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Thought Screen Helmets


The Grassy Knoll Institute has uncovered a sinister plot against humanity. Orchestrated by an evil race of aliens with delusions of world domination by controlling the thoughts and actions of people through telepathic communication. For many people, the Thought Screen Helmet is the only defense against these aliens as the helmet scrambles the telepathic signal sent from the aliens and breaks the link. This is dedicated to those brave people wearing the helmets and fighting the good fight.

A Thought Screen Helmet Haiku
Alien Abduction In Progress
NFL Lockout Contributed To Alien Influence  
Eliminate Alien Anal Probes 
Charlie Sheen Is Immune To Telepathic Aliens
Thought Screen Helmet Aliens Sexual Intentions 

Thought Screen Helmets For Your Pets
Unknown Thought Screen Helmet Wearer  
Thought Screen Helmet Listening Device
On The Fifth Day Of Christmas  
Black Friday Thought Screen Helmet 

Original Thought Screen Helmet Wearers
Thought Screen Helmet Leaders – Stark Naked 
A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course 
William Shatner Abducted By Aliens
Thought Screen Helmet Wearers On The Go

Stop Alien Abductions Telethon 
Thought Screen Helmet Suit 
Consequences Not Wearing Your Thought Screen Helmet 
Pamela Anderson’s Thought Screen Helmet Companion 
Thought Screen Helmet Inaugural Ball Fittings

State Highway Patrol Thought Control Helmet  
Thought Screen Helmet – Pumpkin Head 
Improperly Designed Thought Screen Helmet 
Designer Thought Screen Helmets For Sale
Thought Screen Helmet Clever Disguises

Thought Screen Helmet Hair
England Is Quite Aware Of Thought Screen Helmets
Jack Black And Thought Screen Helmets  
Are We Not Men – We Are Abductee’s
Free From Thought Screen Helmet Aliens  

Poorly Constructed Thought Screen Helmet
New And Improved Thought Screen Helmet For Women  
Thought Screen Helmet Face Shield
Thought Screen Helmet Safe Sex Helmet  
Thought Screen Helmet Death

Effects When You Stop Wearing Your Thought Screen Helmet
Queen Of The Thought Screen Helmet Wearers
Thought Screen Helmet Test Pattern Control
Don’t Get Thought Screen Helmet Hair
Thought Screen Helmet President Speaks

Put A Helmet On That Soldier
President Bush Under Alien Control
Rocker Rod Stewart Thinks He’s Sexy
Thought Screen Helmet Analysis


45 Responses to “Thought Screen Helmets”

  1. XRTY WSXZ said


  2. LOTGK said

    Finally, contact from the evil race of aliens.
    The Grassy Knoll Institute team of scientists has already deciphered their language.
    The above comment says….

    Smoke and a pancake?

  3. Max Jackl said

    Sadly, this is not an april fook prank.

  4. Abductee Victim said

    Your site has been a great inspiration to me and my fellow abductees.

  5. This is a phony site. There is no stop alien abductions telethon. The people creating this blog have no knowledge of alien abductions, have never made a thought screen helmet, have never talked to me, Michael Menkin or any other alien abduction investigator and know nothing about alien abductions or the thought screen helmet.

    The situation about alien abductions changed in February of this year when two alien-human hybrids beat a 90 year old woman so severely that she went to the hospital where here bruises and broken nose were documented. She had a heart attach as a result of her beating and died 3 days later. The aliens told here that they were finished with her. We believe that she bore them many alien-human hybrids. The hybrids also took the thought screen helmet from her that she only wore sporadically.

    I also have two cases of people who forgot to wear their thought screen helmets one night and were subsequently beaten by alien-human hybrdis in anger. I may have another website where I report all of this violence.

    I make and send thought screen helmets to people for free all over the world. It is all my own money and time. I pay for the four sites I have with my own money. At 66 I still work full time as a technical wtiter for a government regulatory agency. I resent this phony telethon. It is not funny. Alien abductions are serious business.

    For more information, contact me, Michael Menkin, the inventor at

    • LOTGK said

      The Grassy Knoll Institute is not a phony site. It is proudly the home of the 99 cent conspiracy theory powered by a really good tasting corned beef sandwich.

      And, not a single American who has read this post has been abducted by evil space aliens. That is a record I am proud of.

