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Blue Plate Special

Grassy Knoll Diner

The Grassy Knoll Institute travels extensively to provide the wealth of worthless knowledge found on this blog. The links below are the places we stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I rate the experience, service, price, and the taste of each meal. Does your favorite “Greasy Spoon” measures up.

Blue Plate Special Archives 2013 Below:

Eddies Grill End Of Summer Chili Dog (Geneva) 09/22/2013
Cheddars Restaurant – Chicken And Ribs (Youngstown) 09/18/2013
Steak N Shake – Double Cheeseburger (Youngstown) 06/13/2013
The Peddler Steakhouse – Filet Mignon (Gatlinburg) 05/28/2013
Boulevard Tavern – Chicken Parmigiano (Youngstown) 05/11/2013
Cheddar’s Restaurant – Bacon Cheeseburger (Youngstown) 05/02/2013
Scarsella’s Restaurant – Lasagna Dinner (Youngstown) 02/28/2013
Caffe Capri – Filet Mignon (Youngstown) 02/24/2013

Blue Plate Special Orders Archives Of 2012 Below:

Dairy Queen – Butterfinger Blizzard (Youngstown) 09/19/2012
Wedgewood Pizza – 16 Inch Round (Youngstown) 08/14/2012
Hungry Howie’s – Thin Crust Pizza (Youngstown) 07/28/2012
Davidson’s Restaurant – Bacon Cheeseburger (Youngstown) 07/26/2012
Burger King – Bacon Ice Cream Sundae (Youngstown) 07/15/2012
O’Charley’s Restaurant – Steak And Chicken Combo (Youngstown) 06/24/2012
Chinese Pizza (San Francisco) 05/29/2012
Nathan’s Hot Dogs – MGM Hotel (Las Vegas) 05/04/2012
Marino’s Italian Cafe – Whitefish Dinner (Youngstown) 05/01/2012
Shoeless Joe’s BBQ – Ribs and Pulled Pork (Chicago) 03/02/2012
New Village Cafe – Breakfast (San Francisco) 02/26/2012
Berg Coffee – Twist Ice Cream Cone (Gatlinburg) 02/21/2012
Marc’s Grocery Store – BBQ Chicken (Youngstown) 02/12/2012
Murphy’s Deli – Turkey Sandwich (Houston) 02/11/2012
Smoky Bones Restaurant – BBQ Combo Dinner (Youngstown) 02/05/2012
KFC Lies To Customers (Youngstown) 01/19/2012
Subway – Grilled Chicken Sub (Youngstown) 01/12/12
Vending Machine – Cheese Curls (Youngstown) 01/03/2012

Blue Plate Special Orders Archives Of 2011 Below:

