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Lost Secrets

lost secrets revealed


The Grassy Knoll Institute reveals all about “LOST”. After watching the ABC series Lost pilot September 22nd, 2004, I was convinced I knew the secrets the show was hiding. Lost was more than a horrific plane crash on a deserted island leaving 48 survivors. It had an invisible monster, magical healing properties, and time travel. Each week I will update each episode with in depth analysis to bolster my theory.
Submitted for your approval. A comparison of the 1960’s Science Fiction series The Twilight Zone and ABC’s Lost series. Lost In The Twilight Zone
A five part episode written by the curator depicting what happened to the castaways after they went into the light. ABC Lost Sequel: Beyond The Church
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127 Responses to “Lost Secrets”

  1. Karen said

    And what’s with all the different titles for the episodes. these are not the same titles as the show has.

  2. LOTGK said

    Oh, sorry to have answered so late but, I used different titles that tied into my theory and answers for that particular episode. The song lyrics are are important to the theme of the update.

  3. matt pagello said

    hey man your theory of the virtual reality lab, like there in a globe as des said is good! but how did they all come to converge on the same air plane and penne and her crews working all over the world to fine des? aliens? and i dont know if enough people would entertain the idea at the end of season six or whenever reveal it all.

    but hey what about pennes father mr. whittmore is it possible he started the dharma inti. as an investment and has been trying to find it since ben overthrough control i havent seen season 4 though

  4. H3llH0und said

    hmm i think i found something… i was watching epi 18 season 2

    on this episode locke find some kind of map on the door (cuz the light changed to a blue one)

    on the map you can see it show 6 bases… i think each base is linked to the lost numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42)

    and one more thing… why the computer clock always reset to 108? (4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108)

    the light goes to a blue one when the alarm is sounding (4 ~ 3 minutes… one of the numbers) maybe on other hatch when the counter hit the… 8 or 15 maybe it will display another kind of map or information

    i just think it’s really strange to have a counter set to 108 and the map to appear at the 4th minute

    maybe i’m just crazy or have to take a break… 40 lost epis marathon is just too much think i will go get some sleep

    sorry the bad english

  5. FOX said

    Less than one week away……

  6. N.Y. nick said

    “the numbers” appear every where throughout the entire series from the beginning of season 1. they were on flight 815. they have been the number of the rows that the suvivers were sitting on the plane that crashed. hugo’s (hurley) winning lottery numbers, on the odometer of the car his father restored for him as a tribute to him when he thought he was dead. they were the numbers on the hatch they blew open that desmond was in. the numbers have been on top of the police cars in ana-lucia flashbacks. the guy kate lived with on a farm while running from the law turned her in to get the reward of 23 thousand dollars. kate’s address after being on the island where she lived with with arron is 42 pacific grove, i think, but it is definitly 42. the port or link at the marina that ben tells jack to meet him at is port 23. the last two examples are from the latest episode, season 5 episode 3.
    this is the first time im posting but i have been reading this post since season three. ill be posting more on my thoughts and theorys. i know there are countless “numbers” connections that i didnt mention, i was going off the top of my head so post any connections you remember

  7. N.Y. nick said

    the last two examples were from episode 4 of season 5. i forgot there was two episodes on jan.21 for the season opener.

  8. LOTGK said

    Thanks for reading and commenting NY Nick. about the numbers, in my previous updates I explained that the numbers are constants to the castaways. These numbers are popping up everywhere because they are all sharing the exact same virtual reality experiment. That is why they seem to have known one another off the island as well.

    Good catches on the numbers BTW.

  9. N.Y. Nick said

    Locke is always injuring his right leg in the same spot over and over again wether it is from a bullet, the hatch door, a stick, or when he fell into the well. what do you think about that? possibly a reset point or maybe every time it happens he is close to waking up in the virtual reality lab and has pain in his leg so his mind invisions a cause for the pain in virtual reality such as getting shot. If your theory is correct i dont think it will be aliens conducting the experiment, i think it would be humans from the hanso foundation. Have you played the video game Lost: Via Domus? I got it about a week ago and am about halfway done. In it the hanso foundation is involved in brain nerve cell agents. i was thinking that could play a part in the virtual reality experiment. Either way i dont think its aliens but then again you never know with J.J. Abrahms. His show Fringe on FOX is about as sci-fi as it gets.

  10. LOTGK said

    Good call on Locke and his leg. Yes, I stated a long time ago that when an individual is on the verge of waking or becoming aware, he or she is reset and that is why strange things occur. Jack sees his father, Locke’s legs give out on him, Kate sees the black horse, the smoke monster appears.