  6. State Your Name said

    More thought screen helmet posts please. They are outstanding.

  7. Universal Joints said

    This is why you should always wear your helmet. To prevent aliens from making you drive your car into a wall.

  8. Merk said

    Best thoght screen helmet link ever. Thanks.

    • LOTGK said

      Thank you for the positive comments. We here at the Grassy Knoll Institute endeavor to deliver up to date news at more affordable prices than the national news media outlets.

      • I Know This Guy said

        For a real fun time, challenge Menkin. Interview him, force him to divulge the solid data and research that backs up his preposterous claims. He can’t and won’t do it. He claims to be a “scientist” but has no regard for the scientific method, particularly as it relates to his silly alien Web sites. For a REAL knee-slapper, check out his site. Here, he uses, get this, children’s drawings of aliens as proof that aliens are a real and Earthly threat! Because we all know how accurate children’s testimony was during the Salem Witch Trials…

  9. […] 1960's when Nuns were bitches. Sci-Fi Sexy Sirens Sci-Fi sexiest women. The sexy page is here. Thought Screen Helmet Aliens control your very thoughts. Be afraid! LOTGK Logos Where all the wild things go. Inner […]

  10. I Know This Guy said

    Notice how Menkin cites no sources, provides no links to reputable news sources to support his silly claims (e.g., 90-y-o woman story in his whining post, above). His Web sites cite crackpots and fringe outliers who are completely unknown to 99.999999% of the human race because their “research” and “data” and “evidence” is all garbage at best. Random testimonial, rumor, and from-your-butt conjecture do not constitute hard evidence or facts. Again, refer to the Salem Witch Trials to name but one historic example. Menkin further engages in shameless hyperbole, claiming that he was interviewed by NBC. Actually, it was an affiliate in Seattle, WA — local news only. He further attempts to bolster his own cred by mentioning that he works at the FAA (he edits regulatory stuff), and did some work for NASA — again, minor writing and editing projects, NOT hard research into anything extraterrestrial. He’s a charlatan and a fraud of the worst sort, at best a pimple on the ass of the grester scientific community. To Menkin I say: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Get busy, Mike; we’re waiting…
    Until you can scientifically prove otherwise, you’re merely a laughing stock of the Interwebs.

    • LOTGK said

      I asked him straight away about always having to wear the helmet to keep the aliens at bay. I said how do these people wash their hair? He said that of course they take the helmet off to do so. That is when I said that since the aliens are observing then that would be the perfect time to take control. He had no reply for that.

      • I Know This Guy said

        Menkin has no rational, valid, sound reply for much of what he believes, much like arguing the existence of gods with a fundamentalist. Such spook-worshippers toil in the depths of logical fallacies to “prove” their points. His cache of “experts” are a handful of opportunists hoping to sucker money out of the gullible. As PT Barnum said of suckers, “There’s one born every minute.”
        Menkin’s reliance upon anecdotal evidence — “so-and-so says their head got hot, so-and-so says the helmet has stopped them from being abducted, so-and-so says aliens are breeding with huma ns” — is laughable at best. He claims to be a “scientist” but craps all over the most basic tenets of scientific method.
        When logically cornered, Menkin tosses out a Straw Man argument, claims that his helmet provides a “sense of well-being” for a select few — often, autistics. Okay, then, why not abandon the lunatic-fringe angle of alien protection and construct a Web site dedicated to methods of calming autistics? Research abounds on this topic, where essential “hugs” are calming to autistics. Someone even invented the Thundershirt, a tight-fitting vest of sorts for dogs that calms otherwise agitated dogs with it’s elastic “hug” sensation.
        Just one more example of a human who disproves the absurd concept of “intelligent design…”

        • The thought screen helmet is a real device. The website,, is an assembly website written for people who are abducted by aliens from space. I don’t have direct proof but I am working on it. I do have indirect proof because the aliens physically hurt people who forget to wear their helmets. I do have a video of a woman who was mutilated by aliens when she was not wearing her helmet.

          You need to go back and reread the site, I never said that the helmet calms autistics. It has helped three autistic children return to almost normal. I’m looking for more people to try the helmet to determine if it does indeed work. I give the helmets away for free.

