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NBC Persons Unknown Theory – Episode 11

Posted by LOTGK on August 24, 2010

As I was surfing around the World Wide Web today, I found myself on and reading about the Persons Unknown Summer mini-series. I was searching for the missing episode that was promised from NBC at the beginning of the season. Ten episodes have aired and the two-hour series finale is slated for this Saturday. So where is the missing elusive Episode 11?

For those not aware, NBC has episode 11 online right now on their website. Since the ratings are tanking, apparently NBC decided not to air it on television but make it available on the Internet.

So let’s get right to the update for episode 11 titled Seven Sacrifices. I will employ the standard (*) to flesh out my points.

* Janet and her daughter Megan attend a funeral. Janet’s funeral. Megan tells her goodbye. Janet is in the coffin, she can’t move, and cries out to Megan that she is still alive, and is coming back to her some day.

* Renbe, the news reporter, hides the severed thumbs in a box of chocolates in the airlines bathroom.

* Erika tries to entice Joe to kill Liam before he steals her from both of them.

* Charlie gets an old-fashioned shave.

* Kat and Renbe go through a tense moment at customs, but get arrested in the terminal.

* Renbe gets accused of murdering Janet. Kat is free to go.

* Moira and McNair get busy. Form an alliance.

* Joe attempts to talk to Janet, she wants nothing of it. Much to Liam’s wanting.

* Kat is fired from her job, her credit card is canceled, and her bank account is empty. She was also evicted from he apartment.

* Janet tries to play Liam, uses her feminine wry’s on him. Liam bites. (Not really, you know what I mean)

* Liam shows Janet the Inner Sanctum, the command center of the program.

* Liam: What you imagine to be free will is merely an illusion. The program has been studying people for 50 years now.

* Janet kisses Liam, studies his response.

* Bill tries to talk Charlie to accept the program and become part of it. Charlie smacks him in the face and tells him it’s all manipulation and he will never join.

* Erika tells Janet her secret.

* Janet tries to seduce Liam for more information. She makes him question his values, and the program.

* The box of thumbs are brought to the See You Next Tuesday lady in charge.

* Whats wrong with this picture? Only 6 thumbs. Where’s the 7th?

* Renbe hid it in the vodka bottle.

* See You Next Tuesday lady implements a town flush. For town 27! The second one this week. There must be plenty of them around.

What does all this mean. Let me point out the obvious. I’m good at that. One rule of the program, you can never leave the program. Once you are in, you are in for life, or death.

The See You Next Tuesday lady is portrayed as Satan. She is heartless, relishes to inflict pain and suffering, and her followers, or minions, are all scarred and terrified of her.

Perhaps they are all in Hell and they captive 7 will be tortured for eternity. Just when they think they have a chance, given a glimmer of hope, it is brutally taken away. Sort of what Hell could be like.

Saturday is the series finale. Make sure you tune in.


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12 Responses to “NBC Persons Unknown Theory – Episode 11”

  1. Bettz said

    Thank u SO much!! U r very good at this. It was funny & entertaining. Maybe u should start a website where this is what u do. It would b almost all text, so easy web work. I wish you’d think about it cuz I don’t always have time to view all 8 – 10 videos (or the patience, actually). I think you’d have lots of traffic & I think your idea about “what does it all mean” makes a lot of sense. U r good at this. ; ))

  2. Valdunagan said

    BTW Pat, I get the see you next tuesday expression. LOL

  3. Jenn said

    After being annoyed all day, I was looking forward to having things finally revealed in the finale. Now I’m just a million times more annoyed.

  4. da man said

    what is level 2?

    • LOTGK said

      The second level is merely the second segment of the experiment. Or the second round of a video game. I think Janet was touted as being a candidate for level ten.

  5. I am a huge fan of tha show.i want 2see more.and can i star in tha next show?is it goin2b another?

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