A&W Restaurant – Last Meal Cheeseburger (Youngstown) 12/30/2011
Antone’s Italian Restaurant – Chicken Parmesan (Youngstown) 12/28/2011
C Staples – BBQ Chicken Dinner (Youngstown) 12/16/2011
Longhorn Steakhouse – Filet Mignon (Youngstown) 12/01/2011
Metro Grille – Cheeseburgers And Fries (Chicago) 11/28/2011
Star Bagel – Breakfast Bagel (San Francisco) 11/01/2011
Halloween Pumpkin Cookies (Youngstown) 10/30/2011
Burger King Bites (Ripley West Virginia) 10/16/2011
House Of Blues – Cheeseburger Delight (Houston) 10/02/2011
Jimmy Johns – Turkey bacon And cheese Sub (Youngstown) 09/30/2011
Steak N Shake – Double Cheeseburger (Youngstown) 09/28/2011
Quattro Restaurant – Family Pizza (Houston) 09/26/2011
Harrah’s Casino – Breakfast Platter (Las Vegas) 09/25/2011
Texas Roadhouse – BBQ Chicken And Ribs (Alliance) 09/24/2011
Sidewalk Cafe – Corn Dog And Fries (Gatlinburg) 09/23/2011
Belleria Fried Haddock Dinner (Youngstown) 09/22/2011
Scarcella’s Italian Restaurant – Fried Fish Dinner (Youngstown) 09/16/2011
Crepe Cafe – Pier 39 Breakfast Crepe (San Francisco) 08/24/2011
Bob Evans Bacon Cheeseburger (Youngstown) 07/24/2011
Steamers – Perhaps The Best Cheeseburger (Youngstown) 07/09/2011
Zeppe’s Pizza (Geneva) 06/28/2011
Uptown Pizza Chicken Wings And Rain (Youngstown) 06/14/2011
Margherita’s Italian Restaurant (Youngstown) 05/17/2011
Cocca’s Pizza Sucks Pepperoni Roll (Youngstown) 05/04/2011
Alcatraz Pier 33 Cafe Turkey Sandwich (San Francisco) 04/16/2011
Uptown Pizza – Pizza Regular (Youngstown) 03/26/2011
Antone’s Italian Restaurant – Lasagna Dinner (Youngstown) 03/04/2011
Gibsons Bar And Steak House Filet Mignon (Chicago) 02/12/2011
Dunkin Donuts – Breakfast Wraps (Youngstown) 02/02/2011
Chic-Fil-A Breakfast Chicken Biscuit (Youngstown) 01/29/2011
Subway – Foot Long Steak And Cheese (Youngstown) 01/21/2011
Wendy’s Natural Cut Fries (Youngstown) 01/13/2011
Subway – Big Philly Cheesesteak Sub (Youngstown) 01/09/2011
Lemon Grove Cafe – Cheeseburger (Youngstown) 01/05/2011
Blue Plate Special Orders 2010:
Ruby Tuesdays – BBQ Chicken (Youngstown) 12/14/2010
Belleria Itailian Restaurant – Chicken Parmesan (Youngstown) 12/01/2010
West Glen Restaurant – Fried Haddock Dinner (Youngstown) 11/21/2010
Old Firehouse Winery – Cheeseburger (Geneva) 11/14/2010
Sandwich Factory French Fries (Youngstown) 09/25/2010
White House Fruit Farm Donuts (Canfield) 09/23/2010
Eddie’s Grill – The Last Meal (Geneva) 09/20/2010
Antone’s Restaurant – Deep Dish Pasta Bake (Youngstown) 09/02/2010
Subway $5 Dollar Meatball Foot Long (Youngstown) 08/11/2010
Elephant Ear Restaurant – Revisited As Promised (Youngstown) 07/17/2010
Geneva On The Lake – Dairy Queen (Geneva) 07/11/2010
Patriotic Donuts – Dunkin Donuts (Youngstown) 07/05/2010
Madsen Donuts (Geneva) 06/20/2010
Eddie’s Grill VS Time Square Restaurant (Geneva) 06/05/2010
Eddie’s Grill Cheeseburger 2010 (Geneva) 05/28.2010
Blaine’s Restaurant – Chicken Parmesan Penne (Gatlinburg) 05/21/2010
Dairy Queen Thin Mint Cookie Blizzard (Youngstown) 05/10/2010
Texas Roadhouse – Filet Mignon (Gatlinburg) 05/02/2010
Broadway 49 Cafe – Chicken Tenders (New York) 04/25/2010
Chicago Style Pizza – No, Not Really (Chicago) 04/15/2010
Gia’s Pizzeria – Beer Batter Haddock (Youngstown) 04/11/2010
Blue Wolf Tavern – Chicken Parmigiano (Youngstown) 03/19/2010
Caffe’ Capri St. Valentine’s Day Dinner (Youngstown) 02/14/2010
Brasserie Restaurant – Bacon Cheeseburger (New York) 02/05/2010
Bob Evans Bacon Cheeseburger Takeout (Youngstown) 01/09/2010
Blue Plate Special Orders 2009:
Fannie Farkle’s Ogle Dogs (Gatlinburg) 12/21/2009
BLT Burger – Mirage Hotel (Las Vegas) 12/06/2009
Smoky Mountain Brewery Chicken Tenders (Gatlinburg) 11/11/2009
Elephant Ear Restaurant (Youngstown) 09/30/2009
Stage Deli – Caesars Palace (Las Vegas) 09/23/2009
KFC 3 Piece Chicken Strip Dinner (Youngstown) 08/29/2009
Belleria Italian Restaurant – Pizza (Youngstown) 08/20/2009
Calhoun’s Fried Chicken Planks Platter (Gatlinburg) 08/09/2009
