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Posts Tagged ‘lost alternate reality’

Lost Update – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Posted by LOTGK on January 15, 2005

ABC Lost In Virtual Reality Update – 01/15/2005

‘Cause baby there
Ain’t no mountain high enough
Ain’t no valley low enough
Ain’t no river wide enough
To keep me from getting to you babe

The Grassy Knoll Institute believes the survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory connected together as a battery of tests and experiments are performed on them. Not by the Dharma initiative, but by aliens. In this update, we look at John Locke, the wheelchair bound man who was miraculously cured and became a master of survival. While out looking for Claire, the blond pregnant girl, he stumbles upon a metal trap door in the side of the mountain. Locke is pondering on how to open it.

Meanwhile, Sayid is trying to read the maps from the French woman and Locke gives him his compass saying he doesn’t need it anymore. Sayid discovers that the compass is off, that it doesn’t point true North. Or, the island doesn’t conform to the Earths magnetic field. Perhaps because its not on Earth.

Noticed another thing. This island is huge. It has mountains, tall mountains, waterfalls, miles and miles of land, and an endless coastline. Yet they are the only people on the island. This island is as big as Hawaii, the big island of Hawaii. In reality, the island would be heavily populated since it is the tropical region conducive to year round warm weather and would at least be a huge tourist trap. Why don’t these “Lost” survivors realize this?

This episode was really a lot about nothing except to foreshadow what was to become next. I guarantee Claire returns without the baby.

Until next week.

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Lost Update – A Day In The Virtual Reality Life

Posted by LOTGK on January 5, 2005

ABC Lost In Virtual Reality Update – 01/05/2005

I read the news today oh boy
About a lucky man who made the grade
And though the news was rather sad
Well I just had to laugh
I saw the photograph

After a long holiday hiatus, “Lost” the ABC television series returned. If you recall, the Grassy Knoll Institute believes the survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory connected together as a battery of tests and experiments are performed on them. Not by the Dharma institute, but by aliens.

The last episode had Locke, the formerly wheelchair bound bald man, finding a metallic type door under thick brush while looking for the abducted pregnant blond woman Claire. Well, the story never came close to touching on this discovery. Long hiatus, and nothing about the freaking hatch.

Instead, it added a little more back story to the characters and had Kate and the bad dude, Sawyer, getting more cozy. They find a briefcase, Kate’s briefcase and there is something very suspicious within.

Kate lies to Jack, the doctor, and they open the case together revealing some cash, guns, papers, and a model airplane. Remember the police agents warning to Jack not to trust Kate?

This episode to me was simply a primer to get the audience back in the swing after being off the air for several weeks. The only significant happening was the eroding shoreline causing the group to move their belongings further inland. My speculation is that the aliens want the group off the beach and will force them into the jungle to experiment.

Next weeks episode will surely explore the metallic door in the mountain and the pregnant woman Claire will be found.

Until next week…..

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Lost Update – Only The Strong Survive

Posted by LOTGK on December 10, 2004

ABC Lost In Virtual Reality Update – 12/10/2004

I see you sittin’ there all alone
Crying your eyes out
While everything’s going wrong
You know there’s gonna be
A whole lot of trouble in your life
Listen to me, get up off your knees

Before I begin, let the Grassy Knoll Institute offer other explanations as to what the ABC’s television series Lost is really about. Of course, my theory is that aliens have abducted the plane, making it look like a crash, and now have them in a vast virtual reality laboratory studying all aspects of human behavior.

Several other theories have been kicked around the Grassy Knoll Institute think tank as well.

One alternative is that the survivors are really playing an ultimate reality show and are unaware they are participants. Its really bad when you are selected to be banished from the island.

Another has the survivors not really survivors, but in Purgatory, a sort of weigh station to either heaven or hell. When the person on the island dies, in essence, his/her soul goes to heaven or hell and are released from the island.

Another is that they are lost in the Bermuda Triangle. or have somehow crash landed on the lost city of Atlantis. Or have been sent back in time somehow. Or have broken the dimensional planes of existence and are living in the fourth dimension. Or that it is an updated episode of the Twilight Zone. All good and sound, but yet they don’t hold up to scrutiny such as my theory.

So, back to my theory. Claire, the pregnant Australian woman and rock star Charlie are captured by Ethan, the man that is not on the passenger log list. A search party is put together and Lock, the bald knife guy, sets out tracking the trail. After a long search and an encounter with the mystery man, Charlie, the rock star is found strung up and hanged. He is cut down and the doctor performs CPR but to no avail. Not giving up, the doctor finally gets Charlie to breathe. They head back to camp and Charlie has no recollection of the events that took place.

