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Geneva-On-The-Lake Flag Etiquette

Posted by LOTGK on January 22, 2013


Improper Display Of The American Flag

The temperature dipped to 5 degree’s this brisk Winter morning. My daily jogging in the cemetery was at a fast pace for sure today. My thoughts this morning were of the inauguration of Obama and of course, warmer weather which led me to day-dream about Geneva-On-The-Lake.

I dug up this photo I took last Summer (2012) of the Wet And Wild water slide at Geneva. Notice the flag flying. Notice the blue star field is on the right top. Not to be a stickler of flag etiquette but come on man, the blue star field should always be top left whenever displaying the flag to the public. Vertical or horizontal.

The past several weeks our local veterinarian has been displaying his flag outside his office upside down. Flag etiquette states that flying the flag upside down is a signal of distress when there is immediate extreme danger to life or property. (I believe he is making a political statement using the American flag)

I wonder what would happen if a few military personnel carriers with a full complement surrounded the doctor’s office in response to the upside down flag to offer aid and assistance to Dr. Allen.

I wonder what the military charges for that type of service call?


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13 Responses to “Geneva-On-The-Lake Flag Etiquette”

  1. So you weren’t just whistling past the cemetery as you did you jog? Sorry but this is the first opportunity to use this phrase! My flag etiquette is not really what it used to be, never was a boy scout but was part of the Junior R.O.T. C. while in high school. You never did say if the guy that hung the flag upside down was America or what kind of stress he might be in. Stress … lots of reason for this even though the inauguration turned out quite nice. Maybe the guy was an unpatriotic Tea Party who got confuse as to what the Republican stood/stands for. There are lot of those running around. The left of center message from the President might have caused some of the stress don’t you think?

    • LOTGK said

      Yes, it was one of my fastest times jogging. Today the same. It was 1 degree F this morning.
      Dr. Allen, the man who has the flag waving upside down, is an American. I also found out yesterday that he ran for president of the United States this year. I didn’t vote for him. Upon further inquiry, Dr. Allen is making a political statement, he does not like the way the government is run and believes he can do a better job.

      • No wonder it was you fastest time! You must have been freezing you butt off and just wanted to get out of the cold. 🙂
        Anyone can do a better job than the past do-nothing Congress but he should be running for a house sit as the President can do little to change things. Seem like it has almost become a ceremonial position something akin to that of the Queen of England.

        • LOTGK said

          The local police drove through the cemetery today and slowed down when he saw me. Then he recognized me, smiled and waved and moved on. Again, I was going at a very brisk pace.
          Speaking of the Queen, does she have the power to ban Price Charles from becoming King?

          • I tried looking up the question on Google and the reply seems to say that as long as she is alive she does. And, it seems that she is going to outlive everyone! Its a good thing that the policemen recognized otherwise who knows what might have happened. Of course you weren’t wearing a sky mass to protect you from the cold, right?

            • LOTGK said

              Yes, not a ski mask, but a full face mask, hoodie. The Boardman police pretty much know who I am, I have been exercising there since 2007.
              My wife gets worried when I sometimes go after dark. I explain that anyone in the cemetery is more afraid of seeing me in there that I am of them. In fact, sometimes cars do come in but they avoid me, they take another path.

  2. GaryVet said

    I would like to start by replying to richmont1234, it bothers me that you assume that all members of the Tea Party or Republican Party are unpatriotic. As a Conservative, that does not claim a party (but registered Republican due to lack of choices) I find that very offensive (you are entitled to your opinion, but know that if you really believe that all non Democrats are not patriotic you are VERY wrong). Patrick, from your past posts, I would guess that you are a Democrat (just a guess) as a Patriotic American, I have a problem with anyone, regardless of party affiliation, demographic, race, creed or religion, improperly displaying the flag, and if I was in your area, I would make it known to this person that they should fix it (if it is an honest mistake) or I would encourage others to patronize a different Vet Clinic

    Sorry to make a serious reply on your site as one of the things I enjoy so much about it is your lack of political posts and how you try to eliminate politics from your posts. I know it is impossible to completely remove politics but I do appreciate that it is far from the main focus of your site.. Keep the humor rolling…

    • Sorry I did not actually say that all Tea Partiers are unpatriotic. To quote “Maybe the guy was an unpatriotic Tea Party” The term “unpatriotic” when coupled with Tea Party may well be an oxymoron coupling. So I was trying to make light and speak in a humorous vein. I too am an Independent but my views are more centric. As for my comments regarding the Republican Party, the were meant to point out that it is in disarray and lacks direction. Hopefully it will in time move back toward the center. Mea culpa if it was taken as an attack on anyone. I was glad to see your response and hope to start a more up-building conversation.

    • LOTGK said

      I am neither Democrat nor Republican. Nor Tea party. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Thanks Seinfeld) I am like the elf Herbie from Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. “I’m independent!”
      And a misfit!

    • LOTGK said

      And thank you for reading, commenting, and the compliment for my blog.

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