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  • Kennedy Assassination, Flu Shot Virus, Big Foot, Lochness Monster, Beatles Hoax, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Moon landing, and many more.

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  • We visit all the "Greasy Spoon" restaurants around the country rating each experience. Featuring Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, Gatlinburg, Houston, New York, Youngstown.

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  • 1960's Catholic grade school with mean Nuns as teachers was a recipe of pure Hell. I knew my mission in life the day I pulled Sister Ann Teresa’s habit off her head. I had to know what secret treasures lay hidden beneath.

    Catholic Nuns

  • Sexy Giant Aliens are roaming the Earth plotting to enslave humanity. View photographic proof Giant Aliens have already infiltrated the population.

    Giant Alien Invasion

  • We pay homage to the sexy actresses and their cleavage who starred in science fiction movies and television series.

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  • Rantings of a mad die hard Viking fan. No purple colored glasses for this fan.

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  • Classic vinyl record albums rescued from my basement. See what you have been missing.

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  • Once a thriving vacation resort and young adult get-a-way spot, has succumbed to erosion. From the once beautiful beach to the town and businesses that dot the once vibrant strip.

    Geneva On The Lake

  • Brutal clips of faces of death, reckless driving, experiments documented, grass growing, public hangings, live executions, and clips of UFO’s flying above.

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  • Grassy Knoll Institute. Home of the 99 cent conspiracy theory. We keep overhead and expenses low to provide more affordable and better tasting conspiracy theories for our readers. Hurry, supplies are limited at these prices. And quit calling me Shirley.
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The Grassy Knoll Institute leaves no stone unturned, nor any sandwich unfinished in our relentless pursuit of exposing the worlds conspiracies. From the Kennedy Assassination, Big Foot, the Lochness Monster, Paul is dead Beatles Hoax, Moon landing, and many other unexplained events in history. My intrigue with conspiracy theories began with the Warren Commission and their published results on President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination.
Conspiracy Theories Archives Below:
Princess Diana Plans On Attending William’s Royal Wedding
The Future Is Behind Us

Natalie Wood Found Alive
Arkansas Fish And Bird Mass Death Mystery Solved

Easter Island Moai And The Situation
Chem Trails – Not Just For Dinner Anymore
DirecTV Versus Dish Network HD Claims

Michael Jackson Fabricated His Own Death
NASA Offers Proof Apollo 11 Not A Hoax
Big Brother Begins Watching TV – And Us
Guitar Hero Jesus Rocks 

Ohio State Buckeyes Conspiracy 
Big Foot Still On The Loose
George Carlin’s Last Words
Lorna Doone Cookie Conspiracy

Missed It By That Much
First Glimpse Of Asteroid TU24
Asteroid To Impact Earth 
Scientists Create Life 

NFL Acquiesces To Fans
New England Patriots Perfect Season
Santa Close Theory Explained
Santa Clone Conspiracy
Sanjaya Consortium
American Idol Conspiracy
UFO Crash In Ohio
Mars Has Water
UFO Cause Of Weather Climate Changes
Parking Deck Conspiracy
Anna Nicole Smith Conspiracy
Texas School Book Depository

NFL Network Conspiracy

ESPNU Flexes Media Muscles

Ben Roethlisberger Conspiracy (Steelers QB)

NASA Shuttle Atlantis
Girl Scout Cookie Conspiracy
Birth Of The Anti-Christ
NASA Finds Life On Mars
The Gospel According To Judas
American Idols Jesse And Becca Scandal
In God We Trust
Credit Card Gift Card
And Jupiter Aligns With Mars
Ghost Hunters Jumped The Shark
Lure Of The Red Planet
Internet Virus Conspiracy
Nostradamus And Pope John Paul 1st
Vanguard Of An Invading Army
War of The Worlds “Live” Broadcast Conspiracy
Mars Moon Phobos Is Hollow
Ghost Hunters (Or Money Hunters)
New Generation Stealth Jet
St. George And The Dragon (Saddam)
Lochness Monster Re-Surfaces (Popular)
Roswell, N.M. UFO Crash
Area 51 At Night
Nostradamus And Osama Bin Laden
Time Travel
Antarctica Rising
Apollo Moon Hoax (Or Real Landing)

Pope To Reveal Third Fatima Secret To The World

Extinction Size Armageddon Asteroid

Subliminal Messages
Noah’s Ark And The CIA
Mars Face Conspiracy
Moses And The Burning Bush
Easter Island Moai Conspiracy
Beatles Hoax – Paul Is Dead (Or the Walrus)
Princess Diana Is Alive Living Incognito (Or France)
A Genesis Story – With A Twist
Radio Signals From Space Received
Nostradamus And 9-11
Human Digital Implants
Big Foot Revisited
Heron Of Alexandria (Time Traveler)
Nostradamus And The War In Iraq
Is Bill Gates The Anti-Christ (Not with Vista he ain’t)
Flu Shot Conspiracy
Jack The Ripper Case Solved (Shocking Evidence)
NFL Risking Players Lives For The Almighty Dollar
Elvis Presley And Jim Morrison Found Hiding In Montana
Crop Circles Exposed
Nostradamus And The Modern World
Big Foot – Real Or MythBig Brother Is Watching You And Me


13 Responses to “Conspiracy”

  1. ravon said

    I have NEVER – EVER read so much “PURE Undulterated B…S…”

    America is in DECLINE, and so it should, because it’s ROTTEN
    to the core, and the us. public deserve the Nixons,Mafia,Teamsters,
    and every ROTTEN damn sod RIGHT down to the Bushes and John Cain…..

    Enjoy your decline usa, for your days are NUMBERED !!!

  2. LOTGK said

    Ravon, don’t you mean “Unadulterated?”

    And I know John McCain is old, but he is not the brother of Abel.

    About being numbered, I do believe you are next in line.

  3. The Ledge said

    What happened to your conspiracy page. No new updates all year.

  4. LOTGK said

    Its a conspiracy Ledge.

  5. J P said

    Is ravon a moron?

  6. On 21 December 2012 it is OVER, baby. These gals are arriving here with 540 gazillion megaton starships…TEN OF THEM. They can’t drive them properly and they thus start braking far too late, which means they crash almost full speed into earth. Read it here and weep:

    Also check out who the reptiles, the dark overlords are, and why they are here:

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