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NFL Winners And Losers Week #08

Posted by LOTGK on October 27, 2007

If it’s Halloween, it must be saw…
With Halloween weekend in full fright mode, the NFL takes on a darker demeanor as some teams are dying to win a game while others are buzz sawing through teams faster than “Leatherface.”

Last week I went a putrid 8-6 for a total of 63-40, 23 games above .500 which is pretty good. Let’s get right to this week’s games.

Browns at Rams
The Cleveland Browns, actually winning games with their offense? Unbelievable isn’t it? They should again score plenty against the Rams. But beware Brownies! Just when you thought you have killed the monster, don’t turn your back on it for it will assuredly jump up and bite kill you.
Rams win

Lions at Bears
This matchup has all the makings of the movie, Re-animator. Chicago plugs in Griese as their QB, mistakenly thinking he has turned the corner after throwing for almost 400 yards against the Vikings. (Psst. Every QB throws for 400 yards against the Vikings) Face it kids, Chicago ain’t that good.
Lions win

Colts at Panthers
I am Dracula, (Manning) I bid you welcome. The Colts with their relentless formation changes at the line, literally suck the life out of opposing defenses. The prince of darkness continues his dominance.
Colts win

NY Giants at Dolphins
They’re coming to get you Barbara! The Dolphins are playing as if they are extra’s from George Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead!
Giants win

Raiders at Titans
It’s Halloween every week for the Raider nation. However, this week, they play at Tennessee, and I believe the stadium address is on Elm Street.
Titans win

Eagles at Vikings
Coach Childress, some good advice, “As a general rule, don’t solve puzzles that open portals to Hell.” The Vikings are in a living nightmare with their starting quarterback, T. Jackson, hurt, and his rating is a zombie like 42. Holcomb was overheard saying, “Would you mind telling me who’s brain I did put in?”
Upset special, Vikings win

Steelers at Bengals
Bill Cowher used to win best Halloween costume every year. This year, coach Tomlin has the defense playing scary. Chad Johnson is the poster boy for “Billy Bob” hillbilly teeth. But they do score a lot of points. Not enough though.
Steelers win

Bills at Jets
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to New York…
Do not search the basement, especially if the power has just gone out. This best describes both the Bills and Jets. Both cellar dwellers. Since i must pick one,…
Bills win

Texans at Chargers
Nothing is more frightning that LT loose in the middle of the field. Except for Merriman blitzing the quarterback unopposed. Thought I was going to allude to the Texas Chainsaw massacre hre didn’t you. I would have if i thought the texans had a chance.
Chargers win

Jaguars at Bucs
Let it be known that any old wives tale, or an old hand me down urban legend, no matter how outlandish, will turn out to be true. Just look at Jeff Garcia, now married to a Playboy playmate of the year. And the Jags are on their 3rd QB.
Bucs win

Saints at 49ers
The Fog. Take your pick, the Adrienne Barbeau or Maggie Grace version. Both blow a lot of smoke and neither have any bite. At least the 49ers get Alex Smith back. Like that is going to help break the curse.
Saints win

Redskins at Patriots
If writing appears on walls in the house with warnings, its time to move on. Alas, the writing is all over the walls for this game. As much as the Skins believe they can compete with the Pats, they will get spanked.
Patriots win

Packers at Broncos
Ladies and Gentlmen, I present, “Kong!” The media treats Brett Favre as if he is 50 feet tall and can win a ball game all by himself. The Broncos understand this and cannot wait to get that monkey off their back.
Broncos win

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4 Responses to “NFL Winners And Losers Week #08”

  1. Panthers Rule said

    You have it all wrong here. The Colts have two starters out, and always lose a game or two. It will be against the Panthers today. Manning will have three interceptions.

  2. Viking Godz said

    It looks like Kelly Holcomb is the guy today. Some key elements in todays game, Childress goes up against his former boss, Andy Reid. Holcomb starts against his former team as well. Does he have a little extra something to beat the Eagles? I think so.
    Go Vikings!

  3. LOTGK said

    Alas Viking Godz, it appears that Grasshopper is not yet ready to leave.

  4. Jack said


    Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..

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