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Posts Tagged ‘minnesota’

Minnesota Vikings Stadium Deal

Posted by LOTGK on July 22, 2008

The Minnesota legislature has put off a new Viking stadium once again by spending two million dollars on yet another study on where to build the stadium. The proposal will be discussed in January of 2009. That sound you hear are the last of the nails being hammered in the franchise formerly known as the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings lease on the Metrodome expires in 2011. That’s three years from now. It takes a minimum of two years to build a new stadium. That is, if construction and land contracts and agreements are already in place.

Here’s Viking Thunder’s Time Line Scenario:

January 2009:
Minnesota legislature discusses the proposal of a new stadium for the Vikings. An agreement cannot be reached because of snags on parking, location, and the funding of the stadium. The discussion is pushed back another three months.

April 2009:
After intense negotiations, an agreement to build a new stadium on the site of th metrodome is reached. Construction will begin after the 2009 NFL season concludes.

January 2010:
Vikings make playoffs delaying the stadium construction another month.

February 2010:
Stadium construction begins. With the harsh winters, expected completion date is November 2012 or nearly two and a half years.

But none of that is going to happen Viking fans. Current Viking owner Zygi Wilf stands to make millions selling the team or more millions by simply walking away from Minnesota and moving the team to a new state, say, California, to the city of Los Angeles, (The largest television market) and have the city build them a new stadium. In fact, Los Angeles is already advertising just that. We will build the stadium if you come and play there.

Wilf paid approximately $600 million for the Vikings. he understands if he sold the team with a new stadium, the selling price would be $1 billion. That’s $400 million for those not doing the math. That is a hell of a profit margin.

The Minnesota legislature had their chances to keep the Vikings in state. Plenty of chances. Over ten years of chances. Viking fans need to get accustomed to cheering for their new team, the L.A Vikings!

Catchy isn’t it.

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Huge Cleavage

Posted by LOTGK on January 4, 2008

Giant Aliens Try To Blend In

As the invasion of the Giant Aliens rapidly approaches, the females of the species are attempting to blend into human society so as to study and collect data to aid in their campaign against humanity. However, so far it doesn’t seem to be working well. The photo on top shows a giant alien female mimicking an ordinary Minneapolis, Minnesota woman right down to the color of the dress worn.

So far, it has been quite easy to single out the giant aliens.


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NFL Winners And Losers Week #14

Posted by LOTGK on December 6, 2007

Last week the Thunder went 12-4 bringing the season record to 117-75 which is 42 games over 500. Very impressive, but you are not a Jedi yet my young apprentice.

With Christmas shopping in full swing, no one really has time to wait in long winding lines to check out. So, let’s pretend we’re all at Wal-Mart in the 10 items or less line and a competent employee is manning the register.

Bears at Redskins
Bears suck, Redskins suck a little less. Next in line please…
Redskins win

Rams at Bengals
Rams surging as of late, Bengals still cursed but, Next please…
Bengals win

Cowboys at Lions
Jessica Simpson is on Tony Romo’s mind. Unemployment line is on Kitna’s mind. Next!
Cowboys win

Raiders at Packers
Does the rookie play for Oakland, who cares. Favre starts holidays early… Next!
Packers win

Dolphins at Bills
Dolphins O and forever. Bills O44, get it….Next please…
Bills win

Bucs at Texans
Texans making some noise. Bucs very steady. Cash transaction, Next.
Bucs win

Chargers at Titans
LT is on a tear, customer purchased Remember The Titans DVD for Christmas.
Chargers win

Panthers at Jaguars
Two cats, one car, I got nothing else, Next!
Jaguars win

NY Giants at Eagles
A.J. Fealy gets the nod over McNabb, but Manning still at the helm of the Giants. Next!
Giants win

Cardinals at Seahawks
Warner is a new man, Hasselbeck is not. Please move forward in line.
Seahawks win

Vikings at 49ers
Peterson is back, ready to run, 49ers back also, from a road trip. Cash or charge.
Vikings win

Steelers at Patriots
Steelers have to pray for rain. Patriots starting celebrating a tad early. Price check on aisle 13.
Patriots win

Browns at Jets
Brady Quinn who? Clemons who? Cindy Lou Who, the littlest who.
Browns win

Chiefs at Broncos
Used to be a big game, who cares with only a couple weeks til Christmas.
Broncos win

Colts at Ravens
Peyton on a mission, there’s a sale on Sony TV’s, Ravens also on a mission, to get Billick fired. Ding, fries are done.
Colts win

Saints at Falcons
Reggie Bush, a second year let down, could miss the postseason. Falcons certainly will. Special on dog collars.
Saints win

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Game 12: Vikings Defeat Lions 42-10

Posted by LOTGK on December 2, 2007

kitna chats with coach

Kitna: And we passed on Adrian Peterson in the draft why?

Today we take a moment to send our condolences out to the Family of Sean Taylor and the entire Redskins organization. R.I.P. Sean Taylor

Vikings whip Detroit’s ass 42-10
The Minnesota Vikings have won three games in a row to bring them to 6-6 for the season as they (Gasp!) make a run for the playoffs with four regular season games remaining.

Let me take care of this one credit right now. All season long the Viking Thunder has been ultra critical on head coach Brad Childress and the direction of the Vikings. Today, the team came to play.

Speaking of coming to play today, Adrian Peterson returned to the field after a two week injury layoff. Peterson had 15 carries for 116 yards and two touchdowns and one reception for 10 yards. I said it early, I’ll say it again, that Adrian Peterson is rookie of the year and a certain all pro candidate as he now has double digit touchdowns and 1200 yards rushing. The knee brace didn’t slow him down one bit. In fact, if anything, it made Peterson look more agile, shifty, and fast. If that’s possible.