    About aliens being in control, hey, my site is the Grassy Knoll Institute, it’s all about aliens and unexplained events. Thats why i went with aliens.

  11. N.Y. Nick said

    In your last update you asked the question how is charles widmore gonna cover up another plane crash. I think the plane didnt actully crash. I think that they experienced a time flash and the plane and rest of the people on the plane dissapeared like the well Locke fell into and the camps that Richard and Charles widmore were at in a 1950’s time flash. The sky turned white and blinded them in this plane and in the first plane crash that didnt happen. When they woke up on the island this time it was the 1970’s. Jin was driving a new looking 1970’s VW van. I wonder if he was really on the Dharma team back then or he found the van during a time flash. I wanna Know what Kate did with Aaron that she didnt wanna tell Jack. I bet the guitar that Hugo had was Charlie’s or he at least got a guitar to serve as a proxy for Charlie. I wonder if there was a proxy for Clair, if so maybe it was Kate and she got pregnant when she was at Jacks house. Fate seemed to get Sayid on the plane in handcuffs escorted by the law to make up for Kate and the marshall, so maybey fate made up for a pregnant Clair someway.

  12. Kimzander said

    Been reading this all day. Nice job on your research. Very nice. Just wanted to say that I can see the Twilight Zone comparison, but as far as virtual reality, well I don’t see that at all. I think that there’s just way too much that’s happened to all them, for it to be just an experiment. But, I’ve been wrong before. I started reading this because I want to know 2 things, then I could probably just stop watching the show. 1. WHO IS JACOB? We were shown a glimpse of him when Ben took John to see him. Did you guys see him? Honestly looked like and older Daniel to me. 2. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MAGIC BOX that Ben kept talking about? I’m assuming a time machine. Have I missed that episode or something?

  13. LOTGK said

    Wait a minute, you can believe in time travel, multiple dimensions of existence, Locke dying and coming back to life, Richard not aging, Desmond seeing visions, Smoke monsters, invisible monsters, polar bears, miracles, Angels and demons, but yet you think virtual reality is just to far out there?

    But to answer question #1, I will send you to a link from a previous Lost Update of mine.
    Old Man In The Cave

    Question #2. The magic box was a room that could hold anything you desired or needed. Locke was shown the magic box, and his father was in there tied to a chair. Ben said he could do whatever he wanted to him. As a sort of gift.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  14. Kimzander said

    Right. I mean the whole virtual reality, and being rest thing pretty much just makes sense comparing it to this 5th season. So that magic box was just the room that John’s dad was in? I saw that episode. That’s a big let down, thought it was going to be something better than that. I read the old man in the cave thing before I left a message on here. However, I saw a glimpse of Jacob, and he isn’t a computer at all. It’s an actual guy. I saw him. So who would you say he is?

  15. Kimzander said

    LOL I meant “being reset” not rest lol. sorry bout that

  16. Markei said

    The “magic box” as Ben told Locke very plainly, was not an actual place, but a metaphor for what the Island provides for you, like when he found out he had a serious spinal disease, then a spinal surgeon appeared 2 days later. He said “Imagine a magic box…” using that as a visualization and to try to convince Locke that he was a friendly and Locke should trust him if Locke wanted to find out why he(Locke) was so special.
    The place in Ben’s basement(where Locke saw his father tied up) was just a utility room where Locke then kept Ben tied up when he brought him back as a captive.

  17. Markei said

    About Jacob –

    There are a ton of theories including Christian and Locke being Jacob.

    Neither make complete sense, although Locke may…

    Christian appeared in the cabin with Claire(now there’s a question – why did Claire go away from the others and leave her baby to be with her dead dad that she never really knew and only met briefly as an adult – and did he tell her he was also Jack’s dad?).

    Anywho, Locke asked him point-blank(not ever meeting him) if he was Jacob, to which he answered “no, but I can speak for him”. Another weird thing is that Locke acknowledged Claire, but didn’t ask her what she was doing there, just accepted it and left her there without telling anyone else.

