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Vikings Lose To Lions 20-17

Posted by LOTGK on September 16, 2007

Viking Wagon Crash And Burn Week Two

The Minnesota Vikings coming off their season opener victory against the Falcons travel to Detroit for week two action. I never thought I would see a worse performance than Britney Spears MTV’s VMA show. I was wrong. The Vikings stunk up Ford field and deserved to lose the game. Rumor has it that K-Fed is auditioning for quarterback for the Vikings Monday afternoon.

Who would have thought that J.T. O’Sullivan, the backup quarterback for the Lions and former backup for the Vikings, would outplay the Vikings current starter?

In 2006, Brad Childress’ first year as head coach of the Vikings, were the most penalized team in the NFL averaging 7.7 penalties per game. Today, the Vikings racked up an impressive 12 penalties for 96 yards. Let me rant about this stat for a moment. For a coach that preaches discipline, this year’s team completely lacks that. Yes, I know, they played away, but 12 penalties, and plenty of them stupid ones that kept drives alive for the Lions and halted Viking drives. That is unforgivable. So far, Vikings have 16 penalties in two games for an average of 8 per game. Hey, that average is higher than last seasons NFL stat. Penalties are a huge reason why we lost today.

Who else knew that Longwell would miss the FG at the end of the game? For a game where the Vikings played excellent special teams, pinning the Lions on punts and kickoffs, and having several long returns themselves, Longwell’s kick nullified that. A chance to come away with a win on the road after playing so horribly, well, that doesn’t happen to the Vikings.

Did Sidney Rice suit up today? For that matter, did the offensive line show up for the game? Seriously, I’m tired of hearing about Birk, Hutchinson, McKinnie, as one of the best left sides in the league. Today Jackson did not have one chance to drop back and attempt a deep pass. Not once. Every time the deep pass was called, Jackson had to scramble to avoid the defensive line pouring in pressuring him on every snap. I don’t blame all four interceptions on Jackson. The line has to take a big part of the blame.

Talk about gambling! Coach Childress has taken a huge risk staying with Jackson knowing we had the chance to get a reliable QB such as David Carr for a 5th round draft pick. If the Jackson experiment fails, Childress will be made to walk the plank and the Vikings will be right back at square one. A complete rebuild. New coach, new regime, offense, defense, technique, scheme. I still believe Jackson has the tools for the game, but he has no game experience. It will take several more seasons for him to become polished. Do we wait for this to happen, (if it happens,) or cut the losses at the end of this season and looks elsewhere? Bill Cowher and his cinder block jaw is waiting in the wings.

Speaking of Childress, where the hell is that “Kick ass” offense you promised us fans last year? Still waiting. So far this year, the defense has scored 21 points while the offense scored 20. Oh right, perhaps you are working on eliminating penalties for the most penalized team in the NFL.

Bill Bellichick filmed the Vikings last year as part of the spygate scandal that is going on now. Commissioner Godell demanded all video tape New England shot be delivered to his office for inspection except for one film. The Vikings game from last year. Apparently, it was misplaced and mistakenly submitted to the Cannes Film Festival this summer as the season’s newest tragic comedy. Ineptitude In Purple. A Three hour Epic depicting a hard nosed coach and a talent less offense being paid millions of dollars to play a game. A barrel of laughs folks. It won two awards. More than the team will.

Down and dirty. Brooks Bollinger stinks. A bone headed mistake keeping him on the roster.

Adrian Peterson is deemed healthy and ready to play. Except on third down it seems. Seriously, when you need those three yards on third down, give it to the best player on the offense. And that’s Peterson. Give it to him until the opposing teams stop him. A screen, a delayed draw, a power sweep, a power run to the left, a pitch out, a reverse, a pass, a quick out, in, out, in, shake it all about. Whatever. Just get the ball to him. When Cris Carter was on the team, and we needed to convert, the ball went to him. And he converted. (Now he’s a Mormon!) Yesterday, Peterson was on the sidelines for most of the third down plays. WTF for?

A little ray of light here. Vikings recorded four more sacks and Udeze now has two sacks for the season. I can just hear his agent now going Ca Ching! But Ray Edwards is a beast. I see 10 plus sacks for this monster. And Sharper with two picks, three total for the defense, they are keeping us in each game.

Ahh ohh. Cloud cover. How to beat the Minnesota Vikings? Pass the ball. Bring out four receivers, leave the RB in to block, spread the field and go pass happy on them. You will put up Joe Montana esque numbers against them. Forget about the run, pass on the bastards. They cannot stop the pass. It’s been proven almost every week.

The wagon wheels have fallen off. We need a real good mechanic to fix it right away.

Final Thoughts:
Las Vegas odds has the Vikings over under at 8 games. Vegas odds makers are in the business to make money, and are usually correct. Even though I bet on them to win the super bowl this year, in my heart, I know we are no better than a 7-9 or 8-8 team. Perhaps 9-7 if we get real lucky and the defense keeps scoring TD’s each week. This year is T. Jackson’s training camp. The Vikings will live and die by his arm. Childress is backed into a corner. If he benches him for Bollinger, Childress gets fired at season’s end. If he benches him for Holcombe, and Holcombe excels, Childress still gets fired at seasons end. The only way to save his job is by injury. If Jackson gets hurt, Childress keeps his job.

And oh by the way, Jackson got hurt in the waning minutes of the game yesterday. Pulled a groin. Perhaps that is the opening Childress needs to sit him on the bench to completely heal, say, for another 6 weeks.

And a BTW blurp here. We are running the West Coast offense aren’t we? The same type of offense that Tarkenton and Foreman ran in the mid 70’s? The same type of offense that Montana and Craig ran in the 1980’s? Then why the hell ain’t Jackson using Peterson and Taylor the same way? Foreman and Craig had plenty of catches out of the back field that kept opposing defenses guessing and on their heels. I believe that once Jackson starts dumping screens and short dump passes to Peterson and Taylor when he gets healthy, the offense will open up the way it’s supposed to. Until then, look for our defense to continue to outscore our offense.

We go to the hapless Chiefs next week and face quarterback Huard. He is licking his chops as he will put up Joe Montana numbers against our defense.

skol Vikings!

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One Response to “Vikings Lose To Lions 20-17”

  1. LOTGK said

    Viking Godz – Posted 9/18/2007
    I don’t know if the wheels have fallen off but they did play poorly on Sunday. I was upset at all the penalties on the Vikings. Chilly needs to instill more awareness, more concentration, so when at away games, they don’t get pounded with false starts. Vikings beat the Chiefs this week.

    Kitna’s Klub – Posted 9/18/2007
    Ease up on Britney Spears, her performance was by far superior to the Vikings outing. Bet you wish you didn’t cut O’Sullivan now huh?

    LOTGK – Posted 9/18/2007
    VG, what gets me are the penalties and the poor play on offense. 12 penalties is unacceptable. And claiming that you run a west coast offense and not utilize the running back with swing passes and screens is not getting it.
    Case in point, Eagles Westbrook. Look how he is used, plenty of carries and plenty of catches.

    Curator – Posted 9/18/2007
    KK, how can you even defend Britney Spears. Are you the Chris Crocker of Youtube fame with your heartfelt rendition of crying, (“Leave Britney Spears Alone! I MEAN IT!”)

    Gumby – Posted 9/18/2007
    Leave KK alone. He’s a fan just as you and me. I MEAN IT!!!!

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