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Dances With Wolves Tragedy

Posted by LOTGK on August 7, 2011

Dancing With Wolves

Amy loved living in the harsh conditions of the Alaskan tundra. She adopted several Wolf pups three years ago and treats them like domesticated house dogs. One day bringing in her supplies from the general store, she dropped a pound of fresh beef jerky setting the wolves off. Seconds later, in a feeding frenzy, Amy was over powered and never seen or heard from again.


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5 Responses to “Dances With Wolves Tragedy”

  1. LOTGK said

    Valdunagan 1 week ago
    Sadly, this is more often true than made up. People believe that wild animals can be tamed but the instant an animal has the edge, they will strike.

    LOTGK 1 week ago in reply to Valdunagan
    It actually makes me cringe when i see these situations. BTW, this is he debut to a new category i am toying with. if you haven’t guessed, its titled, “Seconds Later…”

    Gene 1 week ago
    Stupid bitch. Stupid is as stupid does.

    LOTGK 1 week ago in reply to Gene
    Agreed. You see all the time on the news that a snake or chimp attacked their owners. When will they learn.

  2. Marian said

    Marian said:
    You have to understand when you adopt an wild animal like a wolf a wolf is a wild creature even dogs are descendant from the wolf can dogs be trusted I have neighbors here who have alaskan malamutes mixed with wolves they have more wolf than alaskan malamute they are very gentle both of them you have to be wary of the wolf at times they can be ok and the next time they can become unpredictable and may attack dogs are the same way I speak of experience I did research on wolves I went to a wolf sanctuary and we were let in the cage where the tame wolves were a wolf name MARTHA made a dive toward a friend of mine who brought in a peanut buttter sandwich she was black this wolf who was tame dashed to her we had to get her out of the en closure as we did this this wolf Martha came to me she sat there the whole time she wanted her belly rubbed which the instructor had advised I do she preceded to jump in my lao and sat there like a puppy would do everything went fine until my stupid teacher let out scream and martha bolted out of my lap the man told me who did the tour he never saw Martha take to some like that she never attacked me she laid in front of my feet sleeping putting her head on my feet my dog does this too so can you trust a dog who may be descendant of the wolf this ex[perience has enabled to learn more of the wolf I have been approached by coyotes female coyotees who had justr given birth they use to go in the barn to sleep we would leave dog food tuna fish milk she never bit anyone the farmers would give them beef that was slaughter with fine beef just so she would not attack the stock of cows this was in Hawkesbury Ontario this coyotee was fed and she never bit anyobne so one day she approached me and she was 2 inches away from me she stared at my food I went to get some milk for her and gave her one of my tuna fish sandwich she ate relished it and went on her way she was very submissive she looked at me she laid down and was very very quiet just looking and staring She was nuice but extremely skinny she had 10 pups to feed we bought her food every day to where she lived She made a big impression on me this coyotee

  3. Marian said

    Marian said:
    If the wolves were adopted as you stated why did the woman not make a wolf enclosure where they would have been instead of being loose you would think of your own safety first right these animals are wild and they have to be treated as such why did they attack her after all these years did she not feed them did they hunt on their own what happened why did they attack her did her wolves finally killed Amy or did she just vanish or did someone else killed her. Like my friend who was attacke by a wolf a tame one at that she was
    terrified andf the miniute the woman left the enclosure the wolf Martha came to me and she laid in front of my feet and laid there sleeping when she woke up she sat in my lap like a dog these people at the sanctuary were surprise she would react like this with me the wolf and she was tame used to human contact very loving and very very young so my experience with wolves were a positive one but it still is in the back of my mind that these animals are wild and you must never forget
    that Sieggfried and Roy there favorite tiger Monticore a trained tiger attacked their colleague i believe it was roy who was attacked so even though this tiger was raised as a cub from a small age he turned on his owner as he was getting older the tiger. This kis common now days so take my advice and be wary of tigers and wolves remember they are wild whether they are born in captivaty or bred for animal studies

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