    The Locke theory, being more plausible, people have enlarged and enhanced the video image to get what looks like Locke with a hairpiece. My retake earlier in this message was that maybe THAT’s why Ben shot Locke and left him, and had been trying to sabotage his authority, to prevent Locke from taking the position as Jacob in the past, so he could be the one Ben consults now, BECAUSE(big breath in)… Ben is the only person we know to ever see Jacob face to face… if he knew it was Locke, it would explain a lot of his actions… Ben seems to ever be without purpose…

    I have my own theories on a lot of things, maybe I’ll start my own site, there are so many variations of theories out there, I’m not certain all of mine fit into any other, although the idea of a reality within a reality came up with Hurley’s friend Dave… made me think a lot …do you think Hurley would have died jumping off the cliff, or is he still laying in the mental institution drugged up for going psycho? Then all this would either be taking place in his mind, OR an out-of body experience OR all the cast members are on examining room tables with wires coming out all over and that’s how they interact with each other in their combined mental reality and somebody’s watching it all play out on a video screen.. namely us… lol.

    • LOTGK said

      Markei States: “OR all the cast members are on examining room tables with wires coming out all over and that’s how they interact with each other in their combined mental reality and somebody’s watching it all play out on a video screen.. namely us… lol.

      Markei, read my theory.

  18. Kimzander said

    Ok, I can see the island being what Ben called “the magic box” but then again he always seems to deceive people and make them think whatever he wants them to. However, the island being the box does make alot of sense. So now I’m let down lol. Thought it was going to be something alot cooler than that. So if I only knew who Jacob was I seriously could stop watching this addictive show! I’ve never gotten into any other television series. Always called people stupid for being into a show. Now, I’m the stupid one lol. I’ve heard that the writers came up with this show, and I wanna say they already had the ending as well, but anywho they thought of it in one day. How amazing is that? Oh well, until next time, I’m getting LOST

    • LOTGK said

      Ok, Jacob is not a man, but a machine, a computer telling Ben exactly what to do. Check out Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, The Old Man In The Cave episode. it explains everything you need to know about Jacob.

  19. Dormer said

    Well i have just stumbled onto this website, and decided to read the whole thing, and i must say how impressed i am. i love it. I was wondering if you starting to doubt your original hypothesis at all since the pilot episode, because i had never read any of this before, and just watched the episodes, i can say i never once thought of aliens. although hell, in the first season of lost i never thought of anything that precedded to happen would of happened.

    Also the twilight zone refrences, (alothugh before my time) i beilive are very accurate, and i am still tracking somewhere to purchase the twilight episodes.

    Reading this i now kind of beilive in your theory, and will continue reading for your updates.

    however with lost i like the idea of how everyone can have a theory and how maybe, everyone can be wrong. my theories seem to change frequently, goin to new ones, then back to old ones, so until one day, when the show is over, and im not ;lost; (ha ha ha bad pun i know, but bored)i can not rest on one main theory.

    again thank you for this site, and i plan to read it regulary.

    *ps. i suc at spelling. lawl

  20. LOTGK said

    Dormer, no, I do not doubt my theories, I believe they are correct. And thank you for reading and commenting.

  21. Kongming said

    NY nick caught a few number references i missed but iv’e also caught a few he missed. For example, the safe-deposit box kate needs to get into is #1516. Also i noticed there’s ALOT of death related to the #’s 8 15. Shannons dad’s time of death was 8:15am or pm(dun member). Sayid killed the man outside of santa rosa at 8:15 pm. There’s also another 8:15 reference to death but i dun member what is was.
    Regardless, i’m pretty sure this site’s theory is VR wich i just don’t buy because it’s too damn simple and has been done before.
    I lean more towards the purgatory theory and the only reason i don’t believe that fully is because i don’t think a network station would base an entire show on religion without telling you before-hand.
    The VR theory seems a little too simple for geniuses (did i spell that right?)like the writers of lost to come up with. Besides, anyone member the 2 parter fam guy where stuey killed lois? A big middle finger to all the viewers. I just don’t see that happening considering that was just 2 episodes and LOST is 6 full seasons(as far as we know).

  22. Kongming said

    Oh yeah i was assuming everyone else caught the fact that when Jack first met his wife because of the accident she was in, it was with Shannons dad. Jack chose to focus on his future wife and because he was the only one who could intbate(i KNOW that was spelled wrong)Shannons dad and chose not to, he ultimately caused Shannons dad’s death.

  23. Kongming said

    Sorry to add yet another footnote but i seriously have so many things about this show to talk about i keep forgetting them so i’m just spit as much of it out here as i can even though there will be no order or reason to anything im about to say(im also pretty bubbly).

    -Hanso foundation right? we already know the makers of lost are HUGE into SW as am i. Just add an “LO”. Han Solo. HAHA. I love these guys.

