by LOTGK on July 19, 2010

If a tree fell in the woods and no one was there to hear it fall, would it still make noise? If a Summer NBC drama series revealed its darkest secret but nobody was there to see it, would the series make it to the end of Summer?

So NBC, in it’s infinite wisdom, decided to move it’s struggling suspense series, Persons Unknown, to the “Death ship” time slot. (Saturday at 8pm.) Did NBC really think that was going to improve ratings? The way things are going, the series won’t see Episode 13. Unless, they spice it up and in a hurry.

With that said, I am changing my Persons Unknown theory. I am ashamed to associate this show with Rod Serling and his iconic science fiction series, The Twilight Zone.

Changing gears: It would appear that NBC needs the Grassy Knoll Institutes assistance. Being a professional psychic, (I have a certificate and everything) I can see two possible outcomes to this show. One, stay on the present course and the show will be canceled before Summers end. Or two, revamp the show and inject my rewrite.

The Revamp:
In several weeks, on the brink of the show being canceled, a news story will leak that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston will be two new Persons Unknown citizens. It will later be revealed that former Governor and protector from Russia Sarah Palin will be the mastermind behind this prison town. The final episode will reveal that all the prisoners are registered voters but not in favor of the Tea In the Harbor Party, the party Sarah Palin is backing and hoping to leapfrog into the office of the president of the United States.

Sarah Palin hopes that she can convert tens of people at a time to the Tea Bag party. She selected her own spawn for testing and tweaking the indoctrination process. Bristol and Levi are two perfect candidates for the show. After all, it is aptly named, Persons Unknown.

If there is a next week, look for my update…..


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Persons Unknown Theory – Episode 5

Posted by LOTGK on July 6, 2010

Persons Unknown, my theory and analysis for episode five.

The plot thickens. The last we saw of Tori, after she was rejected in her come hither shimmering red dress, hailed a cab out of the god forsaken town that imprisoned her for the last two weeks. Episode five opens with the captives looking for Tori in the morning sunlight. They spy a woman dressed like her at the perimeter of the town walls. The woman is dressed in the polka dot dress Tori was wearing and a blonde wig to conceal the womans true identity.

Cut to the scene where the old man is collecting change from an outside fountain, zoom into the woman lying face up. It’s Tori, apparently murdered. Her father identifies the body in the morgue. The news details here death to the public. Case closed.

However, Moira, the crazy one, sees something completely different on the television set that magically turns on. It shows Tori reunited with her father after going missing for two weeks. Obviously, some one is lying.

Back to the Joe front, he now has a swinging door policy on visiting the secret lair where the chef watches the action of all the captives. He wants out, and finally forces the chef to open the air lock to the vault to free Janet and Erika.

So here goes, We all know that someone is watching the captives go about their daily lives. We also know that someone is watching the watchers. (The chef) the question before us; Are they watching for some sick gratification, for experimental purposes, or perhaps, like visiting animals at a zoo. Which brings me to my latest Twilight Zone tie in with Persons Unknown.

In my previous updates, I theorized that the show is based on Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone, a 1960′s Science Fiction program. Continuing with my Persons Unknown theory I submit for your approval my next offering titled:
People Are Alike All Over
Original Air Date: 03/25/1960 (Season One) (Episode 25)

You’re looking at a species of flimsy little two-legged animals with extremely small heads whose name is Man. Warren Marcusson, age thirty-five. Samuel A. Conrad, age thirty-one.

They’re taking a highway into space, Man unshackling himself and sending his tiny, groping fingers up into the unknown. Their destination is Mars, and in just a moment we’ll land there with them.

Astronauts on their way to Mars converse to each other about how other species will be from other planets. One of them believes that people are alike all over while the other is more cynical and has a narrower point of view. The Astronauts crash-land on Mars. One of them dies in the failed landing.

Now alone, Conrad is afraid as he hears sounds coming from outside his ship. A moment later, he is surprised to see Martians, who look almost identical to humans. The Martians help Conrad from his ship and tend to his wounds and take them back to their city where he is given fresh clothes and an apartment made in the style of American culture. He showers and dresses in the fresh clothes and has something to eat which is very good.

Conrad then notices theat his living quarters has no windows and the doors are nailed shut. He cannot escape. He is a prisoner there. A minute later, Conrad sees the front wall open revealing a glass wall and hundreds of Martians looking in at him. Conrad realized that he is a Zoo exhibit, a zoo animal. He recognizes his fate as living out his existence trapped in the apartment as an exhibit.

Species of animal brought back alive. Interesting similarity in physical characteristics to human beings in head, trunk, arms, legs, hands, feet. Very tiny undeveloped brain; comes from primitive planet named Earth. Calls himself “Samuel Conrad”. And he will remain here in his cage with the running water and the electricity and the central heat- as long as he lives. Samuel Conrad has found the Twilight Zone.

Now I’m not saying the captive 7 are in space, or crash landed on Mars, or a distant planet. But they do seem be be lab rats, or zoo animals. They are all well fed, clothed, and given shelter and free to roam and interact within the confines of their exhibit area.

I predict that we have not seen the last of Tori. She will return.

Until next week’s Persons Unknown update.


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