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April Fools Day

Grassy Knoll Institute Rocket Scientists Hard At Work

Grassy Knoll Institute Rocket Scientists Hard At Work


We get serious on our feast day. As usual the Grassy Knoll Institute celebrate our feast day with cutting edge news that no one else delivers. Just like pizza. Click the link button below (Me) to see the archives as we build to April Fools Day.
April Fools Day 2013 Archives Below (Me)
Lynne And Tessa Youtube Lip-Syncing Sensation Resurface 04/01/2013
Kate Middleton Had A Boob Job 04/01/2013
Miley Cyrus Boob Job 04/01/2013
Pope Francis Updates Catholic Nun Wardrobe 04/01/2013
Gumby Gets Lucky For Once 04/01/2013
One Procedure To Many 04/01/2013
Your Favorite Movie Is 04/01/2013
Billy Mays Reincarnated 04/01/2013
George Michael – Not Your Father Figure 04/01/2013

April Fools Day 2012 Archives Below (Me)
Where Heidi Montag Shops For Boobs 04/01/2012
Miley Cyrus Tramp Stamp 04/01/2012
Kristen Stewart Breast Augmentation 04/01/2012
Anna Nicole Smith Is Still Dead 04/01/2012
Kate Middleton Panty Shot 04/01/2012
Sarah Palin Gives Great Cone 04/01/2012
Color Blind Test 04/01/2012
China Implements Radical New Population Control 04/01/2012
Do You See The Shark 04/01/2012
Spiderman Tobey Maguire 04/01/2012
Two Face Illusion 04/01/2012
UFO Filmed Over Houston, Texas Skies 04/01/2012
A Whiter Shade Of Pale 04/01/2012
Real Reason Grant Wilson Left Ghost Hunters 04/01/2012
April Fools Day 2011 Archives Below (Me)
Greetings From Alcatraz Prison 04/01/2011
Tits In A Box 04/01/2011
Haunted Hotel Conneaut Ghost Elizabeth Photographed 04/01/2011
Heidi Montag’s New Giant Breasts 04/01/2011
Blogger Mogul “Blue” Re-Surfaces 04/01/2011
Lindsay Lohan Exposes Fire Crotch 04/01/2011
The Burning Bush Re-Appears 04/01/2011
Miley Cyrus Debuts Her Breast Augmentation 04/01/2011
James Earl Jones – The Formative Years 04/01/2011
The Statues Are Alive In Here 03/31/2011
April Fools Day 2010 Archives Below (me)
Want A Job Here – Thanks To All 04/01/2010
Lindsay Lohan To Appear In ABC lost Series Finale 04/01/2010
Brett Favre Released And Replaced 04/01/2010
Bride Of The Anti-Christ 04/01/2010
Mogblog Platform Reanimated 04/01/2010
Jack Nicholson Found Dead 04/01/2010
The secret And sexy Life Of Nurse Candice 04/01/2010
What The Frak 04/01/2010
Hell Frozen Over 04/01/2010
Heidi Montag Is Not Addicted To Plastic Surgery 04/01/2010
American Idol Sanjaya Makes Come Back Album 04/01/2010
UFO Lands In Youngstown, Ohio 04/01/2010
Hyperbole And A Half Enhanced 04/01/2010
Jesse James Mistresses Lining Up 04/01/2010
Incident At McDonalds Restaurant 04/01/2010
Tiger Woods Scores A New Caddy 04/01/2010
ABC Lost Series Finale Sneak Peak Vidcaps 04/01/2010
Spring Season Almost Arrived 04/01/2010
Lucifer Arrested For Pandering 04/01/2010
Dr. Conrad Murray Claims Michael Jackson Still Alive 04/01/2010
Linday Lohan Found Dead In Hollywood 04/01/2010
The Holiest Of All Holy Days 04/01/2010
April Fools Day 2009 Archives Below:
Thanks For Playing 2009 04/01/2009
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes – They’re Great 04/01/2009
Gorman’s Whereabouts Finally Located 04/01/2009
Coder Versus Princess Leia (Lucky Bastard) 04/01/2009
Lost Update – Seeing Eye To Eye 04/01/2009
UFO’s Photographed Over Devil’s Tower 04/01/2009
Vice President Joe Biden Has A Secret 04/01/2009
Jodi Sweetin – All Pumped Up 04/01/2009
Gumby Gelded Dammit 04/01/2009
UFO Crashes On Vegas Strip (Exclusive Video) 04/01/2009
Your Soaking In What 04/01/2009