    -Member the scene where Jin comes home all bloody after delivering his “Message” for the second time? Well how did their puppy become a full grown dog in one day?(maybe it was more than one day but i doubt it unless Mr. Paik gives his employes weekends off)
    Jin was sent to deliver the “message” in wich he took it litaerally and told the Han guy that Mr. Paik was “very displeased”.The guy was so grateful he didnt kill him that he gave him his daughters Shar Pei PUPPY.
    The next day , or sometime extremely soon after that Paik tells Jin that he is incompetent because he cant deliver a simple message. So Jin goes back and beats the crabgrass outta this guy to save his life. We all know the story. But if you pay close attention to the dog when Jin comes home it’s firggin full grown.
    AT first i told my roomate ” OMG i actually caught a mistake on LOST” but maybe not. Chances are both scenes were filmed within a months or so(couldn’t really be more if they’re both scenes from the same episode ya) So, is this actually a mistake or a clue? I wouldn’t put it past em being a clue considering the time jump slight-of-hand trick they tried to pull on the episode where Sun finally had her child Ji Yeon.

    -Kate said she’s a vegetarian. But when she’s working for that guy on the farm in aussieland she’s eating breakfast with bacon. Hmm. And haven’t gone back to check yet but i’m pretty sure she’s also eating some kinda meat when Ben gives her breakfast.(No pun)

    -Meriodoc Brandybuck…oops i mean charlie, can’t swim because when the ensign Joanne drowns charlie mentions he would have gone after her himself but he can’t swim. So how does Charlie swim after claire in desmondds vision and die? And how does he manage to swim into the looking glass station if he can’t swim?
    I would just chalk this all up to them not not going into how charlie learned how to swim simply because he lives on a tropical island. But out of all the people on the island to put in that situation why would it be Charlie? Are they just that bad at remebering their own story or is yet another clue?

    -The asian guy in the DI videos always has a different name. Swan station his name Marvin Candle, Pearl he was Mark Richman or soemthing to that effect and at the orchid he called himself Edgar Halliwax wich is also the last name on the jacket that ben was wearing when he moved the island. Hmm…

    I think that’s it for now but next chance i get to marathon lost again i’m sure i’ll find more little things like that and for the ones i just posted maybe someone can gimme a few explainations.

  24. LOTGK said

    I do not think my theory is weak, you may not like it, you may not agree with it, but for five years now I have proven it week in and week out. My updates explain precisely what is going on.

    About it being done before. My point exactly many updates ago. Everything has been done before, this one (My theory) just put fourth a little differently.

  25. markei said

    On the Entertainment Weekly website, an interview with the producers, The 5 Top LOST Theories, this one comes up…


    SYNOPSIS Reality on the island isn’t exactly ”real.” To boot: All characters are aspects of one person (usually attributed to Jack or potentially supernatural characters like Hurley and Walt); or everyone is still on the plane trying to survive massive turbulence by escaping into a mass delusion.
    EVIDENCE FOR Hallucinations would neatly explain many things, like Walt’s comic book polar bear and appearances by Jack’s dad and Kate’s horse. Also, conspicuous lit references like An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge suggest that not everything is what it seems…
    EVIDENCE AGAINST …or they could be red herrings, or serve another curious purpose. Also, Hurley’s imaginary-friend episode, ”Dave,” seemed to actually disprove hallucination theories. Besides, ”It’s all a dream” would have to be done brilliantly not to be a total cliché. And is Lost really going to rip off Dallas?
    “WHAT THEY SAY Debunked! (Sorta.) Carlton Cuse says that any hallucination theory that denies life-and-death stakes on the island isn’t valid: ”You can’t invest in the show if you think it’s bulls—.”,,1193533,00.html

  26. N.Y. Nick said

    kongming: about the charlie not knowing how to swim, he drowned in desmonds vision hence he cant swim and as for him simming to the under water hatch swimming under water is a whole different ball game than keeping yourself above water so you can breath. Also i did notice all the number references you listed at the time they occured but they slipped my mind. dogs grow really fast. when i was watching those episodes at the time i took it as jin delivered the message and when the guy still didnt pay sun’s father a few months later he wanted him killed. its been a while since i seen those episodes so i might be wrong tho

  27. N.Y. Nick said

    kongming: on one of the dvds bonus features they say the characters arent dead or in purgatory

  28. neil said

    charlie desmonds son, who is with penny on the boat. is really charlie who died on the island, saving the island.

