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Ghost Lake Conneaut 2010 Haunted Adventure

Posted by LOTGK on October 18, 2010

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Ghost Lake 2010

Ghost Lake Conneaut is on it’s third year of it’s Haunted Eight Levels Of Fear hosted inside Conneaut Lake Park located at 12382 Center Street, Conneaut Lake, PA, 16316.

Two years ago, (2008) the Grassy Knoll Institute investigated a new haunted atrraction venue called Ghost Lake. The setting had almost ideal conditions. A certified haunted hotel, (Hotel Conneaut) a burned out midway, (Due to a tragic fire in the winter) and a closed secluded Amusement park surrounded by a cool water lake. Throw in a small resident community with some run down houses on narrow streets and you have a recipe for a successful haunt.

In 2008, the haunt was disorganized, poorly planned, and to me, a complete bust. It was a shame for it was ripe to be successful. Last year, (2009) the ghost lake crew got it together, added new haunts, deleted the lame ones, and added more monster and actors to scare the paying customers. We returned to Ghost lake again October 2nd of this year to re-evaluate the haunt.

As in the previous two years, I will use the same format splitting up the 8 haunted levels of fear into four updates to avoid lengthy and large bandwidth page sizes. You are reading the first update, (Part One) the introduction, consisting of the history of Ghost Lake, parking area, the entry cost and ticket booth, the new layout, and the midway.

The second update will explore haunts: Doctor Rots Funeral Home and The House Of The Undead.

The Third update will inspect the haunted Hotel Conneaut where I guarantee you will see the ghost Elizabeth roaming the halls, The Terror Down Under, and The Amityville Horror.

The fourth update will explore The Fog, The Black Vortex, The Blue Streak Ghoster Coaster, and of course the food stands with the available selections.

Ghost Lake 2010 Sign

This year the Grassy Knoll Institute decided to visit early in the season for the weather was almost perfect. We jumped in the Jeep at 6pm October 2nd, and began our trek to Ghost Lake. The trek for lasts is approximately 75 minutes from Youngstownm, Ohio to the Ghost lake parking lot. Rounding the bend on Route 618 we spied the Ghost Lake billboard pointing the way. Five minutes later we arrived.

Being early in the season, the parking lot was not packed, but there were enough cars to have a good crowd. We walked to the entrance gate and there were approximately 50-60 people in front of us to buy tickets.

Ghost Lake 2010 Entrance

As said, there were about 50-60 people in front of us standing in line to buy their Ghost Lake tickets. The line went quickly as the ticket booths had several cashiers to keep the line moving.

Ghost Lake 2010 Ticket Booth

This is a close up of the Ghost Lake entrance gate. Everyone was having a good time and excited about the night’s ghost adventure. In about ten minutes we were up to the cashier ready to enter.

Ghost Lake 2010 Evil Jester

Just before it was our turn to get up to the cashier, an evil Jester ventured into the crowd to scare the Hell out of all the teenage girls waiting in line. The jester played his role quite well as the girls were running and screaming whenever he appeared.

Ghost Lake 2010 Prop

The cost this year for Ghost Lake was $15.50 plus two dollars for the 8th level of fear, the Blue Streak Ghoster Coaster. So technically, the cost was $17.50 for all eight haunts. We used our coupons for Two dollars off entrance and yes we bought the Ghost Coaster upgrade.

Going through the gate we encountered this prop with the sign requesting we touch the prop. I dare you to touch the prop when you go through.

We made the small walk in the dimly lit pathway to the Ghost Lake Parkway and past the Blue Streak and and assorted games and food stands as we made our way to the first haunt, Doctor Rots Funeral Home.

Part Two Of Four of the Ghost Lake experience will be posted tomorrow as we walk through Doctor Rots Funeral Home and visit the House Of The Undead.

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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12 Responses to “Ghost Lake Conneaut 2010 Haunted Adventure”

  1. Elizabeth said

    I love when people talk about me and my hotel. I’m really quite friendly. Come and see me before Halloween is here. I would love to chat with you.

  2. QuenLog said

    Ghost lake was a blast. They had monsters all over and a few chainsaw maniacs. We just came from saturday and it was crowded but the lines moved fast.

  3. Max Jackl said

    Is it better than last year. You said it was pretty good but is this year better?

  4. Vanessa said

    I loved ghost lake. We’re going again on Friday night. My boyfriend even got scared. The fog really creeped me out.

  5. Ginny said

    Is there alot of clowns?

  6. dancelover38 said

    i went with my friends and we all got scared at one point…next year my sis and i plan to go with our boyfreind’s which couldnt go with us this year..cant wait…

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