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Posts Tagged ‘irish’

Shot Of Vodka At Age 6

Posted by LOTGK on March 21, 2011

Way back in the 1960’s when I was a lad, my parents used to bring all the kids, (There were 7 of us, me being the youngest) to grandma’s house for a visit. Actually, it was more of a drop-off now, Mom and Dad would stay for a minute and then off to go shopping or some other important business matters. (Like go and make more kids) (Not a lot of private time in a house full of 7 kids)

Anyway, my grandmother Veronica was from Ireland, (Both sets of grandparents were from Ireland but that’s not the point here) and every Saturday she would prepare us traditional Irish meals for dinner. Now I’m sure grandma was an excellent cook, however, I was not accustomed to such cuisine. I was more of a meat and potatoes kind of kid. Blood pie (Yes, sounds exactly as terrible as you think) was not my cup of tea. Even her dog, Chrissy, wouldn’t eat the food I attempted to sneak to him from the table without grandma looking. Forced, I would eat as much as I could and move on to playing in the basement of grandma Veronica’s house.

The basement was my haven. Grandma had it decorated like an old-time Western saloon. Veronica called it a Pub, but I thought it was a saloon. Irish, American, Pub, Saloon, same thing. It had swinging doors, a full bar, counter, bar stools, and just about every kind of bottle of alcohol you could imagine. (Grandma Veronica was a heavy drinker and smoker)

The basement was also the place grandma read her magazines and made her phone calls to the local radio talk show host to set them right in their opinions. Veronica would always have a glass of something by her side all the time.

That one afternoon, after playing hard, I was sweaty and thirsty. I saw grandma’s mini glasses (Shot glasses) on the bar counter filled and asked her if I could have some for I had a powerful thirst going on. I assumed the liquid was 7-Up or some other clear soda pop. Grandma looked up and sternly told me that I could not, that the drink was for adults, not children.

I pressed harder. (Pretty please grandma thirty times in a row usually did the trick) After the 30th time, Veronica acquiesced and told me I could have one with one condition. Being thirsty I immediately agreed. Veronica poured me a drink from a clear bottle and then told me to drink it all as fast as I could, all in one gulp. (That’s how the grown up people drink it)

I grabbed the double shot glass and in one quick motion, gulped the drink down. Damn! It tasted like gasoline. Approximately three seconds later my tongue was on fire. The flames quickly spread to my mouth, teeth, throat, and then to my stomach. If it were possible, my ears would have been letting off steam from the heat my body was producing. I started running around in circles screaming and yelling hoping that somehow the flames would subside. They did not. (I seriously felt like my hair was on fire)

Veronica calmly walked over to where I was doing my little Indian dance and gave me a cookie and told me to eat it. I was skeptical of the cookie for the last thing grandma gave me set me on fire. However, Veronica insisted. I ate the cookie. Grandma then told me to get a drink from the water faucet. I think I had two gallons.

After I calmed down, Veronica told me about alcohol, and that only adults were allowed to drink it. She also told me that from that day forward, any time I had the urge to drink alcohol again, I would remember this day and how it tasted.

And grandma was right. I still recall that taste. That is one of the main reasons why I do not drink at all. There, you have now met an Irishman that doesn’t drink.
Alas, if only Veronica would have taught me the same lesson with blood pie.


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R.I.P. Dad – 1923-2008 – Press On

Posted by LOTGK on December 31, 2008

R.I.P. Dad 1923-2008

R.I.P. Dad 1923-2008

My Father passed away Monday, December 22nd, 2008 from a massive heart attack. Dad was 85 years old. Mere words cannot describe the man he was or how he influenced me, our family, and the many he helped along the way.

Dad was the youngest of 7 children. (Just like me) Dad was preceded in death by his son George, his sisters, Sadie, Helen, Mary, Libbs, Aida, and his brother George.

He leaves behind his wife (Delores) of almost 60 years. Next month is Dad and Mom’s 60th wedding anniversary. Also, two sons, Jack, and Patrick, (Me) four daughters, Carol, Marilyn, Nancy, and Sally.
Patton's 3rd Army Dad was a World War II veteran serving in General George Patton’s 3rd Army, 249th Combat Engineers. Dad saw action IN the Battle Of The Bulge, perhaps the bloodiest battle in the European Theater, the Rhine Crossing, and liberated several concentration camps.