  29. Dave said

    i can’t speak of the truth to these statements, but found this on wikipedia and a few others online sources which say the writers discredited aliens. See quote below:

    “Furthermore, Lindelof has rejected speculation that spaceships or aliens influence the events on the island, or that everything seen is a fictional reality taking place in someone’s mind. ”


    I do not discredit virtual reality to be honest, but this seems to discredit aliens. And almost discredits virtual reality since that would be equivalent to taking place in someone’s mind.

    At this point, I’m going for parallel universes, the theory that universe is infinite so basically every possibility of everything exists. Everytime you have a chance to go one way or another, you actually go both, in some parellel universe.

    • Dave said

      But i did miss this quote:

      “However, it should be noted that previously discredited theories, specifically involving time travel, have gone from being categorically denied to heavily incorporated into the series,[81] thus other discredited theories may be in play.”

      So i guess anything’s in play 🙂

      • LOTGK said

        Dave, so far you have not seen a single alien on Lost. And you will not. until the last episode, the series finale.

        • Shape said

          Dave has basiclly just ruined your theory logic it really made me laugh

          • LOTGK said

            Shape, if you would reread Dave’s comment slowly this time, and then mine, you will see that the writers that previously discredited time travel, are using it heavily in season five. The writers also discredited that they are dead. Yet, we see the dead appear and interact on the show. And one more, aliens are not yet part of the show, only the virtual reality part. Only at the very end will it be revealed who is behind the experiments.

            But I’m glad you were laughing. That is what the site is all about. Entertainment.

            • Shape said

              i dont like you tone! i cant wait till your proved wrong

            • LOTGK said

              GET IN LINE!
              There are many waiting to see my theory wrong. As stated before, I have a one in a million shot. So I’m not betting on it either.

              About the tone, I adjusted the treble and bass, see if that helps you.

            • Shape said

              Ha Funny! i think you need to get out more not like setting tones on your computer.i can just picture you! Got to be ginger!

  30. Sigma6....U.K. said

    HUGE fan of LOST, I have left many comments previously but I have to admit that season 5 seemed……mmmmm….dare i say slow, like it had been written by different writers, i felt I was part of the previous seasons, like I was one of the LOST crew but season 5 seemed almost alien to me, don’t get me wrong it’s still the best show on the T.V. and then (episode 14, Variables) has got me right back on it, felt like the old LOST posing many Head-Taxing questions, It’s nice to have your head taxed now and again, I think this should be the last season to be honest, I hope the writers have a set plan and try not to bow to the pressures by trying to ring out every last dollar, the show is worth more than that. Not sure about all the theories I think I’m goin to watch till the end and hopefully turn around and say ” Yeah, that was a bloody good show with a fantastic ending” All the best to you LOTGK and thanks for your time.

    • LOTGK said

      Sigma, thanks for reading and commenting. I believe season six will be at a very rapid pace. With only 18 hours left after season fives finale, it has to be.

  31. Rene Peguero said

    hello i love lost it has to be the best tv series in history well my question is where are the rest of the survivors at from theoriginal crash meaning rose,bernard etc?

    • LOTGK said

      You are in good company Rene. I also think Lost is a well written entertaining program. I also wondered what became of Rose and Bernard and the rest. This loose end will have to be tied up soon so Lost can push for a satisfying conclusion in season six.

  32. Rene Peguero said

    hello again do you believe we will ever know the truth about the statue of a foot on the island ?and who Richard really is? or is richard really jacob?

  33. Rene Peguero said

    i have a question the oceanic 6 where Jack,Kate,Sayid,Hurley,Sun and aaron so if ben said they all needed to go back it was the only way so how come aaron stayed and no one has brought that up?

    • LOTGK said

      Perhaps since he was born on the island, he like several others, like Ethan, are able to come and go without disturbing the time space continuum thingy going on.

  34. Rene Peguero said

    will we ever know more about the two bodies found in the cave by kate where they were called the adam and eve of the island?

    • LOTGK said

      I wondered that as well. It would appear that the writers begin an arc and then forget about it without offering any type of closure. Case in point, Rose and Bernard. Where the hell did they go?

      Concerning the two skeletons found in the cave. Just a guess mind you, but it is Sawyer and Juliet. Perhaps Jack and Kate. Desmond and penny.

  35. Shape said

    BTW i forgot about the “Adam and Eve” youve made me think there! im really missing Rose and Bernard and Clare!

    You know guys i dont want to say it but im going to.

