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Nostradamus Predicts Vikings To Win Superbowl

Posted by LOTGK on September 9, 2009

Nostradamus predicts the minnesota vikings to win the super bowl.

Skol Vikings

The Grassy Knoll Institute rocket scientists, in our continuing research of Nostradamus and his famous Quatrains and prophecies of the Centuries, have uncovered one particular Quatrain that could not be interpreted until now. We have determined that the following Quatrain is indeed describing the Minnesota Vikings and their upcoming 2009 campaign.

Who was Nostradamus? Nostradamus was a 16th century prophet and astrologer who supposedly foresaw the future of the world. His technique used was a form of meditation where at night, he would sit alone peering into his brass tripod that was centered with a flame. His claim to fame was his prophecies of the first and second world war, Hitler and his regime, the Kennedy brothers assassinations, Napoleon and his battle at Waterloo, World Trade Towers, the coming of the Anti-Christ, and now, the Minnesota Vikings.

Nostradamus mixed his prophecies and quatrains to confuse the reader of when events would take place. We found the following quatrain here.

Nostradamus Quatrains Of The Centuries
Century IX
Quatrain IX

Four dawns past the inverted name of the beast shall arise a four eyed heir to the throne, name unpronounced, in favor of the god, the child.

Twin brothers in celestial dispute, Mars at its zenith, shall defend the stronghold.

The great son of apostle Peter lie in tandem with the 22nd man of the serpent, reign upon the battlefields as the Taylor waits patiently for his cloth.

The Bear, Lion, Eagle, shall no longer be welcome, victory blood green to purple, the spoils of war earned.

Amazing that it has taken the Grassy Knoll Institute this long to decipher this coded yet so simple a quatrain. It was staring at us right in the face.

Line Number One:
The first line, Four dawns past the inverted name of the beast, set a time of this event. The beast is known as the Anti-Christ, and will be recognized by the mark of three sixes. An inverted six is a nine, three sixes inverted are three nines. Or todays date, 09/09/09. Add the four dawns, or four days, and you have Sunday September 13th, 2009, opening day for the Vikings. Coincidence, I think not.

The second part of line one, shall arise a four eyed heir to the throne, name unpronounced, is crystal clear when you look at it in modern times. A four eyed heir. Brett Favre wears number 4 on his jersey, but the quatrain clearly states four eyed. The question you have to ask is, where is Brett Favre from? No, not Green Bay, but from his home town state, Mississippi. A four eyed state.

Continuing, Brett Favre has risen to royalty status, and has taken the throne of the team, the quarterback. The name unpronounced, Favre, which is phonetically spelled incorrectly, is a name not pronounced.

The last part of line one, in favor of the god, the child. This can only refer to Brett Favre and Brad Childress. Favre in many fans eyes is a godlike figure, a savior, especially to Brad Childress, the coach of the Vikings. Childress risked his entire career on Favre, forsaking Jackson, laying favor upon Favre. Interesting tidbit about one word, the “Child,” or the Childress.

Are you with me so far? Good! Lets press on to the second line of the quatrain.

Line Number Two:
Twin brothers in celestial dispute, Mars at its zenith, shall defend the stronghold. Twin brothers can only be Pat and Kevin Williams, the massive wall of the Viking defensive line. Both are all pro and have been referred to as twins and brothers, though they are not. But for Nostradamus looking 500 years into the future, the twin brothers are easily Pat and Kevin.

The celestial dispute can only be referenced to the Star Caps debacle. Insert Star Cap for celestial. The Williams are disputing the NFL ruling that they violated rules concerning steroids. Hence the celestial dispute, the Star caps debacle.

Mars at it’s zenith: Mars is the symbol of war, and it is at it’s highest point, it’s zenith. The Star Caps case is at a critical juncture with the NFL beginning in four days. If the Williams loses their case, (The war) they will be suspended the next four games. If they prevail, they will continue to uphold the defensive line. The Williams never swayed, never buckled under pressure, being ever stoic in their quest to defend their livelihood, their stronghold.

Isn’t this fun?

Line Number Three:
The third line of the quatrain becomes very interesting.
The great son of apostle Peter lie in tandem with the 22nd man of the serpent, reign upon the battlefields as the Taylor waits patiently for his cloth.
Lets break this up into sections. The first part, The great son of apostle Peter is the one and only Adrian Peterson. Peters son. Peterson. Adrian has been deemed one of the greatest running backs in the league today living up to his namesake.

