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Posts Tagged ‘dark zone’

Real Natural Halloween Melons – Entry #3

Posted by LOTGK on October 13, 2010

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

Real Natural Melons

For the Grassy Knoll Institute’s Third entry of the 2010 Halloween Dark Zone “Best Halloween Melons” contest, we selected Paula Peppers “Au Naturel” holiday melons. Ms. Peppers is proudly displaying her melon patch winners in hopes of becoming this seasons Dark Zone winner. Your votes will help sway the judges so vote often in the comments section.

Sometimes, to appreciate the succulent juicy flesh of Halloween melons, you have to peel away the outer shell.

Bon Appetit…

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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Houses To Avoid During Halloween

Posted by LOTGK on October 31, 2009


Many people decorate their homes and yards for the Halloween season with some going over the edge with electronic light shows and sound tracks making it appear like an authentic haunted evil house. To those people, the Grassy Knoll Institute salutes you.

However, in your travels tonight, as you take your children trick or treating, pay close attention to certain caveat’s of the houses you are sending your offspring to. Some of them may not appear to be what you think.

The Grassy Knoll Institute offers this Halloween Trick or Treat guide on what houses to avoid ringing the door bell this Halloween. Pay close attention, this guide may just save your life.

* The house down the street that seems to be imploding into itself in a bizarre space-time continuum wormhole. General Rule: Doc Brown is not the owner and he will not send you back to the future.

* The Hanzel and Gretel house. Sometimes these houses are in the “Red light” district of town. It is not the place to go for treats. Unless you like to be eaten. General rule: Avoid any house made of food and or candy.

* A simple observation: Avoid any house whose only entrance goes to the basement.

* A house that also doubles as a mortuary or funeral home.

* The house across the street that has ornamental grave stones with single votive candles lit on each.

* Any house that looks like a scene straight from The Amityville Horror movie that growls “Get out” when you approach it. General rule: Heed that warning. There’ll be no Snickers bars for you.

* Any house where the furniture seems to be spinning around the living room floor. This is not the Disney movie Beauty And The Beast.

* A house that is saucer shaped, silver in color, with a low humming electrical sound emanating from inside.

* A house with extremely realistic statues of people in the front yard
poised in odd running away poses with horror etched on their faces.

* Any house that wasn’t there only a minute ago…

* The house with a 1990’s white Ford Bronco parked in the drive.

* If the house is filled with flies, locusts, or other flying insects, skip the house and move to the next. You will not receive a treat.

* The dilapidated old mansion at the end of the road with tank sized gargoyles adorning the perches with glowing eyes.

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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Ghost Story – Rocking Down The Highway

Posted by LOTGK on October 31, 2008

Everyone gather around the camp fire on this Halloween evening and listen to my third ghost story about my Uncle George and the time he saved my life coming home from work late one night. This is not your typical family story. Did I happen to mention that my Uncle George was dead at the time he visited me?

Back in 1991, I was on the late shift working in Cleveland, Ohio at Consolidated Freightways. I was working two jobs at the time, and my shift was 8pm to 4am three nights per week. That would mean three days a week would be a minimum 16 hour work day and with the 3 hour round trip to and from work, it made for 19-20 hour days.

One evening, after a tiring day on the dock, I jumped in my car, downed a Coke, cranked the radio, and set off for home. In just a few minutes I would be out of the city and on the highway. Being 4am in the morning, traffic was minimal.

About 30 miles in, I started to get a weird feeling like something was wrong. I noticed that Radar Love by Golden Earring was playing on the radio. A second later the radio went silent and I had the sudden urge to look to my right.

Slowly I looked over and there was my Uncle George, dressed in his standard blue suit, white shirt, and hat. He looked right at me and told me to stop the car right now.

Frightened just seeing my dead uncle, I slammed on the brakes and pulled off to the left. A split second later, almost simultaneously an 18 wheeler truck came roaring in to my lane. If I had continued going at my current speed, my car would have been right in its path and the truck would have pushed me over the bridge almost assuredly killing me.

I was totally rattled. I couldn’t move. I kept looking at Uncle George. A second or two later, he smiled at me, tipped his hat, and vanished.

Five minutes passed by and I finally put the car back in gear and continued home. Usually I speed, over 75 miles per hour but this night, I barely got the car over 45 miles per hour.

Six years later my brother George passed away. Ask me about the conversations I have had with him after he passed.

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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Michael Myers Returns Home To Youngstown, Ohio

Posted by LOTGK on October 31, 2008

Michael Myers Returns Home To Roost

Lead Scientist Patrick was having a little fun tonight, Halloween evening. He would sit perfectly still laid out in a chair on the porch. When trick or treaters would come by, they would all look at him thinking he was a prop, but then he would suddenly move and everyone would scream and run. Below are some photos from this evening.

Happy Halloween – Samhain


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Mental Patient Electrocution

Posted by LOTGK on October 31, 2008

Found in the Dark Zone at the Transworld National Halloween convention in Las Vegas. This prop is a nice variation of the electric chair electrocution. The model reminded me a little bit of Linda Blair, the actress who played Megan, the girl possessed by the devil, in the movie, The Exorcist.

This is a perfect exhibit for haunted houses and hayrides.

Happy Halloween – Samhain

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