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Pornkins Jack O Lanterns

Posted by LOTGK on October 15, 2009


Halloween Is Certainly Adult Oriented

Halloween Is Certainly Adult Oriented

Over the past decade, Halloween has transformed itself into a more adult oriented holiday as not only costumes has become more sexy, but even novelty items are adult themed. As an example, the photo on the left was taken at the Transworld National Halloween trade show in March this year in Las Vegas.

Notice the scantily clad blonde model (Dressed in black bikini thong, tank top, and socks) in the booth for the company called Pornkins. They sell pumpkin carving kits with sexually explicit cutouts in cluding, “Back it up, Cowboy Up, and Bottoms up.”

The standard scary Jack O Lanterns have gone the way of the VHS player and in it’s place are pumpkins carved with famous figures, (The Obama pumkin, Paris Hilton, Freddie Krueger, etc.) and adult themed scenes.

What was the funniest or coolest Halloween Jack O Lantern you ever made or saw?

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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16 Responses to “Pornkins Jack O Lanterns”

  1. Gumby said

    Damn, thats a hot blond and a fantastic idea for pumpkin carving. put a couple together and you got Dolly Parton.

  2. Anti-christ said

    I’m particularly fond of the Damien Carving…
    In your forehead!!!

  3. fracas said

    I always laugh at that punkin tossing his little punkin cookies right out the toothy grin.

  4. Valdunagan said

    God I hope you have more pictures of this Goddess. She is perfect.

  5. Dupree said

    I’d buy anything she was selling.

  6. Green Toad said

    Was she a model or does she work for pornkins pumpkins?

    • LOTGK said

      She works for Pornkins. She wasn’t your typical glamour model that just showed up at the start of the show and looks beautiful. She knew everything about the business, wrote orders, opened catalogs behind the display, everything.

  7. Eng8te said

    Now shes hot as hell. What a show girls walking around in thongs and body paint. Lucky bastard!

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