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Worst Blog In History Ever On The Internet

Posted by LOTGK on April 13, 2011

I have been happily surfing this thing called the World Wide Web since 1993, (Thank you Al Gore) permitting me to blissfully stay abreast of critical topics on politics, medicine, technology, and sports. (Who am I kidding, my downloads of Cincy Margolis helped her become the most downloaded babe on the Internet)

In my Internet travels I have come across some astute websites and blogs. Well maintained, no broken links, template clean and clear, navigation sound and accurate, information precise and plentiful, and surf experience nirvana like.

However, I have also encountered on this sojourn the polar opposite. Some blogs and web sites are so poorly conceived they scream Ruddy Outrageous Foul. Blogs that are a wealth of worthless knowledge, spewing nauseating tirades on conspiracy theories, personal blogs about aliens abductions but leaving out the sexual intercourse, pictures and postcards no one wants to see or read about, pompous food critiques of restaurants nobody heard of, how Catholic nuns ruined their life, and vacation spots not even on the Google Map. And who cares what the ABC Network program “LOST” was really about? Seriously!

After lengthy consideration perusing over a long list of vomitus blogs, one stands out among them all as the absolute worst. Without further adieu, I present to you:

The Worst Blog In History


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13 Responses to “Worst Blog In History Ever On The Internet”

  1. Rico Swaff said

    The link led me to a list of them instead of one. I am pretty curious now… what is the worst blog ever created? 🙂 I have my personal least favorite blog, but I somehow manage to refrain from telling the dude how much I hate his blog (yet love the idea he conceived for his blog…he just sucks at writing it.) Drives me nuts. The Halloween costumes are distracting to say the least. 🙂

  2. Gumby said

    You finally won something. Congratulations!

  3. Valdunagan said

    I’ve seen worse. Not many, but some. :)The chick with the big tits in her underwear flashing me on the left makes up for it though.

  4. I definitely agree…. worst blog ever…. tsk tsk tsk… the shame of this person even existing!!! O_O

  5. bloggette said

    the definition of no life

  6. Anti-christ said

    The Bible online is the worst on the Internet. I will not argue that this one is a close second.

  7. Max Jackl said

    All this time I thought this was the worst blog.

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