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Ghost Hunters International Canceled

Posted by LOTGK on October 6, 2012

Doing Sexy Halloween Since 1998

With heavy heart, the Grassy Knoll Institute has received credible information that SYFY Channel has canceled Ghost Hunters International but has yet to formally announce the decision to the public. A SYFY insider claims head honcho’s didn’t want to scuttle the show but several key factors led to its demise.

One key factor was of course the poor TV ratings of GHI. The show never really captured an audience base to sustain the production costs and air time expenses. Even Kris Williams “Enhancements” couldn’t secure a larger fan base.

Another factor was that Kris Williams, arguably the most popular ghost hunter on the show was leaving, packing up and moving to California to forge yet another chapter in her life. No Kris. No “Enhancements!” No new season.

One SYFY executive spoke to us under anonymity claiming the blood-letting episode last season which divided the group was a contributing factor. Coincidentally, not a single episode has been filmed or produced since.

Also, at this time, the SYFY Channel has almost a dozen programs dealing with the paranormal airing leaving little air time for GHI.

All these factors contributed to the cancellation of Ghost Hunters International.

We here at the Grassy Knoll Institute believe we have a better explanation as to why the show was canceled. Let’s put aside everyone’s frustration while watching every episode that the camera man is always a split second to late from catching real hard evidence of a paranormal event.

We feel the simple reason was that an all English-speaking cast of ghost hunters went oversea’s to non-English speaking countries to communicate with the dead and expected them to understand and speak the English language.

Not to pile on more bad news but, the original Ghost Hunters is not long for this world. Grant Wilson didn’t leave to make board games and concentrate on his music. He left the show while it was still relative in the paranormal society.

One more tidbit. The Ghost Hunters annual “Live” Halloween investigation is not airing this year. SYFY decided to go another direction, with a “Live” airing of its popular Face Off program.

RIP Ghost Hunters International

Happy Halloween


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33 Responses to “Ghost Hunters International Canceled”

  1. Gumby said

    I knew Ghost Hunters International jumped the shark last year after the Mayan blood letting episode. People were bickering on air and sides were taken. When Grant left Taps last year, it signaled the end to Ghost Hunters.

    • LOTGK said

      I agree, I believe people are bored with the Ghost Hunters not really capturing anything on camera.

      • Kate said

        They’re bored with Ghost Hunters? Why did it just get picked up for a 9th season? Ratings have been HUGE!

        • LOTGK said

          Seriously, and I mean it this time, Ghost hunters had 9 years of filming and not a single shred of concrete evidence that ghosts are real. And, ratings have not been huge. The Walking Dead ratings are huge, Ghost Hunters, not so much.

      • Cole said

        You all are rediculous! You go and do this stuff. See how much crap you come up with. It’s really not that easy. Ghosts are a legend as is, but catching evidence is almost impossible. What about Bigfoot, or Loch Ness. They’ve never been proven to be real, but there are alot of people that investigate and search for them. It’s not that easy.

  2. Certified said

    That’s a shame if its true that GHI canceled. K. Williams is a sexy ghost hunter.

  3. Red said

    Who told you the show was canceled. I haven’t seen any official notice. How do you know.

  4. Anti-christ said

    The reason ghost hunters is closing up shop, I do not permit supernatural contact unless it is with me, and frankly, I don’t do requests.

  5. In my opinion, Susan Slaughter destroyed the show. Her ‘psychic’ crap was too stupid and fake, her attention grubbing was pathetic, her “OOOOoooo look! Oh darn, the camera was pointed over there. You just missed it!” Then she did the Mayan bloodletting and Kris Williams had enough. That killed the show…She killed the show.

  6. Hank said

    Ghost Hunters needs to add a psychic/medium like Chip Coffey to round out their ability to discover the other side and document it.

