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Week 05: Vikings Defeat Saints 30-27

Posted by LOTGK on October 9, 2008

vikings saints preview

Aintoine Winfield was named defensive player of the week for his superior play in almost single handedly helping the Minnesota Vikings defeat the New Orleans Saints on Monday night. Winfield caught a blocked Field Goal attempt by Kevin Williams and took the ball 70 yards for a touchdown.

Later on in the game, during the same play, he sacked Drew Brees, forced a fumble, and recovered the fumble setting the Vikings up at the 4 yard line of the Saints.

That’s not all. Winfield had several tackles for loss and laid a wicked hit on a Saints receiver. His superior play helped keep Brees off his standard all pro numbers and shut out the Saints offense in the second half.

Being Thursday evening Viking Thunder is going to give you the down and dirty update for the Vikings – Saints game.

*The Vikings won 30-27.

*Saints take opening possession and march down the field and score a touchdown to go up 7-0.

*Antione Winfield catches a blocked FG attempt in mid air and races 70 yards for a touchdown to tie the game.

*Vikings special teams player Mills recovers a sneak onside kick.

*Winfield sacks Brees, forces a fumble, recovers the fumble, and take sthe ball to the 4 yard line.

*Chester Taylor throws a TD pass to Shiancoe. And he holds onto the ball. Yes, i said Taylor passed the ball.

*Winfield blows up Stecker for a loss with a huge hit.

*Berrian hauls in a great one handed catch on 3rd down.

*Bobby Wade drops a perfect pass for a 1st down. It kills the drive.

*Vikings get a way with a face mask penalty.

*Winfield defends a pass and makes a tackle for loss on back to back plays.

*Linebacker Leber big time interception in the red zone stops Saints drive.

*Vikings call a time out that allows the officials to look at the replay of an alleged Peterson fumble. They should have run a play right away. Bad call there childress.

*Noticed that Peterson has not had two consecutive carries in the game. That’s no way to get him going.

*Vikings offensive line commit two false start penalties on back to back plays.

*Berrian drops a perfect pass.

*Someone tell punter Kluwe to stop kicking the god damn ball to reggie Bush.

Reggie Bush returns his second punt for a TD.

*Vikings special teams is horrendous.

*Vikings two minute drill terrible. they are playing not to lose instead of to win.

*Announcer states that Longwell hasn’t missed from inside 45 yards. He lines up for a 43 yard FG. It’s up and its……..Good!!!

*I still think Childress is way over his head.

*Gus took some big hits, but hung in there. If it weren’t for Winfield having such a tremendous game, Gus would be MVP.

*Vikings win.

Next week the Lions come to town bringing their 0-5 record. Kitna is questionable. Childress is still over his head.


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