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Ghost Lake 2010 Adventure – Part 4-4

Posted by LOTGK on October 21, 2010

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

Fear Level Six: The Fog

Ghost Lake - The Fog

We only had three haunts left as we headed toward The Fog, a haunt Ghost Lake had the previous year. The sign on the tree was plain and clear. The Fog was thatta way.

The Fog

If you have read the 2009 or 2008 Ghost lake edition, the Fog is mostly dark, with spooky music piped in and of course plenty of thick cold fog. It was set up as a maze and you had to concentrate to navigate through. Of course there were actors inside to scare and grab you.

Outside The Fog

The haunt took approximately 15 minutes to navigate through. At the exit, we spied this monster hanging out.

Halloween Chainsaw

As we were walking across the Midway to the next haunt, The Black Vortex, a masked lunatic carrying a chain saw appeared and ran after several screaming teenage girls. (God, I love Halloween)
Fear Level Seven: The Black Vortex

Ghost Lake Vortex 2010

Basically fear level 7 was one Halloween prop, the spinning vortex. (A large slowly spinning barrel with pin lights in the ceiling.) This haunt was a very quick one. A matter of minutes we were done and walking towards the eight and final haunt level of Ghost Lake, The Blue Streak Ghost Coaster.
Fear Level Eight: Blue Streak Ghost Coaster

Ghost Coaster

We knew where the last haunt was. The Blue Streak coaster is one of the Grassy Knoll Institute’s rocket scientists favorite rides. You can see Ghost Lake jazzed up the name and sign renaming the coaster The Ghost Coaster for the month of October.

Ghost Lake Coaster

It is pretty hard to “ghost” out a roller coaster with Halloween props but a few well placed skeletons and lights were well received.

Private Ride

After we rode the Coaster three times in the front seat, I have had enough for the evening. However, the lead scientist, my son Patrick wanted to ride again. This time he chose the last seat in the train. (Note that we were given a private ride)

Blue Streak

A minute later the train started to leave the station. Patrick seated in the back car. I will say, I have been on perhaps 200 roller coasters in my time, and have ridden the Blue Streak more than 100 times, but never in pitch darkness. Let me explain, it wasn’t like riding coasters at night where there were lights on the midway, the tracks, and around the ride. This was pitch black from start to finish.

It was so dark, we could not see the first hill, or the second, or any of them for that matter. Imagine riding a coaster with your eyes closed. That was the feel of the Ghost Coaster. This haunt was by far the best part of Ghost Lake.

Watch this video one more time. Notice that when Patrick left the platform he was in the back car but when it pulls back into the station, he is sitting in the front car.
Fear Level Food Court: Hot Dogs And French Fries

No haunted attraction is complete without sampling the Midway fried food and confections offered to the public. We stopped at two places, once early in the haunt, and once after we had finished.

Mr. Fries

At the center of the Ghost Lake Midway, was the mecca of French fries. Being hungry, we opted for the large size, not the super size, which was the bucket of fries, but the large size. The cost was $6.00 dollars.

Large Fries

As the fries were cooking, a conversation was struck talking about Erieview Park, the old Geneva On The Lake park, as the fry operator was a veteran of the park and knew plenty of stories. It was a very pleasant conversation.

As you can see, the fries were put in a large holder and wrapped in foil and laid on the counter. Being no tables or chairs, i moved them away from the front window to the side so other patrons could order. We continued our conversation until the fries were gone. I must say, they were damn good. Almost Idora Park level, and that my friends, is a big deal.

Beach Club

At the end of the evening, we stopped at the Beach Club for a late night snack. I ordered a hot dog and a large fry. Here is the hot dog. A $2.00 hot dog. The cook wasn’t anywhere as talkative as the guy at Mr. Fries. In fact, he barely grunted. The dog was standard, edible, and hot.

Greasy Fries

And here is the large order of fries. Yes, the fries were the same cost, $6.00 for the large. But upon inspection, considerably less than Mr. Fries large order. (Just saying) They were well cooked, crunchy enough and for a Halloween haunt, very adequate.

We were finished with Ghost Lake for 2010. I filmed a minute of the Midway as we walked out so you could get a small idea of the atmosphere of Ghost Lake.

The Grassy Knoll Institute enjoyed our time at Ghost Lake Conneaut haunted adventure this October. We recommend you pay a visit to Ghost Lake this weekend and next to get the full fright effect of Halloween.

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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Ghost Lake Conneaut 2010 Haunted Adventure

Posted by LOTGK on October 18, 2010

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

Ghost Lake 2010

Ghost Lake Conneaut is on it’s third year of it’s Haunted Eight Levels Of Fear hosted inside Conneaut Lake Park located at 12382 Center Street, Conneaut Lake, PA, 16316.

Two years ago, (2008) the Grassy Knoll Institute investigated a new haunted atrraction venue called Ghost Lake. The setting had almost ideal conditions. A certified haunted hotel, (Hotel Conneaut) a burned out midway, (Due to a tragic fire in the winter) and a closed secluded Amusement park surrounded by a cool water lake. Throw in a small resident community with some run down houses on narrow streets and you have a recipe for a successful haunt.

In 2008, the haunt was disorganized, poorly planned, and to me, a complete bust. It was a shame for it was ripe to be successful. Last year, (2009) the ghost lake crew got it together, added new haunts, deleted the lame ones, and added more monster and actors to scare the paying customers. We returned to Ghost lake again October 2nd of this year to re-evaluate the haunt.

