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A Leg Or A Major Award

Posted by LOTGK on December 11, 2007

The Grassy Knoll Institute is officially jealous. Jimmy, fellow Institute scientist is proudly displaying his “Major Award” in his front window of his house.

Hopefully my darling loving wife Patty, (The money behind the Grassy Knoll Institute) reads this and puts the Leg Lamp on my Christmas list for next year. Never to early to start shopping.

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NFL Winners And Losers Week #12

Posted by LOTGK on November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Viking Thunder!

Last week we rebounded going 11-5 for the week and 93-67 over all for the season. Being that it’s Thanksgiving weekend, we are well into the holiday spirit and our picks will reflect our tone.

Packers at Lions
Detroit has been playing on Thanksgiving days for eons. You would figure that they would have a huge home field advantage but in reality, they are a pitiful 5-5 in the past ten years. Favre and the Pack are 9-1 and on a roll with their big 5 offensive set. Lions are turkeys.
Packers win

NY Jets at Cowboys
Jets have no business playing the Cowboys. Terrell Owens needs to top Randy Moss’ performance last week. Against the Jets, he will be stuffed by games end.
Cowboys win

Colts at Falcons
Vick voluntarily surrendered to the court to begin his sentence early so he can hopefully get back in the NFL by the start of next season. Falcons have done the same.
Colts win

Raiders at Chiefs
Priest Holmes retired… Again! Len Dawson wants to play again! Perhaps this week the Raiders will allow the NFL’s top draft pick actually play in a game. And then again…
Chiefs win

Saints at Panthers
Who can figure out the Saints. Apparently Duece McCallister is the spark plug on the team. Without him sidelined, the team sputters. Vinnie Testaverde, starter for the Panthers, broke bread with the original Pilgrims 200 plus years ago.
Saints win

Texans at Browns
Derek Anderson has been talkin turkey all season long with his excellent play keeping Brady Quinn riding the pine. The Browns are in the playoff hunt. At least the state of Texas still has the Cowboys.
Browns win

Seahawks at Rams
Shawn Alexander is out yet again this week. No worry. The Hawks are gaining momentum. The Rams won the last two games, three is not a turkey charm.
Seahawks win

Redskins at Bucs
Once two great teams, now both are leftovers. I’ll take the home team.
Bucs win

Titans at Bengals
Vince Young had his first 300 yard passing game last week. And lost. The Bengals, the HOF curse is still in affect.
Titans win

Bills at Jaguars
The Bills are still feeling the sting from the pounding they took at the hands of the Patriots. The Jaguars aren’t no Patriots.
Jaguars win

Vikings at NY Giants
Adrian Peterson was cleared to play Sunday. Hope he doesn’t, don’t rush him back Viking management. Bad news, Tarvaris Jackson starts again. Vikings do not match up well against the Giants. Manning should pass for 350 yards, Burress multiple TD catches.
Upset special of the week, Vikings win

49ers at Cardinals
Dilfer verses Warner. What the hell is this? The 1990’s? Warner doesn’t want to go back to bagging groceries and will take advantage of his new lease. Boldin and Fitzgerald are two of the best.
Cardinals win

Broncos at Bears
It was just a year ago that the Bears were the monsters of the midway. They now play like Young Frankenstein. Jay Cutler. Thats all you need.
Broncos win

Ravens at Chargers
Ray Lewis needs to call another team meeting to rally the troops. Chargers need to ride Tomlinsons legs. It’s time for one team to get a leg up.
Chargers win

Eagles at Patriots
Was that the turkey wishbone or McNabbs angle snapping? Patriots want to kill the teams they’re playing. Brady and Moss. Turkey and stuffing.
Patriots win

Dolphins at Steelers
Ted Ginn got it going last week returning a kick 70 plus for a score. He’ll need to do that 4 times to beat the Steelers. Big Ben was embarrassed last week against the Jets. Won’t be this week.
Steelers win

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Happy Halloween

Posted by LOTGK on October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween From The Grassy Knoll Institute

My wife as a cheerleader, and me, well, can’t really figure that one out. Patty still insists I wasn’t wearing a costume.

There you have it folks. The owners of the Grassy Knoll Institute. Scary, aren’t we? Happy Halloween!

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A Very Scary Halloween Costume

Posted by LOTGK on October 29, 2007

Nightmare Of Catholic Grade School Altar Boys

Father Flanigan’s most favorite bible passage.
Exodus 4:17 And thou shalt take in thy hand this rod, wherewith thou shalt do the signs.

Timmy, are you paying attention to me….

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A Rendezvous With Fate

Posted by LOTGK on October 26, 2007

The year was 1982, Halloween night. Patty, my girlfriend and future loving wife and I were at a Halloween party at my buddy Brad’s house. All the regular suspects attended dressed in frightfully colorful gory costumes. Brads costume was a Christmas tree, fully decorated, including blinking lights, bulbs, tinsel, and ornaments. He walked in, went over to the corner of the room, and plugged himself in. He should have won best costume. I cannot remember if he did win or not for I was distracted.

That night, I was escorting Patty, a stunning vision of beauty to the Party. We have been dating for several months before and this was our first Halloween party together. We knew just about everyone there and we quickly mingled with the crowd.

We were having a great time but I could not take my eyes from Patty and her amazing smile. When she smiles, she lights up the entire room. We soon found ourselves mulling around the bobbing for apples tub.

Patty decided to try it, she was always up for anything. She got in line and soon her turn was next. I moved in closer to get a better look. In a flash, Patty dunked her head in the tub and fished around attempting to snag an apple.

A few seconds later, Patty pulled her head out of the tub with an apple firmly between her teeth. At that exact moment, I shouted out, “You’re the girl for me!” Everybody laughed and cheered. Unfazed, Patty gently pulled the apple from her mouth, set it down, looked at me intently, a sly smile came over her mouth and she walked slowly toward me. It seemed to take hours for her to travel a mere three feet and the anticipation was getting to me.

Finally, Patty was in my personal space, and we were face to face. (Now you have to understand, all this happened within several seconds but my mind had slowed everything down.) The next instant was totally unexpected. Patty hauled off and slapped me for my remark about her apple boobing prowess.

Patty then smiled that killer smile of hers, and walked away. At that exact moment, I knew she would be mine forever.

Happy Halloween and don’t forget to vote for the guy who comes dressed as a Christmas tree for Halloween this year.

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