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Posts Tagged ‘leslie frazier’

Vikings Spanked By Chiefs In Game #4

Posted by LOTGK on October 3, 2011

vikings saints preview

Vikings Spanked Again

Last week I stated that since the Vikings were 0-3 with an almost zero percent chance of making the playoffs, perhaps some changes should be made. After all, the Vikings had double digit leads at the half of each game but were unable to put anything together in the second half. Plain and simple, they were out played and out coached.

But that all changed Sunday. The Vikings did not hold a double digit lead at half, in fact, they were behind 9-7. However, they still lost the games to the then winless Chiefs.

After the game coach Frazier commented that it wasn’t time to replace Dovovan McNabb at quarterback but every position will be looked at. Leslie, let me give you some advice. (God, I hope he is reading this, otherwise his job will be in jeopardy)

Leslie, the Vikings are 0-4, only one team since the 1990 modern playoff system was implemented had made the playoffs. ONLY ONE TEAM. You brought Donovan in as a one year stop gap in hopes that the team was poised to make another playoff run like in 2009. You were wrong.

Permitting Donovan to keep the starting position is the death knell for your short lived head coaching job. Donovan is not the future, his one year contract says so. Letting him continue to play only hurts the future of the Vikings. What do you hope to accomplish in keeping Donovan as the starter? It is time to bench Donovan and begin the future right now. Leslie, give Ponder the starting job this Sunday. Making this move can save your job and could also save the stadium deal that seems to be all but gone.

If Ponder plays well, the fans will be happy, they will buy tickets and programs and beer. There won’t be a television blackout. Perhaps even the Minnesota elected will see a glimmer of hope and sway their position and push forward the stadium bill. If Ponder plays well, you will have saved your job and the rest of the coaching staff.

Even if Ponder plays poorly, you can chalk it up to rookie mistakes and taking his lumps. You can argue that real time game experience is the best learning approach. Far better than watching from the sidelines. And, if Ponder plays poorly, at least you know he is not the future of the team but perhaps Joe Webb could be.

At the end of the year, you will know where you stand at quarterback. Either you have the real deal in Ponder or Webb and your draft could consist of the best athlete available. Or you can be on the clock for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes or trade for yet another aging over the hill retread to begin the cycle once again.

Leslie, face it. Donovan has lost it. Andy Reid realized he lost it several years ago. That is why he allowed Donovan to leave. So far, Reid is 100% correct. Donovan played horribly in Washington and continued the trend in Minnesota. If you continue to play Donovan, than surely, you will be fired.

Here are the facts. Mcnabb, when the game was on the line, threw four bad incomplete passes in a row to end the game. Donovan has not completed a single long pass yet. Do not count the short screen passes that the players ran for long gains. I’m talking about a 40 yard pass in the air that was completed. (To one of our players, not the defense) Donovan is inaccurate in passing. Always has been. why believe he will change now. Does Musgrave have a special magic wand to make him throw better? If he does, then he better god damn use it right away.

In essence, the next 12 games should be used to evaluate the talent, young and old on the roster and the coaching staff. Let the next 12 games be their resume. Play to win dammit, but experiment with the line up. Blitz more. Run more. Roll the quarterback out more. Whatever more. Quote the Raven Nevermore.

Leslie, your time is now. You may never be by this way again. (Seals and Crofts are stuck in my head) Make the most of your chance here. Make the bold move to insert Ponder. It may just change the future of the team. And yours….

I think I just heard Brad Childress snicker in the back round.

For 2011 Viking Thunder will compare two former Viking players who jumped shipped. One on offense, one on defense and compare them to their counterpart on the Vikings.

Team: Vikings — Seahawks
Player: Michael Jenkins – Catches: 16 Yards: 144 Points: 12
Player: Sidney Rice – Catches: 11 Yards: 188 Points: 6
Note: Sidney Rice did not play due to injury. (2 games injured)

Team: Vikings — Falcons
Player: Brian Robison – Sacks: 2.5
Player: Ray Edwards – Sacks: 0


minnesota vikings icon

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Vikings Lose To Chargers – Game #1 – 09/11/2011

Posted by LOTGK on September 12, 2011

vikings saints preview

Red headed Step Child

The Minnesota Vikings opened up the 2011 season (Hut, hut, defensive off sides Vikings) traveling to San Diego (Hut, hut, defensive off sides Vikings) starting off strong with Percy Harvin returning the opening kickoff 103 yards for a touchdown (Hut, hut, defensive off sides Vikings) but ending the game ugly with three off side penalties in the final drive of the game.