Meanwhile, Lock, the knife guy, finds a metal hull of some sort buried beneath the dirt and brush on the side of the mountain. He intends to find out what’s inside……

In this episode, the aliens study the herd and how they react when one is separated. Claire is gone from the group. Is a search party put together, or do they stay huddled together. Also studied is the effect when one of them dies. Charlie is found hung and dead. Jack never gives up and finally gets Charlie to breathe.

And, is the metal hull the protective barrier of the aliens observatory. Perhaps it will get very interesting very quickly.
SIDENOTE: The Institute does not believe it is the aliens headquarters but just another piece to the puzzle of the island of Lost.

Stay tuned for the next update.

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Lost Update – She’s Not There – It’s Lost Virtual Reality

Posted by LOTGK on December 2, 2004

ABC Lost In Virtual Reality Update – 12/02/2004

The Grassy Knoll Institutes theory is that aliens have abducted the crash victims and have placed them in a virtual reality laboratory so as to conduct physical and mental experiments on them. This episode fortifies my stance. The focus was on the very Claire, the pregnant blond Australian woman. She awoke in the middle of the night feeling like someone was trying to hurt her unborn baby by doing some sort of experiments on her and the baby. Jack, the doctor, thinks she is merely imagining or dreaming. It happens once again and it freaks her out.

Sayid, the Iraqi guard, returns and says that we are not alone.

Now, the back story. In previous updates, I said that the aliens were among the passengers observing them and studying them. And this episode confirms this. A passenger manifest is gone over to verify everyone on the plane that survived and the group finds out that there is one man that is not on the list but yet still among the group. Ethan is revealed as the outsider just as Claire is about to give birth and the rock star Charlie is with her when Ethan shows up. Claire apparently senses danger, much like the psychic told her before she took the flight, and the episode ended.

The standard M.O. for alien abductions is study, isolation, testing, experimentation, release or destroy. The aliens are selecting the group one by one and the blond pregnant woman was next on the list.

Also, much like the study, Gorilla’s In The Midst, where scientists live among the gorilla’s in actual wildlife settings to better understand and study their behavior without the constraints of bars, chains, and confined area’s. So far, the Grassy Knoll Institute seems correct about its theory and is getting stronger each and every episode.

Perhaps the 1960’s song by the Zombies who sang, She’s Not There can shed some light on the Lost islanders.

Well no one told me about her
The way she lied
Well no one told me about her
How many people cried
But it’s too late to say you’re sorry
How would I know, why should I care
Please don’t bother trying to find her
She’s not there
Well let me tell you about the way she looked
The way she acted, the color of her hair
Her eyes were soft and cool, her eyes were clear and bright
But she’s not there

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Lost Update – Silent All These years

Posted by LOTGK on November 20, 2004

ABC Lost In Virtual Reality Update – 11/20/2004

But what if I’m a mermaid
In these jeans of his
With her name still on it
Hey but I don’t care
Cause sometimes
I said sometimes
I hear my voice
And it’s been here
Silent All These Years

Continuing with the Grassy Knoll Institute theory that the survivors of the plane crash on the ABC series “Lost” are actually abductees from an alien race placed in a virtual reality laboratory while experiments are being conducted on them.This week, Sayid, the Iraqi Republican guard, after torturing and almost killing Sawyer in hopes of getting an inhaler needed to help Shannon to breathe, sets off on his own to map the island and see what’s on the other side.

As he travels along the shore line, he spies a cable buried in the sand. It stretches from the water to deep into the jungle. He follows the cable and spies a trip wire, a trap to snare what invades the area. He steps over the wire but still gets caught in the trap.

Sayid awakens tied to a bed spring that is hooked up to an electrical current and he gets shocked. A woman asks him questions and he answers truthfully yet he still gets shocked. The woman is the last survivor from a ship wreck over 16 years ago.

After gaining her trust fixing her music box, Sayid listens intently about how the others found their demise. The woman said that “They” took them one by one until she was the only one left. Seconds later, the sound of the monster is heard and Sayid tells her not to go outside the hut. The woman says that there are no monsters on this island, only “Them.”

This episode is about the human psyche and how humans react when isolated and how we perform under duress. Through the use of virtual reality, one can be made to believe that you have been stranded on the island for a long time. Perhaps even for 16 years. Using only her gile and wits does she survive. To test her resolve, the aliens took her crew away one by one until she was the sole survivor.

Next week the show is off but in two weeks, that episode should be pivotal being the final week of sweeps week.

Stay tuned for the next update.

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