          You need to read the records of children who have been helped by the helmet. It is you who are writing without authority or information. You’re just making blanket statements without investigating anything. You’ve never checked anything.

          The thought screen helmet has nothing to do with “intelligent design.” That’s just a red herring you are throwing in your accusations.

          The fact that the helmet works better when it is grounded indicates that it does receive a signal.

          Cut it out, enough of your garbage. The thought screen helmet has nothing to do with agitated dogs.

          Why don’t you make a helmet before you mouth off again.

          The thought screen helmet has nothing to do with witch trials. I actually cite very few investigators. Most of the information on the site is technical and biographical. Your statement that I cite crackpots is without merit. I only cite David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins and a psychiatric nurse. There are no crackpots cited on the site.

          I’m working on abtaining real evidence and it will come. it will be extraordinary. I will take you on.

          But again, is a website on making a hat, not on alien abductions. The site on alien abductions is More is coming.

          Also, I do not sucker money out of the gullible. That statement proves that you don’t even read the site and you don’t know anything about any of the investigators I quote. If you did read the site, and aliens and children, you would know that I give away the helmet for free and it takes me 4 to 5 hours to make one. I’ve never sold anything. Dave Jacobs sells books, but nothing else. So your reference to PT Barnum is also totally inaccurate. Because I do everything for free! I also pay for the sites with my own money. I don’t take advantage of anybody and I hever have. If you ever talked to people who wear the helmet, you would know that, but you have not.

      • Email me your phone number and I will call you so you can ask me what you want to. You never aksed me anything straight away.

        • LOTGK said

          No need to have a phone conversation when we have a comment section right here.
          I asked you several years ago this question:
          How do people that wear the helmet wash their hair?
          And if you answer, they take it off, then wouldn’t that be the time the aliens would take control of that person, while they were unprotected?
          It’s what I would do if I were an evil alien. I am already monitoring the people, I would strike as soon as they took the helmet off for their shower.

          • You don’t know what you are writing about. You’ve never made a helmet and you’ve never worked with any abductee. I have. You are guessing what you think aliens will do. I am not. “If I were an alien, I’d do this,” is an uninformed comment from a debunker. I’m reporting what the aliens really do, not what we think they should do.

            I also challenge you. If you want to talk to me and you say you really talked to me, email me your phone number and I will call you.

            The aliens are not that quick on monitoring people. I’ve had people wearing helmets almost 24/7 and they do remove the helmets with nothing happening to them. That is what happens, not what you think happens.

            I’ve also learned more about the aliens by making helmets.

            Again, I challenge you. If you are not a coward, then email me your phone number and I will call you and you can ask me questions.

            • LOTGK said

              “You don’t know what you are writing about.”
              And now you are an expect on people you do not know or ever met.
              But yes, I am predicting how an advanced alien race would behave. As you claim, aliens are abducting people. The thought screen helmet prevents this. It would stand to reason that these aliens realize this. It would also stand to reason that these aliens would patiently wait for the helmet to be removed and then take control of them.
              And, you claim you know what aliens really do but you do not have one iota of evidence to support your claims.

              And I challenge you, if you are not a coward, print your phone number here and I will call you.

            • Get something straight: I am the authority, you are not. I’m the one who makes the hats, sends them to people, and communicates with the people. I’m reporting what really happens. When you say it stands to reason, you are in the same category and those supporting intelligent design.

              I’m reporting what really happens, not what you think “stands to reason.” And that is what science is about. Remember, ontogeny does not repeat phylogeny.

              I had a theory. I made different kinds of helmets I tested them. One worked. I verified that it worked. I’m still making helmets and I’m still getting verification.

              You literally have not done anything. You haven’t read a book on the subject, you haven’t talked to an abductee, you have not made a helmet, and most of all, you refuse to talk to me!

              I challenged you. You are the one who must respond. Email me your phone number and I will call you. I know that you won’t do it because you are a coward.

              I’m not stupid enough to post my personal phone number on the internet.

            • LOTGK said

              Mike, you are far from an authority on this subject. That is crystal clear to all the readers on here. Your “Evidence” at being an authority on this subject is, and I quote, “I’m the one who makes the hats,”
              In context, that is straightaway funny.

