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KFC Lies To Customers

Posted by LOTGK on January 19, 2012

KFC Boneless Filet

Driving down South avenue the other day I spied a KFC restaurant (Kentucky Fried chicken) and a minute later I found myself in the drive through. Since I was there I decided to order something. It would have been a little awkward if when the drive through window employee asked, “May I help you,” and I said, “No, just browsing right now!” Instead, I ordered a #10 which was two chicken filets, a biscuit, wedge fries, and a Pepsi. All for $6 dollars. I was told to pull around to the window.

After I paid my $6 dollars, I was told that the filets were not cooked and it would be 5-6 minutes. She told me to pull over and park on the right and they would bring it out. I noticed the time and it was 5:24pm. I pulled over. It started to rain. Perhaps a bad omen.

Six minutes passed and still no winner winner chicken dinner. Ten minutes passed and KFC became officially liars. Three minutes later the KFC employee was spotted, running my take out bag to me in the pouring rain.

For a brief moment I thought of being mean, with it raining hard and the girl outside my Jeep window holding my take out, perhaps I would pretend not to notice her. Make her wait on me. Instead, I unzipped the window and took my order and drove off.

The moral of this post is:
KFC lies to its customers. When they tell you it will only be a 5-6 minute wait, expect that time to be at least double.

You see, I am at a loss for rating this take out dinner. The chicken was good, the fries and roll hot and tasty, but the service was down right despicable.

The Grassy Knoll Institute scores 1 out of 5 shots and DOES NOT recommend KFC Drive through for lunch or dinner.

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KFC Chicken Strip Dinner

Posted by LOTGK on August 29, 2009

This Is Considered A Dinner!

This Is Considered A Dinner!

This is what Kentucky Fried Chicken considers a dinner! Pictured left, the three piece chicken strip meal. The meal consisted of three strips of breaded chicken, one biscuit, and one side which I selected mashed potatoes with gravy. It was all tossed packed in this handy box.

I will say that the chicken, although not healthy or good for you, did taste good. (600 plus calories, 27 fat grams, 80 gram of cholesterol, 54 carbs) As well as the biscuit and mashed potatoes. You can see by the photo how the food was packaged. Not the best as the grease from the chicken was beginning to ooze through the cardboard. The cost was $5 dollars, which is respectable I suppose.

The Grassy Knoll Institute scores 2.75 out of 5 shots and recommends KFC chicken strip meal for dinner.


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KFC Big Box Meal

Posted by LOTGK on May 18, 2009


So I ordered the KFC Big Box meal deal. From the commercial, it looked like you were getting a boat load, (Or box full of food) but when opening it, not so much. For the record, I ordered the standard box with one exception. I wanted the chicken sandwich to have no mayo on it.


As you can see, the chicken sandwich was in the top left quadrant and the biscuit located on the bottom left. The top right side held two chicken strips, original recipe of course, and one original recipe leg. A tub of mashed potatoes completed the ensemble on the bottom right.


To begin, the chicken sandwich had mayo on it rendering it uneatable. Into the trash it went. The mashed potatoes were processed of course but were not bad. The chicken strips were good, crispy, and tasty. The leg was all you remember about Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was greasy, fatty, juicy, but tasted damn good. The biscuit was good as well.

The cost was 8 bucks, pretty steep when you look at what you really got. We know the snack sandwich is 99 cents, and the three piece chicken strip dinner is $3.99 making the strips 99 cents at the max, and the leg 99 cents at the max, the biscuit, under a buck, and a side of potatoes at 99 cents. Add all six pieces up and you get 6 bucks if purchased individually. Apparently you pay 2 dollars for the snazzy box the food comes packed in.

KFC committed a fatal error here. Actually two errors. One, the order was incorrect. Two, the cost was exceedingly high.

The Grassy Knoll Institute scores 1.5 out of 5 shots and DOES NOT recommend KFC Big Box Meal  for dinner.


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Youngstown Chicken Shacks

Posted by LOTGK on July 23, 2008

While visiting the old neighborhood I noticed how so many things have changed including the restaurants and fast food joints. I say joints for the names that follow are not classy enough to be referred to as restaurants.

When I was a lad, the late 1960’s – early 1970’s, there were plenty of locally owned fast food shops plus a few national chain ones. And it seemed that chicken was the fast food of choice in Boardman, Ohio for there were many instances of chicken franchises dotted across the township. Sure there was McDonald’s and Burger King, even Burger Chef, hell we even had the very first Arby’s Roast Beef right here in Boardman, but chicken stands and restaurants seemed to be everywhere.

Of course there was Kentucky Fried Chicken. (Colonel Harland Sanders was still alive back then) Always wondered how the store made the chicken since the recipe for the herbs and spices were kept secret. Good guessers I presume.

Red Barn Chicken: Yes, the building was shaped like a barn and was pained red. Your order was packed in a cardboard box in the shape of a barn painted red. The chicken was pretty good as I recall. The fries were not as they were cooked in the same oil as the chicken. The rolls were terrible.