    LOST is the most complex show iv ever seen

    Iv had theories and some of them have been correct and some of them havent

    I think maybe 1 of you will b correct with your theories. but most of you will be wrong
    Its LOST for god sake on this show iv seen so many things that have made me think and re-consider what i think the island is but now all i do is take information in look out for everythink i can.
    when season 5 was about to start i had No IDEA that it would be goin through time not AT ALL and many of you who would say you knew is Bull! i mean it was such a shock to see the insode of the hatch on the first scene of season 2! i no i thought it was a flash back and was so shocked and that was only on the scale of the hatch now were on so much of a bigger scale. i dont know wht is going on! many of you might think Ohh he doesnt know nothink but i understand all the ideologie in lost. as a media student i pick up on every little detail but i still dont know what is going on all i can say is that were all going to be so shocked!

    I just cant wait for you all to have your new theories when season 6 comes out cause you will and i know i will to. hopefully we see more i dont know where its going to go! maybe eygipt times with Ricard in a skirt and that purple shirt! haha but the orgins of the island are obvs from egyptians but hey who knows id like to see richards toes as well to see if he has 4 toes like the statue! or even miles or Daniel as they were born and (made) there lol, its weriod how people who were born there have like special abilties Miles can speak to dead Daniel is good at maths although i counted 804 beats to that clock lol jokes! all i can say is stay tuned! and i will be highly disapointed if its a test or VR or hurley wakes up please lost dont do that to me! and guys remember lost is only here for another season what are we going to do when its over!

    • LOTGK said

      Shape, you state: “Iv had theories and some of them have been correct and some of them havent”

      The show isn’t over yet. How do you know you have been correct and wrong?

      And, just so you know, I predicted the time travel in season five. Follow this link from last years updates and you will see.
      Season Four Finale

      Here is a small excerp from my Lost update last year…
      “So what does season V have in store for the Lost castaways? Glad you asked. I am predicting that they all wind up back on the island, (I know, no earth shaking prediction there) but will be separated in time. some will arrive in the future, some in the past, and others, the present, as we know it. The whispers are the ghosts of the past, present, and future intersecting in the virtual reality world of Lost.”

  36. Shape said

    well done m8. i didnt see it coming! do you think so Penny and Daniel are half brother and sister rite! jst thought id add that!

    What do you all think desmonds next move will be?

    • LOTGK said

      Of course it’s well done Mate. I always bake at 350 degrees.

      I couldn’t decipher what you said next. “i didnt see it coming! do you think so Penny and Daniel are half brother and sister rite! jst thought id add that!

      Desmonds next move. Queen to queen’s bishop four.

  37. Rene Peguero said

    heres a question maybe i dont remember what happened but where did ms clue go remember the lady who told micheal to bring the 4 to the on the other side of the island i ask because she looked like she would be a major person there and very interested in walt

  38. Rene Peguero said

    ok another question does anyone believe that the large bird the flew over jack sawyer kate micheal and hurley said hurleys name and why would it

  39. Rene Peguero said

    hey do you believe that the whole thing is a experiment?

  40. Lisa said


    If the characters are all sitting in a lab in a virtual reality experiment, then the writers of Lost just took a big ole steaming dump on its audience.

    I promise you that they are not going to make everyone watch six seasons of the show and end with the equivalent of, “It was all just a dream.”

    • LOTGK said

      Why not. People watched many years of Newhart for it to end with him waking up saying he had the weirdest dream. Love or hate my theory, but when it comes down to it, so far, it is impossible to refute it.

      • Newhart AND Rosanne.
        And to an extent, Men in Black.

        ok, so Men in Black didn’t end in a dream. BUT – it did end with us seeing that our galaxy is just one little marble in a game being played by something much larger….

  41. Rene Peguero said

    i think its an experiment done by dharma there still aroung the old stories are fake but the experiments are real have you noticed how the dharma logo is on the plane they crashed in how the shark had the logo on him also

  42. Kimzander said

    So, if this whole show does turn out to be a big experiment, then I’m gonna kill the writers of it lol. I seriously think they are going for almost a Bible image. There are so many different events, names of people, and almost mirror images for them not to have AT LEAST had the Bible in the backs of their minds. Piss anyone else off that this Wednesday is the finale, and they STILL HAVEN’T REALLY ANSWERED MUCH OF ANYTHING? Oh well, guess it’s time for me to get a life lol. Later all.

    • LOTGK said

      I do see the bible theme laced throughout the entire series. But that plays right into the wheelhouse of my theory. Remember Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone always had a twist at the end of each episode. So will be Lost.

    • Shape said

      I agree if this happens i will assist in the killing!

