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NBC Persons Unknown – Series Finale Reveal

Posted by LOTGK on August 29, 2010

Tonight was the series finale for NBC’s Summer drama series, Persons Unknown. As I was watching the pilot episode in early June, I formulated my theory on what I thought was happening to the 7 unknown persons. I immediately thought of the title of the series and how close it was to one of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone episodes titled Person Or Persons Unknown.

But there was much more in this pilot episode to look at. As the story unfolded, several Twilight Zone episodes came to mind. At the end of the pilot, I came up with this. Persons Unknown was a direct rip-off of the Twilight Zone created by Rod Serling that aired in the late 1950′s through the early 1960′s.

Three Twilight Zone episodes quickly came to mind. Person Or Persons Unknown just because of the similarity of title names plus Five Characters In Search Of An Exit and Shadow Play. Click the two links below to read the original updates for said episode.

Five Characters In Search Of An Exit
Clown. Hobo. Ballet Dancer. Bagpiper. And an Army Major. A collection of question marks. Five improbable entities stuck together into a pit of darkness. No logic, no reason, no explanation. Just a prolonged nightmare in which fear, loneliness, and the unexplainable walk hand in hand through the shadows. In a moment, we’ll start collecting clues as to the whys, the whats, and the wheres. We will not end the nightmare, we’ll only explain it, because this is the Twilight Zone.

Shadow Play
Adam Grant, a nondescript kind of man found guilty of murder and sentenced to the electric chair. Like every other criminal caught in the wheels of justice he’s scared, right down to the marrow of his bones. But it isn’t prison that scares him, the long, silent nights of waiting, the slow walk to the little room, or even death itself. It’s something else that holds Adam Grant in the hot, sweaty grip of fear, something worse than any punishment this world has to offer, something found only in the Twilight Zone.

Unlike my ABC Lost theory, this time with Persons Unknown, I was correct. I stated that Joe knew more than he led on. I said Tori would be back, just as someone else. I said that no matter what they did, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

And guess what, if you combine the two Twilight Zone Episodes above, you have the exact series of Persons Unknown. The icing on the cake, Tori becoming the new night watchman, and everyone waking up back in the hotel room and beginning the nightmare all over again.

There you have it folks.

When does NBC’s THE EVENT begin?


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15 Responses to “NBC Persons Unknown – Series Finale Reveal”

  1. da man said

    Will there be a season 2 of this or is it over.

  2. LOTGK said

    I didn’t think a network could botch a series finale worse that ABC did with it’s epic series Lost. I was wrong. Persons Unknown was a poorly fleshed out.

  3. LOTGK said

    And BTW Da Man,
    The second level is merely the second segment of the experiment. Or the second round of a video game. I think Janet was touted as being a candidate for level ten.

    This sort of makes me not want to watch NBC’s “The Event” coming this fall.

  4. da man said

    I can understand the ending if there was a next season, but man was that ending bad.

    They did not explain how he knew the guys wife name when they were camping out.

    The Event I hear is a mix of Flashforward and V. So the event is probably alien contact of some kind. Hope it’s good. I’ll give it a try, nothing else seems to be on worth watching till then. Maybe it’s the alien lost ending theory made into a show and those people in alaska are the survivors from the island experiment.

    • LOTGK said

      I don’t trust the networks. I fear the networks are attempting to have lightning strike twice off the success of ABC Lost.
      Alas, Persons unknown wasn’t even a spark and the Event looks like a drizzle.

  5. Jenn said

    After destroying things in my room and cursing at my roommates because I was duped out of my satisfying explanation, I found Joanna Lipari’s (Barrigan)facebook:

    “Hi guys…I’m here and we can talk further tomorrow. I did want to wait until it aired out here in California.

    So here are a few answers — Janet’s mother and I knew each other for many years…we were committed to the Program. In fact, part of the The Program was to have children that would have the right genetic makeup to advance the program — hence Janet.

    The purpose of the Program? Well, it might be misguided but it is a behavioral shaping program aimed at creating altruistic super leaders…thinks Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela. Folks who can withstand great stress to accomplish great good. But while the motive might be a good one — does the end justify the means?

    Angela Barragan and her sister, Helen (did anyone catch that for the first time, I was addressed by a name? And that name is Helen) were both part of the program but came to feel differently about it. They became enemies. Angela escaped the Program…but no one really escapes.

    As to a second season — no, I don’t think so. Of course, you never know. But it looks like NBC isn’t really interested in the show.”

    …………….. meh

    • LOTGK said

      Great link, thank you.
      Alas, it appears that even she is in the dark on several of the loose ends of Persons Unknown.

      At least they didn’t all end up in a church.

  6. Jenn said

    Here’s the link:!/topic.php?uid=130646200281786&topic=233

  7. da man said

    ok, so i’m watching season 3 of The 4400 and realize now that Heros was just a remake of the 4400.
    Networks are so lame. Bunch of Puxxxxx.

    Ok, off to listen to some zombie podcasts.

  8. Evil-Lep said

    It looks like persons unknown really is persons unknown. The ratings were terrible for the show and there wasn’t any internet buzz for the show. Maybe they all flashed forward.

  9. Ashley said

    Didn’t anyone notice that the name of the ship at the end is spanish for “Lost Souls”? This could be a level of pergitory or hell.

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