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I Think She’s Flirting With Me

Posted by LOTGK on October 9, 2012

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

If you have the good fortune to be in Gatlinburg, Tennessee this October, make sure you spare some time to be on the Parkway Friday and Saturday evenings. Head on down to Ripley’s Haunted Adventure and say hello to Stumpy. She’s the gal hanging out in front of the haunt.

I got to talking with her and asked a favor, a shout out. She came through, literally. Thank you.

And make sure you go through the haunted house, it’s certainly worth the wait, and the money.

Happy Halloween


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Dusting Off The Halloween Dark Zone 2012

Posted by LOTGK on October 1, 2012

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

Tidying Up

Excuse the dust here at the Grassy Knoll Institute blog. The last several months activity here was almost at a stand still. Today, all that has changed. Our cleaning crew are on their hands and knee’s working double time preparing for the Halloween season.

The Halloween Dark Zone has plenty of tricks and treats for you this October. We are chock full of some very sexy Halloween sirens, outlandish adult Halloween costumes, real ghost stories, wild video’s, scary demons, big ripe melons, haunted house tips, urban legends, and our own special blend of all things Halloween. Check back daily as we will be updating continuously throughout the month of October.

Halloween Tip #1: If Amanda Bynes offers to give you a lift to the next neighborhood to continue your trick or treating, make like Forest Gump.

Happy Halloween


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Ripley’s Haunted Adventure Tour

Posted by LOTGK on October 26, 2011

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

Ripley's Haunted Adventure

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure located on the Parkway in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a very popular haunt during the month of October. I have visited this haunt several times before but never in the month of October. Until this year.

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the month of October, at 6:13PM sharp, Ripley’s has their own version of a zombie crawl as a horde of monsters parade down the Parkway ending up in front of the Haunted Adventure where they interact with the people on the street. after about 20 minutes, the monsters filter into the haunt and add to the excitement and fright.

We bought our tickets and got in line. There were about 100 people in front of us and several hundred behind us before it was our turn.
It was now our time to step into the rickety old cage that takes it’s paying customers (Victims) to the top of the haunt. It is a very effective prop. Very loud, old, looks unsafe, and has a hint of danger to it. We met a crazy man at the top. I was informed that my camera must be turned off at this point. I obliged.

The haunt is a self guided tour. We were in a group of six people. I was the lead, my wife Patty behind me, the others behind her. We were instructed to put our hand on the persons back in front of us. A few seconds later we began our march through the haunt.

I will say the haunt is much larger than what it looks like from the outside. There were many rooms inside to navigate through. The props and graphics were above average and the actors were well trained and effective. This haunt was all about misdirection.

After about 30 minutes, we found our way out. We stepped into the elevator and…. I won’t spoil it for you.

One thing I didn’t like about this haunt. Outside while we were waiting in line, a woman was selling fiber optic lights to help you see in the haunt. She said it was absolutely necessary to see inside the haunt for it was pitch black inside. The lights, (Which were throw away quality) cost five dollars. I noticed that if you bought the lights at the ticket box office, they were only $2 dollars. Whip a rip off. I declined to buy the light. The woman selling them told me I would be sorry.

I was not. At no time did I ever need the fiber optic light. DO NOT BUY THE LIGHT! IT IS A RIP OFF. The rest of the haunted adventure was very entertaining and enjoyable. It was actually fun. We recommend it in the month of October.

Happy Halloween


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And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

Posted by LOTGK on October 1, 2011

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

Halloween Is Just A Jump To The Left Away

It’s astounding, Time is fleeting, Madness takes its toll.
But listen closely… Not for very much longer.
I’ve got to keep control.

I remember doing the time-warp, Drinking those moments when,
The Blackness would hit me, And the void would be calling…
Let’s do Halloween again.
Let’s do Halloween again.

With a bit of a mind flip the 2011 Halloween season is upon us. Haunted houses are already on their second weekend, decorations dot residential houses, hay rides are at capacity, and the Halloween Dark Zone is dying to reveal the hottest adult Halloween costumes, plus home grown giant melons, urban legends explored, demons, ghosts, and all things Halloween.

Check the Dark Zone frequently as we will be updating continuously throughout the month of October.

And nothing will ever be the same.

Happy Halloween


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Ripley’s Haunted Adventure – Gatlinburg

Posted by LOTGK on October 29, 2010

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

Ripley's Haunted Adventure

I visited Gatlinburg, Tennessee just a week to research the infamous Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. The haunt is located at traffic light #8 right in the middle of the Parkway.

The legend goes that the original Grimsby and Streaper Casket Company was built in 1891 over a cave called “The Sinks.” Shortly afterward, anyone who entered either went mad or were never seen again. The company was closed and boarded up.

As the years went by, many other buildings and stores were built surrounding the old building covering it up leaving it forgotten.

Until in 1991, Ripley’s purchased the property and tore down all the construction built in front of the casket company. Ripley’s is now conduction daily tours of the Grimsby and Streaper Casket Company.

Ripley's Street Sign

You can’t miss Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, the sign stands proud and very visible from any angle on the street. Add the workers outside and inside the pay window drumming up business, everyone that walks by knows a haunted attraction is inside.

Ripley's Mascot

Attached in the over hang of the Ripley’s building is this animated mannequin. He yells down to the crowd bating them to enter. Some of his sayings are entertaining and funny. Again, it’s a crowd pleaser that gets the folks gathering around.

Ripleys' Haunted Adventure

This is the building. It doesn’t look like much, doesn’t look too big, but it serves it’s purpose and the designers really utilized the space available to its maximum potential. It looks dilapidated and haunted, perfect for a haunted house.

Zombie Barker

Attached to the building is a small wooden box with swinging doors. On busy evenings, one of the employees enters the box and interacts with the audience on the street. They are very entertaining, with lively banter between potential customers.

These actors dressed as monsters were part of the zombie crawl that begins every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6:13pm in October. All of the actors were excellent entertainment as they scared the women folk walking the street and even some of the men folk. They were relentless and funny as well.

At 6:13pm Saturday night the monster parade (Zombie crawl) began as these bizarre characters appeared from around the corner and marched up the street toward Ripley’s. Yes, they noticed me and happily interacted with These are the characters that are roaming inside and of course outside the haunt.

The Details

The cost of the haunt is $13 dollars. However, check the multiple coupon kiosks stands located all over Gatlinburg for a dollar off to the haunt.

After paying, the cashier tries to sell you a special light they say you will need to navigate inside. I passed on the light. (BTW, Ripley’s has a strict rule that absolutely no photography may be taken inside and no cell phones can be turned on to provide light and / or pictures.

A small group of people are loaded into a dilapidated steel cage and you slowly ascend to the second floor. You are given the rules and lowdown of the haunt. We were all told to keep together, within hands touch. In fact, we were advised to keep one hand on the shoulder in front of you.

As we began, it was very dark, and those that bought the ghost light illuminated it enough for all of us. The tour took approximately 20-25 minutes from start to finish and had plenty of scenes to keep us occupied. A very good blend of “Live” action as well as classic automatons props.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure is open right now. If you are in the Gatlinburg area, I suggest you pay them a visit.

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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