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Most Popular Trick Or Treat House to Visit

Posted by LOTGK on October 13, 2011

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

I Went Back Four Times

Way back when about forty years or so when I was a young lad, the neighborhood kids knew all the best houses to go to for trick or treating. Some houses would give out crappy candy or worse, red apples. We would pass these houses by to save time and not slow us down collecting free candy. Some houses however, well, they passed premium candy bars. Sometimes they would give you two pieces of candy.

Flash forward 40 plus years to present time. The kids still know where to go to get the best loot. For this Halloween, Candy and Trixie’s house will certainly be the most visited house for tricks and treats.

Happy Halloween


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Halloween Sexy Sirens Archives

Posted by LOTGK on May 19, 2011

Warning: The following post could be rated PG-13 and Parents Are Strongly Cautioned!

The Curator of the Grassy Knoll Institute attends many trade shows throughout the course of the year. His favorite shows are always the Halloween conventions located in Chicago, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Houston. Below are the photographs he took of the most sexy and beautiful models decked out in adult Halloween costumes. Check out the full body painted models, the super heroes, villains, Cosplay characters, vampires, and sometimes models wearing absolutely nothing at all. Enjoy the pictures and hope to see you at the next convention.

At the March 2006 National Halloween Trade show in Chicago, Illinois, I was lucky enough to snap these beautiful women dressed in sexy Halloween costumes. Love the body paint, construction girl with the big cones, sexy Cat Woman, leather Trinity costume, and sexy cop. Enjoy the pics. 2006 Halloween Show Sexy Models

2007 was even more intense and sexy at the Chicago Halloween convention. The Rosemont Center was rocking all weekend long as a bevy of sizzling models wearing nothing but smiles paraded around inside the convention. This is the year Gemma Massey (A Glamour Model From England) was introduced to the Halloween scene. She now works for BlueBird Adult Films but you can see her dressed as a nun, cave girl, and assorted other sext costumes. 2007 Halloween Show Sexy Models

2008 saw the Halloween show move out West to sin city, Las Vegas. The convention felt right at home as Hustler stripper Rachel was flashing passersby in one of the best adult Halloween costumes I have ever seen. Perhaps Wonder Woman completely nude except for body paint gives Rachel a run for her money. I took so many pictures that it takes up three posts.

2008 Halloween Show Sexy Body Paint Models
2008 Halloween Show Sexy Singles Models
2008 Halloween Show Sexy Doubles Models

In 2009 the Halloween show stayed in Las Vegas. Sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Luckily, this is one of those times. The Transworld National Halloween and Party Show hosted at the Sands Convention Center debuted sexy Pornkins, plenty of body paint, Tiger Girl, and The End Is Near girl. 2009 Halloween Show Sexy Models

2010 the Halloween and Party show returned to Chicago, Illinois hosted at the Donald Stephens Convention center, (AKA Rosemont Convention Center) No matter where the show is located, it always has an abundance of beautiful and sexy models wearing outlandish adult Halloween costumes. The Xotic Eyes girls stole the show with their next to nothing body pained wings. 2010 Halloween Show sexy Models

2011 The Halloween Show found itself inside the George Brown Convention Center located in downtown, Houston, Texas. Houston was the wildest show I have attended. And I have attended many a shows. The entire collection of the sexiest women will debut in early October this year but here is a small taste of Houston Halloween.


Sci-Fi Sexy Sirens brought to you by the Grassy Knoll Institute marketing team to boost readership and placement on search engines.


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The Statues Are Alive In Here

Posted by LOTGK on March 31, 2011


Statues Come Alive

Back in late January, I was at the Halloween trade show hosted in Houston, Texas. This trade show caters to everything Halloween with literally thousands of booths selling costumes, candy, decorations, props, and even True Blood and Zombie Blood energy drinks.

Throughout the show aisles, there were hundreds of full-sized movie props. I spied a life-like Michael Myers from the movie Halloween, Freddy Kruegger from Nightmare On Elm Street, Jason from Friday The 13th, even the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. And of course some very sexy women dressed is adult Halloween costumes.

My company was located on one of the main aisle rows but our view was obscured by a granite statue of a woman with wings attached. The statue was set atop a granite pedestal. As work would have it, the show was under way and the floor got plenty busy with buyers looking for the best Halloween deals.


This Statue Just Moved

About a half hour later I took a glance down the row and saw our statue. But something was different. The statue had moved. The position and pose was different.

I immediately thought of the English Television science fiction program, Doctor Who. In one episode the Doctor battled a race of aliens who were “Live” statues. As long as you were looking at the alien statues, they wouldn’t move. But take your eyes off them for just one second and they would move against you. It was exactly what my statue was doing. (Yes, this statue was now mine. I would know it’s secrets)

Another hour passed and the statue had changed several positions but never at a time when I was watching. A little while later, a show employee came over to the statue and to my amazement, she stepped down off the pedestal with the employee’s help and walked away. Holy shit! It wasn’t a statue at all, but a woman. She must have amazing muscle control to stay completely still for long periods of time.

Sixty minutes or so passed and the statue girl returned. The employee helped her back on the pedestal and she assumed a pose. I decided to put her to the test. I made eye contact with her and gave her the universal signal of “I’ve got my eyes on you” (Two finger peace sign pointing to your eyes and quickly rotating them to point at the person you were watching.) She was now on notice and I would see her move.

Continuing to watch, many people walked by and were astonished at how life-like the statue girl was. Many people took almost the same photograph as the photo’s above. Some would talk to her hoping to make her move. I likened it to tourists attempting to make the English Royal Guards at Buckingham Palace smile or move. She did not fail. She stood tall and proud. And damn it, I didn’t see her move again until the employee came to assist her down for her break.

Our dance continued for the rest of the day. Me trying to get a glimpse of her moving and changing positions and she being a perfect statue. I finally got a break late in the day and went over to talk to her. Having observed the other people who attempted to do the same, I knew it would be a one way conversation.

As I approached her, I could see her eyes shifted and she was looking at me. I asked her a favor, and said I would certainly understand if she couldn’t grant my request. After all, this was her job.

What I asked was: I would like my buddy to take a picture of her and me. Not just a standard picture that everyone else was taking but a unique one. I told her that I was going to turn my back to her and when I did, I wanted her to change her pose and pretend to strangle me. (Secretly she was probably thinking that anyway)

Attacked By A “Living” Statue

She didn’t speak or move except for a sly wink of her eye to me which I took as a yes. The above photo is the result of my request.

I am opening up the Grassy Knoll Institutes feast day, April Fools Day, with this post that has all the elements of a most excellent prank. There will be ten more posts on April 1st, each a little more bizarre than the previous. I hope everyone sticks around and visits tomorrow offering your comments. (Contrary to popular belief, this blog does not live on a good tasting corned beef sandwich alone)


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Halloween Costume #6 – Girls Next Door

Posted by LOTGK on October 31, 2010

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

Girls Next Door

Meet Hugh Hefner’s Girls Next Door, Holly Madison, Bridgett Marquardt, Kendra Wilkenson. An ingenious costume that is always a crowd pleaser.

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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Pumpkin Patch Halloween Melons – #4

Posted by LOTGK on October 22, 2010

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

For the Grassy Knoll Institute’s Fourth entry of the 2010 Halloween Dark Zone “Best Halloween Melons” contest, we visit the sincere pumpkin patch Linus Van Pelt. Linus believes that this years crop of pumpkins is his most sincere and is sure the Great Pumpkin will rise from his pumpkin patch and fly through the air and bring presents and toys to all that believe in him.

And all Charlie brown got was a rock…..

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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