Applebee’s Restaurant Ultimate Trio (Youngstown) 08/01/2009
Eddie’s Grill Cheeseburger – Geneva On The Lake (Geneva) 07/13/2009
Wish Sandwich (Bow Bow Bow) (Youngstown) 07/06/2009
Jump In Jack’s Chicken Shack – Chicken Parm (Youngstown) 06/18/2009
River Rock Deli (Chicago) 05/27/2009
KFC Big Box Meal Fried Chicken (Youngstown) 05/18/2009
Kokomo’s At The Mirage Discounted Filet (Las Vegas) 05/02/2009
Philadelphia Hard Rock Cafe (Philadelphia) 04/24/2009
Five Guys Burgers (Youngstown) 04/11/2009
Calhoun’s Spare Ribs (Gatlinburg) 04/05/2009
Cafe Caribe Breakfast At The Mirage (Las Vegas) 03/29/2009
Stage Deli – Hot Turkey Sandwich (New York) 02/27/2009
Elmton Restaurant Pizza (Youngstown) 02/20/2009
Crowne Plaza Hotel Room Service (Chicago) 02/13/2009
Steamers Stonewall Tavern (Youngstown) 02/10/2009
Ober Gatlinburg Pizza (Gatlinburg) 02/08/2009
Bruno’s Pizza (Youngstown) 02/01/2009
Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant (Youngstown) 01/25/2009
Blue Plate Special Orders 2008:
Calhoun’s Cheeseburger (Gatlinburg) 12/09/2008
Maxwell’s Restaurant – Stuffed Chicken (Gatlinburg) 12/03/2008
Smoky’s Sports Pub Cheese Burger (Gatlinburg) 11/25/2008
Tamarack Rest Stop Sbarro Pizza (West Virginia) 11/19/2008
Hoss’s Steakhouse Final Dinner Bell (New Castle) 11/16/2008
Piero’s Italian Restaurant (Las Vegas) 11/06/2008
Outback Steakhouse (Youngstown) 09/16/2008
Wedgewood Pizza (Youngstown) 09/01/2008
Crowne Metro Grilled Chicken (Chicago) 08/28/2008
Stage Deli Cheesecake (New York) 08/14/2008
Jays Place Stuffed Chicken (Fairfax, Virginia) 08/09/2008
Bob Evans Turkey Dinner (Youngstown) 08/02/2008
Jorgine’s Restaurant – Meatball Sub (Youngstown) 07/30/2008
Hoss’s Restaurant – Chicken Planks (New Castle) 07/26/2008
Quizzno’s $5 Dollar Sub (Youngstown) 07/17/2008
Carnegie Deli Turkey Sandwich (Las Vegas) 07/15/2008
Carnegie Deli Bacon Hamburger (Las Vegas) 07/13/2008
Kokomo’s Restaurant (Las Vegas) 07/02/2008
Cheeseburger In Paradise (Orlando) 06/24/2008
Moore’s Tavern Cheeseburger (Youngstown) 06/16/2008
California Pizza Restaurant (Las Vegas) 06/09/2008
Stack Restaurant Filet (Las Vegas) 05/19/2008
Coke Zero Taste (Youngstown) 05/10/2008
Bob Evans Bacon Omelette (Youngstown) 04/20/2008
Pizza Joe’s Breakfast Pizza (Youngstown) 04/03/2008
Potato Soup – Apple Barn (Gatlinburg) 03/26/2008
Taco Bell Taquito (Youngstown) 03/18/2008
Maxwell’s Restaurant (Gatlinburg) 03/05/2008
Old Mill Restaurant (Gatlinburg) 02/25/2008
Hungry Howie’s Calzone (Youngstown) 02/19/2008
Aunt Mahalia’s Chocolate Confection (Gatlinburg) 02/11/2008
Francesco’s Italian Restaurant (Las Vegas) 02/06/2008
Champions Restaurant (Philadelphia) 01/30/2008
Peddler Steak House (Gatlinburg) 01/22/2008
Brewery Pizza (Gatlinburg) 01/10/2008
Japonais Restaurant (Las Vegas) 01/06/2008
Arby’s Giant Roast Beef (Youngstown) 01/03/2008
Blue Plate Special Orders 2007:
Smoky Mountain Brewery And Restaurant (Gatlinburg) 12/27/2007
Bantry Bay Irish Bar (New York) 12/20/2007
Aunt Mahalia’s Caramel Apples (Gatlinburg) 12/13/2007
Waffles For Breakfast (Philadelphia) 12/12/2007
Rosie O’Grady’s Restaurant (New York) 12/11/2007
Michael’s Gourmet Restaurant (Las Vegas)
Applebarn Fried Chicken Planks (Gatlinburg)
Eddie’s Grill Restaurant Pizza (Geneva)
Cornersburg Pizza (Youngstown)
Gino’s Pizza (Chicago)
Ober Gatlinburg Cherry Sno cone (Gatlinburg)
Wal-Mart French Bread (Youngstown)
Arby’s Chicken Sandwich (Youngstown)
Taco Bell Taco’s (Youngstown)
Pastino’s Pizza And Jojo Fries (Youngstown)
Inner Circle Pizza (Youngstown)
Antone’s Fried Cheese (Youngstown)
Gibson’s Steak House (Chicago)
Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar (Geneva)
Quizno’s Turkey Sub (Youngstown)
A Vile Breakfast (Chicago)
Pastino’s Chicken Planks (Youngstown)
Kalik Beer Of The Bahama’s (Bahama’s)
Hoss’s Steak House (New Castle)
Caffe Palermo Dessert (New York)
Backyard Cookout (Youngstown)
Terrace Cafe Breakfast (Las Vegas)
Texas Roadhouse Restaurant (Gatlinburg)