In essence, the Minnesota Vikings were beat like a red-headed step child with Donovan McNabb passing for only 39 yards. Not in a series, or a half, but for the entire game. Throw in the Vikings defensive line allowing Chargers quarterback Rivers time enough to have tea and crumpets and find the open receivers down field for 335 yards and you got yourselves a good old-fashioned woodshed beating.

The Vikings continued their abysmal play away record and add to that factor that the game was played outside, and you had your first mortal lock of the season. But let’s get back to Donovan’s Viking debut. His line stats on Monday will look like this: 7-15 passing, 47% completion, 39 yards, one interception, one touchdown, one loss. I know Viking fans, it’s his first game, and there was no OTA’s, mini camp, etc. I am merely stating the facts. I will credit Donovan’s mobility as he rushed for 32 yards on three carries keeping drives alive. But 39 yards passing. Really!

Do not get me wrong here Viking fans, it is not all Donovan’s fault. Let me explain please. In today’s game, I watched Donovan drop back and immediately the pocket collapsed. Donovan had to check to the safety valve, throw the ball away, or run for his life. Complete opposite for Philip Rivers of San Diego. He had all day to pick the Vikings D-Backs apart. Donovan did not have time to throw deep. Rivers did. That is the reason.

Moving on to some good moves and news:

* Percy Harvin lobbied coach Frazier to return kicks today. Result – Harvin takes opening kickoff 103 yards to the house.

* Brian Robison records a half sack after replacing last years starter Ray Edwards.

* Michael Jenkins had three catches for 26 yards and a touchdown.

* Adrian Peterson signed a $100 million contract extension and rushed for 98 yards on 16 carries.

For 2011 Viking Thunder is going to compare two former players who jumped shipped. One on offense, one on defense and compare them to their counterpart on the Vikings.

Team: Vikings — Seahawks
Player: Michael Jenkins – Catches: 3 Yards: 26 Points: 6
Player: Sidney Rice – Catches: 0 Yards: 0 Points: 0
Note: Sidney Rice did not play due to injury.

Team: Vikings — Falcons
Player: Brian Robison – Sacks: .5
Player: Ray Edwards – Sacks: 0

There are 15 games left in the season with only 8 home games in the Mall Of America stadium. After that, who really knows. The Viking lease is up, will the Vikings move, broker a deal, or stay put in the Dome.

I wonder what Brett Favre and Randy Moss are doing?…


minnesota vikings icon

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Vikings 2011 – If I Had A Rocket Launcher

Posted by LOTGK on April 27, 2011

vikings saints preview

From The Ashes Of 2010

Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
We’re part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can build another day

It’s Springtime, late April, that period of time when football fans begin to turn their attention to the upcoming NFL draft after an active free agent signing period. (What? What’s that you say? There wasn’t any free agency period?) That’s right fans, the NFL owners have locked out the players. Bickering between millionaires (Players) and billionaires, (Owners) is not funny. Nobody wins. The fans lose.

Remember the 1987 debacle when “Replacement” players fielded the stadium as an impasse between the union and owners lasted late into September. Maytag repairmen were literally lining up on the offensive line protecting “Hi-Fi” stereo salesmen slinging the ball to tobacco chewing long-Shoremen. I thought we were supposed to learn from our past, our mistakes.

With the college draft tomorrow, the Minnesota Vikings find themselves exactly where they were 5 years ago. Without a quarterback. That’s right kids, Former coach Brad Childress had five years to find the future QB of the Vikings. How’d that work out for ya Brad? Childress is now developing a new “Kick ass” burger design at a local fast food joint.

Since the Vikings are unable to sign a veteran quarterback due to the lockout, they must reach for one in the draft. The Vikings have Joe Webb at quarterback. That is it folks. Although Webb flashed some brilliance in his brief appearances in 2010, he is a raw talent that needs several years to develop.

With no free agent signings and no experience at quarterback, that leaves new head coach Leslie Frazier with his work cut out for him to right the listless Viking ship.

If I were in charge of the Vikings I would…..

* With the 12th over all pick in the 2011 NFL draft, the Vikings select… It better be a quarterback. I know Newton and Gabbert will more than likely be gone, but that leaves Mallet and Locker plus Ponder and Dalton. Mallet has the arm, strength, and size, and Locker has the speed and mobility. Vikings need to reach for one of these two. However, scouts claim Ponder is the most ready to start out of the bunch. I’ll go out on a limb here and select Ponder.