  7. derek said

    I know ghost hunters is doing an episode here in 2013….Not sure about GHI

  8. derek said

    Season…My bad

  9. Angel said

    I enjoy faithful watching of both GH & GHI. GHI used much more of their equip to catch & document contacts, plus they asked much better, direct pertinent questions. GH on the other hand have been to repetitive in their type of chat interaction and not enuff relitive, pertinent questioning in the past. But this last season GH has been more mindful of using better technique to extract more exact info from the spirits. Both GHI & GH have a problem with responding to possible paranomal occurances as “what the Hell was that?” and acting like “I have no clue what that is” and acting as if they’re surprised it could be a spirit. This agrivates me, since the whole purpose of being there is to detect SPIRIT activity…Right? DeBunked or not they are ghost hunting…so why react to something as if they are NOT expecting ghosts?…dah! In my opinion, Amy on GH is the most productive with paranormal chat & experimentation with the spirits. Amy actually stays on track with asking questions that fit the claims and personality of the reported spirit activity. I also enjoy her little flashlight play on communication. Amy really TRIES to get results. I don’t like the way any of them request repeat performances of the spirits…like “i hear you can throw this vase across the room” or “you like to choke people, here come and choke me”. The spirits most likely don’t want to do any “Repeat Performing”, This becomes frustrating for me. They seem to get better results with specific topic questions about the entity claiming to reside there. GH is getting a bit better at this. Amy has been doing this for a long while, but as if to seem, with not much recognition, since several times, the important conversations she has had thru the flashlight technique had not been shown to the clients at the reveal. (either that or the clients has seen it…but it was left on the cutting-room floor for the show)Both GHI & GH keep the camera man too focussed on CLOSE-UPS of the “actors” faces and not enough on what the investigators are seeing of area they are investigating. Ghost adventrues on the other hand… altho entertaining,,, it is too sensationalized. Nearly every episode Zak has to refer to every spirit as demonic, demonic, demoic. If I were a spirit and had a guy provoking, accusing and yelling at me like he does?…I probablly would scratch him too, eventually. They do get an abundance of EVP’s & quite often their camera’s do pick up some apparitions & they do ask pretty good questions for a response, but they over dramatize the episodes. It gets a bit overwhelming and irritating so I can only take so much of it in one evening. Didn’t anyone ever hear of the saying, “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”? GHI & GH are far more enjoyable to watch than Ghost Adventures. Will miss GHI. Do Not wish to see GH get cancelled. I think they have started to step back & re-evaluate their approach to their invesigating. It was better this past fall. Anyway, this is just a few things that are my opinion of a few poor points of each show. Sorry to hear kris has had enough since the last season closing episode.

    • LOTGK said

      Here is what is wrong with GHI. The team ghost hunts in foreign countries. The team speaks English, they ask questions in English. Do they expect the ghosts, spirits, entities to understand the question and respond in English.

      Ghost Hunters: In some episodes one team gets a good hit, seemingly communicating with the ghost through the flash light or other devices. But every time, and I mean every time, the team stops and moves on to another part of the house or buildings they are investigating. Why the HELL don’t they keep asking questions, gather more information, perhaps establish that they really are talking to a ghost.

      • Prince Vlad of Walokia said

        I have read that some spirits can speak in about any language that the choose. I don’t know it is true, but I have read that some French ghost speaks to people in their tongue.

  10. FAITH said

    how do I get my sexy male ghost?

  11. Danijela Gilanji said

    Are u kidding me. This is an industry that a lot of people in the world that are interested in. This was a very stupid idea. I know in some eposides they didn’t get any proof of the paranormal and in some eposides they have – ghosts don’t always show up -some like their privacy and they might not want the whole world to know that they are still there.I liked GH & GHI cause they first looked at a reason that is not paranormal for things happening before they jumped to the conclusion that their are ghosts there. I have watched other ghost hunting shows and it looks recidcious the way they acted and i liked GH & GHI cause it looked more realistic. I hope they change their mind cause i’m still waiting for GHI to visit Monte Cristo House at Junee in Australia cause if the world is looking for proof of ghost they will find it there – i can bet u on that and i would be more than happy to be there with them.

  12. Gida said

    GH is a production like a movie when they investigate. It should have fewer people involved and carry their own cameras and get rid of the production crew. No wonder they don’t get much evidence. Get rid of the script and do your own filming. Then you will get evidence.

    • LOTGK said

      I do believe they heard you. This season the investigators will be equipped with their own self mounted camera’s. We shall see how that works.

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