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Preseason Game 1: Vikings Defeat Colts 13-3

Posted by LOTGK on August 16, 2009

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A Leg Up On The Competition

A Leg Up On The Competition

It would appear that Sage Rosenfels, from last nights performance, has a leg up in the quarterback competition as Tarvaris Jackson braces himself (And his leg) for a ride on the pine.

The Minnesota Vikings launched their NFL 2009 campaign Friday evening against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Sage Rosenfels came out smoking in the first possession and guided the Vikings to a touchdown completing 5 for 5 and converting two fourth down plays. Sage would end up going 10-13 (Two dropped passes) for 91 yards and ten points. Tarvaris Jackson relieved Sage early in the second quarter and promptly went 3 and out. Jackson finished 7-15 (One dropped pass) for 39 yards and three points.

The Vikings top draft pick, Percy Harvin was a no show last night. Harvin missed OTA’s due to health issues, missed the mandatory rookie symposium, signed his contract late and missed the first several days of training camp, and now missed the first preseason game due to an injury in camp. Harvin had issues in college concerning injury and we all know the results that came back from the drug test. As I stated in an earlier Viking Thunder post, Harvin has tremendous potential, but we may not get to see it.

Bernard Berrian limped off the field last night, possible hamstring injury. This concerns me. Berrian has yet to be healthy for an entire season. I hope this injury doesn’t slow his practice and timing with the quarterback before the season begins.

I was very impressed with the defense last night. Peyton Manning got sacked three times in the first series. Edwards, Henderson, and Allen each recorded a sack. The entire evening the defense was tenacious, holding the Colts to only three points.

You knew that media whore Brett Favre would have to be mentioned tonight as comparisons will be made with the quarterbacks that are actually under contract with the team. Indeed, Favre was an intriguing story with plenty of drama and subplots attached. Childress would have had to admit that he was wrong about Jackson which would have tarnished his own mind set as a quarterback developer. But Favre is not here, and Sage and Tarvaris will battle for supremacy over the next several weeks.

Last nights game was a pleasant surprise for Viking fans. The offense moved the ball. The defense stifled opposing teams. The special teams, both offense and defense played very well. The penalties were kept to a minimum. And Brad Childress didn’t make any bone headed blunders.

Next week Jackson gets the nod as starter against the Chiefs at home in Minny. His back is against the wall. He needs to excel with his time in the game. Any glaring blunders will put Sage even further ahead in the race.

As for Percy, he needs to be on the field. First year center Sullivan and rookie Loadholt handled their first game well. Sullican did not get over whelmed and Loadholt was solid. Not outstanding, but solid and a definite upgrade at right tackle than previous years.

Addendum: Matt Birk will be missed.


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8 Responses to “Preseason Game 1: Vikings Defeat Colts 13-3”

  1. texphd said

    Getting Sage is the best thing that team has done in years!

  2. Viking Godz said

    I enjoyed Fridays game. Rosy looked comfortable, made the right reads and delivered the goods. I am also in agreement about Harvin. A no show again. I hope he gets his act on the field next week. Jackson will need all the help he can get with Berrian being hurt.

  3. Anti-christ said

    Faer not Viking fans. Your savior brett Favre is still on radar. He will come if you beg nicely.

  4. Gumby said

    LOL at the picture. It also depicts Sage’s mobility.

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