              And, I know you are confused so let me explain one more time to you. This is my site, you came here and read my posts, commented on my posts. I am replying to you yet you cannot answer my simple question to you. You are the coward. You are also very entertaining.

            • I am the only authority on stopping aliens from space. I am the only person on the planet making thought screen helmets, finding people to wear them, and sending them to people for free. So yes, I am the authority!

              This has deteriorated into a name calling match. Enough.

            • LOTGK said

              “I am the only person on the planet making thought screen helmets,”
              Doesn’t that tell you something?

        • Max Jackl said

          Jesus Christ, who in their right mind would email a complete stranger their phone number? This guy is a psycho.

          • LOTGK said

            And on Easter day. But yes, he wants people to give him their phone numbers. Perhaps he is a telemarketer trying to gain new clients for his helmet.

  11. Why do people get hysterical about a website that has instructions for making a hat? I don’t get it. The site is written for people who are abducted by aliens from space. It specifically says that it is not an alien abduction information site and does not try to prove alien abductions. What’s all of the big fuss and upset? It does show that velostat has different conductance properties than with aluminum foil with a multimeter demonstration. It does report case histories and testimonials from people who wear the hat. It even reports a failure. It reports what I do as an inventor and invstigator.

    The site does not sell anything and states that I have no financial connection with any products cited. It is not a commercial site. It is a do-it-yourself site for people who are abducted by aliens from space. It’s a public service. I support everything with my own money and never take any money from anybody. I answer all emails from everybody and also tell people I will call them and talk to them if they want more information. I really do that. I call all over the world with my own money.

    Why do people say, “if I were an alien I would do this…” when they’ve never made a helmet, read a book on the subject, talked to an investigator, or talked to an abductee? Why are they narcisstic know-it-alls when they spend no effort learning about the subject and only attack it? Why are they so upset?

