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Hot Link Whores

Posted by LOTGK on May 2, 2011

The Perfect Remedy

A public service to fellow bloggers from the Grassy Knoll Institute.
Like me, I am sure that you check your blog stats every so often. (Me, once a week or so) (For others, every ten minutes) One day you notice that a particular picture or post on your blog is receiving more action than in previous days. Upon inspection of your stats page, you find that someone has “Hot Linked” your page.

(Hot Linking is taking your post of picture straight from your web address using your own bandwidth and posting it on their own blog or web page. Some have the audacity to claim it is their own material, some do not. Either way, they are stealing your bandwidth and post.) Basically, there is not much that can be done about it. Sure, you can email the Troll that stole your post, you can even contact their web host client, but more often you are ignored. Until Now!

The Grassy Knoll Institute has a neat little trick to not only stop these Hot Link Whores, but also enjoy a tad of revenge and enjoyment.

The next time you notice a nefarious lazy hot link whore has attached themselves to your blog, follow these simple instructions to take control of their blog. Yes, take control.

One: Go to the page on your blog that is being hot linked. If a picture is hot linked, go to your editor and create a new photo. I use the Hot Link Whore photo above but any photo will do. I like to leave a message.

Two: Upload the photo to your blog. Name it exactly the same as the one being hot linked. I like to size the photo 1200 pixels wide so the photo fills the entire computer screen.

Three: Now take your original photo and re-name it so it breaks the hot link. Republish it in the same post it was originally in. Republish your post.

Four: Go to the hot link whore Troll’s site where your photo was. Click the refresh button. You are welcome and enjoy. It may take several hours or several days for the troll to find out his site has been compromised.

If the entire page is being hot linked, simply follow the instructions above with this slight variation. In the body of the post, type in large bold font, I AM A HOT LINK WHORE TROLL. Repeat as many times you feel necessary.


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6 Responses to “Hot Link Whores”

  1. Gumby said

    Most excellent. Te whore gets whored out. Fitting.

  2. 00dozo said

    It’s funny. Up until very, very recently I’ve never heard of “trolling” and had thought it [the act of trolling] was limited to lake trout or deep sea fishing. I be learned. Not that anyone would want to ‘troll’ my blog (it’s hardly controversial – quite insignificant actually), your solution is good to know.

    • LOTGK said

      Alas, Trolls no longer just live under bridges, they roam the Internet in search of bandwidth to steal.
      If your blog is hosted on a free service, the bandwidth is not really an issue. However, some times the troll adds to the picture or post with advertisements or political opinions that may not be to your liking.

  3. Valdunagan said

    Excellent idea.

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