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Preseason Game 03, Vikings Lose to Seattle 30-13

Posted by LOTGK on August 25, 2007

Kicker Longwell Highstepping His Way Out Of Town

Vikings take one on the chin tonight as the Seattle Seahawks came to play from the first snap to the last as they easily defeated the Vikings 30-13. (I cannot believe Hasselbeck was still crying about the legal hit by Henderson that knocked him out last year)

Getting right to the weak link of the Minnesota Vikings, Special teams. Longwell missed a 37 yard field goal and his kickoffs are horrendous. Not a single kickoff yet this preseason went into the endzone. Wasn’t Longwell signed to help our kickoffs and FG conversions? I think this is his last year in Minnesota as he is becoming more erratic.

Staying with the special teams, our coverage is horrendous. Nate Burleson took one punt 53 yards and another player took a kickoff for 45 yards. Several other punt returns were for 10 plus yards or more. The Seahawks had less total offensive yardage than the Vikings but since they had fantastic field position, their scoring drives were much shorter than the Vikings. And that dear readers, is the key to a winning season. Filed position.

Still staying with special teams, Kluwe shanked a punt for a whopping 20 yards giving Seattle excellent field position once again. In his defense, he did land a punt at the one yard line in the second half.

For the Vikes to even entertain a winning season, special teams has to step up. If it means using starters, so be it. We had terrible field position all night and had to make long drives thus the low scoring output for the Vikes.

I saw a play tonight where Jackson pitched the ball to Peterson and Peterson looked wide open ready to break a long run but it was whistled dead due to penalty. I think this play may be a Peterson signature especially when Taylor is also in the backfield.

Tarvaris Jackson was blitzed often and he better get used to it. I will say that he got the ball out of his hands in a hurry. Most of his passes were on target. Except for the botched first snap, he did OK. Expect this type of play for Jackson for the season. A couple hundred yards passing per game, around 55% completion rate, and a few errors per game, a missed read, an interception.

Ryan Cook. Looked like Todd Stuessie, mister false start. Methinks he lost his starting job with his poor play.

Troy Williamson. Sigh! So much promise, but he lost the ball in flight again on a long TD pass attempt. He had the defender beat and the ball was right there, all he had to do was reach out but alas, he did not.

Sidney Rice. Very tough catches taking the beating going over the middle but Sidney, look, when it’s third and 9, you need to go 9 plus yards, not eight, but nine.

Bobby Wade. He earned my respect today. He hauled in everything thrown his way and made several significant key catches. If Williamson would step up, the receivers should be fine.

Brooks Bollinger, well, is not fit to be a backup QB. So either Henson or Thigpen need to step up. Knowing Henson’s past, he’s as good as he is gonna get right now so Thigpen as the backup!!! We need a veteran in camp.

Noticed that the Hawks pretty much passed at will on the Vikings. A few token runs and then pass at will. I am hoping the defense has been playing vanilla this preseason and will step up their pass defense against Atlanta on opening day.

Tank Williams lost his job. A visit from Turk is in his future. He totally froze on the deep pass not getting back in time allowing a 50 yard plus TD. With a crowded safety position, Tank will be Tanked. Same visitor for Bollinger.

Final Thoughts: Jackson has progressed well from his two game 2006 debacle starting the last two games. Adrian Peterson is the real deal. I know Chester is the starter, but by week four, Peterson will be the rock carrier. No sacks tonight, several hurries, but no sacks. That worries me. Childress has lightened up a little, actually smiled a little. It’s a good sign.

Tank Williams is toast. Jason Carter, where the hell is he. Lowder, didn’t catch a pass, but damn, did you see him shoot off the line? Blazing speed. I wonder if he can return kicks? Or at least tackle so he can play special teams.

Vikes are 1-2 with the Boys Friday. First team should be very limited with the bubble players getting the bulk of the work. Expect Thigpen to get big play and Bollinger to see limited.

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