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Ghost Lake Conneaut 2010 – Part Two

Posted by LOTGK on October 19, 2010

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Fear level One: Dr. Rot’s Funeral Home

Ghost Lake 2010 Dr. Rot Sign

Walking down the midway we spied the sign pointing the way to the first haunt level, Doctor Rot’s Funeral Home. It was in the same location as last years Tinglers Funeral home. We turned right and followed the sign.

Ghost Lake 2010

This part of the midway was dark, and for good reason. Out of the darkness, a demented clown wielding a chainsaw came out of the shadows daring anyone to cross his pass.

Dr. Rots Entrance

Yes, Dr. Rots looked exactly lile last years haunt. The Casket propped up outside and the black hurst angled in the yard. Hopefully change will be inside.

Dr. Rots Monster

Hanging around outside to scare the patrons before entering the haunt was a post chemical warfare survivor.

Sexy Ghoul W/ Cleavage

Shortly after entering the Funeral Home, we stumbled into this lovely lady. She has quite a set of lungs on her as her screams were ear piercing.

Funeral Parlor Coffin

As was last year there was a woman mourning her husband in the funeral parlor. I won’t tell you what happens next.

Foreboding Steps

As we turned the corner, we encountered these foreboding steps. Very nice.

A Ford Fan

Keep in mind, this haunt was in almost total darkness. The camera I used works very well in low light conditions. Look, she’s a Ford fan.

Dual Coffins

The funeral parlor had multiple coffins, and some of them with some very live monsters inside.


Another actor inside the funeral parlor, a skeleton jumped out from behind a door. Very good effect in darkness.

Caged Monster

I was expecting the fence to be electrified, having sparks moving from side to side, but alas, it did not. It merely kept the monsters caged and away from the customers.

Outside Dr. Rots

Upon exiting Dr. Rots we looked to our left and up the road to spy the blinking lights signaling the next haunt, The House Of The Undead.
Fear Level Two: House Of The Undead

As we approached the next haunt, the house was lit up with strobe lights. As we approached the front porch, I filmed this brief video of that effect. Check it out below.


Ghost Lake 2010

Last year as we were waiting to enter the House Of The Undead and we noticed that the front door would stick every time when allowing victims to enter. This year, it did not stick.

The gallery below is from the House Of The undead. As you will see, there were plenty of monsters lurking in the shadows. Keep in mind that the house was pretty dark and I had my camera in night vision to snap these photo’s. Loved the bloody bride, Raggedy Andy, and the Batter up guy in the orange suit.

House Undead Host Batter Up Bloody Wall

Ghost in Corner Chained Heat

Ghost Lake House of undead exit hall.


As we exited the House Of The undead, we looked to our right for the next haunt, the legendary Hotel Conneaut. We set out down the dark street towards the hotel in hopes of meeting up with the mad butcher who lurks in the basement and the Bride Elizabeth herself, who reported roams the halls in search of her soldier boy husband.

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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8 Responses to “Ghost Lake Conneaut 2010 – Part Two”

  1. Max Jackl said

    This haunt does look better, I like the video and the strobe light at th house. Really makes it look good.

  2. Ghost Fan said

    Ghost Lake is a success. Thousands of people have visited so far this year with th two most busiest weeks to come. The setting is perfect,a dark deserted amusement park with an actual haunted hotel on the property. You should make sure you come and see it.

  3. Gumby said

    The blonde zombie seems to be having a blast. Did she pose for you for this photo? It sure looks like it.

  4. Golden Sans said

    So how much is this and when can we go. Is it everynight or just weekends. Can you just walk in or do you have to buy thepass? If you know let me know please.

    • LOTGK said

      The cost is $15.50 plus $2.00 for the Blue Streak coaster. Check local shops for discount coupons. Ghost Lake is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through Halloween. I believe the gates open at 7pm and closes at midnight except 11 on Sunday.

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