  43. Rene Peguero said

    are we ready for tonight i believe tonight will be the best show in a while it will explain alot of things about the island and i also believe a major player will die who will it be

    And will we finally see jacob again the real jacob which we have already seen on the show but dont know it

  44. Shape said

    I think Vincent has a big Role! he might be this second man on the beach i also think this second man on the beach is the black smoke all the way back on the first episode vincent watches jack kate and charlie going to the cock pit next thing the black smoke turns up

    • Shape said

      After research iv found all the bad things that have happened when vincent is around

      When Vincent wandered into the jungle in Special, Walt ran after him and inadvertently found himself under the attack of a polar bear.
      Vincent ran up to Boone in the jungle and licked his face just before the murdered body of Steve would be found on the beach in Homecoming.
      When the raft was getting ready to set sail, Walt placed Vincent in the care of Shannon stating that he could help her get over the loss of Boone as he was a good listener. When Shannon lost Vincent, she wandered into the jungle with Sayid to find him and spotted a soaking wet vision of Walt in the middle of the jungle.
      Vincent befriended Ana-Lucia when she had food in The Hunting Party. Vincent was also present just before Sun was attacked in The Whole Truth, however; he did not defend her or alert anyone to this (possibly because he was familiar with Charlie).
      While a grave was being dug for Nikki and Paulo, who were presumed dead in Exposé, Vincent pulled on the tarp that was covering them, completely removing it and exposing their bodies.
      In the episodes Greatest Hits and Through the Looking Glass, Vincent is seen traveling with the survivors to the radio tower.

      • Shape said

        Shannon was shot by Ana-Lucia after following Vincent into the jungle looking for Walt
        Vincent brings Hurley the human arm with the key to the Dharma bus, then leads him to the bus. especially the last one, if it is the second man witch i am now beleving Vincent wanted to stop them from making transever from the cockpit in Epi 1 but wants hurley to get the keys to the van tht will eventully Aid him in killing the others when the rest of the castaways go to the radio tower its as if he can let things happen or he can stop things (black smoke)

        • Shape said

          Also i think the man with jacob whos taken over locke is a shape shifter as he has taken over locke the black smoke also shares same qualites as it took over bens dead daugter and if this was all the same character it would make sence “do whatever jhon locke says” “kill jacob” its all coming togethor also this could explain Christian jacks dead dad as Locke 2 couldnt of went and seen jhon as vincent could he? also was the hole juliet in the well? tht jhon fell down? i think it was!

  45. Shape said

    In the first epi when jack was well just standing there rose said in the bckground “tht monster seems so firmular” maybe this is sharing same qualities as vincent or…

    • Shape said

      Aslo the man on the beach with jacob, i dont believe that thats the acctully character i feel like hes more of a spirt sort of character that can posses the dead amd is smokey also it would make sense that this guy Mr X was the polar bear as well as the polar bear was dead in the cave. When the writers were asked to “tell me a secret about lost NOW” they replied “vincent is a girl” now i know Vincent is a female dog or could the original character could have been a women back in the eygption times and taken some sort of immoratilty that would make her a shape shifter and not human

  46. Jacob said

    Your theory of alien abductees is reduculous…hahaha
    Have you watched the show at all!

    • LOTGK said

      No Jacob, I have not watched the show at all. I merely imagine exactly what is happening on Lost and report on it here.

      BTW, your spelling is “Ridiculous!”

      You win the Asshat of the day award. Were it proudly!

  47. Jacob said

    You know what…based on what you say, that is exactly what I thought!!

    • LOTGK said

      What, that you do not know how to spell and that you are an asshat?
      You don’t really understand the concept of asshat do you?

  48. Jacob said

    Asshat…wow another zinger!! Not only do you have a horrible website, but you have nothing better to do then call people names!! Quite the life you live LOTGK!
    P.S the reason I asked if you ever watched the show was at the top of this page you described the monster as invisible…which, as any REAL fan of this show knows…you can see it!!

    • LOTGK said

      And yet Jacob, you keep returning.
      But, if you must, keep in mind that your original comment incited my reply tone towards you.

      If you have forgotten already, here is your comment,
      “Your theory of alien abductees is reduculous…hahaha
      Have you watched the show at all!”

      So, you come to my blog and immediately transform into the troll like being you are, (With ass hat firmly on your skull) and try to disrupt this blog.

      I find that, and you, rather amusing. 😀

      And BTW, That post about the invisible monster was from the pilot episode, when the monster was invisible. Any real Lost fan knows that.

