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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme

Posted by LOTGK on April 26, 2009

vikings saints preview

Athos, Parthos, Adramis, And Sage

Athos, Parthos, Aramis, And Sage

Meet Sage Rosenfels, The Lesser Known Musketeer

The Minnesota Vikings traded a fourth round draft pick for the services of journeyman quarterback Sage Rosenfels, a 31 year old, 8 season veteran to compete with Tarvaris Jackson for the starting job in 2009. Childress became enamored over Sage after witnessing him throw just one perfect pass back in the 2006 season that defined his entire NFL career. Forget about his interceptions to TD ratio. Forget about his paltry 12 starts in 8 years. Childress saw him throw one single pass 3 years ago so he’s our guy.

After the signing of Rosenfels, Childress deemed the team ready for the NFL draft. Which just happened to be yesterday and today.

Before the draft, the needs for the Vikings were QB, OL, WR, CB, ST. With quarterbacks Stafford, Sanchez, and Freeman taken before the Vikings pick, the Vikings stood pat on number 22 and selected Percy Harvin, receiver from Florida. Just a few weeks ago, Harvin was projected a top 10 pick, but after a failed drug test at the combine, his stock began to drop faster than GM and Chrysler.

Round 1 (22)

Percy Harvin (WR)

This is such a cliche, but Harvin has all the tools to not only start in the NFL, but to excel and dominate. His 4.4 speed makes him a threat from anywhere on the field. He has excellent hands, runs fantastic routes, and like Adrian Peterson, can score from anywhere on the field. Harvin is a quadruple threat. Yes, quadruple. He can score from the receiver position, the running back position, special teams punt and kick returns, and at the quarterback position in the wildcat formation.

However, with all that talent and potential and the multimillion dollar contract on the line, Percy decided to let it go up in smoke. To me, this sends up the reddest of red flags. Harvin knew he would be tested at the combine and yet, he couldn’t control himself. Clearly, this screams a lack of common sense and good judgement. Unfortunately, with his failed test, he is already in the program and one more lapse of judgement and he will be sitting four games.

Final Analysis On Percy Harvin: A bold pick for the Vikings. Management realizes that they must stretch the defense to allow Peterson to run and control the game. Sage and Tarvaris ain’t going to do it. Harvin, along with Berrian and Rice on the field will demand that the corners and safties will not crowd the box.

Percy Harvin: Round (1) Pick (22) Viking Thunder Approved.

Phil Loadholt (OT)

Phil Loadholt (OT)

The Vikings filled one of their immediate needs in round one and moved onto another critical need. Offensive tackle. The Vikings wasted little time in round two selecting Phil Loadholt, the 6 foot 8 inch 332 pound OT. Ryan Cook was not the answer at right tackle. Loadholt has massive size and his strength is run blocking. Peterson should be smiling even more than he usually does with this pick. Loadholt dominates defenders on the run and is more than adequate on pass defense. Training camp and O line coaches should improve his technique.

Final Analysis on Phil Loadholt: With All pro center Matt Birk allowed to seek employment elsewhere, the Viking offensive line, which used to be a strength, is now average at best. Only left guard Steve Hutchinson is at an all pro level. Left tackle Mckinnie is only adequate at best, and has not lived up to his hype or potential. (Unless throwing a stop sign at bar bouncers late at night in Miami counts) Loadholt has the potential to win the starting job at right tackle and assist the run game. A certain upgrade from Cook.

Phil Loadholt: Round (2) Pick (54) Viking Thunder Approved.

Allen Asher (CB)

Asher Allen (CB)

Day two for the Vikings afforded one pick in the third round, and one pick in the fifth, and two picks in the 7th round. Round three would need to count and with the selection of Asher Allen, cornerback out of Georgia, the Vikings stayed on target. Special teams is a major concern for the Vikings and Allen’s return skills will be implemented right away. Allen, five foot 10, 4.6 forty speed, came out of college a year early and joins a semi crowded defensive back field of the Vikings.

