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Reading While Driving

Posted by LOTGK on March 23, 2011

Reading Her Nook While Driving

It was raining hard in Frisco. (Youngstown) On my way home from work today I spied a woman driving a pickup truck and unbelievably she was reading a Barnes And Noble Nook. Cell phone chatter is the norm these days but reading a FN book? Intrigued, I switched to the left lane and followed her a little ways in hopes of getting a photo. In less than a half mile I took my shot and snapped the above photo.

She was oblivious, holding her Nook and glancing up at the road as we drove on. A moment after I snapped the picture, I chuckled to myself of the absurdity of the event. I realized that, there I was, cell phone in hand, driving in the rain, hoping to get in position to snap this woman driving while reading a Nook.

A perfect ending would have been Harry Chapin’s Taxi playing on the radio. Alas, Aerosmith was playing.


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14 Responses to “Reading While Driving”

  1. Gumby said

    Thats why we pay such high insurance. For asshats like that.

  2. Connie F.P said

    Anyone caught reading or talking on their cell should be fined thousands of dollars. If that saves one life, it is worth it.

  3. ben said

    What would’ve been really funny is if you’d been caught and charged.

    Well, maybe not funny to you!

    It is illegal to use any handheld device while driving here and the fines are insane. I always prided myself on being able to drive, drink coffee, put on my makeup, text and talk on the phone all at the same time. I am afraid of the fines though so I gave up the texting. 😉

    • LOTGK said

      Yes, that thought did cross my mind. However, my phone was on my dash, in easy access, I was not texting nor talking, merely pressed a button while still keeping my eyes on the road.
      This lady was reading.

  4. Charlie said

    Let’s be fair. Maybe she was a student driver, and looking up the rules of the road on her device.

    How’s she supposed to know how fast to go in a 30 MPH zone, if nobody writes it down for her?

  5. Spaz said

    Now, if her book reading self and your cellphone self crashed into each other, what sort of Karma lesson would that be??

  6. Janna said

    Perhaps the book was titled “1001 Things You Should Never Do While Driving”.
    And perhaps “READING THIS BOOK” wasn’t until page 199, right after knife juggling, brain surgery, sleeping, gymnastics, and swimming.

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