Thanksgiving Turkey (Youngstown)
I’m Glad I Picked You (Youngstown)
Toarmina Restaurant Of Little Italy (New York)
Gallagher’s Steak House (New York)
Peddler Steak House (Gatlinburg)
Parkway Pancake House (Gatlinburg)
Cafe Chloe (Las Vegas)
Omaha Porterhouse Steak (Omaha)
I’m Your Ice Cream Man (Youngstown)
Burger King Big Enormous Sandwich (Youngstown)
Popeye’s Fried Chicken (Youngstown)
Stage Deli Turkey Sandwich (New York)
Open Hearth Restaurant (Gatlinburg)
Handel’s Butter Pecan Ice Cream (Youngstown)
Duffs Smorgasbord Buffett (Gatlinburg)
Banana Popsicle (Youngstown)
KFC Bucket Of Chicken (Youngstown)
$3.00 Hot Dog (Gatlinburg)
Wendy’s Double Cheeseburger (Youngstown)
Summitville Turkey Dinner (Summitville)
Roadhouse Restaurant (Youngstown)
Hooters Restaurant (Las Vegas)
West Glen Fish Dinner (Youngstown)
Treasure Island Steak House (Las Vegas)
Canters Deli Turkey Sandwich (Las Vegas)
Arby’s Big Montana Sandwich (Youngstown)
Home Made Turkey Sandwich (Youngstown)
Burger King BK Stacker (Youngstown)
Time Square Super French Fries (Geneva)
Dairy Queen Dilly Bar (Youngstown)
Smoky Mountain Brewery Cheeseburger (Gatlinburg)
Applebarn Restaurant Turkey Dinner (Gatlinburg)
Pepsi Edge Challenge (New York)
Chef Boyardee Ravioli (Youngstown)
McDonalds Double Cheeseburger (Youngstown)
Long John Silvers Chicken Planks (Youngstown)
Trade Show Turkey Sandwich (Chicago)
Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich (Youngstown)
Home Made Cherry Pie (New York)
Cafe Roma Pizza (Youngstown)
Avalon Gardens Pizza (Youngstown)
Subway – Eat Fresh (Youngstown)
Fudgesicles (Youngstown)
Ronco Showtime Rotisserie (Youngstown)
Uptown Pizza (Youngstown)
Galaxy Seafood Fish Dinner (Youngstown)
McDonalds Breakfast Sandwich (Youngstown)
Avalon Gardens Chicken Fingers (Youngstown)
Coke And Mike And Ikes (Youngstown)
Jib Jab Chili Cheese Dogs (Girard)
Periscope Subs (Youngstown)
Sparkle Market Salad (Youngstown)
Pastino’s Pizza And Jojo Fries (Youngstown)
Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup (Youngstown)
Lamacusa’s Bacon Cheeseburger (Youngstown)
Dunkin Donuts (Youngstown)
Cafe Roma Pepperoni Roll (Youngstown)
Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich (Youngstown)
Canfield Scaregrounds Pizza And Fries (Canfield)
Plaza Donuts (Youngstown)
Cocca’s Pizza (Youngstown)
New Coke C2 (Youngstown)
Vending Machines (Youngstown)
Cafe Roma Chicken Fingers And Cheese Sticks (Youngstown)
Papa’s Pizza Pepperoni Roll (Youngstown)
Pizza Joe’s (Youngstown)
Chipped chop Ham Sandwich (Youngstown)
Lamacusa Tavern Fish Sandwich (Youngstown)
Pizza Hut (Youngstown)
Jib Jab Cheeseburger And Chili Dog (Youngstown)
Arby’s 4 For 5 Deal (Youngstown)


6 Responses to “Blue Plate Special”

  1. Marian said

    I guess syou like the blue plate special my blue plate special is soulaki sandwich with extra tzaziki sauce made with chicken and its made at the restaurant called kojax the next restaurant is called THE TROIKA where you can hear to your hearts content gipsy music food is fabuluous and dinner for two 165.00 for 2 people and a night to remember boy do I remember my 33rd birthday it was fabuluous carlos and peppes a mexican restaurant that serves all the mexican fare that you like . How come your prioncess diana articles I cannot read or scroll to many messages or what Adios amigo

    • LOTGK said

      Marian, just went to the Diana site, it is up and running as normal, I saw your last post there several days ago, your own predictions plus my reply. Check it again please.

  2. Foiled Again said

    You post all about Saint Patricks day but you never critiqued Irish food on your blue plate special. Whats the matter with you man.

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  4. […] Archives April Fools Days Blue Plate Special Christmas Holidays Conspiracy Theories Geneva On The Lake Giant Aliens Growing Up Catholic […]

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