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Alcatraz Secrets – The Pilot Episode

Posted by LOTGK on January 18, 2012

Alcatraz Secrets

The Grassy Knoll Institute Reveals All The Secrets About The FOX network Series, ALCATRAZ.

I watched the new FOX network series Alcatraz last night. My interest was piqued not because it was a new series by ABC Lost producer J.J. Abrams, but because my wife and I had recently visited Alcatraz island and took the in-depth tour. (It was a fantastic tour, well worth the time and money if you are ever in San Francisco)

The show began with a voice over history of the closing of the “Rock,” March 21st, 1963 where 256 prisoners were taken to other maximum security prisons for Alcatraz was quickly eroding and was very costly to maintain.

The next scene was modern-day on the island as hundreds of tourists were walking the grounds when out of thin air former inmate #2024 Jack Sylvanne appears in solitary. Jack was 85 years old but didn’t age a day since he left Alcatraz in 1963.

A flashback to 1963 shows two security guards coming onto the island to find it deserted. (Flashbacks, oh no, not another Lost on our hands)

Back to present time:
Jack steals a coat and boards one of the boats docked and returns back to San Francisco. He immediately hunts down former Deputy Warden E.B. Tiller who was a rotten S.O.B. to Jack and apparently the other inmates. (Ahh, the plot of Alcatraz is revealed)

Enter Emerson Houser, the mysterious government man who has an office below Alcatraz prison. He reveals to detective Rebecca Madsen and Doc Diego Soto (Hurley from Lost) that he has been waiting a long time for the return of the prisoners than vanished in 1963. He seems to know more that what he reveals to Madsen and Doc.

Of course Jack is captured and secretly taken to a hidden facility in the woods. When the steel doors open, inside is an exact replica of Alcatraz prison.

Another prisoner appears and goes on a shooting spree and he is captured but before he is, he shoots Lucy Banerjee, Houser’s side kick. She is in critical condition but another flash back reveals that she was at the prison in 1960 and she hasn’t aged a day.

Cue the Alcatraz logo and music.

Just what is the Grassy Knoll Institutes Alcatraz theory…
Well, Alcatraz certainly has the look and feel like ABC Lost. Flash backs, mystery, time travel, good guys, bad guys, Hurley, a Juliet replacement in detective Madsen, (Great rack) even a character named Jack. Numbers like in Lost are seen throughout the Alcatraz pilot. We have Lost island and Alcatraz island, both have some strange goings on there. Both had some sort of time travel with castaways and inmates gone missing. Maybe even aliens that conducted experiments on the inmates. (Tongue in cheek)

The facts are this:

* The inmates mysteriously disappeared March 21st, 1963.

* The main characters are connected to each other.

* Blood was taken from inmates for some reason.

* One inmate knew something bad was going to happen.

* Lucy is 80 plus years old but appears to be in her 20’s.

* Houser knows more than he is letting on.

* Houser was one of two guards that found the prison empty.

* Madsen has a great rack.

* The inmates that returned are afraid and seem to have no free will of their own. Almost as if they were being controlled by a hidden force.

* Humankind does not have the technology to transport people in time, prevent them from aging, or suspended animation.

OK, here goes, my preliminary theory is:
The inmates were abducted from a mysterious consortium of men from the future. The inmates were then put into suspended animation until present day. The reason for the abduction is to use the inmates to change the course of history for the benefit of the consortium. Once their mission is complete, world events will unfold differently.

Added bonus: Notice the futuristic Alcatraz prison Houser takes the prisoners after they completed their mission. Perhaps this is where the prisoners are put back on ice until they are needed again.

Your thoughts….

Episode Three Reveal Here…

Back To Alcatraz Secrets Archives

Back To Alcatraz Secrets Archives


6 Responses to “Alcatraz Secrets – The Pilot Episode”

  1. dooohhead said

    A few notes:
    * The prisoners seem to have an agenda of things they are to do/accomplish as well as a personal one, possibly.
    – Jack kills the ex-Warden now FBI spook (personal agenda?) AND obtained some secret key (group agenda)
    – Shooter kills people (personal agenda), shoots Lucy (group agenda)
    * Madsen has a great rack
    *Couldn’t they have picked someone OTHER than Hurley to be the expert?
    *Madsen has a great rack.

    Did I miss anything?

    • LOTGK said

      I think you got it covered Dooohead.
      I will add that this show other than having the feel of Lost, also reminds me of NBC’s Event from last year.

  2. Gumby said

    No way, you found another Lost. Lord have mercy on us all.
    This time I think they are aliens here to eradicate the existence of certain officials who went against them in 1960.

    • LOTGK said

      I don’t think its another Lost but t is similar. I was going to say it has a Twilight Zone feel to it but that would make readers flee this site. 😀

  3. Gumby said

    And yes, Madsen does have a nice rack. She revealed plenty when she was bent over exposing her cleavage.

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