Final Analysis On Asher Allen: Allen’s speed is adequate, not great, not bad, just adequate. If the Vikings didn’t play cover two, he would not fit in. Allen will fill the role as kick and punt returner and special teams coverage guy. With some hard work and study, he will see action in the nickel and dime rotations.

Asher Allen: Round (3) Pick (86) Viking Thunder Approved

Jasper brinkley

Jasper Brinkley (LB)

The Vikings traded away their fourth round pick this year for Sage Rosenfels, journeyman quarterback, and had to wait for the fifth round for their next pick. Jasper Brinkley, linebacker out of South Carolina fills a spot for special teams and training camp reps. Brinkley is six foot two inches tall and weighs in at 252 pounds, and runs a 4.7 forty. All good numbers indeed but it will be tough for Brinkley to crack the lineup. In fact, unless Brinkley is a special teams warrior, he will not make the team.

Final Analysis On Jasper Brinkley: Jasper is coming off a 2007 season injury that kept him out the entire season. His pass coverage skills are not NFL adequate. I am concerned that his injury has slowed him enough not not be effective in the NFL.

Jasper Brinkley: Round (5) Pick (150) Barely Viking Thunder approved

Jamarca Sanford (FS)

Jamarca Sanford (FS)

The sixth round, the Vikings were silent as they had zero picks and had traded away a 7th round pick to Washington that originally came from Washington for E. James. The Vikings final pick was Jamarca Sanford, free safety, from Mississippi. Sanford is five foot ten inches and weighs 214 pounds. His speed, 4.56 is not blazing for a strong safety.

Final Analysis On Jamarca Sanford: Alas, methinks Sanford is training camp fodder. I predict he will be a final week casualty when the “Turk” knocks on the door. I hope he proves me wrong and excels at training camp and pre-season but i wouldn’t buy his jersey number.

Jamarca Sanford: Round (7) (231) Barely Viking Approved

The draft is officially over. The dust has settled, the signing now begins. Hopefully Percy is sincere when he says he has coaches back since Childress selected him.

Are you going to Scarborough Fair,
Parsely, sage, rosemary, and Thyme.


minnesota vikings icon

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8 Responses to “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme”

  1. Harvin Gator Hater said

    Wasn’t Randy Moss picked #22 by the Vikings, the same as Percy Harvin. How’d that work out for you?

    • LOTGK said

      Randy Moss as a rookie took the NFL by storm dominating every defender he lined up against. In fact, his first five years were the best of any receiver in the history of the NFL. So to answer your question, it worked out pretty damn well.

  2. Gumby said

    But you still don’t have a QB to throw the ball. Good picks in Harvin, but with Sage, Vikies are going nowhere.

    • LOTGK said

      Alas, you are correct. I was so hoping for a draft pick for a quality quarterback swap. Sadly, I will be singing Simon and Garfunkel tunes all season. 😦

  3. Viking Godz said

    The Minnesota Vikings signed 14 players today.
    S Colt Anderson – Montana
    RB Kahlil Bell – UCLA
    C Jon Cooper – Oklahoma
    LB Robert Francois – Boston College
    QB Sean Glennon – Virginia Tech
    S Devon Hall – Utah State
    DT Antoine Holmes – North Carolina State
    RB Ian Johnson – Boise State
    DT Tremaine Johnson – LSU
    G Andy Kemp – Wisconsin
    T Bobby Lepori – Fresno State
    WR Nick Moore – Toledo
    WR Vinny Perretta – Boise State
    TE Nick Walker – Alabama

  4. Viking Godz said

    I love the Harvin pick. He brings true scoring ability from any position. Maybe we’ll get to see the wildcat run with Peterson and Harvin this year. The rest of the picks were very good. All selected in the need categories. Good draft Vikings. A+

    • LOTGK said

      I’m with you VG. With Peterson in the backfield, Berrian on the out, Rice on the other side, and Harvin in the slot or in motion. It’s a recipe for touchdowns.

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