Dad once told me that he and his unit would draw straws to see who drew first round to sweep for mines before the tanks would roll into new territory. That day it was Dad’s turn to be first out. It was also a day that Patton was touring the unit which was very rare. When Patton learned what the men were doing, (Drawing straws) he immediately donned the mine sweeping gear and took first sweep.

presson Dad and Mom made sure the children were well traveled. By the time I was 15, I had visited all 48 continental states. Most of the vacations we went on was via the car. Nine people (Yes, 9, Mom, Dad, and the 7 children) in a station wagon driving from coast to coast. On one trip out West to California, we had been driving over 600 miles in one day already. Our destination was Flagstaff, Arizona for the evening. About ten minutes later, we saw a sign that said, FLAGSTAFF, 180 MILES.

All the kids moaned knowing we had another 3 hours in the car and pleaded for Dad to stop. But we all knew Dad’s motto was to “Press On!” And press on we did. We made Flagstaff in under three hours. The next day, California.

Growing up, I butted heads with my father on plenty of occasions. We argued a lot. I felt I was right in my thoughts. Dad would always remind me to look at the big picture of life. Not just one moment in time. He explained that sometimes what may seem right and correct right now might not be the prudent course for the future. Dad was always right. It took many years to understand that his advice was always to benefit me in the long run. I find myself passing along the exact same advice and logic to my son. And at the age of 21, I believe he realizes my experience and advice benefits him.

Dad taught me to have faith, but not blindly believe. In both religion and politics. To love your family unconditionally, without exception. To help and offer charity, even when not asked. To respect the brave men and women in the military who have served and protected our country. To work hard, to know your job better than anyone else in the company. To listen what others have to say. To be a Vikings fan. To love God, pray hard. And to laugh out loud.

And he taught me to Press On.

An Irish Prayer
May those who love us, love us;
And those who don’t love us,
May God turn their hearts.
But if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles.
So we’ll know them by their limping.

Rest In Peace Father
Your Loving Son – Patrick


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Vikings Tarvaris Jackson’s Theme Song

Posted by LOTGK on December 12, 2008

vikings saints preview

As a Viking fan, although I don’t like him, I am hoping that head coach Brad Childress can pull the team together and guide them to a winning season, to the playoffs, and dare I say it, a Superbowl victory.

This is his third year as head coach, coming off a 6-10 rookie year and an 8-8 second season. So far this year, the Vikings are 8-5 and with a victory Sunday against the Cardinals they will solidify their hold of becoming NFC North champs.

Tarvaris Jackson, unceremoniously benched after week two of this season for his poor performance, stepped back into the spotlight last Sunday in the second half of the Detroit game. Jackson had a stellar performance with a come from behind victory. His stats for the half were 8-10 for 105 yards and a TD pass racking up a 143 quarterback rating.

The planets are aligned. The season is written for success. Great epic stories are on the verge of being shouted atop the mountains about these great marauding Vikings. Many songs wait to be sung out loud of the adventures and victories of these modern day Vikings. The Grassy Knoll Institute offers the first of many songs for the Vikings 2008 season.

Sung To The Traditional Irish Tune, Danny Boy.

Oh Jackson boy, the Vikes, the Vikes are playing,
From turf to grass, and through the NFL.
The summer’s gone and all the plays are counting,
‘Tis you, ’tis you must play and I must cheer.

But come ye back when the game is on the line,
Or when the field is hushed and white with snow.
‘Tis I’ll be here in shadow or in sunshine,
O Jackson boy, O Jackson boy, we love you so.

But if ye gaze and Rice and Bernard are covered,
If you get blitzed, and blitzed you well may be.
You’ll see and find A.P. in the open,
And pass a winning TD there for me.

And you shall feel, though slow, the media turn,
And all the wins shall warmer, sweeter be.
For you will grow and seek for what we all yearn,
And I will cheer and wait until we win it all.


minnesota vikings icon

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Ancient Irish Harvest Chant

Posted by LOTGK on October 12, 2007

The Grassy Knoll Institute would like to share with you an ancient Irish harvest chant. Each year during the last week of September through the entire month of October, the native Irish would wake at dawn, go out to their fields, and repeat this chant over and over.

This powerful chant is used primarily for three very important reasons:
#1 To ensure that the harvest would be successful and bountiful so as to keep their family fed all year.
#2 To ward off evil spirits. Halloween as we now know it was derived from ancient Celtic Druids who used this chant at harvest time.
#3 To gain great wisdom. It is said that if the chant is repeated enough through the years, you will become wealthy and wise.

Here are the instructions:
To begin, speak very clearly and slowly and use the pause until you become familiar with the words. Enunciate each word.
Then, repeat the chant without the pause and keep repeating it out loud faster and faster until you become very wise. The chant works well very quickly.

Caution: You must speak the chant out loud.
You cannot whisper it or say it silently.
It must be spoken aloud for the chant to work.

Ooooooh waaaaaah (pause)
Taaaaaaa foooooo (pause)
Lie aaaammmmmm (pause)

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