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Vikings Lose To Cowboys 24-14

Posted by LOTGK on October 21, 2007


Isn’t It Obvious!

Troy Aikman hit the nail with the hammer this evening at the beginning of the Minnesota – Dallas game. As the Viking offense trotted out on the field to start their first drive, Kenny Albert stated that Peterson was on the sidelines and Chester Taylor would get the start. Aikman followed up saying, “Yea, why should he start, he only leads the NFL in rushing.”

The Vikings did march down and and score on that drive as Peterson raced on the left side for 20 yards for the score.
Let’s break down this first drive:
Peterson returns the kickoff for 27 yards to the 31.
Peterson reception for 12 yards.
Peterson rushes for 0 yards.
Peterson rushes for 1 yard and gets the first down.
Peterson rushes for 6 yards.
Peterson rushes for 20 yards and scores the touchdown tying the game.
Adrian peterson accounted for 66 all purpose yards or 39 yards from scrimmage in that drive.
This way the only drive put together the entire day that the Vikings would score with.

Connect the fucking dots Childress.
Adrian Peterson is the offense of the Minnesota Vikings. Just give him the damn ball. There’s no room for Cry babies. He ain’t a flashlight. He’s a star. With his talent, he should be touching the ball 25 plus times a game. 12 rushes and one pass catch is not utilizing the talent on the team to it’s potential.
Connect the dots…

It’s not all childress’ fault however. Tarvaris Jackson was a huge factor in todays lost as well. Jackson was a horrible 6-19 for 72 yards passing and no TD’s. That is a 31% completion percentage. That is not going to get it done in the NFL. It makes me long for the days of Gino Terreta.

Wait a minute, didn’t Childress draft Jackson and deem him the starter? Childress believes in Jackson so much so that he didn’t go after a veteran backup for Jackson. Unless you consider Brooks Bollinger and his 5 career starts a veteran, or Holcomb and his 9 starts.
Connect the dots…

But it’s not all Jackson’s fault either. Look at the receivers he has to throw to. Troy, “Venus De Milo” Williamson, the poster boy for Nike Vision. Bobby, “Can’t even make the Bears receiver roster” Wade. Robert “Cut by the Packers” Furgeson rivals Williamson for worst hands. Rookie Sidney “Invisible” Rice, all the talent, all the potential, no catches on Sunday.

But Childress felt that his receiver corps was good enough that he didn’t need to upgrade them other that Wade and Furgeson.
Connect the dots.

But it’s not all the receivers fault. It all starts with the offensive line. The same line that has Ryan “False Start” Cook, and Bryant “Bust” McKinnie. The line that is touted as one of the elite lines in all of football does a lousy job of protecting the quarterback.

But Childress felt that Herrara and Cook were good choices as starters and decided not to go after quality O line replacements even though the Vikings were 20 million plus under the salary cap.
Connect the dots….

But it’s not all the offensive lines fault. The Viking defense has to accept some of the blame. Although you cannot run on the Vikings, you can pass like it’s passing drills. Each and every week, the opposing quarterback turns into Joe Montana and passes for 300 plus yards and 65% completions.

But Childress knew this coming into the job. And what does he do about the terrible pass defense? Absolutely nothing!
Connect the dots…

Final Thoughts:
The Vikings are now 2-4 and host the Eagles next week. Childress has a win – loss record of 8-14 in his tenure at Minnesota. Some would speculate that Childress needs to be fired at the end of the season. Some say fire his ass now. Kick him and his “Kick ass” offense out to the curb.

The Viking Thunder would like to see Childress Utilize Peterson to his fullest potential. 20 plus rushes plus 5 swing and screen passes per game. Minimum. No offense towards Chester Taylor, he is a good change of pace for Peterson, and is a needed part to the offense, but everyone but Childress knows that Adrian is the man and he needs to carry the ball.

BTW, it took Childress 11 hours to complete the above puzzle.

Skol Vikings!

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18 Responses to “Vikings Lose To Cowboys 24-14”

  1. Gumby said

    So, I think i can connect the dots here. Childress isn’t doing so well, is getting out coached, making bad decisions, cannot adjust, and is a stubborn poopy head.

  2. Viking Godz said

    I really thought the Vikes would win today. When they marched right down field and scored with A.P.’s 20 yard td, I thought it would be a continuation from last week. Keep giving the ball to him and let him break a few long runs. He did in the first possession and scored from 20 yards out.