      And that is a zinger.

  49. Kimzander said

    LODGK, I’m really amused by your theory. But we have already seen Jacob. He is not a computer. In fact as his character played out, he became my favorite. Locke was my favorite before, but I REALLY like jacob’s character. Now, I’m guessing,, he’s dead. So who then is this locke character that isn’t really locke? I think we all know the answer.
    He is the guy that said he would find a loop hole.

    • LOTGK said

      Kim, no, he is not a computer. if the Lost writers blatantly copied the episode to the letter, that would certainly be a total ripoff. My Twilight Zone theory is that Lost is a modern day Twilight Zone series. Here is an excerpt from my special Lost update from May 22nd, 2008 titled The Old Man In the Cave.

      “This Twilight Zone episode depicts isolated survivors from a horrific event. Lost begins with a horrific plane crash leaving a small group of survivors stranded on an unknown island.

      This Twilight Zone episode has the people relying on Goldsmith, the town leader, for survival, guidance and direction. The Lost castaways also rely on Jack for the same. But when Ben is introduced, he becomes the focal point, the man in charge, with their very lives hanging in the balance.

      In the Twilight Zone episode, people found food and wondered if it was good to eat. The Lost castaways also found food in the jungle with Dharma decals all over it and wondered the same, if the food was good to eat.

      In the Twilight Zone episode, the townspeople were arguing about what to do, how to proceed. There was a distinct split of opinion between them. So can be said about the Lost castaways. In fact, they split into two groups as some decide to stay on the beach and the rest moved further inland.

      In the Twilight Zone episode, only Goldsmith sees and talks to the old man in the cave. On Lost, only Ben sees and talks to Jacob, the old man.

      in the Twilight Zone episode, the old man lives in a cave. Is mysterious, intelligent. On Lost, the old man lives in a cabin. Is mysterious, intelligent.

      In the Twilight Zone episode, what Goldsmith tells the people is the law, handed down by the old man. No one questions that authority. On Lost, Ben commands the people, handed down by Jacob, the old man in the cabin.

      In the Twilight Zone episode, renegade soldiers enter the town with an agenda all their own. On Lost, renegade soldiers land on the island from the freighter with an agenda all their own.

      In the Twilight Zone episode, the towns people force Goldsmith to reveal who the old man in the cave is. On Lost, the castaways force Ben to reveal who Jacob, the old man in the cabin, is.

      In the Twilight Zone episode, the townspeople revolt against Goldsmith and the old man in the cave. On Lost, the castaways revolt against Ben and Jacob.

      In the Twilight Zone episode, all the townspeople died failing to heed the warning by the old man leaving only Goldsmith alive. On Lost, Ben was the only survivor as all the “Others” were killed. Seems to be going in the same direction once again with the new castaways.

      For the Twilight Zone episode, the twist of the episode was that the old man was not a man, but a computer used by Goldsmith to analyze soil and food for contamination. The computer, or old man, kept the townspeople alive. On Lost, it has yet to be revealed who Jacob, the old man in the cabin, really is. And, it appears that Jacob is being used by Ben to keep the castaways alive, using Jacob’s knowledge to hide the island, control the smoke monster, and defeat the renegade soldiers.

      Twilight Zone episode, a look into the near future and the horrors of man being left to his own vices, and devices. Annihilation of the planet and human race. Goldsmith was attempting to keep humanity alive and rekindle it’s spirit. He failed. On Lost, perhaps Ben is attempting the same. Wide speculation has it that the Hanso corporation and Dharma Initiative are involved in time travel, genetics, and several other medicines strange to a private group and island.

      I think this is the part where Rod Serling appears on screen saying, “Submitted for your approval” and explains the evenings offering.
      After watching the pilot episode of Lost way back in 2004, I formulated two theories, Virtual reality experimentation which is the main theme of this section or a remake of the Twilight Zone.

      For tonight only, staying in theme with the Twilight Zone, Lost is a modern day remake of the Twilight Zone. Each and every week, Lost mirrors a unique Twilight Zone episode sans the Rod Serling narration. Each week, the Lost characters confront their inner most demons, horrific events, twists of fate, and supernatural entities just as the original Twilight Zone episodes did.

      One final tidbit. The Twilight Zone was written allowing the audience to be privy to supernatural events unfolding on the screen but at the end, twisted the story offering a logical natural explanation leaving it up to the viewer to decide.”

      The link to the entire update is here.
      Old Man In The Cave

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