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Vikings Club Bears 36-10 November 29, 2009

Posted by LOTGK on December 2, 2009

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Leads League In Fumbles

The Vikings completed their three game home stint with a victory over division rivals Chicago Bears 36-10 extending their record to an impressive 10-1. So why the hell am I upset and worried? For starters, have a look at the caption under Adrian Peterson’s picture. He leads all running backs in fumbles with six this year and 9 from last year. Did anyone notice when Peterson jogged off the field after his fumble? The running back coach just smiled at him as if to say, “Hey Adrian, don’t do that again.” WTF!!!

I would think that the running back coach would be working daily with Peterson concerning his fumbling. Now that Peterson is a known fumbler, defenders will really be ripping the ball from him.

Sticking with the Peterson theme, perhaps now I know why when the Vikings had first and goal at the 1 foot line Peterson was on the sidelines and Favre passed the ball. Because Childress was afraid he would fumble. The man with the strongest hand shake cannot hold onto the ball. If this trend continues, Peterson will become an ineffective weapon.

Staying with the theme concern and upset, the Vikings racked up plenty of penalties Sunday. Most of them dumb ass ones.

OK, I got that off my chest, but seriously, the Peterson fumble situation is one that needs to be fixed immediately.

Brett Favre continued his all pro performance passing for almost 400 yards and 3 touchdowns and zero interceptions. No thanks to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman mentioning Favre hasn’t thrown an interception in the month of November almost imploring to the football gods to jinx him.

Did I happen to mention way back in week one that Percy Harvin is the rookie of the year? Yes, I did! And with his 100 plus receiving yards and 35 yard run and touchdown, he is securing that position.

I would be remiss if I forget to mention Jared Allen and his two sacks and interception. He is on pace for 18 sacks this year which would be his career high.

As for Sidney Rice, he is off the charts. He has more yards this year than his previous two season combined, and he still has 5 more regular season games left.

The Vikings are 10-1 and in command of the NFC North. However, the Saints keep steam rolling along and are a perfect 11-0 as they completely dissected the Patriots defense. Brees pitched a perfect game, and leads the NFL in passing and TD’s. If the Vikings played like they did on Sunday, 10 penalties, Peterson fumbles, and the dropped passes, then the Vikings will not reach the Super Bowl.

It’s time to let Peterson know that it is not OK to fumble just because he is an excellent runner. It is not OK to commit double digit penalties. It is not OK to drop passes.


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2 Responses to “Vikings Club Bears 36-10 November 29, 2009”

  1. Max Jackl said

    The Vikings have a chance, but they must get past the Cards this Sunday. This game is your legitimate challenge. Beat them and I am a believer.

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