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Phantom Fireworks Trash Can

Posted by LOTGK on July 3, 2010

Phantom Fireworks - Youngstown, Ohio

July second, I found myself in downtown Youngstown, Ohio driving past the Phantom Fireworks outlet on Martin Luther King Junior Blvd. Of course my Jeep pulled into the packed parking lot. It was a good day to buy fireworks to celebrate the birth of our great nation. I found a great parking spot thanks to the workers in the lot directing traffic most efficiently.

$430.00 Value For $200.00 Bucks

As I was browsing the various assortments I happened upon the Phantom Fireworks Trash Can assortment. Mac, the showroom manager, (Whom I happen to know and BTW he throws one hell of a hot tub party,) came over and explained that there were two versions. One with the Grand Finale kit and one with the Showtime repeater. As you can see by the picture, (Taken with my HTC Hero phone) both trash can assortments have a good selection. The cost was $199.00 including the trash can. I quickly used my calculator on my phone and added up each item. If I purchased each item separately, the cost would be $430.00, less the buy one get one free sale going on bringing the total to $215.00. A saving of $15.00 and you get the functional trash can thrown in for free. If I would have selected the Showtime Repeater version, the cost would have been $480.00 less the buy one get one free promotion going on, or a $40.00 savings.

Fully Packed Trash Can

I opted for the Grand Finale version and my Phantom Fireworks trash can was packed up for me and I wheeled it up to the register. The line moved rather quickly and soon I was out the door. To the left is my trash can full of fireworks. I choose the Grand Finale version because it has 14 different repeater items including the Emerald City, Rain Of Fire, and Walloping Warhead, three of my favorites. Also, two 500 gram maximum load cakes were part of the deal, and a large rocket bag assortment with hundreds of rockets of all different types plus a reloadable shell kit, the Radical Recoil shells.

Luckily, my Jeep has folding seats and no roof so my trash can fit perfectly in the back.

A tip from me, the Curator of the Grassy Knoll Institute. The Phantom Fireworks trash can assortment is a good value, but make sure you have a vehicle big enough to not only haul your fireworks purchases, but the trash can as well.

As with all Fourth Of July celebrations:
* Please make sure that you use caution when illuminating the skies this Fourth Of July celebrating the birth of our great nation.
* Keep children and viewers at a safe distance.
* Make sure to have water to douse any embers that may still be smoldering.
* Never carry fireworks in your pockets. Trust me on this.
* Only light one item at a time.
* Alcohol and fireworks do not mix well together. Have a designated lighter as you would a designated driver.
* And as always, May The Fourth Be With You.

May The Fourth Be With You!!!!

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6 Responses to “Phantom Fireworks Trash Can”

  1. Max Jackl said

    What a great way to conceal your fireworks. Happy 4th of July grassy dude.

  2. Gumby said

    Don’t blow yourself up, have a cool fourth. How big is that can, and is it sturdy or a throw away.

  3. Have whiz bang 4th! Not wanting to rain on your parade a single bit but I was noticing that many cities have cut back or eliminated their fireworks displays due to the bad economy. It is only too bad that thing have not improved. Hopefully by next forth there will be more to celebrate. In the mean time be careful not to blow yourself up. Well it is okay if you do it with hamburgers, hot dogs, and cheese steak standwiches!

  4. Valdunagan said

    God Bless America. I love fireworks. I’m heading off to my own fireworks show. Stay safe and light up America tonight.

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