As in the previous two years, I will use the same format splitting up the 8 haunted levels of fear into four updates to avoid lengthy and large bandwidth page sizes. You are reading the first update, (Part One) the introduction, consisting of the history of Ghost Lake, parking area, the entry cost and ticket booth, the new layout, and the midway.

The second update will explore haunts: Doctor Rots Funeral Home and The House Of The Undead.

The Third update will inspect the haunted Hotel Conneaut where I guarantee you will see the ghost Elizabeth roaming the halls, The Terror Down Under, and The Amityville Horror.

The fourth update will explore The Fog, The Black Vortex, The Blue Streak Ghoster Coaster, and of course the food stands with the available selections.

Ghost Lake 2010 Sign

This year the Grassy Knoll Institute decided to visit early in the season for the weather was almost perfect. We jumped in the Jeep at 6pm October 2nd, and began our trek to Ghost Lake. The trek for lasts is approximately 75 minutes from Youngstownm, Ohio to the Ghost lake parking lot. Rounding the bend on Route 618 we spied the Ghost Lake billboard pointing the way. Five minutes later we arrived.

Being early in the season, the parking lot was not packed, but there were enough cars to have a good crowd. We walked to the entrance gate and there were approximately 50-60 people in front of us to buy tickets.

Ghost Lake 2010 Entrance

As said, there were about 50-60 people in front of us standing in line to buy their Ghost Lake tickets. The line went quickly as the ticket booths had several cashiers to keep the line moving.

Ghost Lake 2010 Ticket Booth

This is a close up of the Ghost Lake entrance gate. Everyone was having a good time and excited about the night’s ghost adventure. In about ten minutes we were up to the cashier ready to enter.

Ghost Lake 2010 Evil Jester

Just before it was our turn to get up to the cashier, an evil Jester ventured into the crowd to scare the Hell out of all the teenage girls waiting in line. The jester played his role quite well as the girls were running and screaming whenever he appeared.

Ghost Lake 2010 Prop

The cost this year for Ghost Lake was $15.50 plus two dollars for the 8th level of fear, the Blue Streak Ghoster Coaster. So technically, the cost was $17.50 for all eight haunts. We used our coupons for Two dollars off entrance and yes we bought the Ghost Coaster upgrade.

Going through the gate we encountered this prop with the sign requesting we touch the prop. I dare you to touch the prop when you go through.

We made the small walk in the dimly lit pathway to the Ghost Lake Parkway and past the Blue Streak and and assorted games and food stands as we made our way to the first haunt, Doctor Rots Funeral Home.

Part Two Of Four of the Ghost Lake experience will be posted tomorrow as we walk through Doctor Rots Funeral Home and visit the House Of The Undead.

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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Blue Streak Roller Coaster Video -Labor Day 2010

Posted by LOTGK on September 6, 2010

The Blue Streak Roller coaster located inside Conneaut Lake Park has been silent for the past several years due to lack of funding for operation and insurance costs. On Saturday, the Conneaut city council reopened the iconic Blue Streak coaster and the coaster enthusiasts flocked to the park to ride the Streak again.

The cost to ride was $3 dollars each. The cost was to help offset the costs of operation. Thousands rode the coaster on Sunday and thousands more were slated today. The Grassy Knoll Institute was responsible for eight of those rides.

The above video is a POV from the front car of the Blue streak filmed from station to station.

Enjoy the ride and listen to the teenage girls behind us screaming their heads off.

video icon
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Last Ride On The Blue Streak

Posted by LOTGK on March 3, 2008

last ride on blue streak

The Blue Streak Roller Coaster

Sadly, the Blue Streak coaster along with the entire Conneaut lake Park is in peril of being closed for good due to some unfortunate luck in late 2007 and early 2008.

In 2007, the park could not open due to insurance issues and some disputes over ownership. However, the park officials were hopeful that the park would be open in 2008.

Then a mysterious fire destroyed part of the midway buildings and the dance hall. More bad luck however as several of the parks rides were stored in the dance hall.

With the amusement park season quickly approaching, Conneaut and the Blue Streak again lay dormant.

The above picture is of my son in the back car, (The one with his tongue hanging out) on the Blue Streak, back car as it just came into the station finishing the ride.

Little did he realize that perhaps it was his last ride on the Blue Streak.

PS: The guy in the next car was an avid rider of the Blue streak. My son and I rode the coaster about a dozen times that day, but this guy rode it from the time the park opened to the time the park closed. He only stopped for bathroom breaks and food. (We know this for we weren’t stalking him, we asked him)

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Blue Streak Conneaut Closes

Posted by LOTGK on February 17, 2008

blue streak roller coaster conneaut

The Blue Streak roller coaster located in Conneaut Lake Park has now officially been placed on the endangered species list.

The amusement park was closed in 2007 for lack of operating funds and insurance and just last week a fire broke out and damaged a portion of the midway and the dance hall. Several rides were being stored in the bottom floor of the dance hall almost assuring that the park will not open again.

Sadly, a fire was the downfall of Idora Park, (Another local amusement park) that destroyed the Wild Cat, Lost River, and part of the midway. It would seem that history is repeating itself.

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