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NFL Week #10 Winners And Losers

Posted by LOTGK on November 10, 2007

Last week was Viking Thunders worst as we went an even 7-7 still maintaining 26 games above .500 for the year to date. We vow to get better right now.

Vikings at Packers
Favre and the packers are a renewed team, with dreams of playoff wins and higher aspirations. Adrian Peterson stand sin their way. If Brooks Bollinger cannot find a rhythm quickly, Peterson will need to gain 2oo yards again to win.
Upset special, Peterson does, and Vikings win

Broncos at Chiefs
Jay Cutler is out, Larry Johnson is also hurting. Does anyone care about these teams anymore? But I must choose.
Chiefs win

Bills at Dolphins
Trent Green is thankful he cannot remember this season. He was last seen clicking his heels three times and chanting, “There’s no place like home.” Bills are hot right now.
Bills win

Rams at Saints
Saints are hot, won four in a row. Hungry for five. Rams want Warner back.
Saints win

Browns at Steelers
There hasn’t been any cries for Brady Quinn as of late. Except for Charlie Weiss. Mike Tomlin has the Steelers razor sharp. And they play at home.
Steelers win

Eagles at Redskins
What the hell was Clinton Portis wearing today? I think he scared the Eagles.
Redskins win

Falcons at Panthers
Can’t teach an old dog (Testaverde) new tricks. Tell that to Vick.
Panthers win

Jaguars at Titans
Vince Young finally has a good game for a quarterback. And for him, that will be two TD passes.
Titans win

Bengals at Ravens
The curse of the Hall Of Fame jacket has again reared it’s mighty sleeve. since Johnson donned the jacket, the Bengals have faltered. Drastically! They’re in for some of the same this week.
Ravens win

Lions at Cardinals
Kitna had big words at the beginning of the season, a 10 win season, and have a very good chance to achieve it. Especially against the folding Cards.
Lions win

Cowboys at NY Giants
Is Romo this good? Or is it because of Owens? Terrell thinks it’s him. Tough call on this one.
Giants win

Bears at Raiders
Both teams stink. Russell and his 100 million dollar contract gets his chance to lose games as well. Who would have thought Chicago fans would be calling for Grossman to start.
Bears win

Colts at Chargers
Colts are walking wounded. Upset about loss to Patriots. Chargers lost all steam from the whipping they took from the Vikings. Let the beatings continue.
Colts win

49ers at Seahawks
What a Monday night game huh? Hereos is on the other channel.
Seahawks win

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6 Responses to “NFL Week #10 Winners And Losers”

  1. Favre 4 MVP said

    The Packers at home against one of the worst teams in the NFL, Favre will pass over 400 yards and 4 td’s. Peterson will not get 100 yards against the Pack.
    Get used to the bottom of the division, it’s where you belong.

  2. Viking Godz said

    Yes, the packers are having a good season and the Vikings are struggling, but Adrain Peterson is certainly the real deal. The game has not yet been played but I admire your confidence, but mine as well for I believe Peterson will run for well over 100 yards today. And another rookie, Sidney Rice will have a breakout game.
    Vikings win by 4

  3. Critical Class said

    I think the object of picking games is to pick the winners. You are lousey at this. I’m going here next week and going with the opposite of what you pick.
    Critical Class

  4. LOTGK said

    Critical, I hope you do bet the opposite next week. I am 26 games over 500 right now for the season which means you would have been losing big team taking the opposite.
    Thanks for the gumball Mickey….

  5. Cristopher Szinski said

    I love wagering on National Football League. The bad part is that I’ve lost about $ six this month. I think the most enjoyable part is doing the research and using research to find holes in the odds.

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