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Vikings Defeat 49ers 27-24 September 27th 2009

Posted by LOTGK on September 27, 2009

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$12 Million Dollar Man

$12 Million Dollar Man

Coach Brad Childress hitched his wagon up to the Brett Favre non-retirement circus this season. Thousands of people reminded Childress of P.T. Barnums famous caveat, “There’s a sucker born every minute!” How befitting that Favre would bring the Vikings from behind driving the team 80 yards to score a TD on a strike to Greg Lewis under the big top Thunderdome.

Brett Favre, with 1:29 left on the clock, down by four points, with no time outs, at their own 20 yard line, piloted the Minnesota Vikings the length of the field tossing the winning touchdown to recently signed receiver Greg Lewis with two seconds remaining on the clock. With that drive, the Vikings remain unbeaten at 3-0 wining the game 27-24 as the Favre mystique continues.

Staying with the high wire circus atmosphere, the Vikings special teams keep the fans on pins and needles. Case in point, the Vikings are in the lead, 13-7 with a few seconds left at halftime. The Vikings line up for 50 plus yard field goal. You guessed it, the kick gets block and returned for a touchdown. That is the second touchdown given up by the vikings so far this season. I say so far because the Vikings are notoriously horrid on special teams allowing an NFL high 7 special teams touchdowns last year.

101 Yard Kickoff Return

101 Yard Kickoff Return

And then there is Percy Harvin, the rookie sensation from Florida. The Vikings number one draft pick this year, has not disappointed. Today, he returned a kickoff for 101 yards for a score plus hauled in four passes for 51 yards. Harvin has three touchdowns in three games this season. Known for his speed and running in space, Harvin has soft hands and finishes his runs fighting for every yard he can get. I stated last week that Percy Harvin would be the rookie of the year. Today’s performance only solidified my stance.

The Viking defense was geared up to stop 49er back Frank Gore but after his first carry, he was done for the game twisting his ankle. The defense stuffed the 49ers allowing only 58 yards on the ground and only 188 net passing yards. Even more impressive, the 49ers did not convert a single third down Sunday. They were 0 for 11. This was a severe weakness and concern for the Viking defense. Today, they got off the field when they needed to.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the best running back in the league. Adrian Peterson rushed for 85 yards on 19 carries. He has 357 yards so far this year. He is on pace for 1900 yards rushing.

Penalties are still a major concern. Vikings were called for 9 penalties on Sunday. Coach Childress, for all his talk about discipline, the Vikings continue to rack up the penalties.

Guess who’s coming to dinner next week? Under the big top! Monday Night Football! National audience! The ultimate game for whore media hounds. Know anyone who fits this description? The green bay Packers, 2-1 come in to Minnesota to face not only their arch NFC North rivals, but their former all pro quarterback. This match-up is a game of interest not just because the Favre variable, but because of the ramifications it has so early in the season.

If the Vikings win, they will be in first place in the division, have a two game lead over the Packers, plus two wins in the division already. If the Packers win, they will be ahead of the Vikings in the division with a home game at Lambeau in November. I can hear the media trucks already setting up for this Monday night showdown.


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6 Responses to “Vikings Defeat 49ers 27-24 September 27th 2009”

  1. Gumby said

    Usually, the Vikings lose these games. With Favre, you win them. next Monday will be a main event for sure. Good game my friend, you deserve that one.

    • LOTGK said

      Yes, I will say, with 1:29 time remaining and the Vikes needing to go 80 yards, I said, “This is exactly why the Vikings are paying you $12 million dollars Favre.”

  2. Valdunagan said

    Its 12 million dollars well spent so far. Favre has saved Childresses job. Vikings are 3-0, I’m sure there will be some other biblical event soon.

  3. Anti-christ said

    Brett Favre sold his soul to me for one, maybe two good years of football. I’m banking on one.

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