Next up was Minnie Pearls Famous Recipe Fried Chicken. The building was painted canary yellow. I believed the glare from the building caused several car accidents. This chicken was honey dipped, (Whatever that meant) and was more crispy than the others. It was damn good. And the honey butter rolls were the best I ever had. Seriously, people would just come in and buy several dozen rolls. And yes, there was a huge cardboard cutout of Minnie Pearl in her blue dress and Sunday best hat with the price tag still attached. Hee Haw!!!

We also had Wing it, Ring it, Then Fling it Fried Chicken. The name told you how to buy their chicken. First they winged it readying it for you to buy it. Then they would ring it up at the register when you bought it, and then after you finished eating it, you would fling it. (I’m not kidding you.)

About a year after Minnie Pearls chicken restaurant opened, it closed and in it’s place was Famous Recipe Fried Chicken. They just took out the Minnie Pearls. Copyright or legal battles with the franchise was it’s demise. The chicken was the same recipe, same rolls, same everything, except the Minnie pearl name.

Mister Chicken: This was a variation between the Red Barn and Minnie Pearls. The rolls were almost the same, just not as good, and the is the first restaurant that offered the “Keel” which wasn’t a breast, nor a thigh. The keel was a good meaty piece of chicken that was cheaper than the breast. It became my favorite part.

Crispy’s Chicken was a late comer. They usually burnt the chicken but when they didn’t, it was alright. The mashed potatoes were good for processed fake potatoes. Way better than the Colonel’s and Minnie Pearls.

There was also a Famous Amos Fired Chicken. This was yet another variation on Minnie Pearl’s famous chicken. It was almost as good, but a little dirty, the walls oozed with grease. Perhaps that was part of their mystique, but when you walked in, (There was no drive through) you could smell the grease, not the chicken.

Over the years, these chicken shacks have all flown South (Please note the pun inserted) except for KFC. Although the original location closed and moved to a more well traveled area. But fear not, more joints took up the slack.

Church’s Fried Chicken came in to town and I had to try it. I have to say that it was the greasiest chicken I ever had. it was so greasy it was difficult to even hold onto it. Church’s Chicken came and went in a couple of years.

Along came Popeye’s Chicken. My wife and I stopped on a whim and bought a box of chicken and mashed potatoes. Hands down it was the worst tasting chicken I ever tasted. I mean, it was terrible. It should have been named Nightmare On Elm Street Chicken.

Boston Market was a fancy chicken restaurant. The chicken was adequate at best. I should have known better after watching the commercial for Boston Market where they tout eating beef instead of chicken. “Eat steak, eat a big old steak.” It’s good advice when you’re at Boston Market.

Jumpin-Jacks Chicken Shack The name is cool, the chicken pretty good, the service is lousy. Not only will they screw up the order, they will make you wait while they screw it up. they do have some good chicken tenders, but really, I don’t like the hassle when ordering from them.

Long John Silvers. Although they are known for their deep fried battered fish, they also serve chicken. Not the conventional chicken, but parts. Chicken parts. Of course it’s deep fried and battered. This is a national chain and well, you can tell by the quality. Pretty lousy. It’s like ordering a pizza. When you call Domino’s, you know you are getting a frozen pizza warmed up and the taste is the proof. Buy a pizza from Cornersburg, Cocca’s, or Wedgewood, and you can see and taste the difference. Same with chicken. Long John Silvers tries, just not good enough.

Arthur Treachers Fish And Chips. Although it has been around since the 1960’s, Arthur’s didn’t offer chicken until the 90’s so I have added them as a modern chicken shack. Regrettably, the last one just closed a year ago. The building was demolished and anew restaurant, Five Brothers, a hamburger joint, now stands in it’s place. But getting back to Arthur’s, th chicken (Chicken parts, pieces) was deep fried and battered up pretty thick. But, it was good tasting, and for a national chain, delvered the goods.

That leaves us with one place left. Chick-Fil-A. Although you cannot order the traditional breasts, thighs, wings, you can order the nuggets. And Chick-Fil-A has a hell of a chicken sandwich. One of the best, if not the best around. The fires are excellent as well.

This concludes our history lesson on the great and not so great chicken shacks in the greater Youngstown, Ohio area past and present.

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Colonel Sanders Alive And Well

Posted by LOTGK on April 1, 2008

colenel sanders alive

This just in!
Colonel Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken founder and icon of the fast food restaurant, dead for over 20 years, was photographed today shaking George Clooney’s hand during a red carpet Hollywood event.

Apparently Sanders faked his death and has been living large in the great state of Montana with Jim Morrison, Elvis, and D.B. Cooper.

Rumor was that Elvis paid a kings ransom to fake Sanders death because he couldn’t live without the secret recipe fried chicken dinners.

Photo by

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