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Posts Tagged ‘christian ponder’

Mars Needs Women

Posted by LOTGK on December 7, 2012

mars needs women

The Minnesota Vikings last four games are against the Bears, Texans, Rams, and Packers. Christian Ponders career as quarterback is on the line the next four weeks.

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Vikings – 49ers – Game 3 – September 23 2012

Posted by LOTGK on September 23, 2012

vikings saints preview

Vikings Out-Muscle 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers came into town to establish dominance and set the tone for the rest of the season that they are the team to beat this year, they are the Super Bowl front-runners. The Minnesota Vikings were simply a road game for the Niners to steam roll over.

Instead, the Vikings flexed their muscles and took control of the game from the very first snap and methodically moved the ball down field chiseling off more than minutes and 82 yards culminating with a Ponder to Rudolph touchdown pass. The Vikings ended up with 344 net yards, (280 Niners) 25 first downs, (19 Niners) over 33 minutes in time of possession, (26 plus Niners) and 24 points. (13 Niners)

Not even the prodigal son, Randy Moss could help the 49ers score enough points. Moss was held to just 3 catches for 27 yards with no touchdowns and one drop.

The Vikings are now 2-1, (2-0 at home) and one more win away from their entire 2011 total. However, today’s victory was put into jeopardy, not by the 49ers, but by the replacement officials. With just over three minutes left the Vikings had control of the ball and handed off to Gerhart for no gain. Vikings got into huddle for the next play when head coach Harbaugh of the 49ers called his third and final time out to stop the clock.

A moment later Harbaugh tossed the challenge flag. He told the referee that he thinks Gerhart fumbled. Standard procedure should have been for the official to inform Harbaugh that he has no more time outs left, hence, he cannot challenge the play, and hence, since the clock wasn’t inside two minutes, the referee’s could not stop and review the play.

But, the replacement referee granted Harbaugh the challenge and proceeded to review the play. After reviewing the play, the whistle had clearly been blown before Gerhart dropped the ball on the ground. That should have been the end of the review, the whistle blew, end of play. Move on. That didn’t happen. The replacement refs over ruled the play, totally breaking protocol that a whistle blown ended the play, and reversed the call giving the 49ers a first down. Thankfully, rookie Josh Robinson picked off Smith ending that horrible sequence of plays.

Staying on the topic of Gerhart, first of all, what was he doing on the field at the end of the game when the Vikings were trying to kill the clock? Adrian Peterson had 88 yards rushing today, why wasn’t he in to close the game out? Why did they keep Gerhart in after his second fumble? And his third fumble? Three fumbles in a row. I know Peterson is still a step back, but he ran hard today, and he did have 88 yards. if he is the “Guy” then damn it, give it to the guy. The team needs to know if he can carry the load.

It is now time to award the MVP for game three. Who was worthy today? Jared Allen with sack and forced fumble at the end of the game? Percy Harvin and his 9 catch, 89 yard effort? Chad Greenway’s two sack and 13 tackles for the day? Blair Walsh and his perfect kicking season so far, nailing a 52 yard field goal and all three extra points and sending all four kickoffs into the end zone?

All good performances indeed, but today, the MVP is none other than Christian Ponder and his 198 passing yards on 21-35 for two touchdowns and no interceptions, and his 33 rushing yards including a 23 yard scamper for a score. (Run Forest Run) Although these numbers do not seem worthy of MVP status, the 49ers are a formidable team with a top 5 defense and Ponder controlled the game moving the chains time and time again. Congratulations Christian!

The Vikings travel to division rival Detroit next Sunday and the Lions will still be stinging from today’s loss to the Titans. Stafford was hurt and will have an MRI tomorrow but is more likely to suit up and play.

Is it just me or do the Lions start off slow and then score like wild-fire late in the game, every game? Take not of this tidbit of knowledge Viking coaches, for the Megatron and company are just waiting to line up against the Viking secondary.