The second part of the line, lie in tandem with the 22nd man of the serpent calls out Percy Harvin. If you recall, Harvin was the 22nd man selected in the NFL draft this year. His college was the Florida Gators. To Nostradamus, who never set eyes upon an alligator, would easily assume the mascot was a serpent.

To see that the two, Peterson and Harvin would Lie in tandem and reign upon the battlefields is incredulous. Peterson when on the field commands usually an 8-9 man box front. With Harvin, the box should shrink by one or two leaving a 7 man front allowing Peterson to be even more effective. With the defense staying ever vigilant on Peterson, Harvin will be left one on one allowing him to press the defense. Advantage, Vikings!

In the last part of the line, as the Taylor waits patiently for his cloth. Nostradamus refers to one of the players by actual name. Taylor. As in Chester Taylor. Taylor is the backup running back, and spells Peterson for certain situations and third down plays. He waits patiently for his playing time and excels when on the field. Between Peterson, Harvin, and Taylor, there are no trio of backs better in the league.

Line Number Four:
The Bear, Lion, Eagle, shall no longer be welcome as victory blood runs green to purple, the spoils of war earned. For the Vikings to rise to the top, they must defeat their enemies, the Bears, The Lions, and the Eagles. The Bears and Lions are in the Vikings division, and must win these games to be atop the division. The mention of the Eagles excites me. Nostradamus suggests that they must defeat them before they can shout victory. As in, beat the Eagles in the NFC championship game. And it appears that game will be played in Minnesota, for the Eagles would not be welcomed there anymore. At home, in the dome.

The last part of the fourth line of the quatrain, victory blood runs green to purple, the spoils of war earned. This can only be interpreted as the Vikings claiming victory in the super bowl. The blood running from green to purple, perhaps indicate Brett Favre, once a Packer and Jet, where both jerseys were green, have now stained to purple, the color of the Vikings jerseys. The spoils of war, the super bowl trophy. Nostradamus predicts a Minnesota Viking Super Bowl victory.

The planets are aligned. Brett Favre is in house, Peterson healthy and on a mission, the defense strong with plenty of depth, the rookies ready to contribute in every game, and Childress, growing a beard to hide his winces whenever his kick ass offense sputters.

My own prediction for the Vikings. Favre does well controlling the game, does not put up superstar numbers, but adequate enough to make the offense click. Peterson gains 1500 plus yards. Harvin scores 10 touchdowns, becomes a threat on kick returns, Sidney Rice stays healthy and hauls in 45 catches, Shaincoe becomes an all pro tight end, Childress blows a few games with bone headed tactics, Jared Allen records 18 sacks, Vikings win NFC North, Win NFC championship game, win super bowl.

Hey, how can you argue with a 500 year old quatrain prophecy from Nostradamus deeming the Vikings victorious!


minnesota vikings icon

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48 Responses to “Nostradamus Predicts Vikings To Win Superbowl”

  1. Nutter said

    whos better, you or Nostradamus for predictions?

  2. Gumby said

    You’ve outdone yourself on this one my friend. Fantastic post. I sort of believe you.

  3. texphd said

    I think Nostradamus is actually Brett Favre.

  4. Jamie said

    Wow. You Vikings fans never cease to amaze me with your starry-eyed optimism. Please allow me to introduce myself: Jamie Baker, Buccaneers Fan. Other than that, very good post!

    • LOTGK said

      We try Jamie, we try. I don’t write the quatrains, I just interpret them. 😀

      And I bet you are excited for next Saturday. Yes, September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate day.


  5. Shaincoe is on my fantasy football team so I hope you’re right about him anyway. 🙂

    • LOTGK said

      Shaincoe came into his own last season, with jackson and Frerotte pitching to him. With Favre, who loves to utilize the tight end, Shaincoe should elevate to all pro status.

  6. LOTGK said

    Line Number Two:
    “Twin brothers in celestial dispute, Mars at its zenith, shall defend the stronghold”

    The Federal court issued its statement allowing Pat and Kevin Williams to play for the entire season, or defend the stronghold. It appears Nostradamus is spot on so far.

