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Vikings Defeat Lions 27-13 September 19, 2009

Posted by LOTGK on September 21, 2009

vikings saints preview

I Am Iron Man

Brett Favre - I Am Iron Man

Has he lost his mind?
Can he see or is he blind?
Can he walk at all,
Or if he moves will he fall?

Now the time is here,
For iron man to spread fear.
Vengeance from the grave,
Kills the people he once saved.

Nobody wants him,
They just turn their heads.
Nobody helps him,
Now he has his revenge.
Iron man lives again!

A little NFL history was made Sunday as Brett Favre took the first snap from under center and handed the ball off to Adrian Peterson. With that snap Favre started his 271st consecutive game becoming the newest Iron Man surpassing retired Viking great Jim Marshall. However, by the way the offensive line played, Favre’s Iron Man moniker will soon turn into the Tin Man.

By The Way, the Vikings traveled to Ford Field Sunday and defeated the Detroit Lions 27-13 in a hard fought NFC North battle. The Vikings are 2-0 and are atop their division. That is two back to back away game victories Viking fans! That’s almost unheard of. Sort of like Brett Favre playing for the Vikings! Yet, there it is, two away wins and Favre playing pitch and catch.

Back to the offensive line. Rookie Phil Loadholt is having a tough time allowing pass rushers unabated to Favre. In fact, the entire line is not giving Favre anytime to set up and throw. For the Vikings to advance to the playoffs, the line play must vastly improve. Favre cannot endure being knocked around like a rag doll for 16 games. He was slow to get up off the turf today. Fourteen regular season games to go plus playoffs Brett. Tarvaris is lurking around in the shadows biding his time. And Sage is pissed, pissed, pissed being relegated to third team.

Can Brett Favre still throw the deep ball? Inquiring Viking minds want to know! If so, why hasn’t he let it loose? Defenses will soon be crowding the line if Brett cannot deliver. However, 23-27 for 155 yards and two TD’s are pretty damn good.

Percy Harvin is rookie of the year. That’s right, rookie of the year. Although his numbers are not worthy of such a statement, they will be by the end of the season. Harvin runs hard. Peterson hard. Harvin is fast, Peterson fast. Harvin is very fluid in open space, makes defenders miss, and makes the hard catches look ordinary. Percy’s numbers for Sunday were 7 touches for 55 yards and a touchdown plus 3 kick off returns for 78 yards. Percy is on the verge of exploding.

Speaking of Adrian Peterson, the one lost fumble marred an all pro performance as he rushed for 92 yards on 15 carries and a TD. Add 4 catches for 24 yards and Peterson is becoming a complete every down back. Peterson wants to achieve 2000 yards rushing this year. So far he is on pace for 2176 yards.

It was good to see Berrian involved in the offense. No deep passes, but he was open and held onto the ball. Same for Sidney Rice as he is coming into his own after an injury prone first two seasons. Tight End V Shiancoe only caught one pass, for one yard, but it was a TD that put the nail in the coffin for the Lions.

Switching to the defense, Jared Allen recorded his first sack of the season. Now that he has the taste of blood, he will go on a sack tangent the league has not seen before. Yes Viking fans, I see 22 sacks for Allen. (Nostradamus can back me up on this) (The Indian with the ying and yang symbol will 22 times plunder the enemy.) Allen is a former Kansas City Chief, or Indian, and his number is 69, or the ying and yang, and he will plunder the enemy 22 times. This equates to 22 sacks.

Antoine Winfield is the hardest hitting corner in the league. His coverage skills are good as well as he contained Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, a 6 foot 5 inch receiver with blazing speed. His numbers were 5 catches for 51 yards and a TD.

No Soup For You Chad Greenway picked off the rookie Stafford twice in the game. Chadway, Henderson, and Leber, three of the best linebacker trio’s in the league.

Daunte Culpepper didn’t play Sunday although he was chomping at the bit to exact a little revenge on Childress. It was perhaps the best decision the Lions head coach made yesterday. Not starting Daunte!

The special teams didn’t give up a TD on Sunday. Thank God!

So the Vikings are 2-0, atop the division, hosting the 49ers in their home opener, and I got a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. (Wait a minute folks, it’s the swine flu, not the outstanding play of the Vikings!) The Vikings beat Cleveland, a 4-12 team last year and currently 0-2 this year. They also beat Detroit, an 0-16 team last year and currently 0-2 this year. That’s a 4-36 record combined. We must take these victories with caution.

The 49ers will be a true test for the Vikings. A well balanced team that can score points and keep the opposing team out of the end zone. Favre is one solid hit away from retirement. Or traction, take your pick. Opposing defenses are quite aware of this as both Cleveland and Detroit blitzed continuously at Favre sacking and knocking him down frequently. I suspect the 49ers to do the same. Do you hear that Loadholt?

Look for Harvin to be more involved in the game plan getting 10 plus touches plus kick returns. Look for the long rumored long ball from Favre to Rice and Berrian to surface. Look for the offensive line to block sack happy defenders. Look for Allen to double his sack output from this week. And look for a Viking victory this Sunday.


minnesota vikings icon

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8 Responses to “Vikings Defeat Lions 27-13 September 19, 2009”

  1. Gumby said

    I don’t want to rain on your parade or anything. Yes I do. The Vikings are 2-0 and are beating their chests. Just look at who they beat. The Clowns who only scored one TD in two years and the winless hapless Lions. Your test is the forty niners this Sunday.

    • LOTGK said

      Yes Gumby, I realize the Vikings haven’t played playoff caliber teams this year. However, they did win both games, both games away, and won by 14 points, and Favre did not throw any interceptions. With Favre missing part of training camp and preseason games, perhaps this is still his preseason, working out the kinks and nuances of the scheme.

  2. Gumby said

    BTW, great Ozzy tie in with the Ironman lyrics.

  3. CMon said

    Vikings suck btw.

  4. Allie said


    @CMon – they don’t suck now that they have Brett Favre! Brett Favre, when taken intravenously, is ten times more potent than the strongest performance-enhancing drug on the market. He will make you grow hair on your eyeballs.

    Never insult Brett Favre or I’ll eat your face.

    • LOTGK said

      In all honesty, the Vikings are a better team with Brett Favre at quarterback. TJax and Sage, journeymen at best in a west coast style offense. Favre has run this same system for 16 years, he knows it better than head coach Childress.

      But, while Favre was a slacker, he did suck.

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