ABC Network Cancels Lost 04/01/2009
Supreme Court Sets Holy Day For Atheists 04/01/2009
FOX Announces 2009 Bachelorette 04/01/2009
Ted Kennedy Still Alive 04/01/2009
Anna Nicole Smith Mystery Solved 04/01/2009
President Obama’s Approval Rating Slipping 04/01/2009
Comic Strip Driving Canadian Government 04/01/2009
ShamWow And Kapow 04/01/2009
Astronomers Discover Universe’s Hottest Body 04/01/2009
UFO Over Devil’s Tower (Video) 04/01/2009
Blue Turns Green 04/01/2009
Threat Level Advisory Alert 04/01/2009
So Let It Be Written 03/31/2009
April Fools Day 2008 Archives Below:
LOTGK Hollywood Hills Sign 04/01/2008
Sneak Peak Of Miss America 2008 04/01/2008
Sexy Body Paint Model 04/01/2008
Nuns having Fun – Seriously 04/01/2008
Ghost Hunters Make Actual Spiritual Contact 04/01/2008
Paris Hilton’s New BFF Winner 04/01/2008
Michael Jackson Returns To The States 04/01/2008
Lost Theories – The Foot Explained 04/01/2008
Ralph Nader Still On Campaign Trail 04/01/2008
Big Brother Is Watching 04/01/2008
WordPress Introduces New Blog Cleanup Service 04/01/2008
Woman Proudly Displays Her Bust 04/01/2008
Burger Chef Still In Business 04/01/2008
Julia Roberts Stunt Double 04/01/2008
Sexy Tongue Takes A Licking 04/01/2008
Nude Gymnast Performing On Las Vegas Blvd 04/01/2008
WordPress Raincoaster resurfaces 04/01/2008
WordPress March 2008 wrap Up 04/01/2008
Mr. And Mrs. Smith Exposed 04/01/2008
A Nightmare To The republican Party 04/01/2008
Colonel Sanders KFC Fame Found Alive 04/01/2008
Jester Hat Is Securely Fastened To My Head 03/31/2008
April Fools Day 2007 Archives Below:
Pope Benedict XVI Announces Radical Changes
Hell Really Exists
UFO Crashes In Las Vegas
Triple Dog Dared EFX2 Blogs
Light In The Fog
R.I.P. EFX2 Blogs
EFX2 Blogs Conspiracy
EFX2 Blogs Command Center
EFX2 Blogs Fortune Cookie
May You Rot And Burn In Hell
Ass Kissing Lessons
UPS Special Delivery
Las Vegas Voodoo Lounge
Hillary Clinton Sans Makeup
Lost Update – Billion Dollar Carbon
Heather Mills Dressing Room
Real Father Of Anna Nicole Smiths Baby
Boy Scouting
Bill Clinton Hires New Aid
Paris Hilton – Sexy Siren
April Fools Day 2006 Archives Below:
Thanks For Playing 2006
Slade Wilson – Expert marksman
UFO Crashes In Las Vegas Desert
Introducing Dr. Bitzky Seymour Butts
Dooohead Finally Meets Benny
Modblog’s Hottest Bloggers
Kelly’s Ultimate Gift
Dinner At Hooters
Lost Update – In A Godda Da Vida
Explosion At Nellis Air Force Base
Dedicate One To The Ladies
Real Reason Modblog Server Is Down
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Grassy Knoll Institute Secret Laboratory Revealed
On The Prowl
I Met Jay Leno – I Think
April Fools Day 2005 Archives Below:
Take Your Best Shot
Modblog Sold To MSN For $1.5 Million
Modblogger Sexy Princess Pooarm
Patuca Gold Pens A Book
Crystal Pegasus Spreads Her Wings
Originalism And Elisla Join The Party
Deep Blue Muff Dives
It’s Clobbering Time
Real Reason Modblog Is Offline
Burger King Enormous Sandwich Kills 72
Iceberg That Sank Titanic Located
LOTGK Gets Star On Walk Of Fame
Modblog Bitzky Reveals Huge Secret
Paris Hilton Is Pregnant
Benthere And Hubby Revealed
Clay Aiken Lands FOX Sitcom Deal
Teddy Kennedy Forms Car Pool
Small Explosion In Hawaii
History Goddess Located
President Bush Flips Off Canada
Michael Jackson Case Takes Turn For Worse
Michael Jacksons Never Ranch For Sale



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    You have nice big boobs nice body and legs love ya

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