  7. Hip Dude said

    I just read the entire post and I must say incredible. Is this for real or is it doctored some way. Is that an actual prediction of his. If so, and the Vikings do win, the rest of the would better start decoding the rest of his predictions.

    • LOTGK said

      Nostradamus and his quatrains of the centuries are open to discussion. Many people read the same quatrain and come away with differing opinions. Mine happens to be right.

  8. Anti-christ said

    I have it on good authority that Nostradamus was referring to the Vikings winning the Superbowl this season. Back in March of this year, Brett Favre and I made a deal, his soul for one more all pro season and another Superbowl win. Favre is having the best season of his career and the Vikings are positioned to complete his destiny.

    I can’t wait for Favre to take over my Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1976 team. They truly need a quarterback.

  9. Swizz said

    Fantastic read, very clever manipulation of the facts. With Favre, anything is possible for the vikes.

  10. werle3 said

    Fantastic! Finally an intelligent interpretation of a quatrain. My hats off to you and the wisdom in deciphering this.

    However I must point to this;

    As a fan for 35 years I will not hold my breath nor will I trust your interpretation of the final outcome. But damn if that wasn’t one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read! Thank you!

  11. Aaron said

    Sorry to burst your bubbles, but that’s not even close to the 9th Quatrain of Century IX. (It’s all made up, even the Nostradamus part)

    When the lamp burning with inextinguishable fire
    Will be found in the temple of the Vestals:
    Child found in fire, water passing through the sieve:
    To perish in water Nîmes, Toulouse the markets to fall.

    • LOTGK said

      No bubble burst here Aaron. We are the home of the 99 cent conspiracy theory. it’s all good fun about the Vikings. I hope you laughed.

    • werle3 said

      Geez dude, and here I thought LOTGK was legit….. bet you can’t wait to tell your kids Santa and the tooth fairy are fake too. Oh wait, their not???

      LOL! Lighten up, get off the high horse and enjoy life a little.

    • Ryan said

      Ha. I looked in the same place to see if this was true before I saw your post.

      • LOTGK said

        Yea, I rank up there on the Google search engine. I also noticed that more than a dozen other web sites copied and pasted my predictions starting in November when the Vikings started to make their sprint to the playoffs. But you got the original article right here.

  12. Clwst said

    This is incredible stuff. Even if its not true. The vikings are in a good position to win with Favre.

    • LOTGK said

      Especially if the Eagles beat the Cowboys and then go to New Orleans and knock them off and then travel to the Vikings for the Championship game.

  13. SeeShady said

    Wow. When i read this, I knew it was a hoax. But now that the Vikings won and will play the Saints next week, the quatrain and your predictions could come true.
    OK, I’ll say it. Go Vikings.

  14. […] crys. Am I Nostradomus or what? Actually, Nostradamus predicted the Vikings to Win. Nostradamus Predicts Vikings To Win Superbowl Grassy Knoll Institute Nostradamus Quatrains Of The Centuries Century IX Quatrain IX Four dawns past the inverted name […]

  15. MAJID SHAHEED said

    I truly believe that it our destiny to win the super bowl this year
    check out this movie call the 13 warrior starring Antonio Bandaras, This movie is about the Vikings going to war choosing a non Viking to fight with them the 13 warrior happens to be a Muslim, in retrospect that is Brett Favre coming from the Packers to the Vikings to be victorious..skol Vikings

  16. Ryan said

    Wow… You’re cool. Everybody look up century 9 quatrain 9 on google to see what it really says. I live in mn and am a Vikings fan. So it kind of sucks when you find stuff like this.

  17. Ryan said

    And I was going to bet money on this.

  18. pat said

    crap… a vikings fan and would love for them to win the superbowl. But if this happens, then what happens in 2012?

  19. :O)

  20. Gumby said

    Those idiots at hardware analysis are bashing your Vikings predictions. Its like they think it was a real quatrain. Don’t those ass hats realize it was made up. Very cleverly made up, but fake nonetheless. You should sell them some property. 😀

  21. Max Jackl said

    LOL at the hardware angryhippo guy. This ass steals your post word for word, claims it as his, and when he gets nabbed, he cries foul. He is the lowest of scum sucking bottom feeders.

    • LOTGK said

      Angryhippo sounds familiar. I would think it was one of the scum bags who lifted my article on Nostradamus and posted it without a link back for common courtesy. But hey, what do you expect from a fat hippo?

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