Tarvaris Jackson had his first 200 yard passing game this season. Jackson finished 18-24 for 204 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. And no fumbles.

Chester Taylor also came to play today. Taylor’s stats were 14 carries, 70 yards, one touchdown, two receptions for 17 yards. Dare I say Peterson and Taylor are the best duo running backs in the NFL.

Sidney Rice is improving every week and ha found his niche as possession receiver and red zone touchdown maker. Rice did not disappoint as he finished with 5 catches for 53 yards and the fade TD catch.

Troy Williamson sat out this wee due to a concussion and Aundrae Allison got the nod and made the most of it returning a kickoff for a Viking record 103 yards. He also hauled in two catches for 52 yards.

I have to love the trick plays with the fake field goal setting up future opposing teams to keep them honest and perhaps opening up yet more trick plays for the future.

As usual, the defense played very stout against the run holding the Lions to only 23 total yard rushing. Also held Kitna in check for the most part allowing 260 yards passing with two big plays but sacked Kitna three times and knocked him down several more.

Honorable mention to Udeze for the interception and rumbling for 30 plus yards.

Final Thoughts:

The Vikings are 6-6 and in the playoff hunt and travel to San Francisco next week for yet another critical game. if the Vikings have aspirations for post season play, they must win on the road against the 49ers.

I have to admit, every time Adrian Peterson touches the ball, I anticipate a big play. So far this year, Peterson is everything advertised, big, strong, elusive, fast, powerful, instinct, vision, and a work ethic second to none. He needs 609 yards to break Eric Dickerson’s rookie rushing record, which he must average 152 yards in his final four games. For some reason, I think he can do it, even achieve another 200 plus yard game.

Tarvaris Jackson is 6-2 as a starter this year. He is not lighting up the NFL but I have noticed steady improvement every week. I am still concerned with his time clock, he holds the ball just a split second too long. And someone needs to teach him to slide when he scrambles. Jackson is injury prone, and although I give him credit leading head first, take the slide to save your body for the next play, game.

Honestly, being December 2nd, I did not believe the Vikings would be remotely in the playoff hunt. I expected them to be competing for a very high draft pick.

Four game left, we need some help to reach the playoffs, but at least we are not eliminated.


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NFL Winners And Losers Week #13

Posted by LOTGK on November 28, 2007

Green Bay and that guy who plays quarterback there arrives in Dallas tomorrow with their 10-1 record on the line against Romo and the 10-1 Cowboys. Problem is, it’s on the NFL Network and only a small percentage of viewers will have the luxury to watch. I’ll be one of the lucky ones.Speaking of lucky, Viking Thunder went 12-4 last week and are now 105-71 over all and 34 games over 500. It is now time to separate the contenders and pretenders and we start with Thursday’s game in Dallas.

Packers at Cowboys
Both teams are 10-1, both played on Thanksgiving, both teams won, both quarterbacks are enjoying a great season, but unbelievably, Terrell Owens, who once said he would prefer to have Bret Favre as his quarterback, will be the deciding factor.
Cowboys win

49ers at Panthers
It’s the Ted Mack Amateur hour variety show sponsored by Geritol. Dilfer and Testaverde, with a combined age of 106, are the two oldest quarterbacks. But who cares.
Carolina wins

Bills at Redskins
Our condolences to the family of Sean Taylor and the Redskins organization. Football will not be on their mind.
Bills win

Texans at Titans
Vince Young has been struggling all season and just waiting for a break out game. He’ll get it this Sunday.
Titans win

Falcons at Rams
Battle at Little Ho-Hum
Rams win

Seahawks at Eagles
The McNabbless Eagles almost pulled off the big upset against the Pat’s coming up just short. Does Shawn Alexander still play for the Hawks?
Eagles win

Lions at Vikings
Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson. Lions had the chance to select both and choose Johnson over Peterson. Huge mistake. Peterson returns after a two week injury sidelined him, but he will split time with Chester Taylor. And Jackson passes for over 200 yards Sunday.
Vikings win

Jaguars at Colts
Jags are on a hot streak, Colts are all banged up. Is Harrison healthy? A little bit, but speedy Gonzalez will shine this weekend.
Colts win

Chargers at Chiefs
Priest Holmes announced his retirement last week. The rest of the team followed suit.
Chargers win

NY Jets at Dolphins
Dolphins were the only undefeated team in history. Are on the verge of going winless. They have a chance against the Jets, bet they are praying for a downpour. Conditions are sunny for Sunday.
No upset special here, Jets win

Broncos at Raiders
There was a time this game this late in the season meant something. Now it means who gets the lower draft pick. Maybe Russell plays this week. So what?
Broncos win

Browns at Cardinals
Never did I think the Browns would be in the playoff hunt first week of December. Or the Cards, well, the Browns are playoff bound.
Browns win

Bucs at Saints
The Bucs are a hard team to figure out. Saints as well. Can the Saints recapture their winning ways?
What the hell, Saints win

NY Giants at Bears
News Flash! Don’t kick to Devon Hestor! But the rest of the team sucks. Manning was called out, can he man up?
Giants win

Bengals at Steelers
Chad is ready for his camera closeup Mr. Demille? Ben is praying for dry weather. Either way…
Steelers win

Patriots at Ravens
Brady to Moss times three. In the first half. Not even the killer can keep up.
Patriots win yet again

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