To add one more tidbit for next week’s game, Viking receiver Jerome Simpson will make his debut. The Vikings desperately need the deep threat receiver as Jenkins and the rest are not getting down field. With the added vertical threat of Simpson, the Vikings offense will only improve. And playing the Lions, in Detroit, after they came off a tough loss, the Vikings will need all the help they can get.


minnesota vikings icon

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Vikings – Colts – Game 2 – September 16 2012

Posted by LOTGK on September 17, 2012

vikings saints preview

Kiss My Ass Replacement Refs

The Minnesota Vikings set the tone of the game in their first possession as they moved the ball down field only to kick themselves in the teeth committing two stupid penalties forcing them to settle for a BWP (Blair Walsh Project) field goal. Peterson on second down scampered, (Yes, I just typed scampered) to the Colts 20 yard for a first down. But wait, of course the Vikings were holding. Dial up an illegal formation on Loadholt on the next play and instead of having a first down in the red zone, you have a second down and 17 at the 45 yard line. A 24 yard reversal. A potential 4 point swing. Vikings lost by 3 points. (23-20) Just saying.

As the game continued, the Vikings added to their penalty total ending with 11 for 105 yards. However, one penalty was bullshit! In Indy’s opening third quarter drive the Vikings forced a punt. During the punt, the Vikings pressured but did not touch the kicker. The kicker falls down and the replacement referee sees him fall down and pulls the flag out for 15 yard person foul, roughing the kicker. The referee extended the drive for the Colts and they kick a field goal to extend their lead 20-6. Otherwise, the score would have remained 17-6. Vikings lost by three points. Just saying.

Next Sunday the Vikings host Randy Moss and the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are coming off a victory over the Lions on Sunday night and are just beginning to flex their muscles. The Niners are what the Vikings aspire to be, a well rounded, solid, a balanced offense, a superior defense, great special teams, an energized head coach, and super bowl contender.

If the Vikings defense offers as much pressure as they did against the Colts, the score could get ruddy outrageous. And you know Moss has a chip on his shoulder and wants to shine against his former team. (Although, if he stays in the league a few more years, every team could be his former team)

I seriously forsee a bloodbath of Spartacus proportions. With Peterson clearly not operating at 100%, and no down field threat receiver, Ponder will be running for his life. I do not believe he will be scoring a 100 plus quarterback rating this weekend. Jared Allen must pressure, the defense must force turnovers, the offense must not settle for field goals, and the Gods must look down upon the purple Ludus with mercy this coming Sunday.

The arena is standing room only, the crowd is chanting “habet, hoc habet,” the Gladiators are carving up their opponent and waiting to enter the arena is a Christian. And the lions look exceptionally hungry.


minnesota vikings icon

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Vikings – Jags – Game 1 – September 9, 2012

Posted by LOTGK on September 13, 2012

vikings saints preview

In Your Face Jacksonville

This off-season the Minnesota Vikings cut long time kicker Ryan Longwell and opted for unproven rookie Blair Walsh drafting him in the sixth round. Can someone say SOD, Steal Of The Draft! The Vikings loved his big leg but there were red flags on his accuracy. Today, The Blair Walsh “Project” went live and boomed kickoffs deep into the endzone, converted both PAT’s, but more importantly, converted all four field goals including the game winning field goal in over time. And oh yea, a clutch end of regulation time 55 yard field goal to send the game into over time. His clutch play earns Viking Thunders week one MVP.

The Good:
* A Vikings win. Last year wins were scarcer that Mike Vick Animal Charity fans. I will take a 26-23 overtime victory.

* Adrain Peterson rushes for 84 yards and two scores coming off knee surgery. I haven’t seen the “Peterson” burst yet, but he did look great.

* C. Ponder did not throw an interception. or a touchdown, however, he was 20-27 (74%) for 270 yards. 105 QB rating.

* Percy Harvin, just get him the ball and the Vikings offense will click.

The Bad:
* The Vikings defense allowing a 40 yard TD pass at the end of the game to take the lead.

* Jared Allen got robbed of a sack. He anticipated the snap perfectly but the referee called him for the penalty.

The Ugly:
The replacement officials. I believe the referee’s on strike are now in the drivers seat after week’s one debacle. Every game in week one had controversy concerning the refs. If the NFL wants to keep the integrity of the game at a high standard, settle with the ref’s and get back to professional football.

The Rant:
Last year the Vikings only had 3 victories so this week one win was big. Huge even! Ponder showed poise under pressure as he guided the team into Walsh range to set up the winning score. If it were last year, we would have witnessed three errant passes into the turf thrown by McNabb. Does anyone think Longwell would have nailed the 55 yarder on Sunday?