    Then they pulled him and only used him sparingly the rest of the game. What are they saving him for? The playoffs? If the Vikings don’t win in the regular season, the playoffs are not a reality.

    We have a Eric Dickerson type back on our hands, maybe even better than that, why not use him and ride him for as far as he can take us.

  3. Vikings 2007 said

    I just don’t know. We look great during our first possession of each game and then lousy the rest of the games.
    Is it the game plan, or adjustments, does chilly get outsmarted.
    Whatever it is, it’s getting old. How long will Ziggy keep him on.

  4. Gumby said

    Is Mike Tice available?
    Denny Green?

  5. OMAR said

    I connected the dots. What is that, a goat?
    In college, Peterson broke his collarbone and sprained an ankle. That’s it. For a player who carred the load right from the start his freshman year with 339 carries, I wouldn’t say those two injuries in three years mean he’s “injury prone”. Soph. year he played in 11 of 12 games. That was the ankle injury year. Junior year he played the first 6 games, then had the collarbone break when he dove into the end zone.

    Childress may be overreacting to what happened to “Cadillac” Williams, who was tearing up the NFL through three games, but was injured in the fourth.

    I know Vikings fans must be frustrated, as more carries for Peterson gives them the best chance to win, but given that the quarterback and the receivers don’t look like NFL players, I doubt more carries would translate into more victories. If the Vikings offense can score more points, that’s only going to force their opponents to throw more, which of course means the opponents will score more as well. No team sees more passes than the Vikings, and for good reason.

  6. LOTGK said

    Interesting stats found on the web today.
    Following are tarvaris Jacksons QB rating for 2007.

    Week 1: 17th (75.1 rating)

    Week 2: 37th, last (26.4)

    Week 6: 17th (73.8)

    Week 7: 29th (44.2)

    Season: 36th (48.7) Only 32 teams and he’s 36th!!!


    Comp. pct.: 50th (.487) Only 32 teams, and he’s 50th!!!

    TD passes: 33rd (2) Only 32 teams and he’s 33rd!!!

  7. LOTGK said

    Tarvaris Jackson fractured his finger on his right hand during the Cowboy debacle.
    he had this to say about it.
    “The doctors say I can play with it,” he said Monday. “It’s just about
    me being able to throw the football with it. I don’t know exactly how
    I’m going to compensate for it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to.”

    Compensate, you were 6-19 for God’s sake. Your QB rating is a pathetic 48.7 which is 36th in the league. And you’re talking about compensating.

  8. Changeofhat said

    The Vikes were so one dimensional…they should have passed more..To Competent recievers..Then sprung their not-so-secret weopon…but not every play,because they will focus on him and stop him…jesus its called basic football!

  9. LOTGK said

    Yes Change, but the only problem is, the Vikings don’t have competent receivers. Bobby Wade, Robert Furgeson, and Troy Williamson. Not a one of them would be starters on any other team.
    Sidney rice, I’ll give him some slack for he is a rookie.

  10. Changeofhat said

    Randy Moss is gone..they need someone who can at least catch short passes consistently without dropping them…then go for the long bomb decoy.

  11. LOTGK said

    I believe Sidney Rice will be a good possession receiver and red zone asset. He does have good hands, the best on the team.
    As for the others, they are adequate at best.
    This is a big reason why Jackson and Holcomb and Bollinger are stinking up the joint.

    And I blame Childress for his lack of vision for this.

  12. Changeofhat said

    Childress’s lack of vision is costing his team,the lack of foresight is un-fogivable..but since they have to play the Eagles!..maybe they will learn something from the experience.

  13. LOTGK said

    At least they will get a top 10 draft pick yet again in 2008.
    I would think that Childress wants to beat his old boss Andy Reid.
    And now with Tarvaris Jackson with another conveinent injury, it likes like Holcomb is the starter this week.

  14. Changeofhat said

    They will need that draft pick for sure,and like a pheonix rising out of the ashes of defeat they may end up in the superbowl before I die of old age.

  15. LOTGK said

    Been a Viking fan for 40 years, and am still waiting, albeit not patiently anymore, for a super bowl victory.

  16. Changeofhat said

    I think the closest they came was when Denny Green was coach and they played Atlanta but missed the superbowl by a missed field goal.

  17. LOTGK said

    Ahh yes, the day Denny got his nick name, Deeknee….

  18. Changeofhat said

    Those were the days…when Chris Carter and Randy Moss would take turns making touchdowns…

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