* Get Er Done. The stadium deal. Either agree on a stadium or I move the team. I’m sick and tired of the bullshit rhetoric of the governing body in Minnesota. Cal you say L.A. Vikings, or Columbus Vikings.

* TJax out. Put an end to any speculation that Jackson will be on the team in 2011. He’s brittle, he’s had five years. I don’t have anymore time for him.

* Explain to Adrian Peterson that the Underground Railroad is not the same as the Velvet Underground. (The Underground Railroad was an informal network of secret routes and safe houses used by 19th-century black slaves in the United States to escape to free states)
(The Velvet Underground was a rock and roll movement in the 1960’s headed by Lou Reed. Take a walk on the wild side baby)

* Explain to Bryant McKinnie that lifting 12 ounce cans at Miami bars is not conditioning for the upcoming 2011 season. I would cut his dead weight ass and his $49 million dollar contract.

* Sign Sidney Rice when the NFL agrees on a contract. He and Percy Harvin will create havoc for defenses.

* I would not. I repeat, I would not re-re-sign Randy Moss. No matter what he says, or doesn’t say. That dog don’t hunt no more. Three times is not a charm.

* I’m embarrassed for the Vikings cheerleaders. They are forced to wear 1950’s style “Glamor costumes” from an era long passed by. You want more fans in the seats. You want more media buzz. Outfit the Viking cheerleaders with third Millennium uniforms. Show some skin for Pete’s sake. And for Pat’s sake.

* Jim Marshal and Cris Carter deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. I would immediately get on the PR blitz machine spotlighting these great athlete’s careers. As it stands now, without these men enshrined, it will remain the Hall Of Shame.

* When the CBA is finally signed, I would jettison Ray Edwards. Sign Donovan McNabb to help mentor the rookie quarterback, seek out a quality receiver better than Hank Baskett, (Perhaps some of the 1987 replacement Maytag repairmen want another crack at playing) sign a solid LT and center.

* Beef up security to prevent Brett Favre from entering the facility. He has played his last down in a Viking uniform. Perhaps he will get the itch come late August to play again. I wish him well with another team.

* And on the second day on the job…


minnesota vikings icon

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Turn Out The Lights For 2010 Vikings

Posted by LOTGK on December 19, 2010

vikings saints preview

All Good Things

It has been a long time since I last updated Viking Thunder. It was October 6th just after the Vikings traded with the Patriots for receiver Randy Moss. Vikings got Moss, Pats got the Vikings 2011 3rd round draft pick. (What a bargain! For the Pats) Several weeks later, the Vikings season collapsed.

As fast as a defensive tackle can devour a meal from Tinucci’s Restaurant and Catering, Randy Moss was waived from the team by then head coach Napoleon Bonaparte. (Brad Childress) Right after that, Childress was introduced to his Waterloo. Zygi Wilf had seen enough and fired Childress naming Leslie Frazier as interim head coach. Vikings are 2-1 under Frazier.

We also saw Brett Favre’s iron-man streak end last week at 297 regular season games. Favre was beat up all year and he finally couldn’t answer the bell and was deactivated for the Giants Game.

Tarvaris Jackson got the start the next week against the Giants. However, the Viking stadium roof collapsed forcing the Vikings to play in Detroit, which was in essence, a neutral site. The Giants won and Jackson was hurt and put on injured reserve the next day.

The Vikings slim playoffs aspirations caved in as well. The Vikings needed to run the table and need plenty of help to continue their playoff run but the Giants loss ended that vision quest.

The Vikings are preparing to host the Chicago bears Monday night. Minnesota State university field is where rookie Joe Webb gets his first start. Outside in potential sub zero temperatures. On a field that has no heat coils. On a field he never set foot on. Against the division rival and leading NFC North leaders. Not to mention this is the first home game of the Vikings played outside in 29 years. God, I love football.

I expect Webb to show flashes of greatness while making plenty of rookie mistakes. I expect the Bears to blitz relentlessly and changing their coverage schemes constantly to confuse the rookie. I expect this game will be a closely contested game. Win or lose, Joe Webb will get his chance to prove he can be a starting caliber quarterback in this league.

Vikings still have three games left and I expect Frazier to have the team prepared for the Bears, Eagles, and Lions. I also expect Webb to play well in his three week window.

For Brett Favre, it’s finally time for him to sing Dandy Don Meredith’s serenade…

Turn out the lights
The party’s over
They say that
All good things must end
Call it tonight
The party’s over
And tomorrow starts
The same old thing again


minnesota vikings icon

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