  12. I Know This Guy said

    Wow, where to begin in dissecting Menkin’s muddled perceptions of these comments? Could an apparently adult person, who is apparently capable of finding his own mouth with a spoon, possibly have such lousy reading comprehension?
    No one questions whether your silly hat “is a real device.” A dousing rod is a “real device,” that doesn’t mean it does as advertised
    (find water).
    You claim that you have “indirect proof because the aliens physically hurt people who forget to wear their helmets.” Proof of what is anyone’s guess. Proof that aliens pester humans? That your hat protects against alien mind-reading powers? What is “indirect proof?” Is the Bible indirect proof that gods are real? Please define your pseudoscience terms. Or show us an example where science has proven anything through “indirect proof” of anything.
    Where is the proof that “a video of a woman who was mutilated by aliens” isn’t a hoax? How many people have created bogus videos of the aftermaths of alleged beatings, rapes (against themselves), etc.? Any idea how many thousands of such hoaxes humans perpetrate? Where’s the proof that the claim in the video is an indisputable fact?
    “You need to read the records of children who have been helped by the helmet.”
    Really? REALLY!?! Children are reliable witnesses?!? Again, YOU need to re-read the history of the Salem Witch Trials to see how reliable children’s testimony is. There’s a very good reason why courts in developed nations are reluctant to rely upon the testimony of children.
    “It is you who are writing without authority or information.”
    No, it is we who are demanding evidence of your extraordinary, authoritative claims–that aliens have factually made physical and/or psychic/telepathic contact with humans. That your hats efficacy is measurable and scientifically prevents alien mind-reading energy from penetrating it. You don’t even have real data anywhere on your sites as to the amplitude of aliens’ mind-reading energy. Your sham is based entirely upon conjecture. YOU write without verifiable authority. YOU make stuff up, or otherwise cite fringe-lunatic authors (a handful at best). Must be one hell of a conspiracy among all these scientists that such a miniscule percentage of their collective hundreds of thousands (what, 2? 3 alleged scientists?) pay any attention whatsoever to that which is widely regarded as poppycock. Consider that the collective efforts of SETI have yet to find any evidence of extraterrestrial life or otherwise communications within our radio-signal reception and reach.
    “You’re just making blanket statements without investigating anything. You’ve never checked anything.”
    Nice fallacy of overgeneralization. No, we’re demanding that YOU prove that which YOU claim to be true. The burden of proof is not with those who doubt extraordinary claims. The burden is yours and yours alone. Give it to us in writing, here and now. Point us to links of peer-reviewed, reputable, scientific evidence or facts or data. To put the burden on the doubter is to commit the fallacy of shifting the burden of proof. If I say I have a magical golden unicorn that farts happiness and healing gasses, it is not your burden to prove me wrong; I must prove my claim to be true. Period.
    “The thought screen helmet has nothing to do with ‘intelligent design.” That’s just a red herring you are throwing in your accusations.”
    Your whole quote above is a red herring. Or your cognitive skills are lacking. You either can’t identify a red-herring fallacy, or you’re not very bright; your reading comprehension skills are substandard. Therein lies my mention of ID, and how you’re a poster-child in proving it false. A little levity, if you will. I never said that your hat is proof against ID, I said YOU are. But it went over your head — like an alien spacecraft.
    “The fact that the helmet works better when it is grounded indicates that it does receive a signal.”
    I’m… Flabbergasted… at your lack of understanding of even remedial physics. What formula, via Ohm’s Law or otherwise, suggests that, because something is grounded (presumably to Earth), it “receives a signal?” Radios do this — receive signal — often poorly grounded or otherwise ungrounded. EVERYthing in our world receives “signals,” BTW; radio waves ranging from microwave to ultra-low-frequency pass through us all daily. What YOU need to do is pick out the alien frequencies, separate them from the radio-wave noise, prove that they exist. If aliens send “signals,” that clearly implies something that can measured & identified. Something being grounded, or “eorking better” when it is grounded, is not evidence that it receives a signal. Try using an oscilloscope. That’ll show you signal. Duh.
    How does one ground a helmet while wearing it? Again, you toss about all manner of muddled “thinking.”
    “Cut it out, enough of your garbage. The thought screen helmet has nothing to do with agitated dogs.”
    I never said it did! Again, your reading comprehension is dislectic at best. I mentioned that perhaps the apparently snug fit of the helmet helps autistics feel calm (or “return to almost normal,” in your words; I’ve known autistics, they can be quite anxious, which you obviously don’t know, or you’d admit that “almost normal” equates to CALM). My point was that the snug-fitting ThunderShirt for dogs also calms… Oh, hell, what’s the use? You clearly comprehend what you want to comprehend, not what the written information literally conveys.
    “Why don’t you make a helmet before you mouth off again.”
    Why don’t YOU work on your comprehension skills before making a complete snd incomprehensible ASS of yourself on the Internet, for the world to see? YOU’RE the one mouthing off, retard. WOW.
    “The thought screen helmet has nothing to do with witch trials.”
    AGAIN with the reading comprehension. Holy crap. Wow. Stunning.
    I cited the Salem Witch Trials as an example of how children are NOT reliable sources of information. Surely you comprehended that much simple, clear communication? I tied that into your awful “sister site” that posts children’s drawings of aliens as proof that aliens exist. I’ve seen and read your sites; I know of which (no homophone pun intended) I speak.
    “Your statement that I cite crackpots is without merit. I only cite David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins and a psychiatric nurse. There are no crackpots cited on the site.”
    Really? No crackpots? Let’s poll the scientific community, the whole scientific community on that. Oh, wait; they don’t know what they’re talking about. But your THREE “authorities” do. Got it.
    “I’m working on abtaining real evidence and it will come. it will be extraordinary.”
    Uh, YEAH, that’s what we’re WAITING for. Until then, your claims are baseless, with no “supporting evidence” other than “indirect proof” (whatever the hell THAT is), junk physics, junk science, and testimonial from a handful of questionable “witnesses” and “victims.”
    Neither did I say that YOU “sucker money out of the gullible.” AGAIN WITH THE COMPREHENSION. I said, and I quote:
    “His cache of ‘experts’ are a handful of opportunists hoping to sucker money out of the gullible.”
    READ, Menkin! COMPREHEND, Menkin!
    “So your reference to PT Barnum is also totally inaccurate.”
    NO IT IS NOT INACCURATE. Again with the comprehension, again with the knee-jerk response wrought of your inability to gain the simplest semblance of context from that which you purport to read. Unbelievable. Wow.
    Get thee to a cognitive therapist, dude.

  13. I Know This Guy said

    Still: *crickets*
    Checkmate, delusional alien conspiracist.

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