Onto the Colts and lets hope luck has the same type of passing day against the Vikings as he did in week one.


minnesota vikings icon

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Vikings Spanked By Chiefs In Game #4

Posted by LOTGK on October 3, 2011

vikings saints preview

Vikings Spanked Again

Last week I stated that since the Vikings were 0-3 with an almost zero percent chance of making the playoffs, perhaps some changes should be made. After all, the Vikings had double digit leads at the half of each game but were unable to put anything together in the second half. Plain and simple, they were out played and out coached.

But that all changed Sunday. The Vikings did not hold a double digit lead at half, in fact, they were behind 9-7. However, they still lost the games to the then winless Chiefs.

After the game coach Frazier commented that it wasn’t time to replace Dovovan McNabb at quarterback but every position will be looked at. Leslie, let me give you some advice. (God, I hope he is reading this, otherwise his job will be in jeopardy)

Leslie, the Vikings are 0-4, only one team since the 1990 modern playoff system was implemented had made the playoffs. ONLY ONE TEAM. You brought Donovan in as a one year stop gap in hopes that the team was poised to make another playoff run like in 2009. You were wrong.

Permitting Donovan to keep the starting position is the death knell for your short lived head coaching job. Donovan is not the future, his one year contract says so. Letting him continue to play only hurts the future of the Vikings. What do you hope to accomplish in keeping Donovan as the starter? It is time to bench Donovan and begin the future right now. Leslie, give Ponder the starting job this Sunday. Making this move can save your job and could also save the stadium deal that seems to be all but gone.

If Ponder plays well, the fans will be happy, they will buy tickets and programs and beer. There won’t be a television blackout. Perhaps even the Minnesota elected will see a glimmer of hope and sway their position and push forward the stadium bill. If Ponder plays well, you will have saved your job and the rest of the coaching staff.

Even if Ponder plays poorly, you can chalk it up to rookie mistakes and taking his lumps. You can argue that real time game experience is the best learning approach. Far better than watching from the sidelines. And, if Ponder plays poorly, at least you know he is not the future of the team but perhaps Joe Webb could be.

At the end of the year, you will know where you stand at quarterback. Either you have the real deal in Ponder or Webb and your draft could consist of the best athlete available. Or you can be on the clock for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes or trade for yet another aging over the hill retread to begin the cycle once again.

Leslie, face it. Donovan has lost it. Andy Reid realized he lost it several years ago. That is why he allowed Donovan to leave. So far, Reid is 100% correct. Donovan played horribly in Washington and continued the trend in Minnesota. If you continue to play Donovan, than surely, you will be fired.

Here are the facts. Mcnabb, when the game was on the line, threw four bad incomplete passes in a row to end the game. Donovan has not completed a single long pass yet. Do not count the short screen passes that the players ran for long gains. I’m talking about a 40 yard pass in the air that was completed. (To one of our players, not the defense) Donovan is inaccurate in passing. Always has been. why believe he will change now. Does Musgrave have a special magic wand to make him throw better? If he does, then he better god damn use it right away.

In essence, the next 12 games should be used to evaluate the talent, young and old on the roster and the coaching staff. Let the next 12 games be their resume. Play to win dammit, but experiment with the line up. Blitz more. Run more. Roll the quarterback out more. Whatever more. Quote the Raven Nevermore.

Leslie, your time is now. You may never be by this way again. (Seals and Crofts are stuck in my head) Make the most of your chance here. Make the bold move to insert Ponder. It may just change the future of the team. And yours….

I think I just heard Brad Childress snicker in the back round.

For 2011 Viking Thunder will compare two former Viking players who jumped shipped. One on offense, one on defense and compare them to their counterpart on the Vikings.

Team: Vikings — Seahawks
Player: Michael Jenkins – Catches: 16 Yards: 144 Points: 12
Player: Sidney Rice – Catches: 11 Yards: 188 Points: 6
Note: Sidney Rice did not play due to injury. (2 games injured)

Team: Vikings — Falcons
Player: Brian Robison – Sacks: 2.5
Player: Ray Edwards – Sacks: 0


minnesota vikings icon

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