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Sexy Body Paint Model

Posted by LOTGK on April 1, 2008

body paint costume

Is There A Doctor In The House!
No idea how this photo made into the April Fools Day Archives. Apparently Gumby isn’t doing his goddam job.

Anyway, since the photo is posted, consider this a little tease preview of the 2008 National Halloween trade show Sexy Sirens in Las Vegas. Many photos to follow.

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Nun Fun

Posted by LOTGK on April 1, 2008

nuns having fun

As Mother Superior read a chilling excerpt from the Book Of Revelations, Sister Wylene and Winona prepared to commit one of the new and improved Vatican sanctioned mortal sins of fun.

After the dousing, the sisters beat it out of there leaving the reverend mother soaking wet screaming obscenities.

I am sure one way or the other, the bitching nuns will find a way to blame me for what happened.

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Ghost Hunters Record Entity Proof

Posted by LOTGK on April 1, 2008

ghost hunters find proof

Ghost Hunters record empirical proof that supernatural entities exist.
Last Monday, March 24th, TAPS, (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) were invited to investigate an old brownstone home in New York. The house is at 278 West 113th Street in Harlem and was the house famous magician and escape artist Harry Houdini and his wife Bess purchased and lived in for many years.

The TAPS team of Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson set their camera’s, thermal images devices, EVP’s, EMP’s, and digital recorders throughout the house. At 9pm, equipment was ready and it was lights out.

As the TAPS team swept through the house, every inch was recorded and detailed. With heightened anticipation, as that night was the birthday of Harry Houdini, the crew hoped to capture some evidence that Houdini’s presence was still in the house.

Alas, no video was recorded, (No moving furniture, no strange bumps in the darks, no floating tambourine, no strange lights or orbs) but a small snippet of audio was recorded. As the TAPS crew usually do, they attempt to provoke the spirits to manifest themselves and show some sort of sign of their presence. It didn’t appear to work that night.
Grant Wilson was in the drawing room of the home when he began to speak to Houdini asking him to show some sort of sign he was present but nothing registered on their instruments.

At 3am, the crew began packing up and went back to their office to analyze the data collected. After hours and hours of shadows and silence, Jason heard a startling sound recorded from the drawing room. It was a response that at first no one understood until further investigation into the history of Harry Houdini made the audio sounds become more clear.

The sounds heard were two words, “Rosabelle Believe!” At first, Jason and Grant felt that the words were merely random sounds that sometimes occur in paranormal investigations and dismissed as remnant paranormal activity.

Upon further review, Houdini was a staunch disbeliever in mediums and paranormal activity. In fact, the last several years of his life was spent debunking famous mediums as frauds and offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could produce empirical proof that life after death existed. No one ever collected the prize.

However, before Houdini died, he and his wife Bess made a pact that if it were possible, he would make contact with her and for verification, (To avoid fraud from other mediums trying to cash in) a secret message that only Harry and Bess knew would be sent and verified that only Bess would understand.

Those two words were Rosabelle Believe!

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Michael Jackson In Disguise

Posted by LOTGK on April 1, 2008

clowns never laughed before
Michael Jackson Returns To The States!

Michael Jackson, self appointed legendary King Of Pop made a surprise visit to the United States today ending his self imposed exile to Hollywood and the pop music culture.

Jackson had a very public trial for child molestation several years back on which he was acquitted but did admit to “Sleeping” with several of his young sleep over friends. After the trial, he left the states to regather his thoughts and avoid the tabloid spotlight.

We hardly recognized you through all the makeup.

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Big Brother Is Watching

Posted by LOTGK on April 1, 2008

Do you suspect your spouse or significant other is cheating on you? When you call his/her cell phone and they don’t pick up, do you wonder if they are hooking up with a midnight delight?

Fear not mortals, the Grassy Knoll Institute has found a solution for you. Submitted to the Institute by Jodi, this Internet program through the use of GPS tracking, can pinpoint a cell phone signal within two feet.

Simply click on the below web link. Then type in your spouses cell phone number and it will pinpoint exactly where they are within two feet.

Is he at a late night board meeting or at O’Malleys tavern pounding a few….Beers.

Is she at the Tupperware neighborhood party or riding the pony at a seedy no tell motel?

With one click, you can find out. Go head, you know you want to find out.

GPS Cell phone Tracking

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